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FoundedDecember 22nd, 2023

Soytopia is the official Team Fortress 2 server for the sharty, in the same way Soycraft is the sharty's official minecraft server. Soytopia can get as many as 24 players on at the moment, although usually it's around 0 to 10 players (so far). There is a pinned thread on /soy/ advertising it, as well as a stickied discussion thread on /mtv/. Chimp is the administrator, and Doll was the one who came up with the idea. You can join by putting into your "Favorites" from the Server Browser menu.

The most active the server can be, just look at how much life is flowing in the screenshot


  • pd_selbyen (oh my fauci so wholesome 100 chungus)
  • pd_galleria
  • ctf_turbine_winter
  • koth_krampus
  • pl_wutville_event
  • cp_carrier
  • pl_chilly
  • workshop/3067170555
  • ctf_2fort_invasion
  • cp_process_final
  • cp_brew
  • cp_gravelpit_snowy
  • cp_dustbowl
  • cp_gorge
  • cp_mossrock
  • cp_sulfur
  • cp_degMs. clauskeep_rats
  • pl_badwater
  • pl_borneo
  • pl_fifthcurve_event
  • pl_camber
  • pl_coal_event
  • pl_pier
  • pl_snowycoast
  • pl_upward
  • pl_venice
  • koth_brazil
  • koth_king
  • workshop/931586045
  • koth_lazarus
  • koth_los_muertos
  • koth_lakeside_final
  • koth_nucleus
  • koth_sharkbay
  • koth_probed
  • koth_slime
  • koth_suijin
  • pl_thundermountain
  • pd_mannsylvania
  • vsh_distillery
  • vsh_nucleus
  • vsh_skirmish
  • vsh_tinyrock
  • zi_atoll
  • zi_devastation_final1
  • zi_murky
  • zi_sanitarium
  • zi_woods
  • koth_megalo
  • workshop/454268748
  • plr_bananabay
  • workshop/2969509359
  • workshop/2961457712
  • workshop/3011908454
  • pl_hasslecastle
  • koth_rotunda


  1. Don't cheat.
  2. Don't bot.
  3. Don't do anything illegal.
  4. Don't obnoxiously bait others.


Differences between Soytopia and Official Servers

  • New accounts can automatically use VC, voice commands, and chat
  • A lot of community maps you'd otherwise have to pay for are included
  • You get to play with other chuds! So cool! Waowie!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You can say nigger
  • There's a greentext feature

TF2 Culture

So far, TF2 hasn't managed to make a dent in wider soy culture (even though it's only been out for a week). Within the TF2 server itself, the only notable "meme" thus far is of the Red team managing to win over Blue more often Blue does over Red, hence the usage of terms like "TRD" (total red death), "TBD" (total blue death), bluclitties, etc. If you really needed this article to explain dat to you than youse a dumb nigger my nigger. Just play in the server (you just WILL, okay)


  • On the one map with the tanky salmonella creatures, be wary of killing them, and instead find ways to navigate around them (e.g. by using buildings for traversal). If done right, it'll mean that fighting them off will be the other team's problem, not yours
  • Medics and Heavies pair extremely well if said medic has uber and they coordinate the time at which to use it
  • Pyros are good for taking out spies and for fucking with Saxton Hale. If you're playing as Saxton Hale, it's a good idea to take out the pyros first
  • COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR TEAM MEMBERS even though they're niggers
  • Don't leave in the middle of a match because ummm that's bad
  • If you've never played TF2 before, you can still have a good time in matches as long as you stick to more beginner friendly classes like the aforementioned pyro and medic, as well as soldier. It's best to go through a few beginner's tutorials before doing this however
  • The server doesn't allow you to do shit like have any type of cosmetic on even if you don't own it in the base game (no servers have this albeit)


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  • Tamato - Stupid canadian nigger
  • antennas to heaven... - Stupid gook nigger
  • Yakub - Actually a nigger
  • Mr. Electric - Stupid sniper nigger
  • DOLL
  • Laptop
  • Qitsambir
  • Liquidus
  • Chud
  • Kuz[1]
  1. Snopes