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Schlogy schlog
XenForo forum
FoundedFebruary 29th, 2024; 0 years ago
Total Posts10,000+

Average Shlogteen
Average Shlogteen[1], the Schlog, the Soyrum, the 'rum, The Soy fourm or the 4m[2], is a blog site made on February 29th, 2024 by Broot (It's like froot but with a b for blogging, get it? This is really funny and original).

He made it as an alternative to blogposting on /soy/ or /plier/, but WILL quickly become the sharty's alternative to the 'farms <-- scrap that it's just a normal blog atm, as well as the sharty's dedicated Q/A forum.

There is also a thread for discussing this wiki.

Regarding the Orthodoxy of the site

Almost as soon as the site launched, some ill-intended and defamatory 'teens claimed the Schlog to be just another Splinter to add on the ever-growing list of heterodox or straight up heretical sites to the One True Site[3][4].

However, the site has and will continue to recognize the authority of the Sharty's See, currently occupied by Froot and through apostolic succession handed down by Soot, and of the Soyumvirate under it's commands. The Schlog will remain under the authority of the Sharty's admin, And in communion with the rest of Soydom. Hence, the Shlog is NOT a Splinter, rather a proposition of extension similar to that of the wiki or the booru.

Broot, on the day of the site's creation, emailed Doll about it, and in exchange, Doll accepted to visit the site and make an account. Doll then affirmed that he would personally use it for his q/a and also agreed to help out, on the condition that it continues to run properly and doesn't die out[5].

However, the current inheritor of the chair of St Soot, the aforementionned mango, as stated multiple time not being at ease with the site due to it's built-in name-faggotry and avatar-faggotry, which he dislikes. This led, as Doll stepped down from his position, to remove the [blog] button from the top bar. The Shlog was thus excommunicated until further notice. However, as cardinal Root later stated later, the blog was still "unoficially supported". The Shlog's relationship to the sharty is thus one of ambiguity, with other official parts of Soydom suck as the 'ki and SPVA both adding the Shlog in the list of their official links.

Organisation of the Site


The site, very much like the Sharty itself, is divided into multiple themed boards, where users can create threads and discuss. There are currently three categories of boards :


  • /q/, serves as a board for propositions and problem solving of the site.
  • /chive/, the archive board of the site

The Schlog

  • /you/, supposed to be the site's IAS parallel to /soy/
  • /qa/, the site's NAS board.
  • /AMA/, for q/as
  • /jrn/, a board for 'teens to post journals about their endeavors or activities

The Club


As of March 3rd, the Schlog as 8 rules :

  • Rule 1: You WILL NOT post Gore or NSFW.
  • Rule 2: You WILL NOT post any illegal material.
  • Rule 3: You WILL NOT advertise discord servers, imageboards, crypto, etc
  • Rule 4: You WILL NOT spam
  • Rule 5: You WILL adhere to the general topic or theme of the board you are posting on.Posts that do not pertain to the topic or theme of the board WILL be moved or removed.
  • Rule 6: You WILL use /qa/ to discuss e-celebs.
  • Rule 7: You WILL NOT make multiple accounts or abuse the guest feature to samefag
  • Rule 8: You WILL NOT accuse this site of being a splinter as it's apart of the soysphere and isn't an imageboard.


February 2024

  • February 29: The site is created by Broot. Approximately one hour after the site's creation, feralteen joins and gets immediately banned, thus receiving the first user banned on a sharty's extension award[6].

March 2024

  • March 3: Doll opens his first q/a thread[7]. 'Leno adds a [Blog] button to the sharty's top bar.
  • March 9: Angeleno creates a Q&A thread.[8]
  • March 12: The [Blog] button link gets removed from the Soyjak.Party top bar after a top bar refresh.
  • March 16: /incel/ - internet celebrities was added to The Club
  • March 16: /fit/ was renamed to /self/
  • March 31st: a tranime avatarfag who named himself after Konata, was banned for making 37 alt accounts despite being previously warned not to make alt accounts.
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