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Reddit account of Roygbivsloweddown

Royggbivsloweddown was a Reddit user who provoked mods into a deleting a shill thread on the r/Markiplier subreddit [1] on 6/4/2021. He claimed to have made a post to the site and that he got 'nished, then he attacked information warfare special operatives in the comment section, calling them trolls and dataminers who browsed a website which isn't real. His suspicions of datamining were provoked after he received a 'nishment from Soot, who apparently mistook him for a spammer who was posting Markiplier-related coal. [2]'s 'nishment page shows the user's IP address, which is what alarmed Roy. [3]

Because of his upstanding behavior in the community he is considered an enemy of (((soot))).[4]

The thread by Royg that Soot deleted.[5]

Account Deletion

He deleted his account at June 4th 2021 10:00 PM UTC. While some soyteens claimed the account's deletion had saved a young, impressionable mind from the dark forces of Reddit, others expressed regret that Roy had been 'nished and turned away from the community. [6]

A soyjak depicting Roygbivsloweddown
The thread. Roygbivsloweddown responds angrily to undercover operatives part of Operation Plier after having his suspicion raised by soot deleting his post.