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Roblox Raiding

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WARNING: 'blox raids are currently BANNED due to some retarded foodists conducting most of the "raids" and children finding the sharty from there.[it just is, ok?]

This page is a gem.

Roblox Raiding is an up-and-coming form of raiding inspired by the success of Jackbox Raiding. It hasn’t been around long, though.

How to Chud It Up in Roblox

A guide for confused 'teens who don't know how to CIU roblox streams.

Names (optional, because it can get you banned easily):

(Set your age to be 13+)

This part will teach you how to CIU streamers simply by name, which is very effective against streamers. Simply type out something like "nigger", (obviously jewblox won't allow you to have this name because it's racist) and remove the characters one by one until nublox says it's ok, for me it was "nig", then add a "_" and the rest which would be "ger" (remember to add some random numbers if it's taken)

If it still blocks the username (because it's racist) use your creativity and see where it works. People also like to use "z"s to bypass. Basically, before the "_", add a random character, like "a", but this could also be after, like "nia_gger132", and it will most likely work.




JohnzySinsBBC an actual name btw, etc.

Gem outfit: Unfortunately it does not work with R6 avatars, so you'll want to have other gemmy items on (classic/2d t-shirts, shirts, and pants) in case you're going to chud up a place with R15 disabled. Classic t-shirt uploading is completely free.


If you're going to raid somewhere, and want your raid to actually accomplish something, you'll generally need a bit more than just a link to the place you're going to raid and a request for personal army members. Here's a guide explaining the bare minimum standards to host a raid that isn't shit:

As a host:

  • A rally place. This needs to have admin commands you can teleport people into the raid target place, and preferably somewhere for raiders to line up/sit so you can get a decent estimate of how many raiders you'll have.
    • For the love of all that is holy, please make sure the admin script is something you are familiar with.
  • A planned place to raid, selected ahead of time. Taking too long to find one will lead to raiders leaving before the raid starts out of boredom. If you need to, try using the Scouting Method described below; this will need an additional soyteen to
  • Make sure the place has the following characteristics:
    • Custom (platform-wide) avatars enabled. If you're forced into a morph, then it'll prevent 'teens from displaying the gems they're wearing.
    • A populated server to troll. The more possible witnesses to the chudding, the better. However, don't overshoot and go for a highly populated game, or 'teens may be split into multiple servers, especially if the host doesn't have them friended. Ideally, look for something with a server that has 15 spare player slots, minimum
    • Global chat is a must. Bubble chat only places are vantablack niggerstone.
  • Optional but highly recommended things to look for when scouting raid targets (the more the better):
    • Weapons of some kind. This will allow raiding parties to enact TND ingame.
    • Drawing & building tools, for drawing/building gems
  • Try to avoid military shit, as there's either no weapons to raid with for visitors if it's a roleplay group without pissing robux down the drain, or if the place is owned by a war clan, both sides will have weapons; but the average 'teen raiding party does not have the manpower, skill, or coordination to consistently pull off raids on clannies, who either spend an unreasonable amount of time per day practicing their glorified laser tag aiming, or use cheats.
    • Milsim groups exist too, but their forts are brimstone walking simulators. Also on the same level of shittiness are WW2 groups, who not only are allergic to giving non-paying raiders anything better than a shitty bolt action gun, but they also tend to prefer using the worst gun scripts on ROBLOX.
    • Sword forts are probably a slightly better choice if you really want to raid clannies, because of the much lower skill ceiling. But they're also really fucking boring, due to all of them having only one weapon and basically the same map layout.

As a raider:

  • An outfit incorporating several gems/sharty references so fellow raiders can identify you
  • Spare alternate accounts, preferably already dressed in gemmy outfits.
    • Ban evading (either just individual game bans, or your account itself being banned) is comically easy on roblox - account creation just requires a username and password, and unless you do something seriously fucked up, the worst bans you'll get are individual account deletions, which can be evaded in minutes via logging into another account.

TL;DR because wordswordswords: Make sure your host isn't retarded and knows how to find a place with any kind of raiding potential (enough activity to justify rallying raiders, global chat, and weapons/build tools/drawing tools for chudding it up), and make sure to bring alts just in case you need them.

Scouting Method

An alternative method for launching raids if you don't have a place in mind before the raid starts could be having a 'teen volunteer to scout for raidable places, who will not be in the rally place but instead actively searching for games with chuddability potential (pre-existing activity, global chat, and weapons/building tools/drawing tools) while the rest of the raiding party stays in the rally place while waiting for more 'teens and a place to raid. Once the scout finds a suitable place, he'll then need to send the link to the raid's leader (usually in the thread) and then it'll be a matter of using :place <ID of scouted target place> and suddenly a raiding force of Soyteens will appear in the server after the scout determines that it's a good target to raid.

It's like a russian matryoshka doll, except instead of more dolls it's an entire Soyteen raiding party.


NOTE: krnl currently doesnt work since Roblox added le anticheaterino

How to install KRNL: (also optional if you just want to CIU with names)

  1. Go to
  2. Install and get through the bitchy antivirus shit
  3. Load the key and get through the 4 checkpoints (join a game and inject before doing this because you'll have to redo it if you complete the 4 checkpoints and then inject) (Use to automate the process)
  4. Use these 2 scripts, the first one is the actual chat bypass and the second one is infinite yield which lets you do shit like ";bang TheTrannyStreamer" (lags), fly around, or orbit.

The original recommended script (Fate's Admin) is really fucking good but it's legit horrendously optimized, I advise not using it becuase it constantly lag switches even on my beefy PC, All 'teens are advised to use Infinite Yield EVEN if it's the inferior option, becuase the chudcel owners haven't fixed the problem for months.

Chat Bypass (synapse only)

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))({
    Method = 1, -- Method 1 is the main method. Method two is emojis. Method 3 is full transparency, no special symbols.
    Keybind = "f", -- Usually defaulted to F. You can change this keybind by replacing the string with a letter. Must be lowercase
    ShowMethodDictionary = true -- Shows you the full list of words that you can say with the method. Press FN + F9 to see this dictionary.

BUT IT SAYS ITS "OUTDATED"! Then, the retard owner changed the script AGAIN, go here

Infinite Yield



Several groups were established in Roblox for ‘teens who wish to raid. These groups are:

Rally games - Up, owned by deformedcolorjak. Outdated and sparse (even THOUGH it's da original game or however the 'blox is raided). - Up, owned by Ghoot. Outdated and made by a wannabe tranitor. - Up, owned by a good builder. VERY high effort, use this one, the others are just backups at this point. - Up, owned by chrom. High effort. - Up, owned by Hepegagagood. Low effort, use this if you have no better options.


Failer chuds it up on their main account LMAO

On December 19, a 'teen was banned, possibly on their main account, from Roblox. There was also supposedly robux on that account.[1] The ban length remains unknown, as it was not included in the screenshot.  This incident highlights the danger of raiding Roblox, as many 'teens have roblox accounts and WILL raid on their mains.

Roblox has also been criticized for a lack of quality reactions and chuddability. The first Roblox raid thread created only one clip.. in 9 hours.[2] Later dedicated threads failed to produce any notable gems of the same quality as Jackbox, or even any twitch bans.

On November 27, 2022, tried to raid a streamer's Discord server belonging to a few zoomers playing Bee Swarm Simulator. But to their own shock, the zoomers chudded up their OWN stream by discussing gay porn and showing scat porn on stream, while also doxing themselves at the same time by streaming their own Facebook profile.[3] They were eventually banned. Whether this remains a sharty win or fail is up for debate.

Editor's Note: Pretty sure this is innacurate, though. the soyteen specified he was playing UNO or something and got pissed off so he started being a pissbaby chudcel, it could also be fabricated becuase most of the words wouldn't get through the filter aswell.

On July 12, Some Roblox scammer made a video on free robux that had a site in it for kids to go on there for robux, but at the time, Pro map trolls spams 'p all over the thread including the robux threads, which other places like and to call us pedos. There's also rumors of several 'teens trying to email a roblox Youtuber named KonekoKitten. A Pansexualtroon dated a tranny a couple years back. This could mean death to the sharty if he responds to le Emails...

nvm xe got doxed and is a pedotroon geg

Logistical and manpower issues

Roblox raiding began in a very unfortunate time for raiding, soyschool had drained a lot of the 'eens numbers and the idea of Roblox Raids created a schism between soyteens who supported Jackbox Raids and Roblox Raids, many soyteens simply didn't know how to properly CIU or even enter the platform causing further issues.

Somehow 'teens managed to carry on even with these issues and managed to keep things stable for around 3 threads, and it was suggested by many soyteens to only host threads on weekends due to low numbers which helped against the soyschool problem.

Even worse, soyteens faced spam by dotspammers and demoralization shills which eventually caused it's rather sharp decline as teens were insanely demoralized.

Today, Roblox raiding has been heavily incorporated into Jackbox Raids themselves, as Jackbox threads were revived due to winter break.

The September 10th Raid

Main article: September 10th Roblox Raid

On September 10, 2023, over 40 Soyteens dressed in a gem outfit raided Roblox. Initially, they raided some drawing games and Da Hood until a new thread was made, which exploded in popularity. The 'teens initially raided Rate My Avatar using decals from the "SoyjakPartyArchive" Roblox account, before moving onto the Soy Meeting game to regroup. The 'teens then moved onto Club Iris, which had an age limit and thus led to a bunch of 'teens splintering off. Among the 'teens who were unable to get in was the Mymy avatar named "SheWillAlwaysBeAGem", who led an exodus of splinter 'teens to Zeppelin Wars, taking about half of the raiding base.

The main group however continued on nonetheless, raiding Da Hood which led to a moderately successful raid until the 'teens encountered Captain Coal in-game, after which the 'teens became aimless and just began killing each other. When the 'teens regrouped, the splinter agreed to return under the leadership of SheWillAlwaysBeAGem, which led to the main guy leading the raid to troon out as Captain Coal, Mymy, and (briefly) Soot who had briefly joined refused to change their outfits after which he eventually conceded.

The 'teens went on to raid their Magnum Opus, Frappe. 'Teens bombarded the game, asking for Soylent, for BBC, for BWC, whilst Mymy asked for Stroopwaffels. Several Frappe Medium Ranks joined, saw what was going on, and left immediately. The moderators of Frappe were informed and a horde of Supervisors, Staff Managers, and the "Vice President" joined and banned all the 'teens. At this point, the guy behind the SoyjakPartyArchive account left the raid whilst the 'teens went onto raid a church game. A key player in this raid was a Roblox user known by 07b64feec0bd47c1 and 07b64feec0bd47c1_1. They were the original suggester of the gem outfit and the suggester of the Frappe and Club Iris games.

As of writing, the raid is ongoing.[4] Raid died after teens' joined Nation Rising Simulator which led to several teens leaving of boredom and splintering off to Airship Assault which died after the thread got ACKED



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