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Are you sure that it's just getting started? Because my peer-reviewed studies indicate that IT'S OVER.

/soy/ thread №4743217 (archive) is WAS declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO[it just is, ok?] and is WAS a glistening and gilded gemerald of a thread that WILL SHOULD HAVE BEEN be protected at all costs. To do so, you should It's all your fault because you didn't bump it every 4-6 hours. (If opening the thread gives your device trouble, then click the [Last 50 Posts] button.)

As of December 15th, 2023, it is was best known for being on /soy/ for over three months, which even after its deletion is massively impressive considering the lifetime of the majority of threads created on the rest of the board. It has currently survived:

  • Multiple incidents of soulless botted muttspam making attempts on its life
  • Worthless blogposts failing to drown it out
  • Multiple coordinated offsiter attempts to catty wipe it out of existence
  • Wojakspam flooding the catty more than once IN THE SAME DAY
  • Jumbled "Yo mama" joke spam that made the website effectively read-only for a good amount of time
  • Multiple instances of scrambled anti-Jewish yet pro-Trump spamming AND catty wiping that made the website effectively read-only AGAIN AND FOR OVER AN HOUR, YES, IT WAS THAT FUCKING BAD
A screenshot of the thread.
The image from the subject of the thread, in all of its animated PicMix glory.
A screenshot of the attempted wojak catty wipe.
A screenshot of the contradictory (and unfortunately massively successful) anti-Jew but pro-Trump spam.

The Contents of the Thread

The thread reads read in bigtext, "NIGGA I'M SURFING TO PAGE 40!" and contains contained a gif of a Feraljak-faced squirrel riding a jetski on a body of water. Countless replies (the most recent of which being necrobumps to keep the thread alive) have been were posted in response to this gem of a thread even THOUGH the same thread was posted weeks before, but 'teens weren't as committed to letting that one live. YOU WILL NOT INVESTIGATE FURTHER.

Cultural Significance

This thread is culturally significant due to its incredibly resilient nature, as it has survived multiple attempted catty wipes and botted necrobumps. It is was the longest-lasting non-sticky thread on /soy/ that has existed since quite possibly Soot or Kuz era.[because it seems that way, okay?] Its prolonged life owes owed to the anti-catty wipe measures that were implemented not long before its inception and 'teens taking time that took time out of their day to bump it repeatedly.

To be researched: Find what the previous longest-lasting thread on /soy/ was. Can (You) help us?

The Prophecy

It is rumored that once this thread receives its final bumo and it finally surfs past page 40, the website will go down forever.[it just is, ok?]

WITH THE PASSING OF THIS THREAD, THE DEATH OF THE SITE IS NEAR. PROCEED WITH CAUTION. < (even though the site is thriving with the thread gone since the catty actually works now)

In February of 2024, the thread was commemorated in one of the banners. The banner featured the thread's gif and text, reading "NIGGA I'M STILL SURFING TO PAGE 40!"