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Rapeson, also known as Evilson or Hornyson, was a convicted pedophile, rapist, serial killer in who was a singular individual behind the deaths, rapings, alleged warcrimes among people—typically targeted to children or the homeless, between 1986 and 2004. He is alleged to be behind the murder of various children, totaling the accumulation of 100 victims—only accounting for individuals under the age of 18.

Personal Life


Rapeson was born to Larry and Eva Silversoy on April 21st, 1967, within Delta, Colorado. He was subject to many pranks from his cousins, Cobson and Spadeson. The most frequent pranks, Larry said, one would hold the bedsheet over young Rapeson, the other would beat him with a black dildo he found from an unknown source[Speculated to be from Troonella's residency] and exclaim, "You will never be a gem!" repeatedly. The muffled screams would last for hours. In High School, his sweetheart, Femson, left him for Nojak. Miniscule information has been documented from the incident, but Larry said Rapeson would listen to Swans and cut himself until the house smelled of pennies. He was committed to the Mental Asoylum for 2 months, and missed graduation. After getting kicked out of the house, he fled into the frigid Colorado forests and his whereabouts was unknown for about 24 years.

Criminal history

Murder of Soylita

17 months before Rapeson's capture, Soylita's corpse was found dismembered in a structural support pillar in a construction site in Madison, Wisconsin. the body was thankfully found by a construction worker who shined his flashlight down the pillar just before pouring concrete inside. The autopsy revealed the cause of death to be collapsed lungs likely from intense screaming, mutilation of the internal organs along with deep cuts and gouges across the entire body with the cervical vertebrae twisted approximately 47 degrees counterclockwise, investigators speculate cannabalism was involved as there was bite indentations in the brain and liver. However, multiple body parts remain missing such as the ears, eyes, toes, fingers, tongue and nipples. Furthermore, the anal walls were collapsed entirely.

Arrest and capture

Rapeson was captured by authorities once in 1988 in his car passing a vaccination checkpoint and was later locked in the asylum, but managed to escape on the night his execution was scheduled. He was caught again in 2004 after being found unconscious from a heroin overdose in a sewage system by 2 teenagers, one being Nucob and the other an unidentified 'jak on the outskirts of Austin, Texas.

Austin Police Department detention report

First name: Evilson
Last name: Rapeson
Sex: Male
Age: 46
Race: White
Place of birth: United States, Oklahoma
Height: 6'3
Weight: 253 lbs

  1. Section 28.02. Arson (27 items)
  2. Section 32.53. Continuous sexual abuse of young child or disabled individual (19 items)
  3. Section 21.11. Indecency with a child (141 items)
  4. Section 21.09. Bestiality (53 items)
  5. Section 22.021. Aggravated sexual assault (85 items)
  6. Section 19.03. Capital murder (42 items)
  7. Section 19.02. Murder (437 items)
  8. Section 20.04. Aggravated kidnapping (33 items)
  9. Section 22.05. Deadly conduct (75 items)
  10. Section 33.021. Online solicitation of a minor (247 items)
  11. Section 22.01. Assault (149 items)
  12. Section 42.08. Abuse of corpse (67 items)
  13. Section 25.08. Sale or purchase of child (29 items)

Incidences in prison

2nd of April 2005: Assaulted corrections officer

5th of April 2005: Viciously beat cellmate into critical condition, they recovered but was paralyzed from the waist down, Rapeson was then placed in solitary confinement until February of 2006

20th of February 2006: Found unconscious in his cell from a fentanyl overdose

25th of February 2006: Bent the pole on a basketball hoop by hanging off the ring

9th of March 2006: Shattered the toilet in his cell and tried to use a porcelain shard to saw through the bars to his cell, after guards arrived he attempted to slit his own throat with the shard but was tased

21st of March 2006: Reportedly placed a bounty on another prisoner

26th of March 2006: Broke into the kitchen but was promptly stabbed with a kitchen knife by a cook he tried to hold hostage, Rapeson was treated then placed into solitary confinement until June

3rd of July 2006: Broke into the kitchen and locked himself in the freezer for 3 hours

8th of July 2006: Placed razor blades into tomatoes at lunch time and threw them at other prisoners. Note: Rapeson was placed on anti-violence medication after this incident

22nd of July 2006: Attempted to exchange sexual favors with other prisoners

19th of August 2006: During a routine search a human tongue was found in Rapeson's mattress, DNA did not match any database

29th of August 2006: Rapeson attempted to hang himself with his bedsheets

10th of September 2006: Rapeson was caught trying to dig out of his cell with a plastic spork

26th of September 2006: Rapeson was mailed a cake from an anonymous person, when X-rayed it was revealed to contain a Beretta 92FS pistol and a spare magazine of ammunition

12th of October 2006: It was discovered Rapeson's medication was being replaced with hallucinogens by corrupt staff receiving sexual favors from Rapeson

28th of October 2006: Was the primary catalyst of a riot that claimed the lives of 22 Prison guards and over 100 Prisoners over a 5 hour period and caused mass media outrage, Rapeson was then placed in solitary confinement until execution


Rapeson was executed on March 19th, 2007 via lethal injection, he survived the first and second injection but his heart finally stopped after the third.

Other unconfirmed crimes

  • Worked in a suicide hotline and pressed people into killing themselves
  • Worked as a lieutenant in human trafficking
  • Sold terabytes of child pornography and gore, some homemade, on dark web
  • Tried to purchase a nuclear warhead in ex-USSR (Confirmed)
  • Poisoned pillbottles in local supermarkets with cyanide (Confirmed)
  • Mixed bleach with vinegar near an office ventilation shaft
  • Tried to cut down The Golden Gate bridge with a blowtorch (Confirmed)
  • Tried to start a war between China and India by launching improvised missiles at border guards.
  • Dumped a bucket of caltrops on a highway during rush hour
  • Encrypted child gore porn into images and spread them all over online forums
  • Injected hundreds of people in night clubs with AIDS
  • Stitched plastic explosives into the soles of shoes at various shoe stores
  • Replaced skincare products in Walmart with sulfuric acid (Confirmed)
  • Placed needles into strawberries at various grocers (Confirmed)
  • Replaced allergy medications in multiple pharmacies with fentanyl pills
  • Electrified coils of uninsulated copper wire and left them around urban areas
  • Rigged pipebombs to explode when exposed to light and placed them in cash registers
  • Spread butterfly mines throughout several national parks using an improvised helicopter (Confirmed)
  • Sealed a hamster in a bucket of epoxy before throwing the cured result off a 10-storey building
  • Filled pillows with fiberglass and gave them to homeless people
  • Broke into several kindergartens and placed covert surveillance devices inside
  • Hijacked various television stations to broadcast child gore pornography (Confirmed)
  • wrote CSAM fanfiction of himself

"Cobbys Playpen" incident

"SomeOrdinaryGamers" did actually review the site, that is not a joke. liar give us the link

"Cobbys playpen" also known as "Cobsons Playpen" was a TOR onion website located on the dark web. It could be briefly accessed for a few hours on August 15th. Made by an unknown jakker, the website was made live in a thread which simply had an ominous cobson in it with a link to the site[1]. At first, it was simply a picture of rapeson with red glowing text above that said "cobsons playpen". But, the site creator updated the site so that when clicked, it led to an uncensored, uncut version of the "dancing swede.mp4" video, which, graphically shows a young toddler being brutally raped and killed. After a flood of distraught teens, the thread was deleted by the mods.

Relation to Ominous Soyjak

It's said if rapeson and Ominous Soyjak ever met something awful would happen[2].

Ominous Cobson

Ominous Cobson is a variant of another cobson with many similarities to Rapeson. Both are ominous, and both are associated with pedophiles. Ominous Cobson probably has more street cred than Rapeson though because apparently he

was featured in multiple 'p videos while Rapeson was only ever in Cobby's Playpen. Also, rapeson still has hair which makes him a poseur

Ominous Cobson

Living Conditions

Rapeson lived in Project Housing, where it was reported that he made 'p with his victims, and murdered them by carving out their genitals and putting them in a barrel. After he was arrested, Police found 50 Terabytes of ‘p and Brimstone on his computer. The house now belongs to the CIA.

Real life sighting

Rapeson in real life

On r/gooncaves, a 'teen has spotted a fat man holding a giant dildo while standing in front of a wall plastered with pornography. The more the sharty dug into his post history the more concerned they got as it became apparent that he was, in fact, Rapeson. Not only has he covered his entire room in porn, he also has acquired a massive collection of sex toys and even several weapons loosely scattered across his "gooncave". A photo of his computer revealed he has ongoing court cases, uses Blender for God knows what purpose, and has a porn collection of his mother.[3] Efforts to dox him are ongoing, but it is strongly advisable to not try to if you value your life.

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  1. As this variant does not have an official booru tag, the post count was estimated with the tags subvariant:hornyson and ominous