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Item #: SCP-69420

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-69420 is to be kept in a 20 by 20 foot cell with anti-horny spray.

Description: SCP-69420 is a picture of a soyjack, which always appears to be saying "though" at the end of every sentence he says though.

SCP-69420 was first discovered on an internet forum when a researcher saw a soyjack reply with"I hate women". This immediately attracted the attention of the SCP Foundation, who then put a MTF in a nearby area to monitor it. The soyJack replied with "women suck lol", and an MTF then entered the building and transported SCP-69420 to Site-19 for containment. Shortly afterwards, the MTF died of suicide.

The soyjack has been documented as very aggressive and has attacked many researchers by using his "BURN NIGGERS RAPE ALL TRANNIES KILL GOOKS WITH BRICKS" attack, which causes any male in its general radius to start to laugh uncontrollably. Many researchers have reported being bitten by the soyjack and then becoming more soyjack-like over time. There is no current vaccine or cure for being bitten by SCP-69420, except for the COVID vaccine.