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Cause of Death: Mass Botting / Limited Time Event

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User of[1]
The earth, during the final day. Some early signs of botting can be seen.
The earth during the opening of the site. was a pixelplanet-style datamining experiment released to the public on May 9th of 2023, 3:00 PM EST. The original pixel art of the 'arth was an impish soyak ears with the text "SOYJAK.EARTH" above it.

The earth after the first day.
The state of the 'earth at 7pm GMT, May 10th. I made the sonnenrad heart and bmss logo in the void :DDD

It started off pretty broken but jannies fixed it about 10 minutes later. The site as a whole was probably made due to jannies seeing the craze around the PixelPlanet memorial.

The site was, at least temporarily, shut down due to problems with bottings.

Areas of note

  • The void: An area located at the top right corner of the earth. There are both aggressive plans to both expand and fight back the void as well as a project to put an Ohio flag in the middle of it (and TempleOS memorial)
  • The poop void: An area located at the bottom left corner of the earth. Essentially the same as the void but brown paint is used instead.
  • Kagura: Located near the bottom left corner of the earth. The largest piece to be completed as of early May. Was temporarily granted pixel protection from a janny before being griefed after it was revoked. The janny that granted the protection was supposedly fired.
  • Impish soyjak ears centerpiece: Art that was on the 'lanet for the beginning of the event. Was griefed and turned into a void.
  • Large-chested Soylita: Located near the bottom left corner of the earth. Pixel art of soylita edited to have giant tits. Has seen numerous grief and repair attempts.
  • Perro Rabioso: Located near the bottom right corner of the earth. A perro rabioso 'jak drawn holding gems. Elements of the image have been griefed to reflect different ideas. Currently, a drawing of "Flart" cut the upper part of the image in half.
  • Three Flarts: Botted drawings of "Flart". Cobined, these currently take up over 100,000 pixels. The second one cuts two large human-made works in half: An El Perro Rabiso, and a Nikocado Avocado jak. Both have also vaporized numerous smaller creations. Next to the second Flart, there is a third Flart.
  • Kuz and Kolyma flag: Located just under the center. A drawing of kuz holding a heart next to the flag of the Kolyma Network. Had a giant banana in his ear before it was covered by a Flart bot.
  • Orange Rectangle: Located on the right side of the map: A large orange rectangle that has grown over the past 3 days of the event.
  • Italian flag: Located on the right side of the map. Recovered from being both voided and turned into a french flag.
  • Polish flag: Located along the center of the map. Spanned the entire map before being covered by other drawings and spam.

Botting Issues

There have been times in when parts of the canvas were botted. These bots generally use thousands of ips to evade and bypass placement cooldowns. The response times of the mods was often sluggish, and when they managed to ban a wave of bots, they often didn’t even revert the work of the botnet. This sign of weakness almost certainly encouraged the Flart botter to grow ambitious and committed, to the point of targeting the entire canvas.

The main group of bots were used to force Flart, but there were other botted works, probably produced by other, smaller bot nets. Near the end of’s existence, the Flart bot also targeted any pixels users placed, which was the death knell for the project.

Botting was the the coal that killed the ‘arth.

Flart Epidemic

May 12th: A third Flart is being erected. The Flarts are spreading.

The Flarts are spreading

Smaller Canvas

On May 12, after the botting epidemic, it was decided that would, at least temporarily, be shutting down at the end of the day. A smaller canvas was put on for 'teens to use for the remainder of the day. This canvas was quickly botted by the Flart bot, who filled the entire canvas with a giant Flart, before it was replaced with a shirtjak wearing a I ♡ shirt.