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FoundationJanuary 22nd, 2024
Major Boards/soy/, /qa/, /sgp/, /sss/
Total posts159,000+

”The Gemmy” redirects here. Not to be confused with “Gem,” a term used by Soyteens

Israel rangeban page (updated), also known as the Shemmy, the Garty, the Gemmy, the Shemalie the Shoally, or is a splinter imageboard created on January 22nd, 2024. It serves as an alternative to the Sharty among other splinters. It has a booru and wiki.


  • /sgp/ -
  • /soy/ - Soyjaks
  • /qa/ - Question & Answer
  • /qa2/ - Business Inquiries (Hidden)
  • /int/ - International
  • /mtv/ - Music, TV & Video Games
  • /mm/ - Moon Man
  • /aa/ - African Americans
  • /sss/ - Shit Shemmy Says
  • /archive/ - Archive


After a week of pure brimstone following a week of gems (just like muh an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth), /soy/ discussed creating a potential splinter site called "". Not much was known about the owner of the domain at the time, his intentions, or what he was called at the time, but many soyteens were pleased and made gems in the thread.

the first person to get banned on the shemmy is a jew that got accepted as a janny.
first ban archived
first ever screencap of the domain
Metalbit mentions the site

The Shemmy was introduced by "Svvt" on the 'party's /soy/ board out of dissidence against Froot and the FDL[1], and was almost immediately wordfiltered to The Shemmy is considered the most active splinter and soyjakking imageboard, besides the Sharty itself.

After over a month of unexpected growth, the Shemmy has experienced multiple successful raids on some random altchans, 4chan boards & threads, whiteboards, and even trolling twitch streamers.

Not only that, SPVA decided to upload content from the Shemmy as well as officially endorsing it in his community tab and video descriptions. Doll has made appearances on the site two times before in pseudo Q&As, also serving as a janitor for a brief while, alongside Angeleno at the beginning of the site.

The site has occasionally been used as a bunker during outages that happened during February and March.

Connections to der 'cord

This topic was created by or has connections to Der 'Cord
Don't trust anything you see. Read every revision in the page's history to learn the truth.

There have been multiple controversies on the Shemmy, most importantly accusations of the Shemmy being connected to the 'cord. While some arguments can be made about the validity of this claim, it has been shown that 'cord members are usually kicked off the site the moment they're found out.

Two examples of this are related to staff, one moderator and one janny was publicly found out to be 'cord faggots.[it just is, ok?] Both as of writing are both fired and to be banned if they're caught on the site.


Some have concluded that the site is a harbor for people who were banned on the sharty such as Feralteen, Scar and the Alunya avatarfag. Others claim that discord trannies are the userbase of the site with its less rulecucked ways. Considering this and the removal of its rules against avatarfagging, it's normalized on the Shemmy and is usually an argument against using the site.

Another point that is brought up is that the site itself has no culture and is just a NAS garbage pit, this has some validity though due to the fact that jannies have made it clear they are content with allowing NAS on /soy/. Two major examples of which are frogs and tranime.

Another issue that some 'teens have are with how the site's moderation works, with some saying it's too rulecucked, or way too non-rulecucked.

February 26th Discord Incident

For context, the Shemmy had a developer called "Codefag", recruited sometime in early February. Due to Codefag's laziness, faggotry, and retardation, he decided he'd get somebody to help him develop the site.

On February 26th, a new developer was added to help with development of the site, only being refered to as "CodeCaca" by Codefag. Almost instantly, it turned out to be a fatal mistake, because the new developer turned out to be an Aftertranny gone rogue.

The rogue developer went on to create a thread on the sharty's /soy/ leaking sensitive information such as the Shemmy's Banlist, The Janny List, some threads in /j/, the janny only board, etc. Xhe later wiped the Shemmy's /soy/ with a bot, erasing days of hard work, and necrobumping 30 day old threads.

The other Shemmy developer, Codefag, saw this and went on to create a video of the Shemmy's catalog to prove it wasn't dead. However, xhe forgot to log off off xher mod account and, as a result, the posters' IPs and deletion passwords were shown on the catalog, even leaking xher thread deletion passwords.

After being utterly embarassed, Codefag's last statement was: "its codefag i deleted my user back to being 4chan anon bye y'all"

This, however, was not the end of the situation, as just moments later the site became inaccessible with the home page just being replaced with text that said:



It's unknown if this was Codefag or CodeCaca's doing, although Svvt's words made it seem like Codefag did this.

This led to mass-immigration from the now-shat-up Shemmy back to the Sharty, and, shortly after, to a Shemmy-controlled bunker that was made by Scar. However, this was all short-lived, as the shutdown lasted only 45 minutes before things returned to normal.

This incident showed a few of the issues within the Shemmy, such as the mismanagement, the almost daily drama, da 'cooooord, the lack of the mod team's critical thinking skills and much, much more. It resulted in the site's staff being unwilling to recruit any new jannies.



I'm going to be honest, rulecucking is gay as fuck, but we still need guidelines to not self destruct instantly. -Svvt

  1. You WILL not post any illegal material.
  2. You WILL NOT participate in hostile offsite communities. This includes on, but not limited to: Discord, Telegram, Teamspeak, Skype, Craigslist etc.
  3. You will NOT start low quality political wars. Minor country wars is okay as long as it does not become a tumor.
  4. You will NOT promote pedophilia. This includes posting Soylita/Shoyta
  5. You will NOT attempt to dox literal who's
  6. You WILL eat the bugs
  7. You WILL live in a pod
  8. You WILL own nothing and you WILL be happy

Mod Rules

  1. You WILL NOT reveal that you are a mod outside of /sgp/
  2. You ARE NOT the coal police. If a post does not break the rules, do NOT delete it.
  3. You WILL only ban if the user is repeatedly breaking rules. If the user breaks rules in only one board, tempban them for that board only.


  1. You WILL only post soyjaks, light NAS, shemmy specific culture and other /qa/ culture
  2. Posting pornographic content is OK at the cost of your post being spoilered, but you WILL NOT post gore


  1. All non /soy/ topics belong here. This includes everything that does not break rule 1

Hidden Rules that are not listed on the site

What the average shemmy cytube looks like, EVEN DOE IT'S CLEARLY EDITED
  1. Furry porn is banned (one janny hates it)
  2. /nate/posting is banned (posting unspoilered porn)
  3. Cytube only on Friday. (Hi, Feralteen!)

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