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>Though Maybe you were looking for Qa/?

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”tranny circlejerk board” imageboard
FoundedSeptember 20th, 2020; 3 years ago
Total Posts200,000+
soyqway nowadays
Some of the "quality" content you can expect to find on /qa/. Please just fucking lock the board already
More NAS brimstone which litters this tranny pedophile infested board

/qa/, also known as our worst board is a dead board where all sorts of sharty killers dwell and post their weird shit (not that the original qa was much better but at least it was funny). The board was intended to be the successor to 4chan's /qa/, but it was always overshadowed by /soy/. Because of this, /qa/ posters have a reputation of being /soy/ rejects. It's purpose now is a dump for NAS threads.

Present /qa/

At some point, it became a de-facto containment board for Ongezellig, and is also a "safe" haven for furfags, bronies, frogposters. twinkjakposters, FPEposters, and Trannies, /qa/ has historically been the second most active board on the site, but in recent times has been surpassed by other boards such as /raid/ in posts per day at times. /qa/ has the second-largest amount of total posts on the site.

Catalog wipes

Accurate representation on what is going on.
A sneed wiper posts on /q/ a permaban he received.

Due to its current state as /nate/-lite, catalog wipe attempts are common. Catty wipes, however, very commonly backfire, as troons will simply bump all their posts, while the other interesting posts[uh... what interesting posts?] on the board will just die. Users that participate in catalog wipes have been known to get permanent bans. /qa/ posters are known to counter-wipe /qa/ during these kinds of events.



Page Reduction

Thankfully, as of April 15, 2024, the /QA/ board has been reduced to nothing more than a measly 10 pages (even though I go on the /QA/ board). While there were some good boards on that server, such as a Siivagunner parody board that you can watch here, It should be well-known that this might be one of the only good things Root has done for us.