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This booru no longer exists.
Go to SoyBooru to see the page for our current 'ru.

FoundationSeptember 20th, 2020
Major Boards/post/
Total posts4,000+ †
SoyBooru's menu screen

SoyBooru was an imageboard dedicated to soyjak images hosted on Over 3900 soyjaks were uploaded there before its deletion.

SoyBooru was recognized as a good if somewhat flawed source for soyjaks, and was recommended in a pinned post on the /soy/ board of [1] Note that using Booru filenames, especially as part of a Soy Duel, may result in you getting called out for having sourced 'jaks from the Booru instead of using organically-collected 'jaks from your soy collection.


SoyBooru's moderation situation depicted with a 'jak.
SoyBooru's moderation situation depicted with a 'jak.

Unfortunately, SoyBooru was a frequent victim of spam and coal attacks due to its inactive moderator/owner, former Soyjak Wiki moderator Syjck. Many Chuds expressed their frustration on the 'party about both this issue and the fact that many images were untagged or insufficiently tagged, some suggesting that Soot make an official Booru. [2] Soot stated his intention to reach out to Syjck, (possibly to take over SoyBooru) but whether he ever did this and, if so, whether Syjck responded, is currently unknown. [3]

SoyBooru's posts screen


On August 25th 2021 SoyBooru was deleted after user Soyak requested ownership of the Booru on its forum section due to the inactive moderation and consequent spam. [4] After the forum post went unnoticed, he then emailed staff at the suggestion of another Chud. Unfortunately this brought the issue to the attention of admin "Mr K.", who promptly deleted the entire Booru and, with it, over a year of hard work and 'jak history from many dedicated archivists, because of about a dozen pornographic images and fewer than ten low-resolution gore images, which were, as he put it, "too much to reasonably remove". [5] About seven hundred 'jaks were turned into lost media soyjaks, although a Chud was able to upload an incomplete archive of SoyBooru's images to [6] Printed below is the entirety of Soyak and Mr K's brief email correspondence.


I would like to request ownership for since the current admin is inactive and the booru is filled with real life pornography spam

I would like to delete pornography, and I already made a thread requesting ownership a week ago and I didn't recieve [sic] response (here is the thread

Also regarding the first reply on the thread, that person though that I would actually support the spam on the site (he refers to it as coal) but this isn't the case at all, I will delete all the spam the breaks ToS

Thanks in advance.

Mr K:


The site is removed I'm afraid, I found real life porn, beheadings [soynote: this latter item probably refers to images made by Norwegians during the Soyvil War] and other prohibited toxic content in violation of our terms of service, too much to reasonably remove, you can remake the booru if you like, but if it turns up tos infringing content like that again we will delete it once again.

Best Regards.

Mr K.



Main article: SoyBooru

On August 18 2021, a Chud posted a thread on's /soy/ board requesting that someone "bite the bullet and make a new 'ru". [7] The next day, someone replied that he had made a private 'jak booru for personal use and offered to make it public. [8] After receiving two positive responses that same day, he posted the Tor link for the site four days later. Later that day, he posted a clearnet link to the site: A week later, OnionsBooru received official recognition as SoyBooru's successor in an official pinned post on /soy/. [9]