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The average SAGE! user

A sage[a] is a way of posting in an imageboard thread without bumping it. On 4cuck, saging is possible by typing “sage” into the “Options” field. It used to show that you saged by setting the email to "sage," but eventually that feature was removed when the e-mail field was removed.

On the sharty, you can sage a post the same way you do on 4cuck, which works the way 4chan used to before the email-field was removed, to indicate your disapproval of the thread you’re posting in.

In late 2022, colored text reading SAGE! was added to make a sage read more clearly. This addition followed the sharty’s typical contrarianism to 4chan, since announcing a sage on the cuck is a bannable offense. It also makes negation a lot easier.

As of July 22nd, 2023, sage is no longer entered into the email. Instead, it is integrated into a drop down menu to stop namefags.

Reasons to Sage

The sage feature was originally created for low-quality replies; as in, you don't feel your reply is valuable enough to the discussion to warrant bumping the entire thread. It is still used this way on some meme 1-10pph altchans who want to enforce the heckin' oldfag cultureino, but sage nowadays means:

  • Downvote
  • You want others to know that it’s a bait thread
  • You want others to know that OP should kill xerself
  • You don't want others to see the thread

Is Saging Effective?

Rarely, you can make bumpers seethe with a sage, but this follows a very specific set of circumstances.

Not really. Saging is what peaceful protests are to violent revolution. In other words, attempting to derail a shitty thread is usually a better (and gemmier) option. For 4cuck ‘jakkers, it usually means a whole lot of soydueling and mass replying. On the ‘arty, it’s usually either dotspam (in the Soot era[b]), counter-coalposting, or, rarely, counter-gemcrafting.


An image that is normally used during countersages.

A counter-sage is a post that exists purely to counteract a sage, usually with the text "Yep. That sage is negated" or just "negated". Some 'teens negate sages purely on principle even if they don't like the thread itself. Negating a sage often results in seething by the saging party and is an effective tactic for free replies.


  1. You WILL pronounce it sah-gay because it comes from jap 下げる, meaning "go down". You will NOT adapt the pronunciation of loanwords to fit in with your language... quick note by the way,,, if its "sah-gay" then saging would be pronounced "sag ing" or, sagging, like my nuts hahahha. <=== comedy genius
  2. Under Kuz’s reign, dotspam and similar spam like it became far less common