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image of a cobson frog with aids
QAfe owner' selfie

QAfe was the biggest soyjak-themed discord server run by a faggot named Arcturus (who is notable for spamming Spadeson crap) since at least middle 2021. It had more than 100 members at its peak in 2022.


For a long time QAfe was an obscure server with closed invites and thus was regarded as a cabal of the jakker elite. With invites being opened in September 2022 the server was flooded with many new members and those kicked in the past.

It was infiltrated by an individual who on Oct 18 2022 leaked entire history of QAfe with a tool called Discord Chat Exporter, mostly channels restricted to verified roles. Another anon, who some suspected to be working with the leaker, threatened to acquire sensitive information of server members with his connections in Discord developer team (obvious bullshit) and dox said members. Administrator team of the server failed to establish identity of a leaker and this likely caused paranoia, which resulted in everyone being kicked out.

The QAfe tried falseflagging Chugsjak to make him seem ‘cord-approved in order to help in the war between Chugs and Cobson. They gave up after like 2 days


Immediately after shutdown of the first server administrators established QAfe2, with only the select few members receiving an invite. Ironically server was promptly reported, likely by Sobot (self-admitted) for the glory of Allah, and banned by the discord.

Fate of QAfe

As of November 4 2022, no public discord server exists. Although there are theories out there that there is still a very private QAfe Discord. There is still a Telegram server that exists.

Since September of 2023, most discord troons have all moved to two servers called "Afterparty" and "Frogpond", which are both very similar to QAfe and are behind a lot of the 'p spam, race fetish, and other cancer killing the site. These servers also actively engage in grooming. See Discord#The sharty's connection with Shitcord.

The Leaker

Official motivation of the leaker was to expose discord trannies allegedly found on the server. This is not technically false: at least 1 moderator has admitted to being trans in the past and there have been other tranny members[1], yet by time of the leak they were all either stripped of roles or kicked. Leaker is thought to be an american software developer.

Some people claim the leaker was a kolyma agent or possibly even kuz himself getting rid of competition, but these statements were not fact-checked by snopes and independent experts. Take your meds and stop researching, pisscel.

The leaker was later proven to be a soyteen that went by the name enz.

Fake QAfe

In early 2023, a Discord user named Gılman#4547 created a different Discord server called QAfe. This server was heavily advertised within the sharty. Around a month later, Gılman gave the Discord to a user impersonating Lifesucksthenyoudie, who had janitor rights on the booru and rollback on the wiki. A while later, the entire server was leaked just like the QAfe before it. KolymaNET ended up banning most QAfe members from their properties. Lifesucksthenyoudie also got fired and banned from the booru and wiki due to that impersonator using his name. He was later unbanned and rehired.(worst mistake ever, it was 99% lolkike himeself). Another member was Soob, who claims as of September 2023 there have been 3 QAfes and the administration is currently going through a forth. Other evidence has supported that the QAfe is associated with Foodists.


  1. Red is that you?
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