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The 'za has been ordered.

The Premiere Rant.

RacerNeem, also known as Nehemiah Akeredolu is a nigger and streamer who lives at 110 Cascade Lane, Fredericksburg VA 22046. He is best known for being doxed after he got angry at cob-spam in his chat and called Cobson various different insults and called Froot a bitch, and had one of the gemmiest breakdowns in a long time after 'za's were sent.

RacerNeem is the perfect example of what, as a streamer, you SHOULDN'T do when interacting with soyteens. He lied to teens and ended up getting doxed. womp womp.


RacerNeem was a relatively small streamer before the raid, with the biggest uploads only getting close to 1k. Most live streams were deleted with only the best performers being saved after the stream.

60 FUCKIN' PIZZAS: The Animation
I ate through them

The Raids

On November 30th, 2023, a thread was created asking to raid "this ishowspeed clone." 'teens that were satisfied with the previous streamer they asked to play FNAC thought this would be a continuation of that. After accusing the chat of being spooky hacker bots due to the cob-spam and soyspeak such as HWABAG, a 'jarty nigger then privately confronts Neem and takes advantage of his weakness of being absolutely fucking retarded with reading anything and sends over the soyjak wiki page of dancing swede.mp4 and claims that FNAC and any webpages 'teens are asking in chat is actually the infamous 'p.[1] A 'zellig nigger then posts the same thing in his chat, confirming it in his mind and then goes on a whole rant about Cobson and how "ugly" he looks and how evil 'teens are for trying to make him watch 'p. He then ends the stream.

On December 3th, a stream is made, which goes smooth with the usual 'teen and cobspam and him panicking over it until he gets a call from his dad claiming that someone sent 60 fucking 'za's to his elderly dad. Soon, he cries about it in the gemmiest breakdown, and then ends the stream and creates a premiere called "i wish i never became a youtuber" and then cries about the za's on camera and claims he got swatted and had a bomb threat sent to his school, as well as 'p being sent to his dad. It's unclear if the last three are just him lying for clout, but considering that most 'za stores block his dad's address, the first one probably has some merit.

The "i wish i never became a youtuber" video being deleted from Neem's channel and Neem's message to Ultradan on the 'cord (see below) confirms that his breakdown was all a larp.

Neem returned to streaming (thus lying to his father) on December 6th, 2023.


Since them, Neem now appears on other nigger's streams. He appears to have contact with Dan as a screenshot appeared with Neem asking Dan to stream to bring people away from the stream due to the stress the dox put on him, which implies that Neem is aware of what the 'sharty actually is and is aware of his popularity on the site, and knows that ultradan is more liked because he respects 'teens in the chat and even gives feedback while playing FNAC.

Nehemiah whining at king DAN pbuh
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