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This page is Sooty
Contents of this page will be rich in soot.
Consider bringing a duster!

Sorry for asking but can you confirm it's real by shooting a email I can post?

made an update on my website.

bump! anyways hows life now

a lot less busy than it used to be running an imageboard

What do you think about Kuz creating a loli porn website and letting some really questionable content stay on one of his associated domains?

not surprised

What elements of /qa/ do you miss?

If I'm being honest, one of the best things about posting on /qa/ was that the people you were soyquoting would often get pissed off. it was always fun to spam the catalog and kind of just mess around. i got banned a lot, but that's part of the enjoyment

What did you do on 4chan prior soiposting? What boards did you habit?

I used to post on /r9k/ occasionally before I found /qa/ but honestly I was not a hugely active 4chan poster until I began soyposting

Thoughts on Hazbin Hotel?

I'm not too familiar with that show

Why was your reddit account banned?

I think it was for raiding or ban evading, but I can't really remember. That was an alt account of mine.

What are your thoughts on everything that has happened on the sharty since you left?

That's a bit much to answer concisely. If I had to give a short answer, I'd say that it has become far too popular for its own good and has been overrun by discord users and offsite users.

How shocked are you by the kuz/carter revelations?

I'm not too familiar with it, but I guess I am not surprised.

What did you think this site would have looked like by now at the time you left compared to how it is today? Did you think that it would've been dead by now?

If you're referring to the sharty, I'm honestly not sure. I feel like it had a lot of obstacles after I left, such as the domain getting taken and a bunch of different admins and all that. I kind of thought it would have slowly died off but I guess I'm wrong

Do you still believe Doll is a "fucking retard" for purchasing the site from max/kuz? Why did you think that about him in the first place?

I don't remember saying that to be honest, but, I would say that the price paid was too high. I doubt the sharty really makes any money so to pay any amount for it is kind of crazy to me.

Have you played [[Five Nights at Cobson's|Five Nights at Cobson's? What are your thoughts on it?

Never played it, but it's cool to see a soyjak game seemingly poised for a steam release.

Do you find out when something the sharty does goes viral (such as soygate, goongate, Operation 9/11, etc) or are you completely out of touch with site happenings?

I'd say I'm pretty out of touch. Never heard of those examples.

Whats your favorite site happening that occured during your adminship?

I don't really know. I think my personal favorite was participating in zoom raids or jakbox shit, but not sure.

Whats your favorite site happening since the time you left?

Definitely can't answer that as I don't know of anything.

If you could make one change to the site what would it be?

If you're referring to the sharty, I honestly don't know what I'd change anymore. I don't think one change would begin to do anything. It'd probably be some sort of moderation overhaul, but not sure.

Now that the dust has settled, what do you think about kuz's overall administration over the site? Do you approve or dissaprove of it and what would you have done differently? What about Doll's adminship? Froot's?

I never used the site enough to really comment.

Are you still a doordash delivery driver, Bruh21?

I never was, that wasnt me lol

Are you impressed by the sharty's very high pph rate?

It is impressive to see how popular the sharty is

Is there anything you wish you could have done differently during your adminship?

I think I would have been more careful with how I added boards and named them. I kind of ended up with a lot of dead weight that I was afraid to get rid of.

What are your thoughts on the third and fourth soyvil wars? What about the first and second ones?

To be honest, I can't really remember much from any of them. I do still kind of have a grudge against deformed soyjaks though

How has the site's culture evolved since your administration? What is different and what has stayed the same?

there's just a lot of drama and blogposting but i can't say much since i don't use it a lot

What's your favorite GET from /soy/?

the only thing i even remember from GETs at this point was the site just freezing up when everyone was spamming

What do you think the site will look like in 2, 5, 10 years from now?

I imagine the sharty will probably get sold multiple times in the future. It's hard to make any specific predictions at this point

what's your favorite musical artists?

The Symposium

soot did kuz force you to sell of the sharty?

Nope, it was my own decision

Ever been depressed


what do you think of ongezellig?


what do you think of averi?

dont even know what that is

what do you think of mlp




soot i know you may not answer this question but i really wanna know of kuz ever forced you to sell off the site (due to some posts you had made in anger) or did you suspect that kolyma was behind the 'p spam?

maybe he was behind the spam, but i dont think i was "forced". i just was really at a point in life where i felt like i didn't have enough time to dedicate to the sharty anymore.

any life advice?

i think i'd need some as well

>asked it again award

What would you do if you had control of 4chan. Not the Sharty, 4chan.

bring back /qa/, purge the mods, destroy tranime, etc

hi soot

i talked with you over mail

don't really have anything to ask, just hope your day is going well and not having to deal with the shitty treats you good

thats all, thanks

thank you

nobody knows who you are or cares, fuck off namefag

nice filename (it was soyjak 20 (neutral face).png)


Were you actually doing the sharty QnA?

We thought it was froot playing pretend

it was me

How do you feel about the state of the booru and wiki? Did you ever expect they would become as popular as the sharty itself or did you think they would die off?

I kind of wasn't thinking too much when I made them. I just wanted to make them before anyone else did just in case soyjaks became super popular. I expected them to be somewhat less popular than the main site but never dead, at least as long as the sharty existed

Whats your favorite soyjak variant that was created after you left?

I really don't know. A lot of newer variants don't have the same feeling to them

Ever think about getting involved with site moderation ever since kuz left?

Sometimes, but it really just seems a bit intimidating every time i consider it. it feels like i've forgotten a lot about the site and how it feels to moderate anything

What do you think about the jarty?

I hadn't really heard much of it until the last q&a i did on the sharty. seems like it's kind of dying.

What's the WORST thing you've ever seen on the sharty?

it's hard to pick anything in particular given the wide variety of illegal things i've had to delete

Are you still studying biology?


What do you think of many of the recent admins being aliases of Kuz? Is most of the admins page just a LARP?

not sure

What do you think of boards other than /soy/, like /qa/, /raid/ or /caca/? Do they have unique cultures of their own?

i dont think the site was big enough to give boards their own identities aside from the overall site one. it was more of a way to categorize posts.

Similarly, what do you think of the new splinters that have formed? Are they flash in the pans or do they have potential?

i think splinters can have potential. the sharty has enough users, so making a splinter site is feasible.

Whats your favorite sharty related mystery? Mysteries of Soy Culture, Iceberg Chart

dunno, but bmt was definitely something kind of random

What is something you love and something you hate about modern sharty?

i do love that there are a lot of users and that the site is always active, but the quality of moderation is always a concern.

Do you have plans for Are you just using it as a “I am soot” repository instead of xwitter or similar?

For now, it's just a way of confirming i'm still here. If I were ever to do anything, it probably wouldn't be under that domain. i do own a number of soy-related domains that i might use in the future.

do you think spadeson posters are coaly


Soot, thoughts on this image?

still stand by what i said

sootykins have you got any life advice and do you have any advice on how to run or get into running websites

i feel like everything i've accomplished has been completely based on circumstance and little else. i can't really give you any advice i feel confident in.

What do you think about Pokemon?

never been a fan

soot give me financial advice

im not a financial advisor doe

Soot, what was your favorite month of being admin, From september 2020-july 2022, which one was your favorite?

i feel like it probably was the first month. i just remember being so excited that there were real people posting with me, people who thought that the site could really be something. it was a really special feeling

soor was this really signed by you? I don't want fakers. (refeiring to an image of a blue soyjak signed by soot himself)

it's real

Do you think Sharty can change the internet?

you already see more soyjaks than you used to. i don't think anything too crazy will happen, but soy memes are definitely already an example of some amount of change, however small it is

Soot, answer honestly…

Nine Inch Nails, Korn, or Limp Bizkit? If none of them, then what do you like?

i don't know how to answer this

How reachable are you? Is it possible to just poke you in email and shoot the shit or something mire secluded?

you can email me and i'll probably respond eventually. doesn't really have to be about anything in particular

How much developer experience do you know? How tf did you even get anything done to Vichan?

I am not a developer at all. Anything I did on the sharty was pretty much just trial and error or random help from others.

sooby soob am i a good little buddy



How do you feel about your website inspiring an actual sharty shooter? This chud shouted us out in his manifesto.

You got blood on your hands.

seems kind of fake

Also how were you hosting it, seeing as Froot is using ‘Leno’s garage equipment (to the chagrin of ‘Leno according to rumors)

Since it’s now not yours I assume it wouldn’t be an opsec fail to talk about the backend of the Sharty

I just used various cheap VPS services. My longest-running host was probably as they never took me down. Once the DDoS attacks started, I just used cloudflare and would force captcha if it got bad.

soot thoughts on walkability in cities?

soy topic

Soot did u actually do that QnA on the sharty or was it a poser?

On sharty you seemed hella robotic

here you have that classic sootiness to you

it was me but i had just woke up and had a bit of brain fog. i was getting kind of frustrated answering what felt like the same questions over and over

Also soot what do you think of the clusterfuck of admin drama? Retarded or entertaining?

drama always feels retarded

>Why did you accept another q&a on here?

>What is your opinion on Sharty splinters in general?

>>Why did you accept another q&a on here?

Someone asked politely

>>What is your opinion on Sharty splinters in general?

i don't see anything bad about having splinters. it's good to have an option other than the main site. not commenting on the actual splinters themselves here, by the way

soot, how are you doing with your girlfriend?

it's a really long story and the short answer is that i'm not sure anymore

>grudge against deformed soyjaks

interesting, don't tell me you were one of the norwegian muslim larpers doing jihad against sw*Dish scum and deformed poggers jaks

no, i just remember a lot of deformed spammers and colorcoalers flooding the catalog and it was a bit annoying at times

soot, do you think that 'jakking is best done when its making fun of people?

do you also think that meme arrows are necessary to make a good jak, or is it unnecessary?

i think making fun of people is the core use of jaks. it's not necessary to soyquote someone just to make it a good post doe


Hi! :)


Thoughts on sidson, soot?

i'm not familiar with sidson

u have a good taste in music btw that artist u said is good


Soot are you going to sue Svvt for copyright infringement of your name?

i'll let it slide this once


do you got adhd like me?


Soot how was your day

uneventful. i went on a walk earlier and that's it

soooot, if you were offered ownership (or at least adminship) of a soyjak website, would you take it?

it depends on which one, but i'm still not confident in my ability to maintain decent moderation given my other obligations in life

soot is our custom text themes gemmy?

those are pretty cool. i had a lot of people asking for features like that on the sharty but i could never really figure that shit out

how do you feel about MLG?

how do you feel about your unusual deification among newGODs (sorta like moot on a small scale)?

How do you feel about giga's?

Are you a vaxchad? i know you're training to be an M.D and i wonder if as a soyposter (generally anti-vax) you changed your mind about the covid vax?

thanks if you answer, king

>how do you feel about MLG?

not sure what you're referring to

>how do you feel about your unusual deification among newGODs (sorta like moot on a small scale)?

it's kind of cool. i'm not sure how prevalent it really is

>How do you feel about giga's?

if you're referring to the gigachad meme, i think it's alright but not soyjak-tier for me

>Are you a vaxchad? i know you're training to be an M.D and i wonder if as a soyposter (generally anti-vax) you changed your mind about the covid vax?


Soot what brought you here

an email

do you consider yourself pessimistic, optimistic, or something else?

i'd say i'm pretty pessimistic in most aspects

Are you willing to ‘ox yourself on the other soy domains you have?

obviously i still have and i also still have and i have and

Thoughts on the Ohio meme and other zoomer brain rot

i think they can be funny just because they make people so pissed off sometimes

Did lolkek ever have admin

i geniuinely can't remember at this point.

soot what do you think of this shitty guide some reddit tranny made

it's funny that someone was seething enough to make that

Hi sooty soot

I joined the sharty somewhere around the middle of the last year and it's kinda funny to see you here since to me personally you've always been some kind of legendary demigod.

>or something

It has been so much fun thank you for creating a land for our autistic minds.


Whatcha think of Angeleno, seeing as he orchestrated the q&a last time

not sure. i try to be neutral these days

do you remember "ozzy"?

i don't think so

soooot whats your favorite variant

answering this question will only lead to controversy

I have several questions:

1. what do you think of this site compared to the modern-day sharty?

this site seems a bit more comfy

2. how old were you when you decided to create the farty?


3. what was the last good soyjak variant?

dunno. i want to say nojak but that was kind of forced

4. what do you think of Soyjak Party Video Archive and him bringing a lot of people to the 'party?

he always seemed kind of weird. didn't he remove references to at one point? that kind of made me dislike him a bit

5. what happened with your girlfriend? has she found out about the sparty? if so how did it affect your relationship?

it's a long story. she definitely has no idea about the sharty, at least

6. what do you think of Froot and his moderation?

i honestly don't use the site enough to comment

7. how high is your testosterone

i don't know exactly. never had it tested

8. what are your thoughts on the sharty's /raid/ becoming a poor man's personal army for doxxing random faggots?

that is all

i guess /raid/ was kind of supposed to just be a poor man's personal army. it wasn't really supposed to be for doxing specifically but i guess it isn't surprising that it would come down to that

Thoughts on maskposting

in my time away from the sharty and imageboards as a whole, i honestly forgot that movie and meme existed

Soot, since you are already mod, I was wondering if you'd like to remain a staff member here?

Your role is just a little higher than mod, so If you'd like to stay, just lmk rn

i guess if the account already exists, i see no harm in it. i'd be happy to stay aboard, although i can't make any promises about being active

HOLY SHIT GUYS, when i refreshed i just saw soot but it got insta 'nished, i think hes getting flagged for spam


Anyways, I've got to go now. Hope I answered everything

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