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This entire subreddit is trans btw, if that matters.


’bo on the NFT monkey's shirt doe

r/196 is a shitposting child-grooming subreddit whose gimmick was that once someone visits the subreddit, they must make a post. Its similar to /r9k/ in how they only have 1 rule, 3 letters in their names, and turned into tranny shitholes in the late 2010s.

A troonjak of 196's mascot.

They are Best known for being a commiepedotroon (evendough most of them are libertarian left leftisttrannies) echo chamber, posting unfunny coal, being full of trannies, and exposing minors to 18+ material while mocking attempts to outrule it.[1]

They are also known for making brimstone Incomprehensible wojacks, namedropping the sharty and snitching on raids.[2] The entire subreddit is dedicated to the most degenerate AIDS-giving shitposting possible and anything that isn't along the lines of "TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS WE HAVE NO FUTURE WE'RE ALL FUCKED I LOVE PORN AND IM A PEDOPHILE A BRONY PEDOPHILE" will get deleted or piss off a janny so much they make up a rule to ban you on the spot.


196 users suffer from porn addiction, altering their worldview into their fantasy.

r/196 started as a "spiritual successor" to r/195, another shitposting subreddit that nuked itself after 420 (Oh my Science!) weeks of being up, the creator citing that he "didnt want to be a part of promoting hate, violence, homophobia, racism, and mutilation videos."[3]

The original subreddit was named after the owner’s apartment number (self-dox gem), and unlike the modern-day r/196, they enforced the “Every time you visit the subreddit, you must post” more rigorously via automation.

It is unknown when the trannery started, but some experts[it just is, ok?] theorize that the lack of rules and judgement did it, although it could be some other reason that turned it into the cesspool that it is today.

They played a part in viralizing "Say the line, [blank]jak!" and similar coal by reposting variations of the heckin' wholesome memes.

Relations with the sharty and raids

The subreddit shutdown during the July 1st reddit API protests, leaving many pedoshitters to either move to the splinters, an off-site spinoff, or Tumblr, grabbing the attention of the sharty, who have wanted to raid them numerous times before.

Unarchived Rabble raid

During the shutdown, most users flocked to the spinoffs, the sharty tried to raid one of these spinoffs due to moderation presumably being worse.

However, the entire subreddit and jannies went into lockdown 2 seconds after the raid had started, with numerous posts seething about the situation and jannies going on autistic meltdowns and dilating, throwing around accusations that they were getting raided by whatever boogieman of the week they were thinking of, after figuring out that neither cacafarms OR 4tran did this, they assumed we were all LE NAZI CHOOOOOOOOODS and posted pathetically un-insulting anti-nazi posts. (See "ruffles goes to war" link)

Because of the huge seethe this event caused despite almost minimal effort, it was considered a Sparty win.

this is the only proof i can find of this raid even happening, and that im NOT schizophrenic.

196 'ru raid

"196 is for the children."
If you only knew how bad things really are.

The thread starts on /soy/ as a "personal army" raid centering on the brand-new "booru.lain.lol" (currently redirects to an unavailable youtube video)[4]

The site gets flooded with 'cados, troonjaks and joeyyyyposting from /soy/teens. The admins quickly find out and completely and permanently shut it down and nuke the website, making this a Sharty win.

After this, clueless troons began calling the sharty a "shittier 4chan" and saying that "they suck at raiding" even THOUGH we nuked the website. This 'ru raid caused a large amount of 196 users to flee both the subreddit and server, and for several snitches to appear attempting to fuck over the raid and consequently -ACK upon seeing tranny surgery footage.

The thread ended with soyteens celebrating the shutdown of the booru.[5]

Some people believe that 196 was behind certain ddos'es and 'p spam after the raids.[6]


r/peepeeshart is a "meme" subreddit, that's just mostly posting femboy faggotry and posting 'orn for minors. The Sharty discovered the subreddit, raided it, and got it privated. During the raid, /soy/ would discover that many of the moderators of that sub also moderated r/196. Below is a list of xheir doxes.


The 'za has been ordered.

Full Name: Andrew Kang

Addresses (either one could be correct): 525 West Laketon Ave Muskegon, Michigan. or 15942 Norwich St, Livonia, Michigan.

E-mail: [email protected]

Known usernames:

r/196 raid

You WILL fill this section with relevant information NOW

Main article: Operation 9/11

There was an operation on /raid/ aiming to shut down r/196 by doxing xheir moderators.

What we know.


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