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Snitches are trannies who are completely obsessed with the cartoon bald man with glasses to the point where it could be it's own mental illness. Xhey are dedicated to protecting xheir "stunning and brave trans qveens" from us who aim take xheir schizophrenic asses off the web. Most snitches are completely ineffective and pose no true threat and xheir attempts are laughable at best. However some take xheir efforts too far. This documents all of the notable ones (don't put a literal who that snitched once on a somewhat-gemmy jackbox raid) and gives advice on how to counter xem based on the known M.O. Be aware that these individuals are extremely mentally unstable and will not hesitate to escalate things beyond proportion.



This individual is a gegbull, you can help this page by making 'jaks of him and soyquoting him
You can also milk him for GEGs if you are skilled enough or have stalked him.

Starting with the biggest tranny. "Liz" who unironically lives in Nunavut, Canada, is a massive tranny constantly false-reporting Namecheap and pinging police officers on Xwixxer who don't give a shit (irl police officers are not your personal 'eds, dumbass). Xheir obsession with "stopping harrassment" has gotten xhemself into trouble with us, ending up getting harressed xherself. Xey planned to create a botnet by putting linux on wiis. The botnet would've also grabbed random Reddit comments, gotten a random image from the 'ru, and posted it. The few threads that got through Cloudflare were pointed out due to xer literally announcing xer plans publicly. (You) can help by reporting xer to the police for making an illegal botnet and potentially earning 10 years in prison and getting raped by other snow pajeets in prison.[1]

Xey have also claimed to have found several vulnerabilities in vichan, specifically with image and file handling, promising that this would prompt the next soypocalypse if ever exploited, but these threats have been mostly empty with no known exploitation. Vichan seems to be (mostly) safe (for now), at least against this snitch.


This troon only tweets about notable targets in the LGBTQHIV+ community. If you are doing a raid on anyone in this community, either hide it behind a million layers of 'oyspeak, or simply dox and send 'za's. There is no documented case of the snitch interfering with IRL chudding such as 'za's. Online chudding seems to be the only thing this snitch can really interfere with.

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Sharty Snitch

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Sharty Snitch is a snitch that is known most for foiling the teachers subreddit raid, taking responsibility for teaming up with the fellow snitches, and getting the entire 'sharty blacklisted off of the Internet Archive,[a] and foiling many Jackbox threads, often @'ing trolled streamers in the aftermath to xis own guide on how to block future raids. Xey are also well-known for giving doxed targets instructions on how to block 'za deliveries if the initial warning about the dox doesn't work, particularly during the Brayden Coleman dox. Since Operation 9/11 was nerfed by Froot, this snitch has been mostly quiet. Disregard that xhe's still active mainly on Reddit.

There is also an unconfirmed and obscure snitch on Operation 'plier that was posted onto the 'jarty by someone heavily suspected to be the 'sharty snitch as mere minutes after, the xitter account of the snitch posted a video of xem emailing 'plier the exact text in the post.[1][2] It's unknown if this is edited purposefully for bait or if the operation is even done (as dead as it was from 'teens being too annoying and pissy about getting 'plier to cover the site)

An interesting dynamic that doesn't usually appear in most snitches who are troons who want to ruin a "bigots" day is the shartysnitch's choice of not snitching on particular raids despite being seen and alleged claims of actually participating in raids. An example is with the TamingPanda raid, where despite a known username of the snitch actively present on the chat, said nothing about a raid that was easily snitchable. Another instance recorded the snitch actually participating in a raid on Jackbox and posting TND, which was obviously confusing as this is supposed to be a snitch. Unfortunately, everyone was a selfish little fuck and nobody actually checked if the usernames in both instances was real or a fake username (i.e: Angeiino instead of Angeleno or FrooT instead of Froot, common ways to fake a username by using the Cryllic alphabet as well) and was someone fucking around pretending to be the snitch.

As described below on the 'jarty section, the snitch is suspected to be part of the ANF. No proof of the snitch on any 'cord server like the 'affy or other splinter groups has arisen apart from the tweet described in the Partial Dox subsection.

Partial Dox:

After the Internet Archive scare and the subsequent claims from the snitch and xis team of being the ones who convinced the 'chive to blacklist the site, 'teens were quick to try and get any information xey could as revenge for wiping early Soot-era history. 'teens found that an individual going by AryanCob had @'d the snitch and commented "PIOUS GO ACK YOURSELF AND STOP GROOMING KIDS ON DER 'CORD"[3]

Because "pious" has no definition in any dictionary that made sense in this context, 'teens concluded that "pious" was either a real name or a 'cord name. Before further investigation came by, threads relating to the snitch were 'nished off of /soy/ and complaints regarding the 'nishment's were ignored on /q/.[it just is, ok?] The hate then died down and everyone forgot about this miserable troon and the ten kids he grooms on der 'cord everyday.


For a snitch full of estrogen from the liters of soylent, this is probably the worst one to deal with because of how xey only target high-profile raids or slowburns, though as mentioned before xey have recently gone quiet. Because raids are often noticed early on, it's likely this snitch actively browses /soy/ daily. Link lock probably wouldn't work due to xem learning 'sharty culture from osmosis no matter how troonish xey are. It's strictly advised to fastburn or heavily try to discredit this snitch as soon as any activity of xem is spotted during the raid. It's not been tested if mass-reporting the accounts of the snitch actually work during raids. On Jackbox raids, using a copy-pasta template claiming a snitch is a hacker or a liar has moderate success, but makes the streamer more paranoid.

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SonicTheDonic is a frogposting /co/ user (and from what is suspected also uses the frogpond) was the snitch who derailed the Glitch X raid.


It's not really known what this snitch does as there aren't too many examples of this one in the wild. Exercise normal snitch-proofing such as using 'oyspeak to defend against troons unfamiliar with the site, and try to come up with a detailed plan on how your fellow 'teens are going to raid a specific streamer/influencer. Try and test out filter evasion techniques in case the snitch warns of 'sharty related terms like "gemmy" or "tnd" and asks mods to block these terms.


Nepalese Roblox youtuber that snitches to Twitch streamers. Eventually he got doxxed and he started spamming 'p or so I've heard

The Jarty

>Taking the bald man site seriously is le bad but ITS LE HECKIN BASED LUTEY STRATOGEM WHEN WE DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As expected, the obsession the jarty has for the sharty has lead to them snitching on multiple raids. They have even created a thinly-veiled discord group known as the ANF and a flag for their efforts, although this group has never publicly claimed responsibility and literally nobody uses it.


'jarty niggers are horrible at keeping snitches secret and MUST create threads about it on /sharty/ or /raids/ to coordinate. Watch out for these threads, and you give yourself a real-time glimpse as to what is going on. This applies to any 'cord, matrix, or whatever obscure chatroom xey create to hide secrets. Eventually, xey must publish xer "secret" chatroom publicly to get more members.


  1. Even though the internet failchive blacklists lots of websites for not being wholesome, so it's not even a big loss after all. Stop using this piece of shit and just switch off to GhostArchive or


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