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Warning! The following website has (((Cloudflare protection.))) Please enable JavaScript. You WILL be datamined if you proceed. has been flushed down the Skibidi Toilet. You can help by updating this page and making it better reflect the project's death.
Cause of Death: was shut down in March 8th, 2024 is a data leaks search website best known for being the data breach website of choice for soyteens when they're doxing someone.

Its wide array of data led to some information being uncovered about CeceFem, and besides the big fish has provided many a home address of random troons the sharty decided to target because we became v2 for a quick second in early-mid 2023(not saying it's le good OR le bad), and despite the decline in doxes on the farty it's still in use on /raid/ and sometimes on /soy/.

get searching


The 'rocks goes down

As of March, 8th, 2024, is down. In response to this 'teens are developing alternatives to this search engine. is a direct clone of However it has stopped working as intended. is currently an indevelopment alternative to '0t.ocks. has direct ties to, so make of that what you will.