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This page is Dust.

This page or section was made by Chud50002

Disregard everything written below.

Soyjak Variant
Booru Posts 0 As of October 27th, 2023 (forced variant:unknown coal)
Traced FromKFC Clash / Ken

Shushjak, also known as kenjak or kfcjak is a Soyjak variant traced from the youtuber KFC CLASH/Ken. It also being inspired by Nojak and Feraljak by it's simmilar appearance. Despite its appearance, five other variations were created.

This page was made by this 'jak's creator. Nobody but him uses this NAS, anti-aliased dust. He's also attempting to force a "rivalry" between shushjak and Flartson in order to get 'teens to discuss his brimmy variant. It was /or wasn't a supposedly Vantablack-niggerstone dust are you fucking kidding me.


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