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Soy Contain Protect

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Soy Contain Protect, best known as Subvert Corrupt Pozz is a secretive program which captures soyjaks and soy-related objects (SROs) which are a danger to soyciety as a whole. It classifies soyjaks and SROs by threat, such as harmless to extremely threatening. Many soyjaks under the Soy Contain Protect program were held in the asylum, cared for and guarded by a specialised staff of doctors, researchers, military personnel and some civil commitments. Soy Contain Protect is a highly secretive agency, hence why all soyjaks or SROs in its custody are kept in specialised wings of the asylum based upon their needs and properties, with more dangerous SROs or soyjaks being held deep underground or being kept off-site in secure locations.

For a full list of Soy Contain Protect subjects documented on the wiki, see Category:SOY.C.Ps. Anyhow, here’s a list of some SCPs that aren’t well-documented enough so far to have pages of their own:


Item #: SCP-696969

Object class: Euclid

Description: SCP-696969 is a demiqueer nonbinary otherkin zoophile who was assigned male at birth. His pronouns are gir/zim. Gir has psychic abilities, allowing zim to read the minds of nearby people. Gir will scan everyone's minds searching for racist, xenophobic, sexist, antisemitic, homophobic, transphobic, zoophobic, pedophobic, or otherwise hateful thoughts. Once gir has found a bigoted person, gir will stalk him. Once the person is in an isolated location, SCP-696969 will descend upon him and remove his genitalia with zims powerful suction lips. Gir will them process the genitalia within a special organ within girself. This organ transforms the genitalia into the shape of a dig penis. SCP-696969 will then attach the new sex organ to zims victim's forehead. As soon as it is attached, it will transform the victim (now SCP-696969-1) into a latex anthropomorphic animal through an unknown process. The victim will have his mind mostly erased and will go home with the urge to make a Turdlr or Deviantshart account.

Containment procedures: President Michael Obama has ordered that this SCP be left alone to do zims patriotic work. The SCP foundation is glad to cooperate with Michelle (Michael) Obama as it completely agrees with him. SCP-696969-1s, however, are to be transported to a special facility in Tel-Aviv where they will be used in jew-funded pornographic films.

SCP: 4148-%

SCP: 4148-%

Class: Safe

SCP 4148-% is a disgusting troon wearing a "protect trans kids" badge, dressed in his putrid flag-themed clothes, pus and shit-ridden pants as well as a fake anime girl wig. His day cycle relies mostly on browsing Trooncord, Shitter, dilating, drinking Starcucks, as well as trying to annoy chuds on altchans. Sometimes the troon cries and vents in /lgbt/ on 4cuck on how he has gender dysphoria and how the pills aren't helping. This SCP is known to paralyze young males and manipulate them into thinking they are women, resulting in illogical fantasies as well as life standards the troon believes to be normal. After a maximum of 5 weeks, the SCP will successfully end its own life and begin to search for a new host. Caution is advised when the troon ropes himself.

SCP #5786

>SCP #5786 "Rapeson" "HWABASS4BBC"

>Object Class: Keter

>Special Containment procedures: A room resembling the SCP's former childhood bedroom, complete with a personal computer and a multitude of threads on the anonymous image board 4chan's subboard "/gif/" mentioning the term "blacked" maintained at ALL times.

>Description; SCP 5786 resembles a humanoid male standing 6'0 adorned with glasses and an unkept beard, with black spade markings donning his entire body. He possesses a fetishistic affinity for males with the R1H1 "warrior" haplogroup. Originally, the anomalous affects of this SCP were reported in a remote area of the Siberian wilderness occurring to a coal miner by the name of Jacobson Yemestalya (It is important to note that any memory of him was wiped in the local populace, an event now recalled to as the "Meds Now" Contingency). Jacobson started disjointedly yelling incoherently about how he will make the "chuds" "suck that BBC though" (the message he was trying to convey is still being debated among our chief cryptographers and translators of the Russian dialect) before he was translated to the nearest SCP facility for further testing. Prolonged exposure by any non-contaminated individual with SCP-5786 in his containment facility will evoke a compulsory reaction from the individual, with such phrases as "die nigger lover" (a reaction our scientists are now calling "chuddery".) These phrases cause a metamorphosis to SCP-5786, resulting in SCP 5786-1, "Rapeson." SCP-5786 grows considerably taller, on average about 3 feet in length, his appendages grow out to be more robust, far-reaching and strong, now resembling the average gorilla, except for his penis, which has now grown to about 3 feet in length. SCP 5786-1 will then proceed in violating the individual for as long as possible before causing the rupture of organs, resulting in death. Visitation and testing of SCP 5786 now needs direct approval of Kuz himself before any kind of progress can be made.



>Object Class: Euclid

>Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6643 is to be kept in a 25x25 meter housing constructed of fully opaque material in Anomalous Wing θ of Site [REDACTED]. Males are strictly forbidden from entering SCP-6643's containment cell or Anomalous Wing θ unless approved by onsite administrators.

>Description: SCP-6643 is a humanoid creature that resembles a Caucasian woman of average height, with an elongated mouth that has been measured as stretching up to 30 centimeters. SCP-6643 wears what appears be green-colored clothing and headwear, as well as mint-colored hair that appears to be chemically dyed through unknown means.

>SCP-6643 is known to occasionally speak in English with SCP personnel, however, other utterances and unknown morphemes have been observed. SCP-6643 often interjects standard concourse with words that share no etymology with any known language, with some of the more-common interjections sounding similar to "moiyd" and "chudcell". Personnel conversing with SCP-6643 have insofar been unsuccessful in persuading SCP-6643 to explain what these utterances mean, with SCP-6643 refusing to explain and insulting them if they continue to ask about these words.

>SCP-6643 has requested for the following items to be delivered to its cell: food (approved), water (approved), the newest book of the [REDACTED] series (approved), an Apple laptop (approved, but with networking capabilities disabled and wireless card removed by site administrator), access to internet (denied), a smartphone (denied), and permission to access [URL REDACTED] (strictly forbidden, SCP-6643 denounced the all-female staff present as "[EXPLICITIVE] moiyds" and refused communication after sobbing alone for [REDACTED] hours). Any requests by SCP-6643 must first be approved by Dr. [REDACTED] or the wing administrator.

>Upon looking at any living males in the vicinity, SCP-6643 [DATA REDACTED]. This causes SCP-6643 extreme distress, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The male [DATA EXPUNGED], extreme sexist language and slur use, and [DATA REDACTED] (see Incident Log 6643-C).

>"Jesus, who put this bitch as a Safe object? I know it was just a D-Class, but imagine if that "chud sell" was someone like Mr. Gavlin or, God forbid, [REDACTED]

> - Dr. Mason


>SCP-2691 "New 'Toss"

>Object class: Euclid

>Special containment procedures: SCP-2691 is to be held in a standard containment cell and held on a wooden pedestal. If any "'toss" is created, immediate observation and archiving of SCP-2691's contents is required by a D-class subject.

>Description: SCP-2691 is a comic strip that credits an individual or organization named "Stonetoss" as its creator.

>Whenever a mineral is launched at a high velocity on Earth, be it something as small as a pebble being kicked to something as large as a meteor strike, the appearance of SCP-2691 shifts, displaying a political comic of random alignment. This event is hereby titled a "'toss". When one of these comics are viewed, the observer will become a radical member of whichever political viewpoint the comic seems to favor.

>If an observer is unable to find meaning in the comic, he will undergo a transformation process. From this point on, the observer becomes SCP-2691-1; SCP-2691-1 grows or shrinks to the exact height of 6'0, his skin tone becomes yellow, and he becomes significantly overweight. SCP-2691-1 will then desperately call out to an individual named "Marge" to explain the comic to them. When questioned on the identity of Marge, they all respond claiming Marge to be their wife.


>SCP-8895 "Bot Net"


>Special Containment Procedures

SCP-8895 is to be kept locked in a Faraday cage within Anomalous Housing Chamber 6-Y at all times. Personnel are to be stationed outside the containment chamber to prevent unauthorized technology from entering SCP-8895's cell, as they may induce an active state within SCP-8895. Care must be taken to reduce the risk of SCP-8895 entering an active state on the Foundation's intranet or the Internet.


SCP-8895 is a bio-mechanical humanoid that was first discovered by Mobile Unit ████████ on a raid at [REDACTED]. Foundation personnel conducted an investigation on the site and found that SCP-8895 was intended to be an android with exceptional Artificial Intelligence and an ability to instantaneously crack encryption keys of any given network in its range. As of its time in Foundation custody, SCP-8895 appears to be unable to hold rational conversation, as it constantly maintains a toothy grimace and is unable to communicate beyond primitive grunting.

SCP-8895 may enter an active state whenever a wireless access point or an Ethernet port is available within its immediate vicinity. SCP-8895 will then attempt to connect to the network either via the wireless adapter in its head, or via the assorted cables connected to its [REDACTED]. SCP-8895 will then begin cracking the administrator credentials to the network at an incredible rate, with the average time-to-crack against passwords with 20 randomized characters averaging only a mere █ seconds. Once connected to a network, SCP-8895 will begin twitching uncontrollably while sending requests for [REDACTED] over the network. SCP-8895 will connect to proxy servers at an unpredictable rate and begin searching for [REDACTED] while connected to the Internet. If SCP-8895 is connected to intranet or a personal network, all users on the network will receive emails from an unknown author requesting that the user replies to the message with [REDACTED] attached.

Due to the nature of SCP-8895's requests, [REDACTED]. Personnel found asking SCP-8895 for [REDACTED] are to be terminated immediately.


>Item # SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab "baby bot"


>Special Containment Procedures: SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab is to be kept in a 12-12-12m soundproofed steel cube placed underground, placed via a crane through a cut out door at the top, which is to be welded and covered in concrete 5 feet below wing Ϫ of site [REDACTED]

>Description: SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab is an electronic device which has 5inch-5inch-1inch dimensions and has a screen on one of its flat sides, similar to a phone. The device is always powered on, seemingly without an energy source, that displays a crude drawing of a seemingly male humanoid of indeterminable age with pinkish Caucasian skin, bald head, full unkempt beard, glasses, small beady eyes, and a pacifier. SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab has a speaker on one of its sides that blares out random words in a TTS-style voice when activated.

Activation occurs when a subject comes within a five meter radius of SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab, in which the babybot starts sounding off randomized words in the subject's native language. The babybot stops speaking when the subject steps out of the five meter radius. The words spoken by SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab are words that radically change the subject when they speak said words. The nature of SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab means that people with a higher vocabulary of words that are included in most dictionarys are the most affected by SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab, although it can speak basic words such as "milk" or "breakfast" even syntaxical words such as "the" or "though", which means they could be incredibly susceptible to the anomalous effects of SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab, especially if they weren't aware of said effects. If the subject speaks these words aloud, regardless of context(except for homophones, ie whole vs hole), the subject undergoes a radial transformation.

The subject is now referred to as SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab i cant cownt dat hi. SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab i cant cownt dat hi starts to resemble the crude drawing shown on the face of SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab. SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab i cant cownt dat hi instantly grows a beard, regardless of gender, their skintone is changed to the pinkish caucasian color, regardless of ethnicity, their eyes shrink, they undergo instant hair loss, they grow a large pacifier where their mouth was, completely sealing off where their orifice used to be, and their body becomes an amorphous blob, which has been compared to a crude kids' drawing of a human body. SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab i cant cownt dat hi starts to speak random gibberish in the same TTS voice that SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab has been observed to have, becoming noticeably more baby-like and babbling than the vocabulary shown in the baby bot. They often repeat observed phrases such as "soob" "soor" "sooby soob" "dool" and "kooz" like a child calling for their parent.

When SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab i cant cownt dat hi is provoked, they start making baby crying sounds, that were identified to all be stock sound effects. Their skin instantly becomes redder, they start forming tears, and their pacifier disappears instantly, replaced with an angered expression, strangely with 3 sets of teeth, one being in between two other sets of teeth. There are many ways to change SCP-823181248uij3r98uruujbjinbabab i cant cownt dat hi instances back into their original human form, including asdsdofjodfmomoneniuo30923498123jijdn;lkamjkfnasjfn soob