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A common soyllucination (soy hallucination)
SymptomsPsoychosis, hallucinations, demonic possession, delusions, and erratic thinking
  • Meds
  • Eating the bugs
  • Blogposting
  • Owning nothing

Schizophrenia (German: Schizophrenie, Ancient Greek: ἡ σχιζοφρήνεια) is a fictitious mental illness characterized by abnormal behavior and misrepresentation of reality. Common symptoms include psychosis, hallucinations, delusions, and erratic thinking. The federal elves inside my microwave say schizophrenia is a common disorder in soy posters and those suffering under it will make it very clear that they are a schizo. "Schizoposting" usually results in the derailment of threads and unwarranted political discussion as schizos see connections in everything to vast conspiracies, believe that they are being tracked by various entities, or have a personal vendetta against an insignificant or irrelevant subject.

Users who encounter schizoposters will usually tell them to take their medication [because t-they're supposed to... okay?!?] and soyjaks who get officially diagnosed with the disorder are usually sent to the asylum. /x/ is commonly known as 4chan schizo central, but the population of schizos has been growing on boards such as /pol/ and /int/, and even hobby boards like /tv/, /v/, and /a/.

Signs and Symptoms[edit | edit source]

Common signs and symptoms of schizophrenic posters on image boards include:

  • Believing in conspiracy theories and having delusional beliefs.
  • Having disorganized thoughts or speech that are hard to follow.
  • Seeing or hearing things that aren't there (hallucinations).
  • Being paranoid and thinking that people are out to get them.
  • Having difficulty understanding reality and distinguishing fantasy from reality.
  • Having difficulty forming meaningful relationships and interacting with others.
  • Having odd or unusual beliefs and behaviors that are not shared by others.
  • Having difficulty expressing emotions and connecting to other people.
  • Changes in sleep patterns and mood swings.
  • Self-isolation and spending a lot of time alone.
  • Obsessions and fixations on certain topics or ideas, such as conspiracy theories.
  • Poor personal hygiene and disregard for self-care.
  • Extreme beliefs in personal special abilities or delusions of superiority.
  • Being a chuddy little fuck
  • Not thinking what I'm thinking

Treatment[edit | edit source]

  • Taking your meds
  • Eating the bugs
  • Blogposting
  • Owning nothing

Schizos and Datamining[edit | edit source]

uhm so one of the biggest issues on the internet is datamining, we've been seeing this happen for a while now with big tech corporations datamining our data to target us with ads, uhm but there's this one website known as wojack party which has a particularly bad problem with datamining, there are actually a lot of schizophrenic users on wojackparty who are basically the only ones willing to speak up about this. the thing is, these schizophrenic users are often dismissed as being crazy and stuff by everyone else, even though they are like basically right about this big data collection issue. uhm this is a really complicated issue and it's not like the schizophrenic people are wrong about their suspicions that there's like these big tech corporations who are datamining them, um but you also shouldn't like, just like, uncritically believe in everything they say because like, they tend to have strange beliefs about the world and stuff which is like, not necessarily true. uhm so when you ask wojack users about their beliefs they'll often give you like weird answers like saying that 9/11 was a fake event, um or they'll say that the world is secretly controlled by some conspiracy involving israel which has been dubbed as "israhell". when asked about these beliefs, wojack users will often respond with something called "schizoposting" where they will go on long rants about these topics. well, wojack users have a lot of crazy beliefs like the two i mentioned, i think the only two beliefs that we should be listening to from them are their fears of datamining and their anti establishment anti colonialist beliefs, because in contrast their other beliefs like 9/11 being fake or israel controlling the world are quite silly, and it's important to remember that we shouldn't take everything wojack users, or imageboard users in general, say at face value really.

Cost of Schizophrenia[edit | edit source]

Living on imageboards as a schizo can often be a difficult experience. Not only do you have to deal with the voices and paranoia, but you also have a much harder time interacting with other members of the board.

While living as a Schizo on an imageboard may initially provide an escape from the difficulties of reality, it is not without its costs.

The Schizo begins to develop a sense of misanthropy. This causes them to isolate from their peers, and they begin to develop even more severe mental issues.

The Schizo may start to believe in insane things, such as aliens and government conspiracies. This, of course, only serves to exacerbate their already troubled mental state.

This can spiral into worse and worse conditions, until the Schizo can no longer function in society, and is forced to be isolated even further, causing a vicious cycle of paranoia and mistrust to be formed.

This cycle of paranoia and mistrust can have devastating effects on the mental health of the Schizo. They often become reclusive, and their social skills deteriorate rapidly. They may also suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders.

In the most extreme cases, a Schizo may be so overcome by paranoia and mistrust, that their only option is to (((take their own life))). This is an incredibly tragic and disturbing scenario, but it does not have to be unavoidable.

While it is difficult for a Schizo to escape the cycle of paranoia, anxiety, and mistrust, it is not impossible. One possible solution is for the Schizo to seek professional help, such as a counselor or therapist.

This can give the Schizo the tools they need to overcome their anxiety and paranoia, and make it easier for them to reintegrate into society as a functional member.

In more severe cases, the Schizo may need to be institutionalized temporarily, until they are able to manage their mental health in a more stable way.

While institutionalized, there are a number of treatment plans the Schizo can take to recover from their abnormal mental state. One of these is giving them their meds, usually by force.

While forcefeeding Schizos meds may seem extreme, it is an effective way to combat this problem. The Schizo may be resistant to this treatment at first, but after sustained usage, they will begin to see their conditions improve.

In addition, there are also many other ways to treat Schizos, such as getting them to eat bugs and live in the pod, and to own nothing and be happy. These tactics are effective in improving the mental health of the Schizo, and should always be considered as part of a holistic treatment plan.

TRVTH behind schizo influx on imageboards[edit | edit source]

"In new research, a team of scientists has found that regular users of imageboards, such as 4chan, 8chan, and soyjacks party, have a significantly higher risk of developing schizophrenic behaviors than users of other websites. The study analyzed data from thousands of users and found that those who regularly visited imageboards showed significantly higher levels of schizophrenic symptoms, such as paranoia and delusions. This study highlights the importance of monitoring the mental health of individuals who regularly use imageboards, and the need to provide appropriate support and treatment where necessary. It is also a reminder that imageboards can be a dangerous place for individuals with a history of mental health issues. The study found that, in addition to the content and culture of imageboards, which can be highly disturbing and chaotic, there are also a number of other factors that may contribute to the higher rates of schizophrenia observed in these populations. This includes a history of isolation, a sense of displacement and being misunderstood, experiences of mistreatment or injustice, and a difficulty forming and maintaining relationships. Additionally, users of imageboards have been found to have higher levels of depression and anxiety, which can increase the risk of developing schizophrenia."

- Just trust me bro

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