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Warning! The following may feature disinfo, psy-ops, or other infohazards created by the CIA. Proceed with caution.
Did you know?

Notice the recessed chin buried by fat rolls, showing what a mixture between a chud and mutt would look like.

Ryan Christopher Palmeter (November 28th, 2001 – August 26th, 2023) is a chud best known for entering a Dollar General in Jacksonville and shooting up three niggers before killing himself. According to peer reviewed fact checkers he did this because of white supremacy and hate speech (which is NOT free speech because I said so), thoughever some alt-right conspiracy theorists have connected him to the CIA.

No one cared about him because Ryan doesn't realize killing niggers randomly is worthless as long as the WEF is in charge. He took out three niggers, meanwhile jews are importing thousands into Europe every day. This is why every shooting that doesn't target the people in charge, but instead the hecking poor black people is a fed-op .


The only reason this guy is notable to the sharty is that he had his manifesto released[1], and in it he wrote the word nigger 183 times, referenced TND and included a group photo illustration that contained a large group of characters from popular media, including chudjak with the word /soy/ written on his shirt. Assuming this is not a glowop, this means that all the teens expecting a "future sharty shooter" may have one, albeit the media has not made this connection yet and the site was not mentioned in the manifesto. If it was one, then this means the CIA is not only aware of soyjak.party, but has already orchestrated a terrorist attack to try to shut it down, which really puts to shame every discordtroon spamming 'p in terms of effort (even doe Feds are actually a force to be reckoned with, and not a bunch of no-life trannies with a hate boner towards the Sharty)

>comic sans geg

Steam profile

Someone found his steam profile, and he posted about the sharty on there, probably confirming the last point.[2]

Ryan Palmeter
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