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Soy Duel

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An example of an (inorganic) soy duel

Soy Duelling, also sometimes referred to as a "'jak off"[1] is the culmination of the Soyical Arts and the centre of soy culture.


Essentially, a Soy Duel is a popular competitive event in which two or more posters continuously quote each other with various soyjaks. In competitive Soy Duels, the selection of fitting soyjaks for each specific quote becomes a vital game element, as too does the selection of fitting soyjaks to counter the soyjaks of the opponent. Running out of soyjaks amounts to an instant loss. For this reason, a successful soy duellist needs to invest significant time into honing his craft and building his "deck". Duels may also involve mass quoting, but Janny doesn't like this.

There are many ways for a duel to begin. They may kick off in designated duelling threads in which both opponents agree to duel beforehand, such as in the occasional "Soyduel Sunday" threads that have been known to crop up throughout 2020-2021.[2] Simple misunderstandings have been known to cause short-lived duels,[3] and duels may also start when two soyposters run into each other while attempting to derail the same thread. Most commonly, however, duels escalate from a single 'jaking in which both sides refuse to back down: duellist A makes an unironic post, duellist B soyquotes him, duellist A soyquotes that post... before they know it, both sides may find themselves bogged down in a lengthy duel neither had anticipated.

A changing battlefield characterises long-lived duels. The exceeding of the image limit marks a turning point in any soy duel with the beginning of the sudden-death ASCIIjak stage, in which conventional duellist tactics are turned on their head by the introduction of text-based jaks. Another consideration is hitting the character limit. Soyentists theorise that this is inevitable in any duel due to the accumulation of >'s, but it is only a real problem in mass reply duels and duels with a bulky starting post, in which case they recommend splitting up the post and the soyjak across multiple posts and especially not truncating the post, as such behavior constitutes an immediate fail.


     Main Article: Soy Dueling Manifesto

Some duels have been known to end with one party conceding defeat,[4] though this is exceptionally rare. The ease of finding soyjaks nowadays means that running out of 'jaks is no longer a concern--websites such as soyjak boorus and KnowYourMeme, while wholly looked down upon compared to an organic collection, even allow for duellists to find more ammo mid-duel.

With that being said, there still are some ways to judge who is "winning" and who is "losing" as a duel progresses:

  • Things that indicate winning:
    • High quality soyjaks for the situation
    • Effective quoting and timely replies
    • Getting the last image in before the ASCIIjak stage
  • Things that indicate losing:
    • Soyjaks that do not represent the situation
    • Soyjaks with filenames from knowyourmeme (usually a 3 character alphanumeric sequence) or the booru
    • Failed quotations
    • Replying to the post number/not replying to the post number (depending on the thread)
    • Showing confusion at artificial (You)s
    • Posting Swedish Fails
    • Posting Chudjaks, Troonjaks, Amerimutt, Euromutt etc. when the duel is unrelated
    • Posting NAS
    • Posting speech bubbles
    • Posting thumbnails
    • Trying to convince you that you lost by replying "FAIL"


The game has been praised for its depth and the theorycrafting required from the duelists. [5]


Soydueling has been banned by every webite on the internet except for the sharty. Chuds who are suspected of soydueling WILL be put on a watchlist by the UN. Attempts made to revive soydueling have mostly failed. People who attempt to start soyduels on the sharty are usually responded to with terse, low effort insults indicative of low paid troll farms and leftist shills. This has led many people to suspect that trannies have gained full control of the sharty.[6]


Soydueling at the upcoming Olympic Games

Soydueling IS a real sport in spite of numerous claims from purists, and will make its first Olympic appearance in 2024 for the Paris Olympic Summer Games.