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/soy/ imageboard
FoundedSeptember 20th, 2020; 3 years ago
Total Posts6,000,000+
Emblem of /soy/

/soy/ is's Soyjak board and internet coal machine. /soy/ is the main and most active board on the party and is home to gems, 'jaks, coal, memes, raids, schizos, kids and adolescents who shouldn't have internet access, conspiracy theories, extremists, anarchists, hackers, aliens, 4cuck tourists, AI robots, federal agents, and an endless amount of trolling and infinite bait victims.

/soy/ has a reputation for being a somewhat chaotic comfy board, where spamming, shitposting, and trolling threads are common activity.

Despite all the meme posts, regular random discussions and blogposts are common. It is quite a fast board, and although it's post per hour rate can be unstable at times, it usually has an average post per day rate of ~10,000-15,000, making it around as active as 4chan's /r9k/ and /lgbt/ boards, or kohlchan's /int/ for comparison.[1]


  1. Read the motherfucking rules, please [2]
  2. I hate to say it, but lurk a teeny bit before posting
  3. Learn sharty culture whilst you're still on the wiki
  4. Learn how to soyquote
  5. Only sage if you have to Sage whatever posts you don't like
  6. Dont bother going on the booru, get your jaks from the sharty and no other site
  7. Desu doesnt exist, its SUDE
  8. Cobson will always be a gem
  9. The 'p spam will subside. <--- old 'TOSS albeit as 'p hasnt been spammed on the sharty for MONTHS, and its very rare that you'll ever see it as the jannies mop it up quicker i can blink
  10. Have fun chud

is /soy/ racist?

Its a fucking soy woahjack website calm down. Maybe, casual racism is ingrained in the sites culture, despite all the users being black.

Gallery of /soy/lent


  2. Banment evading isnt written on rules.html, but it is a permanent ban if you wish to evade

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