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This page is a gem.

The truth
The soyop is working as intended.

Soygate is a genre of Children's Education orchestrated by the sharty that aims to exploit the predatory YouTube Kids algorithm to spread 'jaks and soyteen values to kids and raise next month's newfags right.

The YouTube Kids app is designed with the sole purpose of trapping toddlers, whose parents would rather have their children be raised by profiteering pajeets and free text-to-speech programs instead of fulfilling their duty and obligation as parents, in an endless content loop. The content that proliferates on YouTube Kids is of extremely poor quality and the actual educational value of the content is dubious at best. The content seems completely devoid of any educational value or passion and is designed to maximize watch time and milk every single drop of dopamine from the toddler's brain in exchange for ad sense shekels.

Since the content on the YouTube kids app is essentially just a low quality shitpost, the 'eens, who are excellent animators, found themselves naturally adept at it and quickly got to work making many channels and gems targeted at the young 'jakkers. Soyjak Children's Educational Videos teach counting to 10 or the colors, with plenty of attention grabbing elements and bright colors thrown in as is standard for the platform.


There has been a flood of soygate videos (just look at them, they're easy to make), but what inspired the effort was when the YouTube channel Soytube Kids uploaded "Learn Numbers and Colors with Feraljak | Educational Soyjak Videos for Children"[1]. The video rose to 3K views quickly, and the channel only had 1/10 of that number in subscribers, suggesting the views came from YouTube Kids' system promoting it, and not 3,000 soyteens checking it out at once[2] (contrasted, for example, Soyjak Party Video Archive whose average video gets as many views as subscribers). Learn Numbers and Colors with Feraljak wasn't the first, but it proved that any soyteen could game the Youtube Kids algorithm. The actual first Elsagate-themed Soyjak-themed video was a parody of Match the Head videos and wasn't even uploaded on YouTube at first.[3]

The soygate movement spanned dozens of threads and several creators, but as the userbase became less active and demoralized during the 'teen cultural sink of March, the movement petered out. After Soytube Kids' posting of his second viral video, "Five Little Chuddies[4]", many teens became worried about sharty culture spreading and being co-opted. Soygate is overall remembered fondly and treated as a success. This video was posted on 4chan's /pol/ and caused an absolute meltdown.[5]

"Learn Numbers and Colors with Feraljak" was picked up by Twitter and Reddit[6][7][8][9][10] for shock value, which signal-boosted it by an amount. "Learn Numbers and Colors with Feraljak" now counts more than 276,000 views. A tranny Youtuber by the name of LuckyGator attempted to cancel the previously mentioned video, but xe was doxxed and sent pizza. Due to this, xe later deleted the video, further cementing Soygate as one of the biggest wins to grace the ‘Sharty.

On March 4, SoyTube released another kids animation. This one received over 320,000 views. SoyTube also released a Deutsch and a Karaoke version of the video.


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