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Soy-096 (Patient)

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Soy-096 was a patient at the Mental Asylum.

Patient File

Asylum Patient
ID: 096
Name: ???
Threat level: Dangerous But Not Sentient
Filed: 2020-11-25
By: Dr. Soyowad

Soy Patient File: Soy-096
Threat Level: Dangerous But Not Sentient
Description: Soy-096 is a large humanoid creature that stands 2 meters tall, is extremely underweight, showing protruding bones and a ribcage, has no pupils and seems to be blind, long arms that extend far beyond it's torso, and razor sharp claws
Soy-096's jaw can open up to several feet in diameter, it is filled with several rows of rotten razor sharp teeth, dried blood can be found on them, Soy-096 paces in it's cell crying and staring at a wall, laser detection software was implemented into it's chamber, Soy-096's main threat is that upon anyone seeing it's face, it will start crying and screaming in anger, babbling in a inhuman languange, then it will find who ever looked at it's face and will kill them, devour their body and remove any trace of their remains, Soy-096 is extremely strong, bending steel with it's bare hands even though at the level of malnutrition that would result into little or any strength, Soy-096 is able to do anything to get to it's victim, even looking at a picture or video of the soy-096 will result in soy-096 getting enraged and finding the person and killing them, drawings and blurred photographs do not result in this activation, Soy-096 was recovered from a mountain top in January 1993, The Creature was wandering covering it's face and crying, the recovery team's only survivor gave this interview

CAP: so anyways we got there, Team Soy-Bravo was supposed to get there before us, but they were late
DOC: Huh Huh
CAP: Well we go to get the freak, and then i got a call, that propablly saved me as the thing turned it's face and my entire team saw it, they pumped over a thousand rounds into the fucker, but it still didn't die, it attacked Soyshon and ripped off his leg, then began to attack everyone else, our SOY-T-T gunner placed over 300 hundred rounds into it's head, the creature was missing most of it's skin and muscle, revealing bone but it still was murdering my team members, finally Bravo got there but most of my team were dead, Bravo wrapped a bag around it's face and it just sat down,
DOC: one of our artists compilied a sketch, would you like to see it
CAP: after hearing that things screams, i don't want to put a face to it[1]