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rooby roob

this is froot's personal discord server and I'm head janny

NationalityIndian, but per her words she is from Jew-York City, USA
Occupation(s)Head manager of (formerly)
Co-Admin of (currently)
right hand woman of the New Frootist Order
Years active2023-
Best known forManaging the sharty since September 2023

Chief of the Coal Police

Admin 6
Political partyNew Frootist Order
Tripcoderoot ## Manager

ROOT ## Manager

ROOT ## Admin
IAS?Per her words, a /calm/ Nojak
root ## manager's first post

Root, also known as Snopes Fact Check[2] is the current administrator of the Sharty and is a closeted furfag shitskinned niggerfaggottrannykikejew AIDS-ridden piece of shit retard who let BBC porn stay up for 30 minutes on /q/ and loves to ban people for no reason because he is a gay cuckold faggot tranny.

He was introduced by Angeleno who made a thread announcing a new Manager, saying “if you want, you can think of him as chief of the coal police”. After some excitement and some dread, an hour later, he made his first post under the name “Root”. Root succeeds Red as manager of the Party, who himself succeeded DOLL.

He is the biggest rulecuck in the history of the sharty, and is the coal that is killing /soy/.

When not gooning to BBC porn, he can usually be found taking black dick in all his holes at the local tranny bar and considers it a point of pride to accumulate as many strains of HIV as he can.

On March 17th, 2024, he became Admin[3], the 6th one to be exact. Sharty went down for a day at the same time because of a "DDoS Attack".

Root is also known for frequently changing the "he” pronouns into "She" pronouns on the soyjak wiki, because HE is a neovagina, flarting, axe-wounded, no dick Tranny. <-- It's XE you fucking chud, educate yourself.


  • He supports TTD and PND.[4] even though he is a tranny discord user who bans anything not PC.
    • He uses troon pronouns if he respects you (centrist behavior), but later backtracked and said he doesn't support male-to-female troons (even though he is one) [5]
  • He is indifferent on religion and believes good and bad people can follow it.
  • He seems to like dinosaurs a bit too much, loving stegosaurus most.
    • This claim was supported in a later Q&A when Root revealed to enjoy posts from the dinosaur avatarfags.
    • He is NOT the janny that left 'p up due to being distracted by dinosaur videos on youtube, [[TAKE YOUR MEDS CHUD, NOW!
  • His favourite soy boy wojack is Nojak.
  • He is a huge tranny and brought the nusharty to new lows.
  • He is a Soytan lover and even endorser.
  • He claims hes a "4cuck oldGOD" and loves moot or something like that but this needs a snopes fact check, especially as he is a rulecuck.
  • The only decent thing about him is that he has a good taste in videogames. (He likes the Command & Conquer series). He recently answered a datamine and said he also likes Kurovadis (an obscure slowburn Hentai pixel shooter) and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series.[6]
  • He enjoys drinking alcohol, including hoppy craft IPA's in his exposed red brick $2000/mo inner city apartment, as well as nigger semen laced with SSRIs.
  • He is a Dragon Ball/anime fan, evidenced by a picture he shared with stickers behind a can.[7]
  • He claims to live in the Northeast United States, but investigative soyporters believe he may actually be European. Even though it has been revealed he is in USA when posting on /pol/.[8]
  • He is literally Admin 6 and will gigarape the sharty into new, uncharted, brimmy depths of Niggerhell.

Allegations and Disputes


On September 10, 'teens noticed that the board owner of a furry altchan called was named r00t.[9] Root appeared in the thread and said that he was not the same person, changing the stylization of his name from "root" to "ROOT." Regardless, this startling connection continues to be investigated, but is highly supported by most users due to his actions.

In a 'teen's thread where rolling dubs leaked an embarrassing post from your history, Root rolled dubs on one of his posts. He complied and linked a post from a /qa/ thread about furry coal, revealing that he anonymously made the post.[10]. It is unknown if Root made the entire thread or just recent posts.

Root also suspiciously sugarcoats off-site furfaggots and bronies whenever he can. During the peak of the 50 Board Plan, Root endorsed a handful of forced furry & brony "memes" that were later exposed as being forced by Discord groups, and sometimes took way too long to get rid the /fur/ spam leakage to other boards. In /q/, Root would also prioritize complaints made by /qa/ furry offsiters, at the point he made a completely unnecessary effort to keep a furry general thread on /qa/ online, going as far as trying to revert the thread and reprimanding the "rogue" janny who decided to put an end to the freakshow because it was basically just softcore pornography at that point. As of today, the general in question still exists, and those offsiter groups, furries and unironic bronies (not even leebaiters) still thrive in /qa/, with Root himself being a suspect of interacting with those threads and users.

Root also turned a blind eye on Dinoposting spam, when it was at it's peak, and in one occasion even called it "based".

Ongezellig Fan

Root once said that Ongezellig posters should stay in /qa/. He claims to have never watched it, but may be a 'lignigger due to twice replying to Froot with the image of Mymy getting hit with a bottle and the post contents "orange fucker."[it just is, ok?]

Root appears to have become a zellig poster or at least partial to the series. Hhe made a /qa/ sticky using a picture of the character Vera[11] and has said he is his favorite character.[it just is, ok?]


Thrembologists agree that he is Admin 6 himself, and that he will sterilize the site and rulecuck it to death.[it just is, ok?] Any and all chaos will be eliminated, as will any and all fun. same guy that wrote this here, he isn’t too bad disregard that actually xhe's right though

It's a foid STFU IT'S A TRANNY!