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Sootbaiting smells like bait.

Sootbaiting refers to a legendary art form and baiting activity that consisted of getting a rise out of former sharty owner Soot, who was known, at times, to display a short temper. Sootbaiting was accomplished by obvious samefagging, spamming, demoralisation-coaling, shitting up his Q&A threads with meaningless requests, and accusing him of exploiting/datamining his users (a charge to which he was very sensitive). Screenshots of successful sootbaiting attempts (with samefag (You)s included) are routinely shared on the sharty as highly-valued art pieces,[1] considering only about a half-dozen are known to exist. However, the activity itself became a lost art after Soot's departure.

Baiting other admins

It has been theorized that the new usurpers could fall for bait, but success is unlikely due to the accessibility of this page.


It's been tried, but he doesn't take the bait.


To be researched: Another source for Doll getting baited outside of the old dead 'chive. Can (You) help us?

Haha, that's the last time I'll ever do it little buddy. It felt good to do.

Has done so before, but vowed never to take the bait again.[2]


He takes bait well and has deliberately said that he wants to be like soot.


Seems to work! any nitpicking of his musical tastes is sure to make him furious and be a gem mine. He also hates muslims so much that being a Muslim is enough to trigger him. Froot is also a gambling addict so make sure to bully him on that 'teens! Also, insult fnacoal and enjoy the tantrum.


If you make threads on /soy/ complaining about jannies he will come to post an angry reply and then delete your thread, most times in that order. Root is known to take the bait if you post some demoralisation coal on /q/.

Nu-Dev Baiting??????

You can troll the developer that replaced Angeleno by accusing his identity of being various things. Thus far he has been theorized to be Codefag, Soot, Angeleno, Boot, and Moot (what the fuck?), DOE more may be rumor'd. Also accuse him of being incompetent at coding / missing some obvious method to fix the site

Sootbait gallery

Other admin baiting gallery