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sooby soob

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Woah! And there it is! The hilarious greentext CIA soyjaks! That's all I get for running this site. That and spambots posting 5 times a minute and the CP bots.
Depiction of Soot
Administrator of Soyjak.Party
In office
20 September 2020 – 14 July 2022
Succeeded byKuz
Personal details
Political partySootist
Best known forFounder of the 'party.
TripcodeChud ## Admin
During his administration, many users accused Soot of datamining and being a federal agent
Xhe was a beautiful baby

Soot (20 September 2020 – 16 July 2022) also known as bruh21, Soy Moot and as nigger-admin, was a dangerous, hateful, alt-right conspiracy theorist and creator of He founded and ruled the site for almost 2 years before his assassination at the hands of agents of the NSS.[1] He is generally beloved by the current population of the 'party because of memories, in spite of his alleged datamining, which was the highlight of his career as the administrator. He was the founder of sootism, a political ideology that has since amassed a large following.

On January 24th, 2022, Soot contracted the Coronavirus (deltacron) and became violently ill, but survived for another 6 months.

Timeline of Soot's involvement with the CIA

The Chuds on the website have kept a watchful eye on Soot's policies with regards to information security and datamining.

October 2020: Google AdSense

The earliest capture of's """privacy policy""" page, dated October 17, 2020 contained several questionable references to Google advertisement cookies, and explicitly stated that third-party services were able to track users.[2]

It contained some bone-chilling sentences, such as:

Google is one of a third-party vendor on our site. It also uses cookies, known as DART cookies, to serve ads to our site visitors based upon their visit to us and other sites on the internet.


Third-party ad servers or ad networks uses technologies like cookies, JavaScript, or Web Beacons that are used in their respective advertisements and links that appear on, which are sent directly to users' browser. They automatically receive your IP address when this occurs. These technologies are used to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and/or to personalize the advertising content that you see on websites that you visit.

The last capture that features this wording was on November 29, 2020.[3] Sometime between then and December 7, 2020,[4] references to third parties were removed, and were replaced with the following notice: no longer shares information with any third parties, including advertising agencies and any other groups. Google adsense was removed a long time ago.

Malicious ads

Soot once implemented ads with malware on the site. It was promptly removed, but this prompted questions about his retarded and sketchy behavior as a web admin.[5]

March 2021: TrustAsia TLS

All of your shitpost have been siphoned to a Chinese datacenter, so that Based Lord Xi can read them at his leisure.
"What? Huawei has ties with the Chinese government, and has been accused of technology theft? What are you talking about? Take your meds, schizo!"[6]

TrustAsia is a Chinese provider of TLS certificates. I'm not even going to post a reference, look it up at your own risk.

Why would (((Soot))) not switch to Let's Encrypt?[7] He has no excuses:

  • He is no longer using shared hosting, but a VPS,[8] so he can install any software he wants.
  • Let's Encrypt does it for free (wholesome!).
  • It's dead-simple to set it up with nginx,[9] even someone who copy-pasted some shit code to create a random image array in JS[10] could do it.
  • The sunk-cost fallacy of having to use a (((botnet certificate))) he paid for until it expires is a meme, especially if he keeps reassuring us that this site is not a "datamining scheme".[11]

It really gets your noggin' joggin'.

April 2021: Matomo.js

What (((Soot))) could see while using Matomo.

Soot figured that maybe people would react less negatively to datamining software if it was open-source, instead of some proprietary tracking system by a giant corporation.

Soot thus included the open-source datamining software Matomo on his site. The schizos took notice, and started filling the boards with CIA soyjaks, exposing Soot's datamining scheme.

Soot, caught red-handed, was issued a standard apology by CIA's PR shills, which he published on April 19, 2021. It read:

apologies for any concern it may have caused, i was just trying to get some general time zone and user agent information, but i understand why everyone was concerned, since the software can collect way more. as i have said before, none of the information that i collected has ever been shared with a third party, and any data that i collected with matomo has already been deleted. hope this clears things up.[12]

However, in complete contradiction of his reassuring words, a file named analytics.js was present on the server as early as April 13, until May 16.[13] In fairness, it may have been accidentally left over after Soot removed the analytics.

May 2021: Removal of the Islamic Culture Thread

Soot declaring that a certain thread was unwelcome on his site.

On May 9, 2021, many people were shocked by the fact that the Islamic Culture thread on the /webm/ board had been removed. A Gigachad decided to recreate the thread, but Soot declared that such a thread was too problematic for his site. He defended his actions, claiming a zero-tolerance policy was necessary so that falseflaggers couldn't get the site B& and V&.

anyone can post this and then go to the hosting provider and submit an abuse report to try and have my shit taken down. it doesnt have to be the host itself monitoring.[14]

One schizo several defenders of the constitutional right to free speech insisted that the CIA and JIDF had taken over the site, and booted Soot from its admin position.[15]


reCAPTCHA as it appeared on on 27 June 2021.

Less than a week later after the previous incident, built-in captchas were implemented on, meaning that you won't be able to post without solving them, due to the fact these captcha were built-in, they weren't used for datamining.

On June 27th 2021, Soot temporarily added notorious datamining software reCAPTCHA to [16] According to him it was added to combat spam while he was at work and because built-in captcha didn't work properly. [17]

After few hours the captcha was removed, but many users were data mined during that period.

ReCAPTCHA was also briefly used on the Soyjak Wiki, but has since been replaced with a simple, built-in math captcha.


A MITM attack by any other name...

Main article: Cloudflare

At some point, Soot activated Cloudflare because >muh DDoS protection or something along those lines.

What is Cloudflare? It is a literal MITM attack, the "hackers that will steal your passwords" that all VPN advertisements talk about. (Not that you should trust a VPN either, see below why).

Note for a site to use cloudflare, the owner has to point their DNS records to cloudflare's servers, at which point they effectively handed cloudflare full control of their website (as long as the DNS records point to cloudflare's servers). They can prove control of a domain to certificate authorities who will issue certificates for your domain to cloudflare.

Now cloudflare has control to eavesdrop and log any user interactions with your website or silently tamper content if they please.

However, this is not a Man-in-the-Middle attack, because the website owner gave cloudflare permission to do all of this. So it's not an attack, it's a secure connection to cloudflare (who the website owner gave permission to serve content at their domain name).


In the end, that's all you have. You have to trust that the organization running the website at the other end is trustworthy with whatever data you give them by browsing there. When visiting websites on the cloudflare CDN part of the trust is in cloudflare.

(This is in contrast to real MitM attacks, where some attacking middleman who does not have authorized access eavesdrops and/or tampers with the network traffic).[18]

To do: has anyone archived any thread about this, and the sticky note thing?; Talk about 100 MB upload limit disrupting the wholesome Tom and Jerry poster on /webm/:

June 2021: Soot is a boomer, admins can see IPs

The Captain Coal fiasco of June 2021 taught us two things:

  • The "hack" happened because Soot had forgotten to disable the default admin account. Soot needs to learn the basics of OPSEC, NOW.
  • Soot confirmed that Vichan admins can see the IP of both posters and lurkers, which means you should be using Tor.

Don't fall for the (((VPN))) meme, they're only good for bypassing geographical restrictions or hiding your IP address, but they DO NOT give you anonymity: the VPN provider can datamine the shit out of you, knows everything you're looking at, and on top of that, has your credit card details.

Tor nodes being blocked

Anyone using Tor will have experienced that many nodes are permabanned. This is because a lot of people coalposters proxyhop with Tor, and Soot found that the easiest way to deal with this is to just permaban Tor exit nodes one by one. He said that he will unban them if you ask in the appeal box.

June 2021: Downward spiral

At some point, Soot's mental state began to deteriorate. He began to act in a similar fashion to Lee Goldson, becoming quick to enrage and insult's userbase. Soot increasingly became agitated and lost his composure when confronted with conflicting opinions.[19] Soot bombarded his own userbase with homophobic slurs,[20] and frequently put himself on a pedestal saying he "didn't have time" to moderate his own website because he had "better" things to do.[21]

During a wiki edit war on the Colorfuljaks article, Soot appointed a wiki moderator called called Syjck, creator of the SoyBooru. Soot has ignored all criticism of this moderator; he has not responded to any of the multiple threads requesting that he investigate the moderator's conduct, and in a thread in which he was highly active, he chose instead to have a long-winded, repetitive, and unproductive argument with a few schizos.[22]

July 2021

Captchas are back

>Noooo, not the h*ckin' JewScripterino!

In an attempt to curb spam rile up the resident schizos, Soot re-introduced captchas on the site at the beginning of July. Instead of generating distorted images on the server, this new captcha generates them in the browser, and thus requires JavaScript to be enabled in order to be able to post.

This led users to believe that they're going to be datamined, tracked,[23] or that a crypto-miner will be installed in the background.

The return of captchas was prophesized about three weeks prior, during the Colorfuljaks civil war, in the context of "Operation Bleached Bowl" (abbreviated to OBB), a conspiracy theory that posited that Jannies wanted to gaslight the userbase:

The wiki will turn pozzed due to the new mods (its already happening, OBB page will get fact checked shortly), then the imageboard will follow, get ready to fill out datamining captchas (Which soot has already trialed). be required to enable (((Javascript))), be unable to post with Tor/VPN/Proxies and be banned at the drop of a hat[24]

These fears may be true, after all. Soot stated that he fixed Vichan's built-in captcha with the help of an unnamed third party. Until these changes aren't made public, assume that the captcha IS datamining you.[25]

Remember, if someone says something along the lines of:

>B-but I don't see any strange requests in the network tab of the developer tools...


>B-but I even checked with Wireshark and I can't see any personal data being sent anywhere...

They are shills, and you should just reply "MEDS". Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. They're just using technical jargon in an attempt to sound trustworthy, like those sites that claim to have "military-grade encryption". Don't fall for their dirty tricks.

Talks of migration to NPFChan

With the only other alternatives being Vichan's built-in captcha, which is hopelessly broken, and Google's Captcha, which barely functions on Tor, Soot is looking into migrating the 'Party to another imageboard engine with better captcha support, namely NPFChan.[26][27]

Possible M&A by KolymaNET

Warning! The following may feature disinfo, psy-ops, or other infohazards created by the CIA. Proceed with caution.

On July 3, a thread was created in /b/, by a schizo who forgot to take his meds started dropping redpills about the state of[28][29]

We may be under new management!

OP summarized his case as such:

Let's sum it up. Kolyma-network is a datamining project, not shy to overtake chans and blatantly force admins to sell their projects. Free hosting and technical support is a lure to gather under their control as many chans as possible. For what purpose? At the very least to gather information, the rest is food for thought. These people don't hesitate to lie about their "years" of age by creating pages about themselves on the wiki. Their lies have been proven above and preserved in webarchive, and their sites are nothing more than a cover that they change almost every week. Anon, spread the word, don't let some dataminers from Russia take over your favorite chans![30]

Some users pointed out that the captcha[31] and CP spam[32] may have the new owner's doing, and that datamining and spamming illegal material to force admins to surrender their chans wasn't outside of his wheelhouse.[33]

Soot replied, with the kindness and manners befitting an admin:

I never even got a fucking offer, fuck off with your garbage fake schizo spam[34]

The IP change

The schizo went on to point out a suspicious coincidence: the IP address that the domain points to changed on the same day that post was made.

This could mean that either the 'party was moved to a new server managed by Kolyma, and that thread was just misdirection,[38] or that Soot was just messing around. The second explanation is slightly more likely. Looking at the IP address history:

  • Soot has used Cloudflare before, to mitigate the load on the server.
  • GigeNET also offers DDoS protection.[39]
  • HostSlim BV is a Dutch hosting company.[40]
  • DataIdeas LLC is a hosting company located in Texas.[41]
  • All of ColoCrossing datacenters are in the US.[42]
A fake Soot?
A summary of this conspiracy theory.

If the website had really been sold to the Russians, you wouldn't expect to see European and American companies, would you?

On the other hand, that's exactly what one would do, to lure users into a false sense of security...

According to the schizo infographic, the admin of KolymaNET lives in the USA, because he's wanted in Russia for tax evasion.

Soot himself testified that he changed servers to try and improve the performance of the site:

Really? Are you fucking serious? Yeah, me changing hosts to try and improve the performance of the website is apparently me selling it.
The fact you think this site is worth any sum of money is the funniest part about this post, really. I honestly wish someone would give me a few grand, but unfortunately I make zero dollars monthly from this website, and I doubt it's worth any amount of money.[43]

Several chuds doubted that this was actually Soot. The overtly angry tone may either be a cheap imitation of Soot's seething rants, or the new admin seething, because he got exposed:

you're trying too hard to imitate soot's butthurt tone
i know a falseflagger when i see one[44]

soot, no need to get aggressive
otherwise schizos would think you are kuz[45]

Sounding a bit defensive there, traitor.[46]

yep he got called out and now hes quivering in fear, you can hear his voice shaking through the soot microphone we installed some time ago"[47]

Other suspicious clues
Uh-oh, soybros...[48]

The KolymaNET Anti-Spam Database is used to maintain a list of enemies of the State[49] gather information about abusive users on imageboards.

There is one entry in their database, labelled "" (sic).[50] According to the page (emphasis added):

To submit an IP adress to the database, please use the form below, select the category the IP belongs to, and then submit. The submission will have to be verified by an agent of the Kolyma Network, and once they are verified they are cemented into the database.

The fact that a random IP address was verified can mean one of two things:

  • The 'Party is already under Kolyma's control, and they can the IPs for each post.
  • This is just a psy-op/troll submission by Kuz.
Kuz renews his offer.[51]
Kuz's tripcode, as seen on his website.[52]

The second possibility is more credible, because a few posts later in the thread, Kuz used his tripcode to prove his identity, and stated that he's serious about buying

>B-but that doesn't look like a secure tripcode, and besides, doesn't each imageboard have its own secret, so that the same password on two different boards will generate two different tripcodes?

Being in denial has never helped anyone. Take your meds and face the truth.

Kuz's tripcode was leaked on July 9, 2021. It's #kuz4[53]

Another suspicious clue is how the e-mail service for [email protected] is Yandex Mail,[54], a Russian company known to collaborate with the Russian government.[55]

Soot addressed that accusation as such:

I've used it pretty much since the start of this site? I don't think email as a whole is secure at all, so I don't really care about using Yandex. I just use it since it's free. If you wanna give me 5 bucks for a year I'll host it elsewhere, but otherwise Yandex is free and good enough considering I don't use the email for anything very important like sensitive info.[56]

New boards added, radio silence from Soot

On July 17, Soot made a thread on's /suggest/ board offering to create a new board and asking Chuds to reply with some board ideas. After hearing some of the Chuds' suggestions, Soot created a Strawpoll for Chuds to vote on which board should be added; this was later replaced with a second Strawpoll with updated options. When the "/nate/" option emerged victorious, Soot added it, along with two other boards, /x/ and /caca/, on July 20.

Immediately after the boards were created, it became apparent that /nate/ was not working as intended. The board, which was created to contain off-topic posts, failed to stop the Minecraft players from spamming /soy/ with their complaints about the Minecraft server. [57] Not only did Minecraft players continue Minecraft-posting and Nate-posting on /soy/, their posts also remained up, completely untouched by moderators. This, combined with Soot's complete cessation of interacting with the 'party, drew criticism from some Chuds; [58] some even believed that had become completely unmoderated and had been abandoned by Soot. [59]

On January 30th, 2022, this period of inaction was later exposed to be the result of Soot's dissociative identity disorder when it was revealed that Soot and Nate are actually the same person.[60][61]

Soot's retirement message

Assassination and death

Guess I got what I deserved

The following tale is an account of the death of soot as told by one of his close friends

On July 17th, 2022, a swam or elite Russian NSS agents, surrounded soots compound in North Carolina. Soot, who had recently sold the site to kuz, knew what was coming. He knew too much, too much for his own good, and he knew he should have never taken the 30 pieces of silver. Soot dressed in his signature grey and yellow garbs and smooched lolkek goodbye. Outside the compound, Col. Yaroslavl Bakhmutov of the 67th elite infantry brigade ordered him to come out with his hands up.

Soot, with tears in his eyes, briefly thought of all the moments he spent with the teens, and how deeply filled with regret he was for his mistake. He should have never given up the site, but it was all too late. He swallowed hard and opened the door. Within a fraction of a second, he was dead. The brigade opened fire on him, and he stood for a few seconds, penetrated by hundreds of bullet holes, blood pouring from all over his body. A final thought dashed across his mind before his consciousness was terminated and he was plunged into eternal darkness...

"Im so sorry..."

I am still alive tho.

Treatment of Userbase

Soot is infamous for working against the interests of the users of his website. An example of this is the controversy over him locking the chudjak article. The chudjak article was originally a greatly well written, intelligent and informative article, going into in-depth detail about the origins of chudjak. Unfortunately, an individual using tor decided to vandalise it, ruining what was once a gem. Instead of siding with the wiki's greatest editor, Soot instead opted to side with a tor IP editor, who had contributed nothing else to the website apart from this single rewrite. Soot locked the article to their benefit. Later, after a backlash, Soot decided to have the article unlocked keyed. An edit war ensued, causing Soot to lock it against, fulfilling this IP editors demands.

- Who cares ethnusiast

Some users are obsessed with Soot, as if this article wasnt enough to notice. Screenshot taken from the /soy/ catalog.[62]

Victims of Soot

As's autocratic ruler, Soot has been responsible for multiple bans and has employed varied moderation tactics. The most notable people Soot has used his powers against are listed here.

Victim Infliction Infliction Result Date Short Description
6 million jews Genocide, ethnic cleansing millions of heckin wholesome jewerinos were removed from earth 1941-1945 Soot was a nazi incel chud, and he was the mastermind behind the soyocaust, millions of soyims have died because of that.
Roygbivsloweddown Banning Deletion of reddit account, Suicide 4-6-2021 Young man on r/Markiplier whose time on was brought to an abrupt end due to Soot's banning of anything Markiplier-related. Roy was banned, and his first (and last) post deleted by Soot, who believed it to be part of a spam-wave of Markiplier posts. Ended up killing himself because of this.
User:Scatman John Banning IP address exposed, posts deleted 11-6-2021 A user known for replying to posts he perceived as coal with scat imagery. Soot leaked his IP address, revealing that he lives in the UK.
Stephan Reported to the FBI and his mother Doxed, and got a stern talking to by Soot 1-22-2022 Soot after his site getting DDoSed for the 2040348th time, decided to backtrace the IP addresses originating from China and eventually figured out the perpetrator was a 15 year old named Stephan. After finding this information Soot proceeded to photoshop a BBC (Big Black Cock) into his mothers mouth and send it to her on facebook.

Soot defends himself

Warning! The following may feature disinfo, psy-ops, or other infohazards created by the CIA. Proceed with caution.

On June 15th 2021, Soot responded to the issues raised in this article in a thread on the /qa/ board of, after a Chud replied to him with a link to this article:

Most of the concerns in that wiki page are explained in the article itself or no longer apply, but here goes:
>Google Adsense
No longer used, hasn't been for a very long time
>Malicious Ads
They were up for less than 30 minutes or so while I was testing with another ad network (I do not have ads on this site anymore)
>TrustAsia TLS
Not a security concern since they do not have my private key. That's how TLS is designed to work.
I have apolgized [sic] for any concerns that arose from using this, and once again, I will say this:
I never sold/shared any data collected using Matomo, and never planned to.
>Removal of the Islamic Culture Thread
I removed this because I was concerned about being terminated by my hosting provider. I have since decided to not do anything and just hope I don't get terminated.
For a short period of time, I used recaptcha on the wiki in an attempt to stop bots. I removed it later on and replaced it with a math captcha instead.
I used cloudflare to improve performance. I understand the security concerns, but at the same time, I think concern over whether someone can see your soyjak posts is a bit ridiculous. If I were handling payment data or something, then maybe it would make sense.
>Admins can see IPs
I thought this would be obvious, especially if you did your research regarding vichan (which I thought the people complaining about my datamining or whatever would do). Apparently, they didn't know this. I cannot see the IP addresses of lurkers through vichan, although I might be able to see them in my server logs or something (I don't know since I don't check them).
>Tor nodes blocked
This was not a deliberate effort to block tor nodes, it was just me having to quickly ban and delete posts from spammers hopping tor nodes. I did not even know they were tor IPs at the time.
>Intermittent censorship of gems on
This is ridiculous, I have never had anything removed from and I have never attempted to have anything removed.
>Treatment of Userbase
This is really a matter of opinion. I locked the wiki article because it was just being spammed too much. I didn't really care what it was saying at that point, I just wanted the pointless edit wars to calm down for a bit. The second time I locked it, I left it at what I feel like is a more unbiased state, although some seem to disagree.
Once again, this has to be a joke. The posts were almost certainly not from a new person, as they had already previously spammed around 20 threads before making a different post.
>User:Scatman John
I don't know when I apparently leaked his IP. I have never revealed any user IPs, the only time that this has ever occured was when the site was breached.
>Downward spiral
I would say that this is more me losing patience with people who come on this site every single fucking day to complain about me being a dataminer or whatever. When it comes to the wikimod, I understand the concern, but he's only been a moderator for a week or so. I want to give him a little bit of time to prove himself before I consider removing him.[63]

Depiction as a Soyjak

Soot is depicted as a grey-skinned soyjak with yellow patches around his eyes. This color scheme was based on soot (coal dust), which is grey, and cartoon/puppet bear Sooty, who is yellow. [64] The original Sootjak was a Feraljak and featured anthropomorphic bear ears and snout that did not catch on in later iterations.[it just is, ok?] Gapejak is now the most popular variant to use for Sootjaks. There has been debate over whether Sootjak actually has yellow patches around his eyes or is just wearing yellow-tinted glasses. Do not investigate this further.

Relationship with Nate

Soot's refusal to remove off-topic Nate threads, among other reasons, led many soyteens to believe that Soot and Nate are the same person.

On January 30th, 2022, this conspiracy theory was confirmed to be true.[65][66]

Smooching Allegations

Leaked image of Soot making an unwanted advance on a sharty mod.

Many Mods have come out against Soot, claiming that he has tried to give them kisses without their consent. Most users believe these claims.

Later Life

As a Doordash delivery driver

stupid cunt

After graduating, it is theorised that Soot was unable to be employed, with companies preferring beautiful trans kweens instead. On 5 January 2023, a Twitter thread was made, which was reposted as a meme. It showed a Doordash delivery driver named bruh21, a known alias of Soot.

However, in 2024 he stated that the driver wasn't him and that he never worked for doordash.

See also



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