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Soy Cabal

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Soyboys from the Cabal

The Soy Cabal is an international secret organization of soy boys with the aim of maintaining, spreading and hiding their existence using methods such as mass astroturfing and crypto-brainwashing. The Cabal aims to normalize soy behaviour so that World citizens would find it imperceptible. As of 2023, only a select few individuals are able to recognize soy boys (Scientists believe "soy-knowing" is achieved after a series of certain intellectual discoveries, however they have not been able to determine exactly which ones, so They can't censor them; several studies have also determined a correlation between soy-knowing and Chadism).

The Soy Cabal is deeply involved with the psychiatric industry (many psychiatrists are soyboys), and they have collaborated to invent mental illnesses such as schizophrenia with which they diagnose soy-knowers to discredit them in the eyes of the non-knowing masses, and thus prevent the truth from spreading. They gaslight soy-knowers and have assassinated particularly dangerous individuals in the past. Soy-knowers try to counteract by calling out soyboys, often by using soyjaks and soyquoting online, where they can have a degree of anonymity: this way they hope to redpill people who are closer to soy-knowing, as well as to mock and confront soyboys.

While the Soy Cabal is quite powerful, it is directly subordinate to and takes orders from several other more powerful entities.

2021 e-mail leak

In 2021, emails were leaked in underground soy-knower circles that confirm deep ties and financing between the Soy Cabal and Soylent Nutrition, Inc.