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Soy horror

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Soy horror, also know as slow burn horror, is a sub-genre of horror films characterized by a generally slow pace, suspenseful build-up, character development, focus on atmosphere and a lack of jumpscares and graphic violence. Soy horror films eschew sudden rushes of adrenaline in favor of an escalating feeling of dread, anxiety, uncertainty and disturbance, and often involve mental illness and inner demons as the "real horror", while abjuring paranormal elements.[1] The genre has been recently popularised by American Internet "critics" who allege that these films are "saving cinema".

Since the late 2010s, the soy horror genre has gained a significant following among soy boys, who have praised soy horror films for their intellectual facade and shun jumpscares and slasher films because they're "cheap" and "infantile".[2][3] However, it has been criticized by Chads and 'jakkers.[4]

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