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>absolute state of the booru

Slopjaks[1] (also known as shitjaks (even doe that names been taken)) are a dust variety of "soyjaks" which aim not to accurately depict the person (or people) they're mocking like most soyjaks do, but instead to tack on an over-the-top amount of grotesque features and accessories in a desperate effort to make whoever the 'jak artist is trying to mock look bad.

They are ESPECIALLY common in forced Discord conflicts, Countrywars, religion wars and seethe against admins/jannies/popular namefags.

As opposed to regular soyjaks which cause extreme seethe from soyboys due to it being like looking in a mirror, 100x more seethe goes into creating a slopjak than what will come from anyone viewing them.

Some have said that slopjaks may be a nusoyfordfocus's rendition of Colorjaks, although if this is the case they might be a bit more funny, albeit. History often repeats itself.

Whenever a slopjak is created that is incomprehensible, or at least isn't part of some forced war, it is sometimes an example of a low effort gem.


It is unknown what the first slopjak looked like or when it came to be. Some say standard slopjakking originated from brown deformed troonjak spamming, but this has not been fact checked and peer reviewed as of February 5 of 2024. They are popular on SoyBooru despite being controversial on the 'party. This is because 'ru users evidently hate monochrome soyjaks that make fun of nu-males, although this could be because of one of two reasons:

  1. They themselves are soyboys and feel "personally attacked" enough by soyjaks to feel the need to make absurd enough variations so they no longer resemble them.
  2. They are desensitized to being mocked as weak men (due to either constant exposure to soyjaks or from being even more degenerate than a soyboy) and need to slapfight using the most repulsive 'jaks possible to feel something.

Soybooru culture played a big role in the creation of slopjaks, with conflicts such as the third soyvil war and the Italo-Argentine War leading users to create more hideous and over-detailed soyjaks throughout 2023. Slopjaks may be aftermath of Brimstone Winter.


Many slopjak "artists" use repetitive features in their edits:



All of these look like (You) btw.

You can find more here: slopjak

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all of these are gems actually

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