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Soyjak.party imageboard
FoundedSeptember 22th, 2020; 3 years ago
Total Posts100,000+

/raid/ is Soyjak.party's board centered around trolling. /raid/ was created on September 22, 2020, two days after the site launched. It was at one point in December 2023 the second most active board on the site, having an average post per day rate of ~500-1000, only being surpassed by /soy/, thoughever it has gone down in popularity since.

It's also usually the first board a newfag/lurker clicks on due to the shock value of a raiding and doxxing board. hence you'll see a lot more immigrants here trying to demoralize threads. because of this froot had to change the handle from "Raiding & Doxxing" to "RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS"

Rise To Relevance

/raid/ wasn't always as active as it is now, in fact up until recently it was considered a dead board. /raid/ was likely dead for the longest time due to its users being split between /incel/ (a former board dedicated to discussion of internet celebrities) and of course /raid/. Eventually /incel/ in it's activities became indistinguishable from /raid/, hosting notable threads like Operation Red Balloon. Eventually due to /incel/'s similarities to /raid/ and it turning into a discord drama board, /incel/ was deleted and users of /incel/ moved to /raid/. The other major event that can be contributed to was the seethe caused by the Nemlei dox leading to the board becoming extremely active as a war was fought in the dox thread, leading to attention being brought to /raid/, gathering more users.


Raid is locked in February 24, 2024 and Literally Who dox will be wiped until February 28, 2024

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