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An SSTVjak is a 'jak that is made in an SSTV format, SSTVjaks are audio that can be converted into an image, which means you can transmit gemmies through a radio or any non-visual means

Making an SSTVjak

Required software: sneedacity ( scroll down to the Windows section and click on the 64 bit binary) (or just regular Audacity) MMSSTV_YONIQ ( (it should work the same on the normal version of MMSSTV, i just use yoniq cause it's apparently better than the regular version or something) Virtual Audio Cable (usually this require you to pay for shit, but i downloaded a cracked version from 1337x so you don't have to buy shit or pirate it yourself, here's it is: (inb4 some schizo retard say's it's a virus)

Step 1: download MMSSTV_YONIQ, the installer will be in Spanish but this can be changed, go to the download page ( and scroll down untill you see the "Installing for English users" section, then, just follow the steps, and make sure to read the entire thing because it will tell you how to change the language to English

Step 2: download sneedacity (look at the required software section for the download link, the good thing about sneedacity is that you don't have to install anything, just run the file and you're good)

Step 3: download virtual audio cable (look at the required software section for the download link) after you download it, extract the file and click on the setup64.exe file, you generally don't have to change anything about the software, just install it and it should be ok (TIP: virtual audio cable installs an entire driver onto your computer that is required for the software to work, and no, IT'S NOT A FUCKING VIRUS YOU RETARDED FUCKING SCHIZOPHRENIC

Step 4: press the Start button on the bottom left and search up "Settings", then, go to "System" and go to the "Sound" section, and set the "Input" to Line 1 (your virtual audio cable), the Output should stay the same

Step 5: now that you have all of your software, open up YONIQ and click on the "TX" tab, a white square should show up, right click on the white square and click on the "Load from file" button, then, select the 'jak of your choice, a new window should appear, just click on the "OK" button, and the 'jak should appear where the white square was, also another very important thing to do is hover over the "Option" button on the top and press "Setup MMSSTV", then click on "Misc" and in the Sound Card section set the "In" and "Out" to Line 1 (your virtual audio cable), oh and also, don't change any of the modes, Scottie 1 should be more than enough for your 'jakking needs

Step 6: open sneedacity and go to the preferences tab, go to Devices and set the playback and recording to Line 1 (your virtual audio cable), press the recording button, go to YONIQ and press the TX button while sneedacity is recording, wait for the TX to finish and make sure that sneedacity is recording the audio that is coming into it, then, when the TX finishes and the audio coming to sneedacity stops, press the stop button, then, click the "File" thing at the top left, hover over "Export" and press "Export as MP3", and just save the file onto your computer, if you hear the TX sounds coming from your computer/speakers, but no audio is appearing on sneedacity, then you are DOING IT WRONG YOU STUPID INCEL THE AUDIO IS SUPPOSED TO GO INTO SNEEDACITY YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO ACTUALLY HEAR ANYTHING

How to decode SSTVjaks

go to settings and go to "System", then, go to the "Sound" section, set the "Output" and "Input" to Line 1, then, open YONIQ and press the "RX" button, then, simply play the SSTV MP3 that you made, and it will automatically decode the signal into the 'jak that you made, this works with any other SSTV sound that plays, which means you can also decode SSTV images from Youtube videos and any other sound-containing media

Banning by Root

i (Niggerrapist1488) posted an SSTV MP3 to this thread some schizo was saying it was embedded 'p (which is not true) and the janny deleted it, immediately afterwards, Root posted a message saying SSTV gems were banned

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