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r/place Raids of 7/20/23

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The r/place Raids were former attempts to colonize and gem up the brimstone arenas known as Canvases.

The Plan

The original plan was to gem up r/place[1] with numerous soyjaks and/or a link (because we need more redditors on the site or something)

The Distraction Raid

A day prior[2] to the opening of r/place, a soyteen who might have been a detractor from reddit posted a thread calling to raid which resulted in Total Sharty Victory and the purge of tranny brimstone on the site and its subsequent replacement with Glistening Gemeralds (see image).

Alleged picture of the gemmed up canvas

The Raid

The official r/place raid started a few hours after the one with 'teens saving up space near the middle of the canvas with a black and yellow checkerboard pattern while they waited for an automation script to be discovered. When the next best thing, a "script" that shows you where to place individual pixels (you still had to find the coordinates and do the placing manually)[3] was found, the original checkerboard destroyed by 1000 Destinycord cuckolds and after arguing for coordinates[4], 'teens filled up a space with checkerboards again (this time further from the center, to avoid attracting unnecessary attention from groups that had superior manpower and botting capabilities), and painted a calm swedejak pixelart that was decided in a thread a day before and accomplished their objective, holding off vandals for a couple of hours, but were later raided by some Argentinian Minecraft streamer, with the 'jak being consumed by brimstone. Shortly after that, and the realization that they're fighting against 100 000 troons, if not 100 000 separate troon 'cords[5], and attracting the attention of just one or two of them would get at least 5000 redditors equipped with fully automatic placer bots to target any 'jak they see and nullify any further effort to 'jak it up, 'teens concluded that they have defended the soyjak for long enough to be visible on the 'lapse, and left.

Swede used in the raid

The Aftermath

To be researched: Where is the Coordinates. Can (You) help us?

Indeed, The Swede has lasted for long enough to appear in the official r/place canvas timelapse: day 1 video for 15 seconds (0:30 to 0:45) and the official r/place 2023 canvas timelapse for 3 seconds (from 0:07 to 0:10) which means that, despite being unable to take over the entirety of r/place, this raid can be thought of as a sharty victory due to the appearance of the soyjak in videos posted on the official reddit YouTube channel.


  1. I have Alzheimer's
  2. I do not have Alzheimer's
  3. The script
  5. I made it up. But seriously, we had some pretty bad chudpower and logistical issues and the raid was kind of underwhelming, considering that reddit chose not to enable captchas or put up any restrictions like minimum account age/updoot wholesome karma to be able to place pixels, which would make the already hard task of gemming it up even harder.
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