Sharty derangement syndrome

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An example of a splintertroon diagnosed with SDS

Sharty derangement syndrome (or SDS in short) describes the seeming inevitability of splinters and discord servers to focus on obsessing over the sharty, and to put as much as power as possible into trying to take it down, even at the cost of decreasing their own post quality. This disorder ranges in severity from trying to derail threads, cattywiping, snitching, and up to commiting actual felonies all because a bald people with glasses website makes them incomprehensibly mad.

The rationale behind SDS is dubious. Splintertroons say that coaling up the sharty will make 'teens migrate to their site, however while they do spam their links often, it is unknown why seeing them being obnoxious faggots would make users want to switch sides. And in the rare case they do visit their site, the few PPH that exist are mostly just dedicated to planning further coaling attempts on the sharty. The argument that they just want to troll also falls flat as they could just join sharty raids they like instead of trying to destroy them. Therefore, it can be deduced[1] that in its core it stems from nothing more than crab in a bucket mentality.

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List of communities with SDS

Sharty derangement syndrome
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Sharty derangement syndrome
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Sharty derangement syndrome
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