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Rdrama is darker than coal...

this page is an absolute mess i have written on my phone with as only source being a youtube video and my memories, no point judging it i will make a big overhaul in a week when im back home (and then he didn't)

rDrama also known as rdrama.net (IP GRABBER DO NOT VISIT) also known as a site filled with yids jiggaboos and faggots, is an internet forum/reddit clone based on the now obliterated ruqqus.

rDrama is best known for primarily larping as autists and reacting or mocking random news articles and sometimes searching and orchestrating drama on various sites including the sharty; 'teens are known for raiding the place. Overall rdrama's relations with the sharty are tame, as there isnt much mutual interest.



rdrama.net is an site created around May 2021, based on the first post of the site, the site was based on ruqqus with its founder being carpathianflorist, confirmed CIA agent, mossad agent and trans queen[it just is, ok?]. rdrama.net was created for the users of r/drama, a subreddit, to continue their campaigns since the reddit admins were becoming far to strict for them. The subreddit still exists but most have moved to using rDrama.

Notable dramas and operations

r/place 2021 scandal

Marsey, the mascot of rDrama, had made it on r/place much to the dismay of the reddit moderators, the reddit moderators using their privelleges censored Marsey on r/place, something which was being recorded and tainted the pristine of r/place.


rDrama users pretending to be land lords in attempts to make redditors mad because landlords = bad


rDrama users pretending to be parents transitioning their children's gender. This caused outrage and right wingers to report on it. Reddit eventually 'nished the subreddit.


In the wake of a Texan proposed bill to criminalize abortions, rDrama users made a fake subreddit called r/TXbountyHunters to LARP as "abortion bounty hunters". The bill proposed for Texan citizens to report women and healthcare providers involved in getting/assiting abortions in exchange for a $10,000 bounty. rDrama users posted ragebait consisting of snitching on pregnant women to the authorities for money. These stories went viral and spread to mainstream news publications. After just a few hours, the subreddit was shuttered by the gigajannies of Reddit, but the damage was done.


Warning! The following may feature disinfo, psy-ops, or other infohazards created by the CIA. Proceed with caution.

rDrama was based on ruqqus; something you must understand if you want to be literate in rDrama history is the creation and fall of ruqqus (it's spelled ruqqus not Ruqqus); Since rDrama was heavily involved in it's downfall and it being a major conflict on ruqqus.

ruqqus was created by three faggots: Kek, (massive easily manipulated yid) captainmeta4 (massive weak minded faggot) and arkitekt (only slightly above rock bottom co-founder because he doesn't whine about every piece of critisim). It was meant to be an open-source, libre, freespeech reddit clone. Which it did succeed at for only like 2 years im bad with remembering the dates. It gained users not because it was good at advertising, it was because it got created at the right time since reddit was about to 'nish every slightly PI subreddit. This included big ones like r/mgtow. This quickly established the culture on the site, alt-right conservative or whatever it was called i dont know everything; This caused the moderators to poop 2 their pants, they were U.S. based and the hecking hate speech was becoming a problem, this isn't even mentioning the other problem; ruqqus had a discord server and those disctroons were constantly whispering the most stupidest changes, in citations there is a youtube video going further into the subject. These factors caused the most unreasonable rule, a change in hatespeech policy.

The site always followed U.S. law but what hate speech defines stayed vague. The 3 faggots decided that they should follow the definition given by one judge one time. This caused the deletion of many guilds. (how subreddits were called) Examples: Things israel did wrong, fat people hate, will expand list another time. The founders were already being hated especially captainmeta4 after having recieved 1 BTC from some french fag for censorship, the admins were desprately trying to simmer the flames by making guilds private, eventuay they folded and made ruqqus non freespeech and made one post, ruqqus pivot.

They couldnt handle the stress and branded themself as an non freespeech decentralized service (which it wasnt though lol). During all this time rdrama (a fork of the ruqqus) was active with it founder (carp) being very close with the founders of ruqqus, this raised suspicion and it was believed the confirmed glowie that was carp was orchestrating this. Of course those claims were silenced. Despite everyone hating carp on the site the founders still sided with xer till the end (carp is such a massive faggot that i cant even keep track of xer bloody sex). Eventually the ruqqus admins folded again and just shut it down like a good goy with when entering the site one post appears written by carp:

"So let's talk about those users for a bit before moving on to lighter topics, specifically how incomprehensibly low IQ they all are." "Ruqqus failed - and all similar projects will continue to fail - because the userbase is spectacularly, impossible-to-satirize levels of unintelligent. They have no interests whatsoever besides anonymous, impotent rage at demographics they want to blame for their failure to amount to anything. They have no personality. They have no value as people, individually or collectively, socially or politically or economically. They have no future. Their only purpose is as a cautionary tale".

It was over, carp had won and converted the admins to judaism. Eventually ruqqus.com directed rdrama.net. May this be a tale for many, never open a trooncord and if you give someone enough rope, they'll hang you with it.

Site culture

Agenda posting

An important rule on the website that non-approved agenda posting isn't allowed. All agenda posting must be done in a more subtle way. also are words like retard and faggot censored and replaced with aporoved ones.

The agendaposting page completely breaks the larp, and should be included when anything from raids to random posts are presented on the sharty.

Don't fall for the bait and keep raiding.


Marsey the gemmy cat

Marsey is the mascot of /r/Drama and rDrama. Originating from a telegram sticker pack it got popilarized by one user because he kept mocking people with the laughing Marsey which eventually caught on with other users, the laughing marsey is the first one used. rDrama users have been creating many variations of Marsey and nearly all emoticon or stickers or whatever theyre called on rDrama are with Marsey; Marsey is to rdrama what soyjaks are to sharty.


Following a poll once made by admin carpathianflorist in 2023, it was revealed that 80% of the site's users were straight males. This wasn't a revelation for many, who rightfully didn't think they were actually interacting with gays, women, or even troons.

The entire point of the larp is most likely to house a place for normal trolls while avoiding the Kiwifarms treatment, or to keep 4cuck and twitter chuds from using the website as their personal sandbox for lukewarm takes and "seriousposting" and making the site into unfunny political garbage, which is what the site already is.


The main focus of the site is creating drama, on site and off-site. You are encouraged to brigade and argue in bad faith. Dramacoin (reddit karma) Allows you to buy awards to mildly inconvenience people, unless you pay them, in which case you can mildly inconvenience someone but with a bigger number.

ps. You can't delete your account, so in case you make one, shit up the website until they shadownban you.