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This page is a gem.

sooby soob

This page was written by twitter immigrants.

Skibidi Toilet is a series of slow burn, bone-chilling, kafkaesque, anti-war war zoomerGOD MOVIES made by SFM animator DaFuq!?Boom!.


Skidibi Toilet is a disease in which a toilet nigger successfully attacks and consumes human brain.

Skibidi's motivation is to infect every living human with skibidi toilet syndrome.

The Science

The disease is also airborne, as evidenced by episode 4 where a few skibidi toilets enter a busy restaurant, and when the camera pans back they have all been transformed into skibidi toilets.

The first sightings were in a public bathroom. In the disease's early form, the heads could already sing and spin around. It is unclear, however, when the virus mutated to be able to detach toilets from the building.

Some scientists suspect that the virus attacks and liquefies all of the human skeleton below the skull, then uses that material to build the frame of the toilet, similar to how molluscs grow their shell, however there are no peer-reviewed studies to support this.

Dr.Fauci and the CDC have developed a cure: To stop the spread, all you need to do is stay at home, eat the bugs, live in the pod, and be happy.

On the Sharty

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On the 'party, toilets are known for fighting with babies or however the toilet is flushed. This very page serves as a proof.


Main article: Shit Nobody Cares About

Skibidi Toilets

The Skibidi Toilet are the titular main rapists of the Skibidi Toilet series and are the primary adversaries of The Alliance. These niggers are predominantly designed as toilets, each with chanting heads protruding from their toilet bowls, which often serve as their method of attack. They are responsible for numerous acts of aggression, as well as spreading the influence of the Parasitic Skibidi Toilet, which can also serve as their primary minions.


The Cameramen are the main enemies of the Skibidi Toilet. They have a closed-circuit television camera for a head, hence the name.

First and last(so far) episodes for comparison

As of 14/02/2024, the series is still ongoing.

Skibidi Toilet or Creeper

Skibidi Toilet or Creeper is another meme[1], that originally was a part of the "If X Had minecraft" memes on Reddit and in the mainstream Internet in general.

This is what the person said in the meme:

Skibidi toilet or creeper? I choose skibidi toilet because I'm a sigma. So long, creeper!
шкибиди туалет или крипер? я выбераю шкибиди туалет потому что я сигма, а крипер, прощай!

Mining diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, yeah, mining diamonds… Oh no, there are too many creepers, somebody help! Ah, skibidi toilet, help me please! Skibidi dop dop dop dop yes yes yes yes, skib, skibi dip, skibidi dabadoo dabadoo dabadoo da
Так, допываем алмазы, алмазы, алмазы, да, допываем алмазы. Ой нет, здесь слишком много криперов! кто нибудь - помогите! шкибиди туалет, помоги мне пожалуйста! шкибиди доп доп доп доп йес йес йес йес шкиб, шкибиди диб, шкибиди дабоду дабоду дабоду
Да, спасибо!


Ewsagate? It exists!

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This involves bizzare moments like when Skibidi Toilet drank Grimace shake or any kind of shit but it's a Classic, besically after the Skibidi Toilet Syndrome Elsagate videos have appearing E.G. Talking tom, Bluey, Peppa Pig, Cuphead , godzilla and etc.

how it became SkibidiGate.

>Skibidigate 💀💀💀💀

the kikes hate skibidi toilet because it's based

The male "role models" in ZOG shows like steven universe are weak sissyboys who worship trannies and george floyd. meanwhile skibidi toilet gives young children actual [camera]men as role models: they have a healthy sense of fraternity and aren't afraid to put themselves in harm's way to end their enemies. that's why the nwo hates it

its so wholesome i'd rather kids dress up in kino mechcore fits with nice suits on occasion than troonslop funded by sr. goldman steilsberg

Skibidi toilet is really a show about rising up against the trannys. We follow the main protagonists: the cameramen. They are never given any dialogue, but it's obvious what is happening to them - their society is being taken over by a virus of literal toilet people (allegory for Trannys), and the cameramen (Chuds) must defend themselves and their culture for their life lest they be conquered.

The weaponry used by the Toilet heads is also reminiscent of trannys and their media. They can only use rusted and crude versions of whatever was left behind. The cameramen on the other hand are constantly innovating to find out new ways to destroy the skibiditrannys. It is obvious to anyone what this represents. Skibidi toilet is a story about rising up against ZOG & Trannys as brave chudbuds stay put to defend themselves and their values for a Tranny-free future for them and their children.

Skibidi Toilet
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the gem that saved the sharty
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Jooish qweens ♦ Dead niggers that can speak

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The Calendarjaking Sharty bank robber ♦ Having sex even though it gives you STDs ♦ Discordgate

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Admin 6 ♦ Discord ♦ 4cuckoldry ♦ and most importantly... transhearting dat ED

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