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Imageboard website
FoundedSeptember 20th, 2020; 3 years ago
Total Posts8,000,000+
Activity in numbers of's first three years. Notice that the locking of /qa/ only marginally increased the number of posters.
Where it all started


Post No. 3, the earliest known post on[1]

September - The Beginning

  • September 20 - Soot announces the creation of on /qa/.[2]
  • September 21 - Chino-chan gets the first sticky on /soy/.[3] 500 posts.
  • September 22 - Soot adds the /raid/ board.[4] Another sticky on /soy/.[5] 800 posts.
  • September 23 - 1000 posts.
  • September 24 - Soot deletes /g/, and replaces it with /int/.[6] Soot registers the domain[7]
  • September 25 - Cirno thread is sticked to /tv/, OP is publicly banned.[8]
  • September 26 - 2000 posts.
  • September 27 - The default name is changed from "Anonymous" to "Chud". /giga/ is baleeted. The Party raided 4chan's /trash/ board and wiped 3 pages.[9] A thread on /trash/ was made a day prior warning about the raid,[10] but it was still a success anyway, marking the first ever raid conducted by, with many more to come.
  • September 28 - Soot announces[11] The Party raided mlpol, starting a long line of raids against mlpol that lasted for several months. This led to the first large-scale and coordinated spam attack against the party,[12] in which many images of mlp porn and IRL horse porn was spammed on the party's /raid/ board.
  • September 29 - The Party raided the /aco/ board on 4chan, wiping one page worth of threads.[13]

October '20

  • October 1 - Soot deletes /holo/ and /kr/.[14]
  • October 3 - Soot adds /pol/.[15]
  • October 7 - /soy/ surpasses 4000 posts.[16]
Dr. Soyberg
  • October 14 - A Schizo meltdown on /qa/ leaks over to the 'party, resulting in Doctor Soyberg being killed, which starts The Asylum Arc. After making fun of a /qa/ user's schizophrenia during a board wide meltdown,[17] the "snekposter" proceeded to gloat about it on /soy/, causing a massive schizo rampage on both websites. At some point during this, Soyberg went to the thread in an attempt to calm things down (he was spotted earlier on /qa/ doing the same thing),[18] at which either one or many posters attacked him, killed him and "[were] plotting to eat him". Its unknown if his face was ripped off in the thread, or if it was a later addition to the story. The "Confession" makes no mention of it, only saying that he mashed Soyberg "into a mess of soy sauce and tofu." The "Face Ripped Off" tradition is first substantiated by an edit of a Schizo wearing Soybergs Face and clothing, which was posted around Oct 17th, three days after Soybergs death.[19]
  • October 20 - /soy/ surpasses 6000 posts.

November '20

  • November 2 - is announced.[11]
  • November 18 - /soy/ surpasses 20000 posts.[20]
  • November 19 - Soot adds /sneed/.[11]
  • November 29 - /soy/ surpasses 30000 posts.[21]

December '20

Swede is first posted on /soy/
  • December 4 - The Party raided [s4s] on 4chan,[22] making 26 threads and wiping 1 and a half pages.[23] This was the first raid against [s4s] commited by the party.
  • December 7 - The first incarnation of The Dailyjak goes up.[24]
  • December 20 - Impish Soyak Ears makes his debut on /soy/.[25] Contemporary reactions are divided, and tension slowly begins to mount.
  • December 21 - /soy/ surpasses 40000 posts.[26]


January '21

  • January 19 or before - Max file size increased to 550 mb.[27]

February '21

  • February 12 or 13 - /soy/ surpasses 50000 posts.
  • February 18 - Soot likely performed maintenance on the website around 8:00 EST.[28]
  • February 27 - Soot makes a new blogpost titled "The End of /qa/ Soyposting". "IT'S OVER" soyjaks become popular after this due to usage of this image on the blogpost.[29][30]

March '21

Operation Wikisneedia
  • March 1 - The Party raided /mlpol/ again,[31] forcing the admins to implement an hourly thread limit that is still in place to this day.
  • March 3 - Soot adds /webm/.[11] The Party raided desuchan and wiped the whole site,[32] the site admin managed to restore a backup but after few months the site went down. There was actually more seethe from oldfags on /qa/ than on desuchan itself,[33] mostly because desuchan at that point was almost dead and was only kept around for archival and nostalgia purposes.
  • March 10 - Operation Wikisneedia, originally intended to "raid Wikimedia Commons with Creative Commons licensed soyjaks" but also grew to include adding references to Sneed's Feed and Seed in articles.
  • March 12 - The catalog was raided by Annoying Orange fans.[34]
  • March 29 - Soot creates Soyjak Wiki, located at[35]

April '21

Impjak Adventure
  • April 1 - April Fools' Day: A message was added on top of the website that read like the following: Your IP ([Current IP Address]) has been logged by the FBI for browsing the following category: SUSPICIOUS WEBSITE - TERRORISM | For more info see:[36] The link lead to an image of trollface.
  • April 5 - The Impjak Adventure thread is posted,[37] an innovative thread (later two threads) started by a creative chud who invited users to give instructions to its main character, Impjak, on which a critically acclaimed story was and is being developed. This was's first ever adventure thread, starting a trend of excellent interactive storytelling threads from's community. A "Part 2" thread was made at the conclusion of a major story arc, continuing the story where Part 1 ended.
  • April 7 - A sperg wipes half of the catalog with spam.[38]
Stop posting this awful soy
  • April 12 - /soy/ surpasses 70000 posts.[39]
  • April 13 - The Party raided the /interracial/ board on endchan,[40] wiping 8 pages. This raid spawned the "deformed penis" subvariant.
  • April 16 - A poster makes soyjaks with his own shit, to the amazement and horror of all involved.[41]
  • April 16 or 17 - The page count is increased from 10 to 15.
  • April 19 - Soot drops the Matomo analytics software.[30]
  • April 29 - Post No. 77777 causes the tension over Deformed Soyjaks to burst, which sparks the Soyvil War.

May '21

  • May 16 - The 88888 GET on /soy/ was an image of Jacobson, a deformed baby soyjak.[42] It is the next set of quints after 77777, which was a Norwegian win; this post, however, was seen as a Swedish win. This post marked the end of the Soyvil War.

June '21

Captain Coal takes over the site
  • June 2 - /soy/ reaches 100000 posts.
  • June 4 - A Reddit user named Roygbivsloweddown provoked mods into a deleting a shill thread on the r/Markiplier subreddit.[43] He claimed to have made a post to the site and that he got banned, then he attacked information warfare special operatives in the comment section, calling them trolls and dataminers who browsed a website which isn't real. His suspicions of datamining were provoked after he received a ban from Soot, who apparently mistook him for a spammer who was posting Markiplier-related coal.[44]'s ban page shows the user's IP address, which is what alarmed Roy.[45] Soot announces that he has post history of the posters on the site, causing lots of datamining allegations.[46]
  • June 5 - The Party raided the /pnd/ board of 8kun, wiping 4 pages.[47] This was the start of many raids against 8kun.
  • June 8 - An individual named Captain Coal takes over the site.[11] Posts counts are rolled back to June 3.
The Colorjak Crisis
  • June 10 - Operation Bleached Bowl took place during a period of intense colorjak spam (the party is not something you just dump something on).
  • June 13 - The second part of Impjak Adventure reaches its conclusion.[48]
  • June 15 - Soot responds to the issues raised in the soyjak wiki article about him in a thread on the /qa/ board of, after a Chud replied to him with a link to the Soot article.
  • June 18 - The Party raided the /v/ board of 8kun, wiping 8 pages.[49] This was when "8kun honey" soyjaks started appearing in the raids.
  • June 21 - The Party raided the /b/ board on voxpopuli, wiping much of it. The site went down permanently a day later.
  • June 22 - Kuz's very first offer to buy the site.[50][51] The IP address that points to also changed on the same day.[52]
  • June 29 - 123456 GET on /soy/. There are no captures of the post, and it appears to have been deleted shortly after it was posted.[53] The thread inquiring what had happened to the post was swiftly deleted as well. The only known evidence at the time of writing is two screenshots,[54][55] which feature a deformed, colorful, baby Soyjak, a combination of several, highly controversial variants. The picture was captioned with babby. Soot, humbly posting anonymously as Chud ## Admin, explained that the post was deleted due to being posted by "the ban evading spammer that flooded nearly the entirety of /soy/ a few days ago."[56] Before Soot's official explanation (which you WILL believe), conspiracy theories (which you WILL disregard as schizo babble) were floating around:

    The circumstances of this post are suspicious. It was a GET, it was designed to irritate the userbase, and any traces of its existence were deleted. While its intended purpose may remain unclear, it's certain that it was not a natural GET. Potential links with John McAfee's """suicide""", and the ensuing "dead man's switch" operation, should be investigated, given how these two events happened within a few days of each other.

    Users reacted negatively to the reposts of the GET. The general sentiment was summarized in a laconic post as:

    forced boring awful wasted[57]

    In the same thread, the pro-Colorfuljak faction replied with "seethe", "btfo", and "monochrome failers on suicide watch".
Kuz's first offer to buy the site

July '21

  • July 2 - Privacy-friendly javascript captcha is added to the site, schizos accuse it of being a background crypto miner.[58]
  • July 3 - A thread was created on the party's /b/ board by a schizo who forgot to take his meds, talking about the state of[59] OP summarized his case as such: "Let's sum it up. Kolyma-network is a datamining project, not shy to overtake chans and blatantly force admins to sell their projects. Free hosting and technical support is a lure to gather under their control as many chans as possible. For what purpose? At the very least to gather information, the rest is food for thought. These people don't hesitate to lie about their "years" of age by creating pages about themselves on the wiki. Their lies have been proven above and preserved in webarchive, and their sites are nothing more than a cover that they change almost every week. Anon, spread the word, don't let some dataminers from Russia take over your favorite chans![60]" Soot replied, with the kindness and manners befitting an admin: "I never even got a fucking offer, fuck off with your garbage fake schizo spam[61]" The schizo went on to point out a suspicious coincidence: the IP address that the domain points to changed on the same day that post was made. For the full story see Soot#Possible_M&A_by_KolymaNET.
  • July 6 - The Party raided the /fascist/ board on 16chan. One of the natives on there retaliated by wiping much of /raid/ with an animated GIF of a chicken jumping up and down.
  • July 11 - A user named Scatman John edited the Colorfuljaks page on the wiki to add a section on "Operation Bleached Bowl", an unconfirmed conspiracy theory, alleging that the mods intentionally allowed Colorfuljaks to be spammed, while banning his scat posts. This spawned an edit war between Scatman John and his fellow promoters of the Operation Bleached Bowl theory, and User:Sootknowsyourlocation, who dismissed the theory as schizophrenic. At one point, the page was experiencing around 40 edits per hour.
  • July 19 - Soot adds /x/ and /nate/.[11]
  • July 21 - The Party raided the /jp/ board of merorin, wiping all of it.[62]
  • July 23 - Soot announces[11]

August '21

  • August 25 - SoyBooru was deleted after user Soyak requested ownership of the Booru on its forum section due to the inactive moderation and consequent spam.[63] After the forum post went unnoticed, he then emailed staff at the suggestion of another Chud. Unfortunately this brought the issue to the attention of admin "Mr K.", who promptly deleted the entire Booru and, with it, over a year of hard work and 'jak history from many dedicated archivists, because of about a dozen pornographic images and fewer than ten low-resolution gore images, which were, as he put it, "too much to reasonably remove".[64] Around seven hundred 'jaks were turned into lost media soyjaks, although a Chud was able to upload an incomplete archive of SoyBooru's images to[65] However, a new booru had been made public two days prior after the original was spammed.[66]

September '21

  • September 6 - In an impromptu Q&A in a Sootbait thread on /soy/, Soot revealed that OnionsBooru's owner (whose username on the Booru is "lolkekkeklmaolmaolmaoxdhaha") had transferred ownership to him.[67] He further said that the Booru would be moved to his "own domain".[68] On September 7 2021, the Booru was released to the public once again at the link (the old link was made to redirect to the new link) in a pinned post on /soy/.[69] OnionsBooru's former owner, who remained a moderator, changed the "Featured Post" to a CIAjak to commemorate Soot's takeover.[70] It has since been changed to a different 'jak.[71] For the duration of the Booru's time on its old domain, the Featured Post remained the Swedish "first soyjak".[72]
  • September 20 - turns 1 year old.

October '21

  • October 4 - The Party raided 1chan, an old imageboard about trains. A ton of ancient threads were wiped and this generated a massive amount of seethe both from oldfags on 1chan[73] and oldfags on /qa/.[74]

November '21

The Great Soyset
  • November 3 - OPERATION CLEAN STABLE: /lgbt/ was raided by /qa/. 4cuck mods quickly purged and indefinitely locked /qa/ in retaliation. Mass refugees wave to the 'party.
  • November 5 - The Party raided 4chan's /f/ board, the board is used mainly by 2 people and jannies never look at it so it was an instant success.[75]
  • November 21 - David Thoughie releases his debut single to widespread acclaim.[76] The Party stole [s4s]'s 10M GET.[77] This made Swaglord go on one of the biggest janny seetheouts ever documented, permabanning dozens of proxies, even permabanning completely innocent users who didn't even know there was a raid going on.


"Dancing swede"
  • To be researched: Events spanning from July 2021 to July 2022. Can (You) help us?

January '22

Anti-Kuz propaganda during the Second Soyvil War
  • January 15 - The post database is lost after Soot's server provider was hit with CSAM complaints, after a Turkish teenage Discord user named Goth spammed the site with an edited version of the dancing swede video which contained highly illegal and extremely disturbing content. Post counts on /​soy​/ are rolled back more than a month. Even post no. 222222 was given a second chance.
  • January 23 - The Party raided r/inceltear. This resulted in a redditor trying to DDoS "" as well as The Party, however, images previously posted on his reddit account revealed his Instagram name which caused him to be doxed and the Party forced him to write an apology letter.[78]
  • January 25 - Kuz leaked emails between him and soot wherein soot offered to sell the 'party to kuz.[79] However, this thread turned out to be a troll. Soot did actually try to sell the site to kuz,[79] but after things cleared up in his personal life and he changed his mind, with kuz apparently making this thread just for some (You)'s after he knew the deal fell through. The deal was for 600$ in bitcoin in return for ownership of and a backup of the site on the day of the transfer, effectively giving kuz complete control over the site. Kuz later made another thread criticizing soot for being rude to him, soot apologized but said that Kuz's response to the failed deal was "immature".[80] Amongst the leaked emails were multiple emails to soot which soot answered that contained requests for IP's of posters on the 'party, as well as requests for thread deletions for 'legal issues'. Whether soot accepted these requests is unknown.
  • January 26 - /soy/ surpasses 300000 posts.
  • January-February - Due to Soot being busy with university, the 'sharty is hit by a spam wave of illegal material without precedents that even ends spilling over to this very wiki; worse than swearing, worse than calling names. This event is the most likely reason for Soot's eventual selling of the 'arty and is thought by many to be the darkest days of the site.

February '22

The Sharty Crisis of 2022
  • February 4 - A raid on 4chan's /his/ - "History and Humanities" board. 8 and a half pages were wiped from the catalog and the mods had to restore threads from the archives to repopulate the board.[81][82][83]
  • February 21 - A rogue janny, protesting "Lolkek's deletion of the Booru" (which later turned out to be false) deleted many threads (including the sticky[What sticky, though?]) and permabanned some users. Lolkek and another mod responded by banning him and other users who mentioned him, deleting more threads, and posting several obnoxious tranime images. After this happened, Kuz officially decided to declared war on amongst the Kolyma Central Committee at 5:10PM EST time, and later began work on ""[84][85] (Kuz can't into original names), the self-proclaimed successor to the Party, which would be without mods, ReCaptcha, Tor blocks, or CP. Kuz also attempted to ally with various soyjak-related Discord servers. After Soot leaked dms between him and Kuz where he threatened to "ENACT THE PLAN TO DESTROY THE PARTY," many party members went there to mock him. Kuz then leaked their IPs in retaliation, causing more 'jakkers to bombard his website. Kuz subsequently shut the site down, but another user claimed he was responsible for the shutdown, by "exploiting flaws" in the site", but the pro-kuz camp denied this. The soyteen spammed another site using the software, Gurochan, but failed to replicate it, likely proving that it was kuz shutting it down. Kuz also redirected the site to a blogpost he made about health. 'P was spammed on, some speculate by Kuz's own men as a pretext for the war. They also spammed his proxy list and Kuz retaliated with spamming the wiki and flooding /soy/, though almost all the spam involved on both sides was cleaned up in minutes due to the war's public nature.
  • February 26 - After hours of kuz-related spam and severe wiki vandalism, soot and multiple mods finally broke and accused a random user[86] of being kuz.[87] The ensuing chaos marked the singular largest kuz-related sperg out since the 'party began.
  • Febuary-March - Jackbox raids, Pixelplanet and Flockmod are started.

March '22

i'm literally nojak, ama
  • March 2 - Jonathan from the Oreo Review Show (yes, THE nojak) made an AMA thread on /soy/. Initially, he refused to post proof that it is him, later citing that a "message board built around the foundation of anonymity loses its shit that someone won't post concrete proof of their identity" After extensive questioning by soiteens, Nojak posted proof that it was him by screenshotting his channel dashboard. He was not using a trip, so its almost impossible to tell if any of the nojaks are the real deal thoughever. The thread eventually devolved into a brutal soyduel.[88]
  • March 23 - /soy/ surpasses 400000 posts.

April '22

  • April 1 - A temporary wordfilter is added for April Fool's. The following words were filtered: soy = onions (in reference to the word filter on 4chan), gem = coal, sharty = (in reference to the now-deleted 4chan board), bbc = bbcoal, bwc = bwchud, remilia = axe wound (in reference to a tripfag)
  • April 5 - /soy/ surpasses 444444 posts.
  • April 21 - /soy/ surpasses 500000 posts.

May '22

  • May 8 - /soy/ surpasses 555555 posts.

June '22

  • June 20 - All boards on get raided (except /flash/), with /hangout/ getting hit the hardest. This was easy to do because of the extremely slow traffic, as well as the small number of boards. The creator of bStall then proceeded to seethe about it on /raid/.[89]

July '22

Soot's retirement post after The Great Purchase
  • July 14 - /soy/ surpasses 777777 posts.

August '22

  • August 3 - Facebook-style reaction buttons are added. The buttons would input the following: "gem," "coal," "YWNBAW," "KYS," "though," and "KUUUUUUUUUUZ." All boards also change from 40 pages to 10 pages (10 threads per page). Both changes are incredibly unpopular.
  • August 4 - Reaction buttons are removed and /soy/ gets 40 pages again. All other boards remain at 10 pages. Kuz stated in his August 24 livestream that buttons were removed because people were only using the buttons.
  • August 7 - All 14,568 Soot-era bans were forgiven.[11]
  • August 8 - /​incel​/ - Internet Celebrities is added.[11] /soy/ surpasses 888888 posts.
  • August 11 - /soy/ surpasses 900000 posts.
  • August 14 - The Party wiped all but one thread of the /drug/ board[91] on lainchan and steal the GET[92] the one stoner online at the time had a meltdown about it.[93] The archived threads were later manually reverted but the post count remained unchanged.
  • August 16 - Server migration; Soot sells, and Soot's farewell.
  • August 18 - 4chan janny whistleblower "J" starts posting in the Sharty, which greatly reinforced Operation Dilating Troon.[94] The Party raided /his/ for a second time and wiped half the pages.[95]
  • August 21 - Kuz bans all discussion of racebait outside /b/. In addition he bans all discussion of child porn since it only serves to give the spammers attention.[96] A thread on /soy/ is made calling to raid /suggest/[97] but before it can even get underway all threads on /suggest/ are deleted, with the only thread remaining being a paper shredder. /suggest/'s board title is also renamed to "/suggest/ - The Shredder." Making a new post on /suggest/ during this time would cause it to get auto-deleted.[98] A partial backup of threads before the board was wiped can be found here.[99]
  • August 22 - Suggest is unlocked for about an hour. Then it gets deleted and remade as "/suggest/ - suggestions" again, with the post count set back to 0. Jannies then wipe suggest for a third time and remove it from the header. A new announcement is posted stating suggest has been merged with /qa/. After a lengthy Q&A with kuz he agrees to restore the board with the stipulation that all meta discussion must be posted to /suggest/ as stated in rule 9 (which wasn't being enforced.)[100] Also /g/ is reinstated and /x/ is locked.
  • August 24 - Kuz makes an official kolyma discord server to supplement his IRC. Someone posts a picture of his announcement to /soy/ but the thread is deleted. Reactions are mixed, with some chuds calling Kuz a "discord tranny".[101] Chuds also shared a screenshot of the public mod IRC that promptly got deleted and anyone referencing it banned. Chuds/Mods later claimed there were mentions of splinter sites/shilling which was the probable reason for why the threads got deleted.[102] Kuz announces a sudden, impromptu Q&A livestream after a blotter message announces he has returned from vacation.[103] marking the first time Kuz had gone on a live stage since taking over the 'arty. The stream lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes and was streamed to youtube. The transcript is here.
  • August 28 - After a lot of controversy and drama, Kuz removes controversial janny Sobot. Kuz later appears in a thread lamenting the loss of Sobot, and asks for ways to improve the site in various threads throughout the night. Kuz says he plans to take a long vacation from the site after saying in another thread he would be "blacklisting the site from my router" for several months, leaving an unnamed "oldchud" in charge of the site during his absence.
  • August 29 - The bump limit is changed from 24,000 to 500 for comparability with the archive. Posts can also no longer be deleted. Later that day, orangetexting is enabled.
  • August 30 - Preparations for the millionth GET begin as post 990000 is hit early in the morning. Lainchan's 20000 GET is stolen by a `jakker later on in the day, with an epic tranny fail on post #20001. Later that day, the 'arty raids an obcure german imageboard with hilariously bad moderation. 1chan also gets wiped for a third time. Before the day ends, a sign-thread gets posted asking people to write a message to Kuz after having purchased the party one month ago. Lots of gems were mined before the thread turned to coal after hitting 370 posts in 2 hours.[104]
  • August 31 - The millionth GET ends up being UTTP spam brimstone, causing 'teens to protest Kuz to exile them from all of his platforms, which he did.[105]

September '22

  • September 1 - A soyteen accidentally reveals his loli fetish in the drugs thread, leading to a lot of gems being mined.[106] Kuz leaves for Cyprus until December for an unknown reason, putting 3 anonymous mods in charge. Intense speculation on why the Admin of the party is leaving for so long and what exactly hes doing follows.
  • September 2 - A poll is briefly added asking soyteens whether or not the name field should be returned to /soy/. The poll at first overwhelmingly supports returning the name field, but later overwhelmingly opposes it. There were allegations of fraud, so nothing was done.[107]
  • September 3 - /giga/ is unlocked. The Party gets the oldest live thread on 4chan, a /po/ thread about a paper pendulum clock, archived by pushing it to the bump limit and posting new on-topic posts.[108] Hours later, however, mods do everything in their power to restore the thread by restoring it out of order from the archive.[109]
  • September 6 - Mods stop moderating the party due to a small but vocal minority complaining about overmoderation. The catalog very quickly gets flooded with all types of coal. /suggest/ gets locked. This gets undone a few hours later.[110]
  • September 7 - /soy/ gets a sticky for the death of Queen Elizabeth.[111]
Good boy quest
  • September 11 - HAPPY INSIDE JOB DAY! Just as it was about to be bumped off /soy/, Good boy quest is moved to a surprise board, /qst/, making it the boards first post. /qst/ remains unlisted, /qst/ is also the first board to feature a dice rolling plug-in.
  • September 13 - A mysterious button labeled "Enable gallery mode" appears, which puts all images from a thread into a slideshow. Post deletion also gets re-enabled. "SOYJAK TIER LIST 2023" is released to much acclaim.[112]
  • September 15 - A soyteen threatens to shoot up his school, although the image and text is removed by the mods, the thread is left up. Other teens discover that the thread is a hoax, because the gun pictured is an airsoft. The shooter teen continues making a few posts alleging he is being hunted by the police.[113] Additional transparency additions to the site are announced by Chud ## Manager, and an offer is made in /suggest/ by a tranime poster to buy the party for $4500. Rampant speculation continues through the night on the validity of the offer.[114]
  • September 16 - TOR is blocked.
  • September 17 - %%glowtext%% and --bluetext-- are added. Someone publicly leaks the invite to the QAfe, so mods public ban everyone in the thread. The name field is also re-added on /soy/. After the scripted 1111111 get, mods plan to remove the deletion field, as well as dubs, similar to 4chan's /v/. Kuz also returns and plans to do a Q&A with Soot. Mods also can no longer post with their capcodes after posting about a sharty pass.[it just is, ok?] Lastly, a 15 year old soyteen uploads a shining gemerald video painted as colorjak
  • September 18 - A CP thread is made on /soy/, but this one featured the infamous "Daisy's Destruction". The thread is up for 20 minutes before moderators delete it. It amassed over 100 replies in that period and many were shocked at the "new low".[115] WE BROKE KUZ: Kuz makes a few posts complaining about the harassment and threats he got after acquiring the site. Kuz also reverts EVERYTHING back to how things were during the Soot era.[116] reportedly, a 'teen allegedly kills himself during the chaos.[it just is, ok?] Later that day, a 'teen tops the IRL colorjak from earlier by posting videos of himself smearing his own shit on his face and eating it on camera.[117] Kuz, starting afresh, promises a handful of new changes.[118] /fap/ is also added.[119]
The Afterparty
  • September 19 - Forced anonymity is enabled sitewide. The Afterparty archive archives posts on /soy/ that are more than one hour old.
  • September 20 - 2 years of! Forced anonymity is removed on /qa/. On /soy/, Chud changes to 🎉 2 years! 🎂. A button with the text "Click here to get your medal" appears. Clicking the text causes "🥈 2 YEARS ON BALD MEN WITH GLASSES WEBSITE 🥈" to show up. The archive is expanded to encompass all the boards as well. Soyteens try to steal a get on /vmg/ but fail.[120]
  • September 22 - After yet another catty wiping raid, which includes CP and shill links to a dead site, Kuz makes a post on /suggest/ where he reveals that the admin of said site was perpetrating CP spam on the sharty and then reporting the links so he could kill the site and bring users to his bunker. A thread quoting Kuz with an angry yurijak is made as a joke, but because Kuz's post is locked, it ends up becoming the de-facto discussion thread. In a rare occurence, the sharty is almost completely in agreement with Kuz and many users turn on the bunker.[121]
  • September 23 - Both /lgbt/ and [s4s] were successfully raided, 1 page was wiped on /lgbt/ and 1 page on [s4s].[122][123]
  • September 24 - Soot holds a Q&A session on /qa/[124] He had mixed feelings on Kuz's sharty, being supportive of the moderation but skeptical of the /fap/ board. He also confirms that he has a girlfriend, which caused the chuds to join the 41%. The caption text on /soy/ changes to "Their[sic] just drawings, calm down." /f/ is solo raided with Soyjak and Heyuri videos, killing all but one thread. The last NAS thread, however, gets killed with a Yotsuba flash named "loading 4chan."[125] Unlike most raids, 4chan mods never deleted any of the soyjak flashes.
  • September 25 - Kuz replaces reCaptcha with KolymaNET's own software, Kaptcha. Kaptcha is only put on /soy/ when making new threads and is not mandatory to fill out.
  • September 26 - MOST COBSONS ARE BANNED. Posting Cobsons, with the exception of still images, would temporarily give an automatic 30 day ban. This was due to pedophiles embedding child pornography into gifs and videos. KolymaNET and Discord are working with authorities to track down the posters.[126] Kuz later changes the rules. Janitor applications reopen. Kaptcha becomes mandatory. /soy/'s caption changes to "The jaks posted here are artistic works of coal. Only a fool would call anything posted here a gem.
  • September 30, - /fap/ is deleted. Attempting to navigate to the board will redirect the user to The Easy Peasy Method to Quit Porn.

October '22

  • October 1 - A rogue janny uploads an Ongezellig-themed thread, which is the worst nigger ass NAS incident in a while. Meanwhile, Kuz adds spinning text (--). The photon style is also removed and replaced with Dark2. After a failed GET on 4chan's /sci/, The Party raided a furry bbw chan and stole their 22222 GET then wiped all of the pages.
  • October 8 - The Party raided eight whole chans on this day, setting a record on the amount of raids in a single day.[127]
  1. 28chan: 28chan was raided, with their Portuguese board /p/ being fully wiped with only the sticky left. /b/ was also raided, with half the pages being wiped.
  2. Ponyville: An mlp chan called "ponyville" had half the pages wiped but was cut short when a janny woke up.
  3. Endchan: Endchan's /pol/ was going to be raided, but they had an hourly thread limit so soyteens settled on stealing their 88888 GET.
  4. When soyteens came flocking in, the shitty servers couldn't handle it and the website crashed. Still considered a win.
  5. perfectchan: Half of perfectchan's pages were wiped until the janny came in.
  6. Soyteens started raiding normally at first until it was found out that there was no post cooldown and no thread limit so you could spam the same thread over and over again. The website started off at about 20 pages and soyteens left it with 125, bringing the website to a staggering halt.
  7. 94chan: It all started when a soyteen posted a soyquote of some oldfag seething about soyjaks.[128] Of course, soyteens would not let someone get away with such words so a new raid target was set. This led to all 20 pages being flooded with soyjaks (and even more, to make sure they couldn't retrieve threads from an archive). After about an hour of constant 'jak spam, a janny finally woke up, and EVERY single page was wiped, leaving not a single thread behind.[129] This is regarded as one of the best days in raiding history with hopefully many more gems to come.
  8. After the previous gem, soyteens were still hungry for more. A shitty oldfag coomer site that had threads dating back to 2014 and no active moderation (a bot thread linking to 'p was up for an entire month) was found. At first, it started off slow, with the pages only increasing, but soon enough, soyteens found the limit. Every single thread was wiped.[130] This led to three of its users seething about "muh oldfag culture and history" and how evil 'jakkers are, despite the fact that the threads served no real value apart from being old. When soyteens realized there were no jannies that were going to come online any time soon, they decided to set up base and turn the site into a soyjak colony. Attempts were made to crack the admin password and fully take over the site but no progress was made, even a hoax image of admin account being hijacked was made.[131] However, this was all cut short when a faggot posted 'p to the site. Soyteens tried to bump threads to get rid of the 'p, but to no avail since he was bumping the 'p threads, too. Activity started to fade out as soyteens were going to sleep, marking the end of our triumph. Two days later the 'min hopped on and wiped all 'jaks and 'p on /koe/, one thread survived the purged, a fucking bodypillow thread. Later that day the site went down, leaving the error message, " didn’t send any data.". Thus making the second chan to be taken down from a 'jak raid, the first being
  • October 9 - Indiachan's /b/ was raided and completely wiped. On the same day, the 55555555 GET on 4chan's /k/ was stolen. Due to the fact that the board is very pro-Ukrainian and that no jannies were online, it was raided with pro-Russian 'jaks, resulting in 6 pages being wiped. The raid wasn't even blamed on soyteens, but on Russian shills and /pol/ chuds.
  • October 13 - Some oldfag larper site called "comfychan" was raided and had all of /b/ and some of /f/ wiped.[132] The following day, the admin woke up and seethed about it, calling our 'jaks "retarded wojack jpegs", saying that we're 12 year old autists, and that we glow. He then proceeded to restore a site backup from September. Due to the fact he had datamining software installed on the chan, he found that the site referrals led back to (we were saying that we were from r/markiplier during the raid). He found the thread, called us zionists, and then said that he had our ips and was plotting revenge. Nothing will happen since he's too much of a faggot to do anything + most soyteens aren't retarded and used a vpn/proxy while raiding.
  • October 15 - Post hiding is silently added.'s /b/ and /feels/ boards were raided while the jannies were sleeping. Although the gems on /b/ were swiftly deleted, the ones on /feels/ stayed up for over 3 hours, making this a win.
  • October 17 - Mods plan a q&a within "the next two weeks."[133]
  • October 18 - The Discord crackdown begins. Any janitor that participated in "sharty discord servers" will get banned for 30 days and be ineligible to moderate.[134] This follows a leak of the QAfe Discord.[135]
  • October 20 - No NAS Thursday. Any NAS posts on /soy/ get deleted and the poster banned for 1 day.
  • October 24 - The Party chuds up a school district’s feedback form en masse, causing the administration to disable the feature entirety later in the day.
  • October 24-25th -, a relatively new IB, is gemmed up by soyteens. Surprisingly, the admin responded by establishing a ‘jakker board.[136]
  • October 27 - A soyteen makes a bait suicide thread for (You)s. He later comes out and says it was a joke.[137]
  • October 29 - Sharty staff do a Q&A.[138] A notice with the text "THINK TWICE - All illegal images will be reported to law enforcement" now shows up next to the upload field. Video embeds are also re-added, a feature that was removed by Soot less than a month after the site was made.
  • October 30 - A message on /soy/ appears with the text "Attention to the womans of 2 loyal hard working men of kolyma network are seeking a wife. Asmat Tursanov and Bogdan Tigbayev. Cash rewards, free housing, and other benefits are applied. Please put your interests to the suggest board or leave mesage at the email. [email protected] thank you."[139] It is unknown if the message is real or a joke. The message was then equally mysteriously deleted.
  • October 31 - Flags are briefly added on /soy/.[140]

November '22

  • November 1 - Posts that have "kys" in them will show what the abbreviation actually means; "Kiss Your Self".[141]
  • November 2 - Kuz buys a Datsun Cherry and asks soyteens what they think. Kuz ends up getting ratioed until Kuz does a counter-ratio.[142] The default anonymous name changes from Chud to 🪦 RIP /QA/ 🪦 to remember the 1 year anniversary of the death of /qa/.
  • November 3 - Cobson can now be seen peeking out at the bottom right hand corner while browsing the boards, reminding you that he is, in fact, a gem.[143] On Telegram, Kuz expresses his idea to polish up an already-existing dating software, implementing it as a cross-network Kolyma dating service.[144] He later holds a poll asking if this is a good idea, to which a majority of 67% vote no.[145]
  • November 4 - The 'craft server opens up for real. The wiki suffers a DDoS attack.
  • November 5 - Forced anonymity is removed on /muv/ in order to discuss Soycraft easier. Mods also plan to undo all rangebans on November 7 as an experiment.
  • November 6 - Mods move a LGBT bait thread to /b/. Threads such as that one had been plaguing /soy/ for some time. A mod responds by reminding soyteens that the promotion of LGBT values is prohibited on KolymaNET properties.[146][147] A rogue janny posts on /soy/, leaking information about the website's owner, Loot and his involvement with raids against the sharty. He is subsequently removed from jakparty's janny team and the site undergoes a DDoS attack.[148]
  • November 7 - /bant/ is created. Turkey Tom mentions in his livestream.[149]
  • November 10 - The thread that asked Kuz to add a 'zellig banner after 30 days finally reached that threshold, so, a result, /soy/ gets flooded and becomes /zellig/. Mods end up temporarily banning Ongezellig discussion on /soy/.[150]
The Five Board Plan
  • November 11 - A teen uploads a nine page PDF titled "The Five Board Plan"[151][152] detailing his desire to lessen the amount of boards on the sharty from 22 to 5 as to fix what he views as "board bloat". Kuz reads over the PDF about an hour after the thread is posted and announces his intent to enact the plan with minor modifications on Kuz's end. Later, Kuz enacts the change, hiding every board except for /q/, /soy/, /qa/, /g/, /bant/, and /o/.[153] /g/ is now known as Generals rather than Technology. --Calmtext-- also gets re-added. The booru modifies its upload policy.[154]
  • November 12 - Kuz announces on Telegram that there will be a trial run of the Kolyma dating software on November 13th at noon EST, scheduled to run for 4 hours.[155] He posts a screenshot of the service (named simply "Kolyma Dating") as a preview.[156]
  • November 13 - A thread on /soy/ is stickied of an image of Neptune edited to have Cobson's face.[157] At 12:00 PM EST, Kolyma Dating begins its test run. [158] It consists of 19 chatrooms (two of which, specifically 13 and 14, are classified as "TR - Halal") allowing users to chat with another. A message on /soy/ appears linking to Kolyma Dating, with the caption "Stop being a lonely incel today!". While initially set to last for 4 hours, it ends a little over an hour after launch. The link to Kolyma Dating redirects to a message from KolymaNET's Internet Services Directorate stating that the program had "concluded earlier", and that the 6 successful matches made during the test run will be offered KolymaNET positions and a "certificate of union".[159] Kuz goes on /soy/ to clarify that the early closure was due to "too many underage Ukrainians trying to sell pics of themselves" and that Kolyma Dating would not be coming back. He also announces that he will be reversing the Five Board Plan by bringing back some of the boards. Furthermore, he announces a possible plan to co-buy 4chan with a friend for 4m, as well as reformatting the rules and wiping /soy/ to "kill off most of the necrobump gimmick threads". Finally, he states that the deal to buy 'zellig fell through and that "Massa may fall out of his window soon". [160] /bant/ is hidden and /int/, /a/, /pol/ and /r/ are restored.
  • November 17 - Soyteens successfully get a post to the 24,000 post bump limit.[161] SoyBooru gets a rebrand. Soyteens raid a gay men group masturbation video call, creating an amazing gemerald.
The Unpluggening
  • November 19 - The Unpluggening: The 'party discovered and began investigating nonsensefag bots spamming the comment section of the video ♪ UNDERTALE THE MUSICAL - Animation Song Parody by user LHUGUENY.[162] The bots from that video then invaded the sharty, and caused mass hysteria. Soyteens then went to war to defeat the bots, and asked for fact-checked and peer-reviewed sources for everything the bots said. First signs of infection came about on the certain thread[163] questioning the strangeness of the videos newest comment section. It is believed by many soyteens and rightly so that the person who made the thread had connections to the bots due to the fact that the bots learned rather quickly of, and began making posts on the site. (even doe it would take a long time to code the AI so they could post on Here are some takes on the thing:
    • Theory one: the bots were simply hosted by some schizo for free with no monetary reward whatsoever.
    • Theory Two: the bots were trained there so they could be used for certain places and communities, as well as shill a NWO agenda and tell people to take their medications and eat the bugs.
  • November 20 - Dotspam becomes explicitly banned. Anyone caught dotspamming will get a permanent, unappealable ban.[164]
  • November 23 - A Janny gets BTFO by Cobson posters on /soy/.[This happened, ok?]
  • November 24 - "Today is thanksgiving, please remember to be very thankful this day!" appears in the blotter, as well as a stickied post of Cobson reminding soyteens to stay warm and safe this winter.[165]
  • November 25 - On the Booru, following some soyteens removing tags on posts they don't like in order to get them deleted, Booru moderators lock some new posts, causing some butthurt on /soy/.[166]
  • November 26 - After being routed to the default KolymaNET error page, the Afterparty (on starts working again.
Variant Of The Year 2022
The second notice

December '22

  • December 1 - An official poll to determine's Variant of the Year started.[167] Voting lasted until December 14th. The Party raided Cyborgchan and 3chan,[168] with every board on cyborgchan being wiped.[169] 3chan's /b/ and /cb/ (faggot board) was almost fully wiped, but a few threads that couldn't be bumped off remained.[170][171] The Cyborgchan admin and his oldfag tranny friends later came back, seething and coping about their entire fucking altchan being wiped by soyjak spam. Erischan also raided by soyteens, with their main board /eris/ fully wiped.[172] This caused the admin to cry about it big-time shortly after he finally found the hot pockets and logged back on, claiming that "there's literally no way to recover from this."
  • December 3 - On his Telegram, Kuz posted a screenshot of an e-mail he received from an account ending in that had the subject "Threats to Life". He captioned the screenshot "Enough with the fake shooting hoax threads." Assuming Kuz isn't trolling us, this is the second time that Kuz publicly announced that the sharty had been noticed by the FBI, following another school shooting threat a few months ago. It most likely would have been caused by this thread from the day prior (which apparently was posted from Langley, Virginia[173]). On the same day, Kuz posts "4chan 2023." It is unknown if Kuz closed a deal with Hiroyuki or something else.[174] This gives soyteens hope that /qa/ will have the last laugh. A 'teen makes Bobe, a variant that mocks Froge. TBPChan was raided,[175] with multiple 7-year-old posts from 2016 being wiped.[176] Not every board was wiped, as most boards had almost no posts even after years. The site went down 2/3 days later and then came back up the next day, complete with a seething message from the owner. Despite claiming to have a backup, the owner refuses to use it.
  • December 4 - SoyBooru temporarily shuts down for maintenance.
  • December 7 - A notice with the following text shows up: "Bans issued this week: 6,201." Azmat Tushkanov, a Kolyma employee then posts the following: "Hello to spammers I am Azmat Tushkanov, i am here from emergency resources center of kolyma. I came here to gives a specil thanks to spammer for of making great contribution to kolyma by letting IP's are add to our database for anti spam. Sincerely, Asmat."[177] This follows a large spam attack.
  • December 8 - The Ongezellig banner gets added, after pressure to do so mounts.[178]
  • December 9 - Kuz decides to play a prank on the sharty by pretending the site has been seized by the FBI. [179][180]
  • December 11 - After days of nightly scat raids, janitor applications re-open. Posts also get Christmas hats.
  • December 12 - Turkey Tom, after getting spammed by soyteens, says Kuz could join his stream if he sends him a 100 dollar superchat. However, Kuz is not present. [181]
  • December 14 - Nojak wins Variant Of The Year 2022.
  • December 16 - All external links on the party now direct to For example, linking to will link to
  • December 17 - A [!] button now appears next to all posts, which allows you to report posts directly to KolymaNET. This button replaces the old report feature.[182] Posts can now be reported on the party's Log Warehouse. Kuz also does a Q&A.
  • December 19 - The Booru went down again. A user leaks the infamous and highly secretive ratio.js, creating a cascade of scripted spam.
  • December 20 - In PixelPlanet, a pixel art of Yotsuba gets gemmed up, but jannies revert the changes. As retaliation, Operation Swine Dive begins, with the goal of erasing all of Ukraine from PixelPlanet. The operation has caused much butthurt among the locals.
  • December 26 - The Christmas style is removed.
  • December 27 - The Party raided /hm/ on 4chan, and successfully wiped 5 pages worth of threads.[183] One of the locals start accusing soyteens of being "paid russian shills".[184]
  • December 28 - The option to set custom User JS is silently removed.


Brimstone Winter
Brimstone Winter threads on the Log Warehouse

January '23

  • January 1 - Kuz completely overhauls the rules.[185] Some soyteens theorize that Kuz converted to Islam. Brimstone Winter Begins: A month long period of the production of immensely coally variants along with the forcing of such variants.
  • January 3 - Soyteens raid Habbo Hotel, completely BTFO'ing nostalgia fags that cling on to the memories of when 4cuck used to do similar raids.
  • January 4 - A soyteen starts graffitiing soy and Kolyma-related things on the streets. A Kolyma employee posts his tabs in a thread titled "ITT: WE POST OUR TABS."[186] Mods move the necrobumped Ongezellig thread to /test/, and it is later deleted.
  • January 5 - A Twitter thread was made, which was reposted as a meme. It showed a Doordash delivery driver named bruh21, a known alias of Soot.[187]
  • January 6 - Lifesucksthenyoudie pays some people on Fiverr to make a video titled "I Love Cobson."[188] The archive starts working again. A soyteen makes a website called, a shock site very similar to, and start spamming it everywhere. The soymoji chart is completed.[189] /giga/ and /bant/ are quietly unlocked.
  • January 7 - Some minor changes to the design of the site. For posts, "No." was changed to "№." Users are no longer known as "Chud," as no name shows up anymore. Visible e-mails were also removed, with visible sage replacing it. Users can still view if a post had something in the e-mail field by using inspect element. These changes are very quickly reversed, with the exception of the post number and visible sage.
  • January 8 - Nightly Raids return, with the catalog being flooded with MrBeast spam, as well as the site being DDoSed.
  • January 9 - reCAPTCHA and Cloudflare shields are enabled (for posts and replies) in order to brace for the >>>/soy/2000000 GET, which is achieved later that day. Despite the GET being considered brimstone by everyone, Kuz had a positive outlook, writing "It took just a week short of 2 years for us to reach 1,000,000 posts on /soy/, but only 4 months for it to reach its 2,000,000th post. Time goes by so fast!... here's to another million posts, it'll go by real quickly. 🥂🍾❤️" on his Telegram.[190] Post deletion gets de-facto disabled, with the timer being changed from 10 seconds to 3 years.[191]
  • January 10 - Soot-style moderation, when it comes to NAS, returns to /soy/ as a test.[192]
  • January 11 - /incel/ comes back, which becomes a containment board for hostilely off-topic posts which are generally disliked by the community and used to be allowed on /soy/.[193] This coincides with KolymaNET cracking down of the promotion of LGBT issues on its network.[194] Some Russian text "Жить стало лучше..." (Life got better...) shows as an announcement.
  • January 12 - /soy/ temporarily goes under the unforgiving eye of ROBOT9000: Anyone that makes a non-original post gets temporarily muted. This was found to have been a mistake; An announcement with the text "I am sorry for the sub par moderation in the past 9 days, there has been alot of misbehavior, but it will be fixed now. Due to the large quantity of spam, i decided to wipe the board. Also, the robot was accidentally enabled for 1 hour and 33 minutes." showed up.[It just did, ok?]
  • January 13 - Soyteens have an autistic temper tantrum over some nobody on Twitter who called the sharty a "wojak site" or something. Soyteens own him epic style by committing federal crimes.[195][196][197][198] Kuz announces that KNN (Kolyma News Navigator) had returned. Sharty fixes is deleted. KNN gets integrated with the 'party. A soyteen trolls infamous right-wing grifter Nick Fuentes with a gemmy livestream donation.[199]
  • January 16 - A soyteen that goes by the name "[email protected]" goes through leaked databases in order to hack various WordPress websites.[200] The Party raided the Happy Tree Friends wiki on[201]
  • January 18 - temporarily goes down, which leads some soyteens to believe that the site is down for good. /soy/'s catalog gets completely wiped. A soyteen makes a thread where he puts this article into GPT3 to see what it would say would happen in the future. One of the changes that happened was that Kuz would announce a mascot called Bobo the Sharty Janny.
  • January 19 - Kuz announces the Kolsyetmol Engineers Committee. The program is for those under 20 years old, and is to teach people PHP as well as employ them at KolymaNET. This is announced on the party. Soyjak Wiki changes its skin from Timeless to Monobook.
  • January 21 - becomes "paused" by Kolyma, possibly due to maintenance.[202]
  • January 22 - Soyteens start making stealthjaks with a program called Maregic. The owner of Maregic realized then and changed the background to a porn image of Twilight Sparkle along with the text "JAKNIGGERS KILL YOURSELVES".[203][204] No NAS day returns.
  • January 24 - An anonymous mod (or janny posting with a capcode) finally responds to a ban evader by dropping redpills in a thread.[205] A thread is made asking for board suggestions; Despicable Me music plays in the background.[206]
  • January 25 - the sharty reports an account scraping the Booru with a bot and posting on Twitter and doxes its owner: a 30 years old israeli man. For once, it really was da joos.
  • January 26 - Sharty gets a notice warning everyone that users are responsible for their own posts.
  • January 27 - /raid/ is back and gets almost instantly spammed with advertisements of the coal site. /v/ and /tech/ get added. /r9k/ and /fap/ get re-added later that day. Old boards, such as /b/ or /muv/, were changed into [REDACTED]. A lot of backend changes are made.
  • January 28 - Soyteens dox Inés Moro, an ugly asian-french femchud from the 'fe that made coal pedophile soyteen fanart. Kuz messes with the CSS, such as inverting all colors, making the post count start with Ϫ, and making text slowly squeeze together. The catalog gets completely wiped.
  • January 29 - Kuz removes post timers.[207] A sticky is made asking soyteens to embrace the New Normal™.
  • January 30 - Kolyma becomes the default skin + /fap/ is hidden. Turkey Tom confirms that he at the very least lurks the 'sharty. Tom later posts in a thread.[208][209] A soyteen starts a DOOM thread. Brimstone Winter[210] ends.

February '23

  • February 2 - The DOOM thread gets derailed and later moved to /incel/, after commotion concerning the thread possibly now being run by a Discorder. This move causes an unusually large mixed reaction.[211][212]
  • February 4 - A federal contractor, or at least someone pretending to be one, does an AMA on The thread later gets taken down by mods after it got spammed with illegal content.[213] Sharty gets temporarily paused for a brief moment as people panic ((damage control)).
  • February 8 - The Party defaced a 4cuck frog mural in PixelPlanet with gems, lasting for 5 days.[214]
  • February 11 - /fap/ gets silently re-added.
  • February 12 - A mysterious audio file is played on the sharty.[it just is, ok?] You will NOT investigate it.
  • February 13 - /soy/ plans an oldfag-style IRL raid at castro street in San Francisco.[215] /soy/ now only had 20 pages instead of 40.
  • February 15 - The catalog gets flooded with Colorjaks. A Know Your Meme page about the 'party gets made.[216] /soy/ attempts to dox the creator of the Know Your Meme page as retribution.
  • February 18 - A soyteen hangs a poster in Venice Beach, California.[217]
  • February 19 - Kuz plays around with the CSS a bit more, such as making everything a triangle and making replies tilt in.
  • February 20 - /soy/ starts making children soyjak videos to game the YouTube Kids algorithm, which end up going viral.[218] The threads, however, get derailed by an ARG. Some software changes are noticed on It is unknown what these changes were forwhat was noticed exactly? were testing, but phoneposters couldn't post, with a error message that contained the string detectMobileUser, suggesting that Kuz started testing mobile user detection, or that a slip-up revealed datamining that was already in place.[219][220] Others speculated that an ASCII tag was being added, as that was used in /test/.
  • February 21 - Frogposting is officially banned. The catalog also gets wiped.
  • February 22 - Learn Numbers and Colors with Feraljak | Educational Soyjak Video for Children rapidly surpasses the latest episode of Ongezellig in youtube views.
  • February 23 - starts changing into many different languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, and Hebrew.
  • February 24 - SoyBooru accidentally approves a NAS image of a Black Man in a sexual pose.[221][222]
  • February 26 - Janny accidentally (?) pins a thread of a bird, igniting possibly one of the worst best threads in the history of the 'sharty.[223] Later the same day a thread voting on whether Ongezellig should be banned from /soy/ or not descends into a similar bout of schizophrenia due to 2 NAS spammers fighting.[224]
Soyvil War 3 buildup
  • February 27 - Infamous nigger comedian Sam Hyde posts a 'jak from the sharty on the same day it's made, possibly revealing he is a soyteen.[225][226] (Or that some 'teen DM'd it on twitter you wishful idiots) There are threads stating that the Soyvil War 3 is going to happen very soon and it will be between anti-zellig posters and pro-zellig posters. The spoiler photo was changed from "Gold" to "Gem".[227] Mods announce that Post No. 2419157 will have a yellow background,[228] and soyteens are shocked when it actually does.[229] /nate/ gets renamed from "Coal" to "gems".[230]
  • February 28 - All threads but one get wiped, as mods try an experiment where soyteens can only post on one thread.[231] Images are now stored at KolymaNET's CDN website, The default URL scheme changed from ht𝅺tps:// NAME/res/THREAD ID.html to htt𝅺ps:// NAME/thread/THREAD ID.html.[232]

March '23

  • March 1 - SUDE: 711chan raid, one of the greatest raids in site history. The small Ongezellig wiki on is destroyed in a separate raid.
  • March 2 - A janny does a super-rare public ban on a frognigger after he asks the jannies to ban all trannies. discovers the tranny twitch streamer lifeinmastermode. doxes him, discovers his phone number and repeatedly sends him pizzas.[233][234] Two different soyteens call him, (one of them does so twice) and make fun of him until he hangs up. A link to a compilation of the calls made by the second soyteen can be found here.
  • March 3 - A small breadtuber makes a video claiming Soygate is a secret alt-right operation. Soyteens retaliate by doxing him. The video is then promptly removed by the frightened 'tuber. The catalog gets wiped. The Party wipes the splinter causing it to close down.
  • March 4 - Popular Roblox youtuber Ruben Sim confirms that he browses the party and regularly participates in raid threads.[235][236]
  • March 5 - Someone claiming to have met Kuz in the army makes a thread on /soy/.[237] After days of intense scrutiny and speculation about him, Kuz embeds Michael Jackson's song "Leave me Alone" in the thread.
The Splicesoning
  • March 6 - In the early morning, Kuz posts in a thread about the deletion of /qa/, where he reveals the reason he believes /qa/ was deleted. The thread instantly blows up, with over 200 replies to his posts being made in 20 minutes.[238] It's March 6th, the day Bobo is supposed to become the mascot! Soyjak Wiki changes its logo temporarily to Bobo for the occasion. Bobo will always be a gem. /soy/ gets wiped yet again. The birth of Splicejaks occurs in an event known as "The Splicesoning".
  • March 8 - Mods start moving doxing, harassment, and raid threads to /raid/.
  • March 9 - Sobot announces anonymously via the mod capcode: "Jackbox, transgender people doxes, and retaliation type threads will now all be moved to /incel/ and /raid/-ACKKKKKK." That message later gets redacted and the mod gets punished. The "decision"[239] to ban most raid threads gets vetoed and all threads gets moved back to /soy/.[240]
Out of the coal came forth sweetness.
  • March 10 - /QA/ FUCKING WINS! - In perhaps the most important GET in party history, (arguably only beaten by the [s4s get]), /soy/ steals /lgbt/'s 30 millionth get. [241] This day is known as Mario day because mar10 looks like Mario.[it just is, ok?]
  • March 11 - The catalog gets wiped again. Soyteens make a half-assed dox and harass a tranny because he made some awful music.
  • March 12 - Attempt at raiding ends up in infinite seething from their part.[242] Some soyteen buys the domain, and makes it redirect to the /soy/ board.
  • March 13 - A random thread is rapidly spammed full of 18 digit number hundreds of times, severely lagging the site and making posting difficult.[243][a] Soyteens are confused, and speculate as to the reason. A few minutes after this, turns on Cloudfare's DDOS protection, and the attack stops. 4 minutes after Cloudfare was enabled, a chud made a thread announcing he had DDOS'd rdrama, implying that the spam attack was part of a retaliatory attack by them. Although this is initially believed, it is quickly realized that he had no evidence he was actually behind the DDOS, and 'teens overwhelmingly conclude he is an offsite user trying to provide a casus belli for rdrama to raid[244] It is currently believed that the rdrama and attacks are unrelated. Various fuckery occurs with the poster username, being changed from "Chud" to "Chu" to "CHVD" over the course of an hour.[245]
  • March 14 - A fake Chrome "This page is unavailable" page appears for a few minutes. All hell breaks loose on the 'sharty.
  • March 16 - /soy/ gets wiped by BBC spam as well as advertisements to the jarty.
  • March 17 - [minecraft] is added to the header of the site.
  • March 18 - and SoyBooru take a very hardlined approach against Discord, mandating that users leave them immediately, as a crackdown may be happening soon.
  • March 19 - The entire catalog gets wiped from a nightly raid.
  • March 21 - The catalog is rapidly spammed with images of the nerd emoji and random strings of text. A couple of seconds after the spam begins, the site is updated so a neighing sound plays each time a new tab is opened. /soy/ is locked and Cloudfare's protection is turned on. Spam is then deleted, and the board unlocked. At the time of the lock, the nerd posts took up about 1/3rd of the catalog. Immediately after all spam posts are deleted, a new rule gets added: "You will not participate in or promote discord servers, telegram channels, social media chats or groups, or other off-site, online communities which are harmful or evil in nature." Whether or not the addition of this rule was correlated with the spam is unknown. Some sort of foul play by the administrators was widely suspected, as the neighing noise must have been added by them, which would prove they were online - yet, they chose not to stop the spam until a good 5 or so minutes later.
  • March 22 - SoyBooru reaches 30,000 posts. SVYIDAE catches the attention of the party and thread is made about them. Unfortunately, it was not archived, and had been lost to time.
  • March 26 - Tanki, a communist who had been ruining raids on Twitch streamers for at least a month, got 5 printed soyjak posters and a 'cado coinslot stuck to his home's front door.[246] Tanki had ruined a large amount[b] of Jackbox raids in the past by lurking in raid generals and telling any targets what was happening to them. He sometimes stuck around long enough to make entire threads fail. He was a persistent enough nuisance to get doxed, upon which a /soy/ user realized they lived within 5 minutes of his address.[247] A couple of days later, the same user made a thread where they revealed they planned to stick 5 soyjak posters (including one of 'cado's asshole) onto Tanki's front door. An hour after the creation of the thread, OP went through with it, causing Tanki to become enraged. He then launched into a rant so angry and incoherent that it ended up becoming memorialized as a copypasta. This event lead to the sharty's getting featured on Kiwi Farms.
  • March 27 - Kuz joins the Soycraft server and messes around for a couple of hours.[248] A thread made about him joining is stickied for about an hour, possibly by him, as he revealed he was watching the thread shortly after it was stickied.[249]
  • March 28 - The fake QAfe discord server gets leaked.[250] It is revealed that goth was a member of it, meaning all members of it openly associated with a 'p spammer, except the gorillazfag, who tried to dissociate himself from the QAfe but was still banned. Numerous posters who reveal they are members of it get permabanned. Kuz comments on the situation multiple times. Anti-cord sentiments reach record highs.
  • March 29 - turns 2 years old.
  • March 30 - A hash banning system is developed. As a test, posting this image automatically gets you a 24 hour ban.[251]

April '23

  • April 1 - April Fools' Day!'s color scheme is changed to resemble a Discord server, while SoyBooru becomes TheFrogPond and this wiki becomes Soyjak Wikia (a parody of a wiki)
  • April 4 - A soyteen hires random normalGODs to review Unsurprisingly, they don't like it.[252]
  • April 5 - Kuz departs for England.[253]
  • April 7 - 'p gets spammed on 'zellig threads, causing the janny to wipe the catalog.
  • April 8 - Rare wiki raid with a bunch of pages getting replaced with goatse, and Kuz briefly wordfilters jak to jack for some reason.
  • April 9 - Janitor applications open up. Kuz stickies a post stating that he tried UCC Coffee. Kuz responds once with this 'jak. This post later gets deleted.[254]
Kuz reveals the identity of Chud ## Manager, Doll
  • April 10 - Ongezellig is temporarily banned on /soy/, with a planned Kuz announcement at 4PM EST relating to its admissability. Shortly after this, gets seized.[255] The site comes back 30 minutes later, and Kuz announces that there will be a site with a (.ru) domain in case of future scenarios.[256] A sticky is posted announcing that will ramp up enforcement of its policies against animal abuse, child abuse, and promotion of illegal activities.[257] A mod responds to a detractor with the following:



These changes were later reverted, with the following statement placed in the blotter:

Kuz's appearance was cancelled.
Due to intense criticism, the proposed rules were nullified.
They were proposed to make the site better, as the moderation sees 0 value in sharing videos and pictures which depict non-sexual violent abuse of children and animals, but since the users refused to accept this, the rules were nullified.
However, Rule 1 still applies, and sharing illegal imagery will result in a strict ban.
These rules were not suggested for legal reasons, but for ethical reasons.
But it is important we maintain the will of the people, even if their will is unethical or evil.

It's important to note that most users were in favor of the changes but for some reason the mods chose to listen to the spammers instead. Kuz makes a thread in which he discusses with soyteens issues about the site. He mentions being tired and burnt out, which came from his UK trip and the site being seized earlier in the day. He mentions that there is a hashban system in place and that spammers that post illegal content are being dealt with, but commonly evade their bans. Finally, kuz publicly reveals the name of Chud ## Manager, who is known as Doll.[258]

  • April 13 - Mods sticky a modified version of the rock throwing gif in which the rocks are replaced with meds. The text "meds and bbc now" accompanies it.[259]
  • April 16 - Frogposters plan an "invasion" on /soy/. Around half a page got wiped from it. The raid was considered a soyteen victory and frogtroon fail.[260] A normal desktop thread gets created, before it ends up getting derailed by a nine-year-old, in which soyteens are shocked that someone that young is browsing the sharty.[261] "god bless you all and I love you, sharty" - the nine year old
/soy/ meets Chitwood
  • April 17 - A soyteen makes a credible threat to John Doe, which causes him to get reported to the Volusia Police Department. The nuQAfe starts spamming links to various nonexistent splinters, along with invites to their 'cord.[262] The nine year old from yesterday posts a picture of his tiny white pecker to try and prove he isn't an AI, and as a result he was banned from the sharty and had his IP address leaked. All of these happenings cause large amounts of horror and outrage, causing many 'teens to claim that the sharty has fallen.[263] The nine year old also allegedly ban evades and responds to multiple replies and threads on the sharty.[This happened, ok?] In an attempt to restore hope, the following blotter is added:

Just a reminder that most of the sharty-themed discord servers (Which are explicitly banned) are filled to the brim with unironic pedophiles, zoophiles, and trannies. This isnt being used as an insult, its stating a fact. These discords are frequented by notorious CSAM spammers, and this isnt an open secret, they are publicly invited by the owners. Rooms exist in which CP spam attacks are coordinated, and users are encouraged to share child abuse material through "trading" accounts. These are sick people.. Be vigilant and remember what kuz said about them.

This isnt a reflection of the shartys userbase, its a indication of a healthy host infected with a parasite. These repugnant subhumans do not represent you or us, they are more akin to a malignant tumor, and with proper treatment, can be rooted out.

We will begin to take these matters into our own hands, and begin action to uproot this insidious behavior.

The catty gets wiped, and anti-cord posts begin to spring up. An uptick in Angryjak self insert posts is noted, probably all made by the same user.[264] Kuz is announced to have left for an unknown period of time, Doll is instated as the temporary admin.[265] /r/ is re-added. A frognigger steals the 2888888 GET.

  • April 18 - 3 more soyteens get reported to the Volusia Police Department. IT'S OVER for one of them, meanwhile the other 2 get away with it.[266]
  • April 20 - /psy/ is added for the day. Sobot adds a large amount of anime photos that contain a small soyjak at the corner to SoyBooru, which causes immense backlash. Doll ends up administratively deleting the images.[267]
  • April 21 - A gigachad janny stickies a NAS cat meme video.[268] In response to the backlash that this sticky had, the mod responded with "<Wh..what the... WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK IS THIS!! WHERE IS THE DISCORD!? WHERE IS THE BNWO PORN!? THE CP?! THE NIGGER GORE?! THIS ISNT ALLOWED! MODS! BAN HIM! DEMOTE HIM NOW! UNSTICKY THIS! ITS HURTING MY FEE FEES NOOOOO YOU HECKING TRANNY HOW DARE YOU FIND SOMETHING THAT I DONT LIKE FUNNY!"[269]
  • April 22 - The 9 y/o returns and causes mass hysteria among the denizens of /soy/. In response, the Jannies delete every thread he starts posting in.[270][271] /sneed/ is re-added for the weekend. The NSS announces that they have been working with the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus to arrest somebody, to which many assumed to be goth.[272]
  • April 24 - A soyteen commits a heccin' unwholesome hate crimerino by stealing an LGBTQ progress pride flag from a "church", then later cuts it into an LGB swallowtail, attaches a drawing of a chudjak riding a troon carousel, and deems it the LGBCHUD- flag.[273] The catalog gets wiped. Doll announces that threads that promote pedophilia, as well as audio files or images from CSAM are now strictly prohibited. A ban on NAS racebait is also announced.[274] A mysterious page called the.html is created.
  • April 25 - Frogposters are at their maximum, multiple threads were created on the sharty to bait. Some schizo forms a pseudo-group called "Gem Control Cabal" and spams in multiple coal threads. A thread dubbed "lets make this the biggest thread in sharty history" gets thousands of botted replies and counting. NSS director Anton Maximov posts "Молитесь сегодня. Юрию предстоит пережить момент, меняющий его жизнь. Пожалуйста, поддержите его." (Pray today. Yuri has to go through a moment that changes his life. Please support him.) The thread was later mysteriously deleted. /nate/ is changed back from "gems" to "coals."
ChudBob SoyPants
  • April 26 - The 3,000,000 GET was achieved after an hour of sperging, "Fordposting" Whaddup son! and kaptcha fails. The GET was titled "I AM WHITE" with a SpongeBob gem. 'P was posted in the get but was removed, some speculate this was zelligposters and some speculate it was goth. There is no speculation cuz even the jannies and doll knows that goth is behind all the 'p spam.
  • April 27 - Another soyteen steals a pride flag at their local "church". Some girl attentionwhores herself in an /incel/ thread and decides to post numerous sexual videos of herself for some reason.
The Baby Bot
  • April 28 - A poll[275] is made related to the ban situation of 'zellig on the sharty about if it deserved to be permanently banned of the sharty, keep the ban like before or unban 'zellig on /soy/. The poll quickly gets botted by anti-zelligers adding dozens of votes to the permaban side. The pro-zellig side counters with more bot votes and eventually the poll ends up with over 3,000 votes. Another soyteen made a second poll, this time requiring a username to vote. Results showed that the pro-zellig side was winning before that poll also started to get botted. Someone makes a bot that spams all posts with a picture of babyjak with either "First, "second" baby" or no caption at all.
  • April 29 - A /soy/teen commits extortion by blackmailing a Twitter user into posting "sharty won, newgods won, im built for Big Baby Cock" or else they would be doxed. The sharty raids a youtube stream titled is "My last stream before suicide" in the stream he pauses and his controller disconnects and nothing happens for an hour until his friend stops the stream. Shortly after the stream a video with the title "Rest in peace, fly high" is uploaded.[276] /soy/ becomes Infowars.
  • April 30 - All but four threads on /qa/ get wiped. Doll claims that if fighting on /qa/ continues to get worse he will "step in and end it." Shortly after, all threads associated with the wipe get deleted.

May '23

  • May 1 - Racebait is banned on /soy/ but remains permitted on /nate/.[277][278] A thread asking for 'jakkers to post audio files of their voice is pinned on /q/. The audition is for "a special project coming up soon".[279]
  • May 3 - Kuz travels to Cuba for "unannounced reasons." Users suspect that this may be due to the Cuban healthcare system, of which he is either seeking cheap treatment for HIV, or perhaps some other health issue.[280] Some butthurt schizo spams TND gore all over /soy/ for hours, its unknown how he avoided a ban for so long. The platejak variant is conceived in a thread and earns a tag on the 'booru.
  • May 4 - A race war erupts on /soy/. Anti-white and anti-black threads are posted and subsequently bumped every couple of minutes. The baby bot returns to /soy/. Another bot posts a few dozen threads on /qa/ with images of randomly colored rectangles and random words.
  • May 6 - A soyjak border is added to all media uploaded to the sharty making the site NAS-free. The border is deleted about an hour later. Ongezellig gets unbanned on /soy/. This caused mass seething amongst the anti-zellig camp, including some goth wannabe from kosovo posting dancing swede in a pro-zellig thread.
  • May 7 - A chud posts a twitter thread of a tranny making fun of a child for falling on his head. The sharty is disgusted, and decides to dox him in retaliation.[281] Numerous pizzas are sent to his house, and he later complains on twitter about getting doxed.[281] This is not believed by his twitter friends, who believe he is trying to victimize himself to minimize the fallout from his crude post.
  • May 8 - The mods sticky a thread announcing that they plan to release a "sharty saving gem".[282] They state that it will be interactive, and hype it up a lot in the sticky. The catalog is filled with threads of users speculating what the release will be, and the majority of other discussions die out. An hour or so after the announcement, the catalog is wiped for seemingly no reason, and the announcement sticky is replaced with a new one, with an image that simply reads "Soon".[283] A few minutes after this, all images posted by users become black and white. A thread asking if the black and white change was the sharty saving gem gets quints, and "CHVD ## Mod" replies in it to clarify that it is unrelated to the planned release.[284] Shortly after this, the change is reverted.[c] A few hours later, the "Soon" thread is unstickied, and doll makes a post in another thread implying the release will be delayed until tomorrow.
  • May 9 - The sharty saving gem hyped up by the mods is released -! A thread is stickied linking to the[285] It's a 1000x1000 canvas where users can place one pixel every 6 seconds. Opinions are mixed, with many lamenting the frequent use of bots on the site. A pooner by the name of Hyde makes a viral Shitter post disrespecting soyjaks, which a soyteen then posts on /soy/.[286] This prompts the sharty to dox her. The doxing thread is briefly derailed when a /pol/tard tries to threaten her in her private messages, and links directly to the site, much to the disappointment of the soyteens in the doxing thread. She makes a tweet mocking, saying she "doubts the soy wojak army is going to dox me". However, after skimming through the thread he linked, she quickly realizes that the doxing attempt is serious, and privates all of her twitter accounts and her discord server. Her full legal name is found,[d] and she is pressured into deleting the tweet that triggered the dox. Overall, despite the failure of the party to find her address or phone number, the thread is hailed as a sharty win.[286]
Chud goes to prom
  • May 10 - A soyteen presents a soyjak themed poster to his prom date, and she agrees to go out with him.[287] He uploads a video of the event. His thread gets an overwhelmingly positive response, and the video is hailed as a sharty saving gem. The pixel placing cooldown on is changed to one pixel every 4 seconds. A moderator protects a large, botted drawing of an anime character in the bottom left corner of the canvas. This prompts the catalog to become filled with threads enraged by the decision. A moderator replies in one of them announcing that the moderator responsible was fired, and that the drawing has been unprotected.
Janny goes nvts
  • May 12 - A big day
    • A rogue moderator leaks the IP address of a user requesting a nude soylita edit, and then makes a post with the text "fuck this gay website ran by pedophiles."[288] The rogue mod also deleted numerous threads, including the oldest live thread on the site. Numerous threads are made discussing the incident, and a moderator replies in one of them clarifying the moderator responsible has been fired and that his actions were not authorized.[289] The thread is locked, and a new one is made by an admin, who states that all moderator accounts have been disabled until Doll comes online.[290] NSS director Anton Maximov moves the thread from /soy/ to /q/.[291][e] Shortly after, Doll posts in the thread, and implies he may pursue legal action against the moderator who leaked the IP.[292]
    • In the same thread, the rogue moderator leaks a myriad of posts made by Kuz's IP, in the form of screenshots taken before he was demodded, revealing that Kuz frequently posts anonymously on the site. [293] Some of kuz's leaked posts include: A racebait blacked thread, a bait thread advocating for gay sex, and a thread criticizing raiders.[293] These leaks also included 2 posts on /int/ that had American flags, suggesting that Kuz had an American IP. However, it was later revealed that the IP was not kuz's home IP, but rather a proxy he frequently used. A user asks a question pertraining to Kuz's leaked posts, and Maximov responds by stating that Kuz posts bait, spams threads he dislikes, and falls asleep on calls with site staff.[294] In the same post, he also mentions that "Kuz is in a physical state that does not enable him to handle [the occurrences of that night]",[294] implying that Kuz is either ill or had been badly injured.
    • Yet another major event occurs. Two infographics are posted in the thread, alegging that a janitor by the name of Thrembolover67 is part of a discord server that groomed a child into commiting various acts of disturbing nature. (You can view infographic 1 here, and infographic 2 here. Click on the images on the linked pages for full-definition versions.) It is unknown whether this is the same moderator that leaked kuz & the other user's IP.[f] Doll and Maximov make a few posts regarding the allegations, and seems to confirm their authenticity. Doll refers to Thrembo the moderator who leaked IP's as "The New York moderator", possibly hinting that he was able to obtain his location.
    • There were other events that happened that day, unrelated to occurences above. A DDoS attack was launched against's server. The shape bot repeatedly made waves of spam posts. Cloudfare and captchas were repeatedly enabled and disabled, seemingly at the start of each shape bot spam wave, as a countermeasure. The bot was later able to evade everything. A few people sucessfully bot with extremely large drawings of the ylyl flart face.
  • May 13 - /soy/ raids /b/.[295] They successfully replace the vast majority of /b/'s catalog with soyjaks, but fail to completely wipe the catalog. In particular, most porn generals manage to stay up, much to the dissapointment of raiders. Opinions on the raid were generally positive depsite it not resulting in a catalog wipe, with many surprised at how many soyjaks they were able to push onto such an active board.
  • May 14 - Another /b/ raid now wiping 3 whole pages. Soot returns and makes an edit on his talk page simply adding "guys",[296] as well as updating[He just did, ok?]
  • May 15 - An announcement is made about Kuz's final Q&A stream with Doll on May 21st.[This happened, ok?]
  • May 16 - 'Party attempts to steal the 31 million GET on /lgbt/ but it fails and the GET is wasted on a random comment. More speculation occurs as to the whereabouts of Kuzzy, with one post showing a fake announcement that he died.[Where proofs?]
  • May 17 - /soy/ signs the yearbook of a lonely soyteen. The thread eventually turns into a slapfight about photo editing software.[297] Kuz once again cancels his livestream. NSS director Anton Maximov announces that Doll is now the administrator of This is due to kuz's HIV progressing to AIDS.[298]
  • May 19 - Mods place a message at the top of the page saying that work has begun on "The Gem that Will Save the Sharty". A new board, /mtv/, is created for music, movies, television, and video games.[This happened, ok?]
  • May 20 - Neutralcord wakes up, the log gets flooded with neutralplier thumbs up blogpost threads. Doll announces a de-kolymization of links are removed.[This just happened, ok?]
  • May 21 - /sneed/ is reopened again after the 100,000th post on /qa/ called for it to be unlocked.[299]
  • May 23 - a large number of complaints are posted on the sharty about Doll not adding /mtv/ to the top bar. This is due to the server still being kuz at the moment.[it just is, ok?]
  • May 24 - /soy/ floods a middle school's staff emails with 'cado pics and various other gems. They also the same day harrased a twitter user into deleting his twitter for posting about the sharty on there, calling it "racist". They doxed the kid, posted discord screenshots of various things he had said and were thinking about swatting him, but no one followed through with that.[This all happened, ok?]
  • May 27 - The sharty doxes someone for using 'party lingo on Twitter.[300] Former president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev posts a soyjak meme on Telegram.[301]
  • May 28 - 3333333 GET on /soy/ is taken by a post saying "the falklands are british".

June '23

  • June 1 - Doll announces a temporary ban on NAS for the weekend.
  • June 3 - An anti-zellig spammer posted several threads [302][303] calling to raid the Wiki and erase every reference to Ongezellig but failed.[304]
  • June 4 - A thread about (probably fake) IRC screenshots of Kuz devolves into a massive shitshow between several schizos.[305] Also Neutralcord woke up and wiped most of the catty. The Kolyma network is officially disbanded. No NAS weekend is over. The event had generally positive reactions, although there is a very vocal minority.
This is it
  • June 5 - The beginning of a new era: - KolymaNET servers are shut down, in turn preventing new posts from being made on the 'party, due to the site relying on their spam database service. This was resolved after about 15 minutes, and as a consequence all wordfilters were removed. Images, however, still do not display properly as they use KolymaNET's CDN ( The images can still be accessed directly by going to The Log Warehouse also shuts down.
  • June 6 - A mod moves a thread to /caca/.[306]
  • June 8 - The 'log gets flooded with absolute brimstone during euro hours. This includes mass posts shilling the jarty, 'p, black cock spam, and beastiality. Doll later says this is due to the mod interface failing. /lgbt/ "joins the 41%."
  • June 9 - Kuzzy Kuz puts out a message telling people to stop being such terminally online selfish little fucks.[307] The post tells that after a strong reminder of his mortality, Kuznetsov realizes the evils of internet use, and must reckon with how this change of heart contradicts with his company and the work he had done for the majority of his life. For the latter half of the post, Kuznetsov addresses a specific but numerous kind of reader with advice, given that no person could have stumbled into the post by chance event. "To those of you, I write that you have been killed by the internet. ... Your entire belief system, what you find funny, what you find enjoyable, it has all been irrevocably altered by prolonged usage of the internet." Soyteens have a mixed response to this, with some criticizing Kuz as a hypocrite and others saying that she's right.[308][309][310] The thread also got spammed with 'p by 'cordtards.
Kirbizia raid
  • June 10 - Following Kuz's announcement, the KolymaNET Discord is deleted. The sharty semi-faildoxes a tranny e-celeb and sends pizzas, boxes, Bibles and Qurans to a random mormon dude in Utah (good, fuck mormonpedos). However they later find out his real address parent's address and attempt to send stuff there. The tranny is meanwhile having a meltdown on Twitter.[311] Doll hosts a livestream on YouTube where he answers questions and plays jackbox with soyteens.[312] /soy/ successfully shuts down the newly-created r/196 booru by spamming it with 'jaks and 'cados. 196 mods start seething and watching the thread for hours.[313][314] Soyteens steal the 35000000 GET on /x/.[315] merch
  • June 11 - The Redbubble store officially releases with various sharty-related stickers, t-shirts, pins, and other products.
  • June 12 - /soy/ raids /qa/[316] and ends up wiping most of the 'log, save for 'zellig posts due to them bumping the threads. The sharty raids 7chan's /a/ board and sucessfully wipe it. /sci/, /cd/ (crossdressing) and /cake/ (loli) was also wiped due to janny's nonexistence.
  • June 14 - D(DOS)-Day: The entire Sharty experiences extremely slow post times and general bugginess. At roughly 8PM UTC, soyteens notice that double posts becoming very common. Soon, it takes up to 20 minutes for a post to appear, if it even does. Some blame r/196 for this. Even worse, a 'p thread stays up for over an hour, with some assuming that even jannies arent able to log in. /qa/ gets raided multiple times, first by sneed posters trying to wipe ongezellig posts off the board and then by 'zellig posters countering. Eventually all the spam threads get deleted, leaving only a fraction of the posts previously on /qa/, including most of the old 'zellig threads.
  • June 16 - A few 'teens try doxing an innocent puppy in Romania. Let me be perfectly clear: a few soyteens tried DOXING A PUPPY IN ROMANIA. 'tube streamer IShowSpeed had his viewers play a Kahoot quiz possibly made by a soyteen. This quiz had various soyjaks and Sharty references. The extreme edginess of the quiz lead to the police being called. The sharty's response was very mixed, with many considering it sharty-killing brimstone while others saw it as a gem.[317] Soyteens create a system of jak hieroglpyhs to communicate.[318]
  • June 17 - A Polish spammer attempts several times to wipe the 'log by flooding it with BBC posts and fails.
  • June 18 - Soyliens swooped down and mindwiped this day from our memory banks.
  • June 19 - A few soyteens raid Leafyishere's livestream and get him to visit the sharty. After seeing only two posts from some troon calling him a "christcuck", he incorrectly assumes the site is anti-thiest, and attempts to get his fans to spam the thread raiding him with "christ is king". A total of 8 Christ posts (probably made by soyteens watching the stream) end up in the thread. Unfortunately there were also discord pedos in the thread spamming it with illegal brimstone so we can't link the footage. Sneedtext and
    are added. Post field descriptions are also quietly re-added.
  • June 20 - DOLL announces the awaited server move for both the sharty and booru.[319] During another DDoS attack period of high user activity which resulted in a lag, both /soy/ and /qa/ get suspiciously wiped.[320]
  • June 21 - Mods finally fix the fucking lag after one whole week.[321] Some government agent posts the sorriest, most obvious datamining thread in Sharty history and nobody even calls him out on it.[322] The Afterparty crashed.[323]
  • June 22 - The sharty tried to dox some furnigger called Danno GSD who played Ultrakill with a vibrator up his ass. Idk here is thread though.[324]
  • June 24 - A Sharty ARG was made, which resulted in a retard getting his IP address stolen lol.[325] DOLL does another livestream, along with a nerdy-sounding janny.[326] Doll announces that racebait is banned from /soy/ until the end of June.[it just is, ok?]
  • June 25 - /a/ gets wiped after it got raided with 'jaks, killing a bunch of ancient soot-era threads.[327]
  • June 27 - Soyteens do a another jackbox thread, with several streamers suffering breakdows. Tanki and fatcat re-appear. Doll also announced new temporary boards: /caca/, /plier/ and /dawla/. A thread was made on /soy/ discussing the most disturbing things chuds have seen. Everything went fine for 250 replies until someone started posting ‘p. Some oldfag in the thread told us a bone-chilling, spine-tingling tale about a dead forum named Violent Desires and a necro ‘p video named Necrolord. The thread eventually reached around 600 replies.[328]
  • June 28 - /qa/ is spammed by the Breen spammer, along with a swedejak poster. No threads were wiped by them but a janny decided to delete all 'zellig threads that did not have a 'jak as their OP. Doll temporarily brings back /caca/ after /soy/ gets wiped with baby posts. /soy/ shuts down the famous pedochan by mass-reporting it to cloudflare. The catchan admin comes to /q/ and is rangebanned (and has his IP leaked) by Doll and tons of seethe from catchan users is mined. Soyteens raid multiple Twitch streamers, resulting in many gemmy clips. /plier/ is added. TurkeyTom namedrops the sharty in his video[329]
  • June 29 - /int/ gets wiped.
  • June 30 - Mods revert to ‘soot-era rules’ for the day to cap off their racebait-free June extravaganza. This ironically led to an influx of racebait and 'p. The wiki goes dark briefly for kuz day.

July '23

  • July 1 - The catalog of /soy/ is wiped and spammed with the famous oddworld character, Latamire Munch.
  • July 3 - Muttspam wipes the /soy/ catty and 'p is posted. A soyteen also steals a GET from /g/. Fujochan gets raided and fully wiped, with year old threads disappearing and only their pinned posts remaining. An attempt to rally a coup against Doll fails.
  • July 4 - 75% of the /soy/ catalog gets wiped with Omori.[330] CAPTCHA is enabled after some tranny tries to spam ‘p. The day ends with soyteens and the omori bot wiping some furry chan with very old threads.
  • July 6 - 'eens raid some dead tranny altchans or something like that.[331]
Times Square Takeover
  • July 7 - The 'party attempts to get a 'jak video displayed on a billboard in Times Square. Original attempts fail either due to issues with the uploaded video or snitches (mainly frogniggers and 'corders) emailing the company to cancel them. Later, Doll offers to display the 'jak video, but without him telling the time, to prevent the snitch. Other videos made by people continue to get taken down due to the snitch successfully emailing the company telling them to deny any soyjak video due to it being "alt-right." Main article: Times Square Takeover
  • July 8 - The Calendarjaking happens, in which some keyed gemmer spams 'i love [calendar date]' 'jaks in the booru. The rules are updated, with there now being six instead of 14. Most of the rules are the same, but those that were similar were condensed into one.[332] Squirreljak shown as custom CSS on /v/ as jannies finally did 1 thing correctly.[333] Some chuds dox the creator of the "Chudbob Soypants" video. The Poopson myth is created.[334]
  • July 9 - Rule page gets updated to show board-specific guidelines and janitor rules.[335] Soyteens expose a 'cord behind the 'p spam on the party but the thread gets deleted.
  • July 10 - /v/ GODS (mods) make another css edit of the bear and squirreljak.[336] The sharty and booru's server transfer starts. "An important announcement regarding kuz, and the party, will be made on July 13th." appears on the blotter.
  • July 11 - The Log Warehouse is turned back on.still slow as fuck though A YouTuber/TikToker (who was later revealed to be a foodist named "DanielFoodistMan") makes a video telling kids that they can receive free robux by posting their username and avatar on /soy/, causing a large amount of such posts.[337]
  • July 12 - A new post is created by Max. This is later followed by a post from Doll, stating that Kuz has returned to his position of being the site's administrator, Doll returning to being the site's manager. A soyteen gets a public ban on /a/. There was an unexplained uptick in frognigger posters, which was probably caused by some 'cordtroons dilating.
  • July 13 - The robux spam (made by bots at this point) intensifies leading to a massive crackdown on these posts. Kuz "abruptly" flies to Washington D.C. to visit the Museum of Natural History (interrupting a planned Q&A).
  • July 14 - The robux spam is almost completely gone. /soy/ starts playing tic-tac-toe using oekaki.
  • July 15 - Doll interviews kuz, the first time kuz had spoken or answered questions since December of 2022. Kuz discloses that he paid 2000 Dollars to Soot for the Sharty. Kuz also became flustered when he was asked if he was a homosexual, but stated that he wasn't. In response to the question "Who is Eduardo Folts?" kuz responded "A gentleman...". The interview recieved the most views of any livestream or Q&A done by any sharty admin until then.[338] /soy/ theorizes the meaning of a Sharty screenshot allegedly posted by a time traveler, and some schizophrenics/seers prophesize the eventual downfall of the Sharty will come from "toos" and the "anti-teen."[339]
  • July 16 - Qway-Day - shuts down temporarily for 'maintenance'. DOLL states on his Telegram feed: The party is going to be down for a couple hours today as kuz finishes the last leg of the transfer.[340] In the meantime, soyteens gem up the jarty and 4cuck. It is revealed that Max plans to sell the party after Kuz gave him ownership as part of the dissolution of the Kolyma Network.[341] Doll is now raising money in order to buy the site before a third party does. You can support him here. Also the 1 year anniversary of Soot's death.
The 2023 Soylection
  • July 17 - Kuz announces a bid for the ownership of the sharty (see The Second Great Purchase). Doll was winning the bid with over $7500 invested in it with phul saaport from soyteens. Meanwhile, the whole sharty gets into an argument on whenever gas stoves should be legal or not.[342]
  • July 18 - A mod (later confirmed to be Kuz) publicly bans a soylita poster, then proclaims that soylita is now banned.[343][344][345][346][347]. Kuz then posts "This site is filled with disgusting terrible pedophiles who accuse other people to cover their cirmes [sic]. KIKES LIE ABOUT ME so about many people lied about me and take everything i have."[348][349]. Max then temporarily de-admins kuz "to make sure the site remains safe."[350][351] A couple of days prior to this Kuz had already voiced his concerns about the connection between Soylita and pedophiles to Doll.[352][353] An aryan neutralplier edit secures the 4000000 GET. Some random guy named Bill bids over $10000 to buy the 'arty.
  • July 19 - The auction to buy the party ends early with Doll being the winner. The /soy/ catalog is wiped for unknown reason. A farewell note is posted on, announcing that Kuz will retire from all public duties.[354] /soy/ becomes 40 pages again. /nate/ is completely wiped (except for a scarce few scattered threads) by a variant:unknownGOD. Doll creates /skibidi/[355] (referencing the heckin' viral Skibidi Toilet video series), which prompts the Skibidi-Caca Skirmish among random shitposting; the board is deleted when he arrived home, as promised.
  • July 20 - HAVA NAGILA - The sharty gems up a r/place clone, its chat, and realize that they have been tricked by the OP, say it was "practice", and move onto the reddit r/place.[356] They created a mini drawing, located at 180,910 @ The page limit for /soy/ is disabled with the board hitting over 130 pages before the party becomes unreachable due to a mysqld crash.[357] Max added porn ads to cover fees.[358] Custom CSS is removed to prevent people from blocking the ads that way. Other things, such as fake reply buttons or messages are added to fool adblockers. These changes are later reverted alfter Doll pays Max another 300 bucks (Swarthy Thursday). /soy/ becomes 20 pages, with 10 threads per page. Kuz posts again under a modified chud username and rants about the kikes and the state of the 'sharty, he later posts a cryptic message on his telegram: 🍕🚪.[359] This is most likely a reference to the Pizzagate conspiracy theory. The random-word-generator babybot then wipes both /qa/ and /soy/ and mods finally lock the boards (twice). ReCaptcha was readded and the Cuckflare captcha was also reenabled. 'p is spammed. Despite being one of the worst days in sharty history, a soyteen did show his elderly grandmother some 'jaks and got shared her margerald responses in a gem thread that glistened on a dark day.[360]
  • July 22 - Sharty is down due to server migration announced by Doll.[361][362] An hour later, it's back online, however the boards are broken with missing spaces in interface ("[Last50 Posts]", "5 postsand1 image replyomitted") and non-working page selector.[363] A soyteen visits his local fair and gets Colorjak face paint.[364][365] The default style is changed from Kolyma to Yotsuba B.[366] Mona, The Kolyma Cat, is removed from all themes besides Kolyma and Kolyma Dark.[367] The Email Field is replaced by a Drop-down menu with only one option: sage.[368] Doll adds new banners and finally removes the Ongezellig and the soylita banner off the banner picker code, which cause the 'zelligtroons and the soylitapedos to seethe massively.[369]
Captain Cob
  • July 23 - An admin account by the name of Cobson ## Allah makes a thread saying that Doll "fucked up the transfer", leading many soyteen to speculate that another Captain Coal incident has occured.[370] Baby bot spams and wipes the 'log with random shapes and words, periodically making it impossible to post due to a "Too many connections" database error.[371] Captain Cob announces that he will "not fuck up the Sharty".[372] A soyteen made a post about his bus driver being a pedophile. Other soyteens pointed out that the pedo was a special needs bus driver, thus OP did a self own.[373] Kuz hosts one last Q&A on the 'party before his retirement from the internet.[374] User JS and post filters are re-added.
  • July 24 - Doll partially reverts the removal of the Ongezellig banner and adds it to the rotation on /qa/.
  • July 25 - webdriver torso bot spams /soy/ making it impossible to post. A lot of 'p posted in a thread. Probably from the 'cord or something like that. Someone posted proto poopson which made the whole sharty madgry. Baby bot came back with random words. THE ARCHIVE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (even though it stopped archiving threads) The wiki redirects to the sharty for around 10 minutes.
  • July 26 POOPDAY - A time traveler posts a thread about poopson, and reveals that poopson is inspired by cacason and another variant called andyjak, joelchud, and carrotjak. A soyteen from september 2023 reveals the real andyjak. Poopsoncord tricks a soyteen into combining cacason and andyjak into one, thus creating a poopson prototype. /nate/ is set to 5 pages and a 10 post bump limit.
  • July 28 - A user gets in posession of a deceased airforce soldier's hard drive, which was filled with many 4chan images, gifs suggested by the unix timestamp filenames from from 2009 - 2013, and wallpaper backgrounds from 2009 - 2014, only the GIFs (password: gifs) and BACKrounds (password: backrounds) folders were posted alongside some other photos of the airforce soldier, OP of the thread told people to gather more information on some literal who from Twitter if they wanted more folders from the hard drive.[it just is, ok?] A ‘teen made a thread on unsecured webcams, and a 4chins oldfag replied with a guide on how to do it and his videos of it.[375] "№" is changed back into "No." The 'party gets updated to the latest vichan version, and gets features from The "Save As Original Filename" button is removed for like 10 minutes. Emojis are fixed.[376] The.html is taken down.[377] The Swede browser icon is replaced with the default earth icon.
  • July 29 - /webm/ and /b/ are accidently unlocked, /b/ reaches at least 6 posts and /webm/ 17 or 18 before they are re-locked.[378] The.html is back up. The Swede icon is added back.
  • July 30 - During euro hours (another altcvck) was raided, alTHOUGH it was thought that there was no page limit, soyteen reached page 50 and cattywiped the /lounge/. Unfortunately horse pussy and 'p ended up getting posted (latter which caused the raid thread to get removed).
  • July 31 - 4chan's /b/ gets raided by /soy/. Soyteens start gambling with the babybot, guessing how many words or what words will show up in the reply. During eurohours lizchan gets raided. During 'mutt hours, a soyteen posts an IP grabber on a /b/ pedo thread.[379] The Zelink Poster pokes the hornet's nest and a soyteen OP initiates a raid on their /v/ thread; Sharty victory is confirmed when the 4janny 404's their thread following an all-out skirmish of 'jaks and mass replies.[380][381]

August '23

The Soypocalypse
They were given power over the 'arty to coal by goon, 'p, leaks, and by the vantablackest of brimstone.
The Splintered Age
  • August 1 - Goonclown (turned out to be fake) makes an AMA thread.[382] Later that day, a soyteen drops a doxerald on the 'clown on /raid/ after hacking into his twitter and discord accounts, exposing him as a pedophile who wants to rape his niece, among tons of other incredibly disgusting messages.[383] The sharty is shit up with various fictitious horses, likely due to the recent raids on /mlp/ gartic games. 'cuck /vm/ 1M GET[384] claimed by 'arty. Also a chink (may have been a larper doe) visited the site. [385] A 'teen hacked a real schizos livejournal account. >oh my hecking anderson cooper this is just like those epic anonymous hackers known as 4chan I read about on wikipedia years ago![386] /health/ board is added and /psy/ board is reopened; both are added to the header.
  • August 2 - A soyteen ends up doxing himself while trying to report Goonclown to Police, which ends up in a horrible fail. The goonclown thread turns into perhaps one of the largest happening threads in the sharty's history with over 4000+ replies. /soy/ messes with the clown in numerous ways such as ordering tons of pizzas, scriptures, and putting his address up on craigslist, as well as numerous police and CPS calls. Images start spinning.
  • August 3 - 4cuck's /vp/ raided with almost 50% catty wiped before a tranny janny came in and gassed half the log.[387]
  • August 4 - Soyteens wipe the catty of /cm/.
  • August 5 - The 'cuck goes down. Because of a ton of 4cuck refugees flooding the sharty the pph on /soy/ goes up to 1700.
  • August 6 - Tor is unbanned, but Torfags will have "Made through Tor" at the bottom of their posts. Chudjak overtakes Gapejak as the most popular variant on SoyBooru. Goongate has begun.[388] A ponynigger was doxed, thoughbeit the dox did not include any actual personal information. Still made pony spammers seethe.
  • August 7 - Goongate goes viral due to a twitter post about it, we also get kiwifarms front page again. DOLLpony is created. Red is fired from the moderation team in 5 days and DOLL temporarily becomes Manager of the site again[389]
  • August 9 - Baby bot launches a /qa/ wipe against Gapejak is briefly the most popular variant on SoyBooru, before Chudjak overtakes it once again. The Party goes down because an unknown butthurt pedotranny (Jean?) reported the domain registrar, possibly over Goongate.[390] The Sharty revives under the domain, then
  • August 10 - and are temporarily down. Red is accused of janny shenanigans.[391][392] Anti-doll propaganda is spread throughout and and is meet with both ridicule and approval by the remaining soyteens.
  • August 11 - 4cuck /m/ 22M get stolen by baby.[393] The mascot debate starts.[394] Doll declares that /soy/ will only be IAS moving forwards.
  • August 12 - Soychan went down for a two hour period because terrahost stopped providing transit to the server, it was migrated to a backup located in Russia. Cloudflare and Recaptchas are back! Doll doubles back on his IAS /soy/ statement and decides just to have no NAS weekends.
  • August 13 - Doll makes a big statement about the state of the sharty on his Telegram.[395] Soyjak is added as a name option on /soy/. /nate/ is added to the header. A bot catty wipes /soy/ despite 'loudflare being on. Baby bot strikes back, albeitever without any images. A message saying "/qa/ won, /lgbt/ lost" gets the 56000000 GET on 4chan's /vt/ board.[396] Some pony altchan also got raided.[397]
  • August 14 - The Soypocalypse: A bot, unrelated to Baby bot, wipes /soy/ and later DDoSes the website. The wiki gets moved back to Screamer Wiki's server. Dr. E expresses interest in purchasing the 'party and booru. Red, a Kuz-era mod and former manager of the Party, goes rogue and releases a "leak" which included IPs from the Party and staff, blanket rangebanning the entire Party and vandalizing the Soyjak Wiki with pictures of a minor he groomed into cutting themselves for him on discord, all to advertise a 'cord where xe released said leaks; xe was immediately fired from the Party staff and then from the Wiki, following an incredibly long and Looney Tunes-esque banfight between xem and another 'ki moderator. Doll posts that the stress from running the site has been too much, and that the Party is up for sale.[398] The Party is brought offline. The booru goes down. Both the 'sharty and later the 'jarty are closed down, possibly signaling the end of an era and the beginning of a new one as two text-based bunker boards opened in harmony: and; zoomer 'teens supplied feedback such as: "wtf is that shit nigger I can’t even read that," and "YOOO THAT SHIT LOOKS LIKE TRASH!!!". Between this the site suddenly went up for a short period with everyone asking about whats happening like the IP leaks.
  • August 15 - The sharty is shut down for a week, which soyteens didn't know at the time and assumed that the shutdown was permanent. Many splinter sites are made, leading to the Splinter War.
  • August 16 - A new booru is launched with all 'jaks restored and without lolkike, at The old booru is restored, but only with cobsons.
  • August 17 - is 'back. The booru officially fucking di-nvm Angeleno got control back and now him and doll are the only people with admin privileges on the booru.
  • August 18 - Angeleno takes over Doll's Telegram channel and rebrands it as " updates". He states that several buyers for the sharty have been found indicating that it's not over and is just getting started.
  • August 20 - A mysterious admin named by soyteens as Chood and some other names takes control of the site and puts it back up again for a few hours. Xe uses xer thrembo powers to stop the babybot and deal with the 'p spam much more effectively than Doll ever could, and the 'log was the gemmiest one in a while. It's over just getting started. Images were disabled during the few hours that the site was up again to combat 'p spam, and soyteens started to youtubejak. The site then went down again for no specified reason.
  • August 22 - DOLLY DOLL RETURNS and restores the sharty to its FORMER GLORY. It is revealed that Chood was some irrelevant chud actually Dr. E who took control of the sharty for a few hours.[399]. The muttposting 'P spamming serbian shitskin was finally doxed by KiwiGODS proved to be a false flag in retrospect, the real dox happened on September 4th when a chud did a WHOIS lookup on Issac Kate's website,[400][401]
  • August 23 - During eurohours, 4cuck's /trash/ GET 59000000 and /s4s/ GET 11000000 were stolen by the Sharty,[402][403] which lead to a major 4cuck meltdown on the /trash/ happenings thread claiming we can't steal the /pol/ GET,[404] which was then stolen.[405] The /g/ 95555555 GET was also stolen,[406] forever cementing this day as The Day The Sharty Won. New owner Froot had a Q&A on the site. /froot/ is added and /x/ is reinstated. A conspiracy arises that Froot is a ponynigger when the contents of a NAS pony thread would be deleted and mysteriously replaced with a clop picture of Glimmer from MLP, "would" attached.[407] Froot accidentally reveals his tripcode on his first day like a retard.[408] The /x/ 1 GET was stolen by Frootists (it was a 'cado).
  • August 25 - Soyteens came back with 'ackbox raiding. A non-stop nearly 18 hour raid spanning over 2 threads and +2500 posts with multiple bans, eternal seethe and /calm/ was made.[409]
  • August 26 - Angeleno re-adds the name field, but says it would be removed if Remilia posted in the thread. Remilia ends up posting and the name field is removed.[410] Various 4cuck threads were raided by Baby bot.
  • August 27 - A seemingly innocent "soyjak name only thread" appears, and a user posts a janny 'jak warning that anyone using a non-soyjak name will be "deleted;" soon the 10-minute redtext bans flew, catching over 70 users including a mod who named xerself COBSON and Angeleno himself.[411]
  • August 29 - A mod moves a thread to 4chan, proving beyond any doubt that the soy patriots are in control.[412] Memeflags based on sharty ideologies have been added temporarily for 1 day to /soy/ and permanently on /pol/.
  • August 30 - Turkey Tom releases the video about Goonclown. Threads were made discussing the video.[413]
  • August 31 - /cado/ was added after a janny moved a thread there. Doll closes the thread to his final Q&A and resigns as administrator, leaving Froot and Angeleno in charge.
The 50 Board Plan
The Great Purge

September '23

  • September 1 - Froot played Roblox with /soy/. Froot says he will bring back /skibidi/. The soylita variant is banned.
  • September 2 - Bigtext was added. /mlp/ is silently added (locked). A gay furtroon drawfag on twitter insults 'jaks and ,as a result, under the threat of doxing, soyteens solicit a voice apology and get xer TF2 items stash. /soy/ also discovers a polish discord that posts on the 'sharty, and as a result the polishcord closes its subreddit and bans everyone that joins the 'cord.[414] Froot starts the development of Five Nights at Cobson's.
  • September 3 - Froot creates the 50 Board Plan, adding dozens of new boards ranging from chuddy boards (/tnd/, /ef/ [Esoteric Fascism]) to troony boards (/lgbt/, /fur/, /fap/) to everything in between like honest blue-collar boards (/weld/, /j/, /lc/ [Laser Cutting]); reactions are mixed. Froot orders Angeleno to permaban Sobot.[415] /fur/ becomes to first board among the newly created 50 boards to be locked and deleted, at least 33 /trash/ troons kill themselves or something. Every single person who posted on /fur/ during its short life was publicly banned.[416]
  • September 4 - John Soyler (the original poopson poster) reveals that poopson is not AI generated, but clarifies that part of it may be.[417] The real dox of Issac Kate is dropped on /soy/ when his website got looked up on WHOIS.[401]
  • September 5 - Operation Unthinkable: Selfish little fuck fr卐卐t permabans anyone who ever posted on /mlp/ and /dawla/, removing 95 users. PPH immediately dropped, with 15 minute old posts appearing on page 1. Public confidence in Froot massively dropped as soon as this decision was made. The first Chood appreciation thread is deleted, much to the ire of Choodists. A sharty/soyjak-themed thread appears in 4cuck's /y/ (Yaoi) board.
  • September 8 - The 50 Board plan concludes. 34 Boards are currently kept after 4 rounds of voting. Some boards like /thug/ and /soy/ itself have managed to evade getting deleted despite losing.
  • September 9 - Froot strangely public bans a lot of posters for disrespect or that Froot doesn't like the post in question,[418] causing a lot of the userbase during eurohours to shit on Froot. Angeleno announces a new manager for the party, who he introduces as "chief of the coal police" and later appears with the name "Root ## Manager." ROOT holds a brief Q&A on /soy/, which is then archived.[419] Soyteens discover that the admin of the premiere furry altchan is also named "r00t," which prompts the new manager to address this and change his display name to ROOT (sic.).[420] Independent investigative soyporters are still working to peer review if this defense is true, or a cover up and that he is a furfag.[it just is, ok?]
  • September 10 - /soy/ discovers the Admin Literal human feces powergap. A thread was spammed with Angeleno uses an incredibly dusty variant in an official announcement.[421] The September 10th Roblox Raid happened, where soyteens gemmed up multiple games on Roblox.
  • September 11 - On the most terrible day of the calendar year for Americans, an even greater tragedy occurs when soyteens spam the /soy/ catty with flartson, a new controversial variant created the day before in a long "'Jak him" thread. Froot and ROOT hold an impromptu Q&A in a Reddit 'toss thread which featured a sexualized Soylita image, with ROOT assuring everyone he isn't a Litapedotroon and Froot generally basking in attention.[422] In reaction to the flartson spam, /soy/ gets fumigated. A mysterious figure known called Chud ## INSIDER warns that the admins decided to turn /soy/ into Discord,[423] and it gets a re-skin similar to the 2023 April Fools Day. Various shenanigans followed, including chuds rolling for their randomized tag to get trips or sought after numbers like 1488 and also raiding a /v/ thread, wherein ROOT appeared and joined soyteens in killing the thread, which got autosaged but not deleted.[424]
  • September 12 - /soy/ is locked for precisely 13 minutes, apparently due to “babybot 2.0”, and many got permabanned without reason, though fears of another purge or rogue admin quickly dissipated for whatever reason. The Discord style is removed. The website is completely wiped.
  • September 13 - An ongoing thread doxing a tranny who posted a trans edit of Soylita on Twitter was deleted, sparking outrage, before it was restored, with Chud ## Mod stating "The user that deleted this thread has been heavily punished. Doxing is not against the rules." A faggot makes a thread where he posted himself making a disgusting cum tribute to a porn drawing of soy-tan. Because of this, the entire country of Canada (except Quebec THOUGH.) is rangebanned. Half an hour later, the thread is moved over to the sharty's worst board.[425] [WARNING, NSFW] At the very end of the day, Doll makes a surprise appearance in a Doll-themed thread (with a tripcode, not a capcode) and fields some questions, assuring the 'party he's still alive and well, as well as hinting at a possible return, stating that Froot wants him back.[426]
  • September 14 - The sharty raids Lemmy, a fediverse website (It's an ultra gemmy raid),[427] but the raid suddenly stops after a foodist (See: September 20th), who was aware of and monitoring the raid, posted 'p. The thread doxing the tranny who posted a trans edit of soylita is pinned by the mods, and an Italian chud orders pizza to xis house. A group of rebellious chuds attempt to catty-wipe /qa/, with the reason being that it was vantablack coal. They're quickly stopped by the managers, and then banned.[428]
  • September 15 - Tetahedron got doxed for posting incomprehensible wojacks. The prom chud makes a return, verifying his identity by posting new images of the poster (it's taped to his wall), and answers questions; his return is met with a postitive response.[429] Angeleno stickies a thread on /soy/ for ideas about the Party’s 3rd year anniversary, asking if he should get Soot to do a Q&A.[430] Meanwhile, other 'jakkers plan on making a multi-animator project for the anniversary[431] though and are looking for a song.
  • September 16 - During early Euro Hours, a soyteen posts a demoralization thread featuring a cropped screenshot from Angeleno depicting "The Rootcord." Naturally, Froot appears and replies with an attention-baiting screenshot depicting the Party administration (Froot, ‘leno, and Root) "laughing at [OP] in vc." "Swaglord ## Admin" makes an appearance and Angeleno posts a picture with what looks to be a pride-themed public transport card.[432] Meanwhile, /soy/ decides on their song for the multi-animator project: “Enormous Penis” by da Vinci’s Notebook.[433] 'lig troons manage to get dutch coal into a times square board,[434] somehow making the city even more gay. /soy/ raids a /tw/ general on /vg/, prompting them to move to a new thread, then try to raid the sharty themselves, and then cause the raid thread to be accidentally deleted by Root.[435] However, unrelenting soyjak spam causes the 4chan thread to be deleted, and prompted seethe from 4cucks. Beginning right before the next day's Euro Hours started, Root appears gets baited into a meta thread on /soy/ and drops datamineralds in a long impromptu Q&A while also filling Soyteen requests to have their posting habits summarized.[436]
  • September 17 - The Dailyjak alledges that Kuz said the following words, in relation to Froot/the Soyumvirate: >"Terrible people. Absolutely terrible how they are running things. Never seen someone as incompitent. Terrible what they have done to that site. The polls show they want me back. Look at the new guy, let's call him 1 percenter because thats what he has in the polls. And they want me back, yeah. Is it 60%? 70%? [Reffering to seperate poll] They messed up. They hate that guy" [437] Angeleno makes a poll on his site, asking “Who would you most want as admin?”, a link to which is added to the top of the wiki, where DOLL quickly lead the polls as the most desired Admin.[Oh my science this is just like the 2016 Elections!]
  • September 18 - A soyteen eats a picture of Cobson.[438] Another soyteen flushes Flartson down the toilet.[439] Froot adds a terrible “reject X, embrace Y” banner.[it just is, ok?]
The 'party makes a three year anniversary video
  • September 19 - Happy 3rd birthday! (even doe it's on the 20th) In celebration of this event, many new banners are added, and a Disneyland Mickey Mouse ears hat[440] is put on threads. An SRG (Soy Reality Game) thread is made, which instructs the user to download a ZIP file for "free candy". This bricked many chuds' PCs as double clicking on the "Free Candy.cmd" file would delete Program Files (x86) from the hard drive. DilbertGOD cattywipes /a/. A user makes a (probably jocular) offer to buy the party, and Froot and Angeleno respond, the latter with seemingly genuine interest.[441] Angeleno posts a sticky for a Q&A involving himself, Froot, Root, and DOLL.[442] “🎉THREE YEARS!🎉” is added to the name field. In the Q&A, Doll claims that Chood is none other than Max, much to the ire of the Choodists.[443]
  • September 20 - A chud creates the "Sharty Hostility & Aggression Principle" (SHAP), a group of philosophical justifications for raids and doxes commited by the 'party, which encapsulate Liberal, Hegelian, Nietzschean, and Marxian perspectives; this is taken to be the formal begining of Soy Philosophy.[444] Porkbun drops[445], prompting fears of a second soypocalypse. The wiki, however, is moved to a new address. A faggot known as shokovy, who ruined many gemmy raids by snitching, spamming CSAM and trying to frame chuds for it has been half-exposed.[446] In the thread it was also shown that he's presumably associated with the infamous groomercord (see: May 12th) and also with Foodistzen.
  • September 21 - The multi-animator project is finished[447] and stickied by Root.[448] /soy/ raids a /v/ thread, causing multiple 4cuckers to seethe. One of them spotted the thread on /soy/ and began flooding it with AI-generated child porn to prove he has the moral highground.[449] The OP of the raid call deleted his own thread to prevent other 4cucks from doing the same.
  • September 22 - Froot announces that Google Ads are now on the 'ru, explaining this as a way to fund the 'ru, wiki, and 'party while also taking advantage of the normalGODs who only browse the former for "twittercoals" and "saltyjacks", and whom he perceives as being the least likely to have AdBlock installed. He also states that he intends to run ads on the sharty itself. However, these will use a "MANUALLY APPROVED self serve ad system," and so will be free from datamining.[450] The Anniversary Scuffle occurs. Five Nights at Cobson's devchads create a datamining thread for voicing over jumpscares. Several chuds submit voice recordings.[451]
  • September 23 - Root has a Q&A in /q/, with Froot also participating.[452][453].39293th q&a award A thread claiming to represent the Cult of Chood is posted on /soy/, declaring war against Froot,[454] with Choodists wiping /nate/ afterwards.[455] >OH MY ZELENSKYY THIS IS JUST LIKE WHEN SAURON INVADED MIDDLE EARTH IN LORD OF THE RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O
  • September 24 - A user discovers a CyberJobe meme from 2012; Froot considers making it an ad for merchandise, and another user adapts it into a proper Cobson 'toss.[456] A schizo claims that Thrembo is equal to eight.[457] Froot discovers that 'fe femchuds are posting their personal information in a thread on their website, and encourages soyteen to take advantage of their gullibility by trolling them. A 'fe queen posts in Froot's thread, and is then banned.[458]
  • September 25 - PowCaptcha doesn't work. As a result, /soy/ is locked for nearly 3 hours, while /qa/ is used as a bunker, with MANY users tripfagging, revealing how many would do so if given the chance. “Chood” is filtered to “Max”, and Froot deploys a frooty 4chan-style advertisements self-serve ad to /soy/ advertising self-serve ad space, much to the ire of Choodists. Angeleno announces that Porkbun has allowed to be put up, but that he will keep the wiki on, leaving as a redirect. In the same thread, he is mocked, and deletes it later, presumably from shame.[it just is, ok?]
  • September 29 - Froot stickies the Five Nights at Cobson's trailer on /soy/, much to the extremely positive reception of the site. [2] Some have hailed the game as the gem that saved the party.[459]
  • September 30 - Angeleno launched The Great Soysuit on Jarty because he is a selfish little fuck. However, after realizing he couldn't claim what was already in the public domain as his own (not to mention he had to dox himself tho), he backtracked the suit and stated that the content was still in the public domain. The j@rty wiki gets spammed with cados and blacked ads.

October '23

  • October 1 - While 4cucks wallow in the misery of their 20th anniversary,[460][461] /soy/ raids 4cuck's [s4s][462] and the 33000000 GET on /lgbt/ is stolen by a Flartson bot[463]. /soy/ temporarily gets a sticky where a chud does an AMA on a shit he took.[464]
  • October 2 - As development on Five Nights at Cobson's continues, a user suggests bringing FNAC to the attention of MatPat. In response, Froot announces "dont ask how, but i have a direct line of contact with this retard. I could send him a key."[465]
  • October 3 - Angeleno announces that he "will be making an announcement on October 9th 2023. This is about the future of the soyumverate[sic] and some other things."
  • October 4 - The Second Citrus Skirmish occurs, where limejaks fought to the death against orangejaks, with fears that it would become a second Battle of the Ridge, though these were dispelled. /soy/ is spammed with glowing emojis spam that caused lag on the entire board. The spammer is known to hate self-inserter posters on /soy/, this leads soyteen to begin blogposting at a higher rate then before in an attempt to make the spammer seethe, making him into a quasi lee.
  • October 6 - /soy/ raided a site called The site was brought down around 15 minutes into the raid. The 'party fucking breaks when a devoloper was trying to delete emojis, causing some letters to be fucked up in posts.[466] E = F.[467]
  • October 7 - A bot spams Yo Mama jokes on the site. The site gets DDoSed a couple times. Froot stickies a collabrative Halloween OC project.
  • October 8 - Angeleno makes a post announcing the transferral of SoyBooru from his servers to Froot's.[468] erm the 'ki started spinning. 'Cord tried to force a brimmy variant into the booru, and then the wiki. The original domain,, returns.[469]
  • October 9 - Froot adds advertisement banners to the sharty, including one that links to a crypto Discord[470], which sparks controversy over Froot breaking his own rule regarding promoting 'cords. Froot later reveals that the ad had "almost covered server costs for the month", and revealed his ultimate goal of having the sharty be "ad free" in 2024[471]. The server shits itself and posts take forever to upload and usually duplicate when they do. Angeleno announces his retirement as co-admin, marking the end of the Soyumvirate.[472] In his announcement thread he hosts a QNA where he reveals he attempted to buy the site from Soot for 600 dollars. 'ourt 'ase 1602, v. Ongezellig, is held, where it is debated whether or not 'zellig is sharty culture. After a lengthy debate, Judge Root comes to the conclusion that 'zellig is sharty culture, but only belongs in /qa/.[473]
  • October 10 - A message is placed at the top of the sharty, announcing three things: a future QNA with Soot, the return of DOLL as the main admin on Christmas Eve, and the creation of a new Dailyjak Telegram.[474] Froot later clarifies that he would not be stepping down and "isn't going anywhere", but that he would basically let Doll do whatever he wants with Froot being an "investor that's a part time orangefucker (nameGOD)".[475] Froot stickies a teaser for FNAC, which features two white pupils in complete darkness with the words "I'm still here" next to them. Brightening the image reveals Cobson saying "I'm still GOD here".[476] Ads disappear until an Anti-Frootist informs Froot of the mistake. [477]
  • October 11 - Turkey Tom uploads a reaction video to the unfinished Incredible Gassy MV (made by his editor chippledipple) on YouTube.[478] In response, someone posts a thread on /soy/ saying "its over" with an embed to the video. Chuds quickly get to work in the thread doxing Turkey Tom, where they eventually succeeded in finding his Facebook page[479]. The thread is stickied as Tom and his family private their Facebook accounts. A second teaser for FNAC is stickied by Froot, showing what appears to be a tranny bleeding from xer axewound with the caption "dilator broke?". Brightening the image reveals an additional caption: "he likes it better tighter".[480] The 5 Million GET on /soy/ was a Poog win.
  • October 12 - The search function is fixed. A third teaser for FNAC is stickied by Froot, this time featuring a gun up to a tranny's head with the caption: ""She"? Not today." When brightened, the image reveals a background image of a restraint chair, with the full caption being revealed to be "STOP HIS ESCAPE".[481]
  • October 13 - Friday the 13th OH MY PENNYWISE THIS IS JUST LIKE MY HECKIN 80S SLASHER MOVIES!!! The catalog is unusually brimmy, with many threads including 'cado, scat, pedophilia and bait being spammed. The babybot is unleashed again, after a short hiatus. Froot stickies the 4th FNAC teaser, which show a pair of scalpels with the caption "The truth will set you free". When brightened, it reveals that the scalpels are pointing at Cobson, with the full caption being "The truth will set back your freedom".[482]
  • October 14 - Froot stickies teaser #5 of FNAC, featuring Troonjak and Chud standing in complete darkness with the caption "Who else but...". Brightening the image and fucking with the contrast levels reveals Golden 'Plier.[483] A thread is made instructing users to NOT enlarge the attached mp4, as it will release a 2 petabyte zip bomb. Many open it and seethe at OP, making angry phoneposts now that their computers are broken.
  • October 15 - FNAC teaser #6 drops, depicting Impish Soyak Ears sticking his head out of a vent next to a box of Soylent, with the caption "Tread lightly". Brightening the image and fucking with the contrast reveals Doll's face as a mask worn by Cobson.[484] On /qa/, a user claiming to be Eduardo Foltz himself is relentlessly trolled and produces many ESL fails in the process.[485]
  • October 16 - A user writes a fanfiction piece starring Froot and der 'cord which gets stickied, and then later allegedly unstickied by Froot when he saw it.[486] /soy/ rolls for dubs in a thread to get their post histories leaked by Root, revealing some to be ponyfags or furries, including an incriminating /qa/ post from Root himself.[487] A thread is made to fill up a map of Europe with impmutts for every country present, eventually encompassing the Middle Eastern and North African countries on the map as well.[488]
  • October 18 - FNAC teaser #Ϫ drops, depicting Cobson in the mental asylum lobby. Brightening and fucking with the contrast reveals NOTHING, FUCK YOU.[489] A bot attacks the ‘arty spamming nonsense renditions of “Yo mama so fat that when she sat on the iphone it turned into an ipad” causing posting to be impossible.
'em on the 'ainesville
  • October 19 - Popular analog horror youtuber and recently trooned out troon MISTER MANTICORE (geg, mister) is doxed by the sharty. A chud visits his house and hand delivers a printed out 'jak informing him of said dox.[490]
  • October 20 - Froot announces the return of the Dailyjak, ran by Doll.[491]
  • October 21 - A 'cord that seems to be behind Roblox raiding[it just is, ok?] is leaked and moved to /q/ by Root. A 'cord slapfight ensues (LOL).[492]
  • October 22 - Post No. 5100000 stolen by lolicon, this is however disputed by the muttposters claiming it to have been them. Hyperjumper, creator of the famous ChudBob SoyPants is terminated from YouTube.
  • October 24 - A particularly brimmy day thanks to a broken log, server issues causing it to take forever to post, botspam,[493] and a ban evading 'corder spamming 'p. A thread is made to expose a 'cord pedo troon cabal uploading porn to the 'tube. It is referred to by OP as Operation Red Balloon. /cado/ gets silently readded to the board list.[494]
/soy/ becomes /mutt/
  • October 26 - A war erupts between muttposters and some autists posting a weird Mutt/Neutralplier hybrid to represent Euros, flooding the catty on /soy/ or something. Self inserters cry that they aren't the ones shitting up the 'log or something along those lines.[495][496] The anti-spam puts an end to it quickly by mass banning spammers, but innocent soyteens were caught in the crossfire. Chris Chan shoutouts "Cobscon" on stream, #HWABAG[497][498]
Five Nights At Cobson's
  • October 30 - /sneed/ gets deleted. Froot is suspected to be the culprit when soyteen notice /sneed/ and /nigger/ were both deleted without notice, with soyteens going on to riot for justice for the classic shitposting board and the Ice Spice fan forum.[499] Luckily, Angeleno had cloned the Sootbait thread to the /chive/ board[500] so the last Soot post is still alive on the website. FIVE NIGHTS AT COBSON'S IS RELEASED!! A fnac livestream happens being the first lets play, he was stuck on night 1 for a hour and then the stream got banned for having 'cado.
  • October 31 - A tweet is discovered in which Lev Myskin, voice actor of James Dean in the Monument Mythos series, attempts to get's domain dropped. A fat furry troon named The Magic Folf replies to this tweet and calls the sharty "off brand 4chan for idiots", only for his claim to be heckin DEBOONKED after he is doxed within 3 hours. Moderators officially endorse the dox and sticky the thread.[501] Hours later, Lev would be doxed himself.[502] There was also a bug where people could pretend to be moderators using inspect element.

November '23

  • November 1 - Soyteens start No NAS November. Earlier today the catalog was a jaw-dropping 6 HOURS behind.[503][504] A bot ravages /soy/, which makes you wonder, where are the euro jannies at?[505] A new board, /art/, is created.
  • November 2 - The FDL, Froot's new mod team and coal police, begins namefagging.
  • November 3 - No activity yet. Expecting that the 1103 Sonic 3 Prototype, lived for about 30 years.
  • November 4 - A chud makes a thread about having a PES football/soccer tournament, Froot later pins this thread and will host it via his computer.[506] The 'ru gets hit by a babybot-style script spamming comments with pornographic keywords and links to spam sites, causing severe lag. Soyteens raid [s4s] and wipe 4 pages.[507]
  • November 5 - A thread is made in which Notch, the creator of Minecraft, poses as the future admin of the Sharty; one soyteen then takes to Twitter to ask the real Notch if the thread is legitimate, and the game dev icon replies with "No". [508]
  • November 6 - Some soyteen is recorded (maybe in school) on the sharty,[509] the site is also unusable for the thrembillionth time. Some complete retard sends a bomb threat to a Japanese high school to try and get the news to say cobson and a ligma joke. Froot then leaks his IP.[510] Froot makes a thread saying that FNAC had been removed from and that it was falsely flagged as a virus.
  • November 7 - Turns out FNAC is down do to the "muh hecken transphobic hate speech" (even doe xer only hangs himself if youre a tranny hater chud who cant shine his flashlight). The hacker known as sharty raids a /bant/ splinter website called bantculture locked behind a password with the help from frogCHADS, forcing jannies to change it multiple times and then finally take the whole website down.[511] The Booru goes 404.[512]
  • November 8 - FNAC is back up, download link is available directly on the Sharty. Soyteens attempt to raid various Jackbox streams, some being more successful than others. "Green Text Madness" spreads and infects various /soy/ threads. A debate is had whether this wiki is about Soyjaks or the Sharty and if NAS articles should be removed. (It’s about the Sharty, according to the website's own description, TAKE YOUR MEDS!) (<— even though if it was, it would be called “sharty wiki”, retard.) (<— even though the site is called and the domain is implying that this wiki is about Soyjak Party.)
  • November 9 - Some soyteens attempt to raid the Glitch X event, but failed to break through the stream's filters. Other soyteens also took to Glitch Production's Xwixxer where they spammed the replies of Glitch X posts, some trannies noticed and were traumatized. FrogGODS and a Raggedy Ann whitepiller demoralized the soyteens in the Glitch X thread, which caused a large wave of gore spam in the raid thread and some /co/ threads. Since a handful of trannies were traumatized, the Glitch X raid could be considered a modest victory, since it made entire discord servers mad and also mobilized assblasted frogcels to do damage control.
  • November 10 - /soy/ gets botted by wojak spammers. The developers install HCaptcha on /soy/. Sometime around this day, Angeleno gets possibly doxed by 'cordniggers, whether the dox is real or not is unknown, though his reaction around it in this wiki (check out his most recent edits) implies it probably is real.
  • November 11 - The Sharty mysteriously goes down for a whole day.
  • November 12 - Sharty returns. Some troon named Caltrop kills xhemself and a memorial site is posted where other troons can post weird schizo babble. Soyteens eventually gem it up.[513]
  • November 13 - Post 5300000 is a Swedish Win.
  • November 14 - The day the two first digits of unix time changed to 17. Soyteens try to get as close as possible to the GET number, and try to find whoever got the closest.[514]
  • November 15 - A frognigger posted 'p and it is left up for 15 minutes with jannies only deleting the image until they delete the entire thread 10 minutes later. It reached an accumulated 100+ replies as retards bumped the child pr0n. Frogniggers and 'corders also spam /soy/ with invite links. Jannies attempt damage control and delete any mention of them leaving it up for 30 minutes, Root responds on the board sticky saying that this is something the admins and mods always did.[it just is, ok?] Post 5333333 is "aaaa".
  • November 16 - A chud somehow manages to reply to a locked mod sticky with a baiterald.[it just is, ok?] Froot later says it was a rogue janny.
  • November 18 - The Sharty completely freezes for 3 hours for an unknown reason, briefly unfreezes, then freezes again. Froot filters the letter "A" to "POOPOOPEEPEE, causing mixed reactions within the userbase.[515] MEDS NOW this NEVER HAPPENED. Froot did add a bajillion Christmas themed filters doebeit. Booru comes back online or so i've been told.
  • November 19 - Multiple Jakbox raid threads get spammed to death despite jannies' best efforts. Chuds dox a pedophile, scammer and blacklisted vtuber twitch streamer called FalterXV (Real name James Alexander Colwell, Age 32, Apartment number 1101, The Glen Apartments, San Bernardino, California), who then proceed to crash xis stream and send xis dox (however those posted said dox were then muted) and a 'za was sent which he bought KEK! CeceFem also seemingly leaves the internet and deletes xheir 'cord and leaves with a final QnA explaining xheir departure due to "harassment" (by chuds obviously). Soyteens are skeptical of this move and continue xheir search for CeceFem to dox xhem. It is also assumed that CeceFem might -ACK soon. Soyteens discover Goonclown's new alt.
  • November 20 - A jackbox thread was made with initial success, but then a single snitch derailed the thread.[516]
  • November 21 - The Poopson prophecy is debunked when the 5400000 GET is achieved. Or was it?[517]
  • November 24 - Chuds found the password to a Twitter account owned by a commiepedotroon and Undertale modder, BlaizeMayes, who was arrested for trading 'p. Chuds gained access to the account and began chudding it up by posting /caca/eralds and 'cados, which was so gemmy that it brought the attention of Ruben Sim. During the raid it was also discovered that this troon exchanged photos of xis dick in the DMs. Unfortunately, the account eventually got suspended due to Twitter trannies dilating too hard.[518]
  • November 25 - The sharty doxed the creator of Wojak Paradise and manage to take the website down.[519]
  • November 26 - A user makes a thread about how they showed their college professor the soyjak wiki page for Kuz.[520] A partially successful raid on a subreddit called r/sillygirlclub is initiated, but later foiled by the same jackbox snitch. A poster later confirms that the Wojak Paradise raid from the day before resulted in the owner completely banning the 'cord server and website.[521] The Paradise is planned to be relegated to a simple subsection of a private 'cord server, and while still up, is barely functioning with dead social media links. If downed, this could be the second non-altchan site taken down by a raid since the r/196 booru raid months ago.
  • November 27 - Despite a full dox not happening (yet), the sharty's datamining of Nemlei causes her to remove all her online presence, for much seething on the 'cuck.[522] The seething from the 'cuck eventually spreads to Xwixxer, where it catches the attention of prominent tranime slop consumer, loliphile, and incestfag Rev Says Desu. The sharty moves to dox Rev.
  • November 28 - Chaos from the half dox continues, multiple youtube videos are made, with one youtuber mistakenly calling the 'sharty "Snarky Snappy". Froot starts schizoposting about watching paint dry in the announcement blotter.
  • November 29 - Nemlei AKA Sini Meskus gets doxed by a soyteen who found her old deviantart accounts from like 2013 or something. See The Coffin of Andy and Leyley#November 29th revelations.
  • November 30 - A user rediscovered the old baby.exe virus made in spring.[523] Some chuds plan to release it as a fake game or leaked COAL chapter 3. /soy/ raids an IShowSpeed clone streamer, leading to some gems and him playing FNAC.[524] A board dedicated to him is also made, which lacks a catty for some reason.[525][526] A separate streamer is raided who for some reason gives everyone mod and people naturally chud it up with subtle references. He then insults the soyteens remaining after the stream end and talks about how he's jerking it. Soyteens try to convince him to play FNAC, but the streamer for some reason thinks that the chat is botted and full of spooky hackers because everyone kept on spamming phrases related to Cobson. He then insults Cobson and calls him a bitch. 'teens find that the streamer put his apartment on his twitter account, and soon enough dox both of his parents, find his real name and Linkedin. People start calling him on stream as he put his real number on the stream and either try to negotiate with him to play FNAC, call him a nigger, or try to explain how sacred Cobson is. A 'zellig nigger then lies by saying that Cobson and FNAC have 'p. He then calls soyteens pedophiles, then shuts down the stream.

December '23

  • December 1 - A chud leaks the passwords to several e621 accounts on /raid/.[527] Those accounts get permabanned quickly, doughsoëverbeït. Rev says 'p gets doxed on his wedding day.[528] The thread was stickied, and 'p spam from butthurt pedoshits hit the board when the thread got pinned. This was because VPN blocking for file uploads was off, and the 'p images are now hashbanned. A soyteen is accidentally given complete access to a crypto wallet worth millions.[he just was, okay?] Another soyteen steals [s4s]’s 11200000 GET.[529] And the booru is down (again).
  • December 2 - Froot adds gemmy Christmas-themed wordfilters and CSS, and changes the sitename on the front page to "Jolly Ol'". The default poster name also changes to "Good Little Chud". A new board is also added: /np/ - The north pole. It is claimed by Frqqt that Kuz is actually a 19-year old, named "Carter", from Tampa, FL,[530] who is employed by a local pet shop.[531] This event would be foreshadowing for what went down the next day... Doll does an Q&A, plays tf2 with some soyteens on some random server while answering questions from a cytube and google forum. After Doll leaves, Froot plays some videos from the 'party 'chive channel on the cytube. Some 'p spammer then floods the chat, and the cytube then ends.
  • December 3 - A group of newfags raid Frog Pond because they discovered some members of the board had been bot spamming the 'arty. Soyteens then proceeded to greatly annoy the two (maybe five) frogniggers awake at the ass crack of dawn. At one point a piece of their (likely fake) software breaks and a dev posts about it, and soyteens then proceed to mock the dev. Soyteens also out frogniggers as trannies (no surprise). It all ended when the soyteens remembered to take their meds. No one particularly cared. The thread attempting to gain information on Carter/Kuz[532] mysteriously gets deleted, probably a leftover coalyma mod who is still loyal to him, we're in a civil war now, just like muh heckin' marvel movie! The sharty freezes and the site goes down entirely later in the day. It was highly suspected that Carter/Kolyma was involved. Soyteens raid streamer, IShowSpeed clone and attention whoring faggot Racerneem again by sending pizzas to his dad's house (geg, still has a father figure). Afterwards, his dad calls him on stream and said someone ordered 60 dollars worth of 'zas, which prompts him to go through a meltdown and spawn one of the gemmiest spergeralds caught on camera. >Oh my heckin' mootykins this is just like le jessi slaughter! Also amidst the spergout he reveals that his mom hanged herself when he was 6, although this was merely a tactic to make soyteens pity him. Froot makes a thread asking if he should send 'za's to Neem out of pity. Later, a premiere called 'I Should Have Never Became a Youtuber" is made, and is a chimpout claiming that a soyteen sent "60 fucking pizzas" to his dad, allegedly "made a bomb threat to his teacher" and "got him swatted".[533][534] Froot and Doll participated in the raid.
  • December 4 - Ultradan plays FNAC again.[535][536] The GTA VI trailer is prematurely released and becomes the main topic of posts on /soy/ for the rest of the day.[537][538]
  • December 5 - Doll makes the new board /jak/ - Jaks and Discussion with the description "Only open for a few hours a night". The board is described as meant to seperate the effortpost suggestions from the complaints about moderation on /q/.[539] /caca/boreans steal the first ten GETs. Some soyteens find alleged images of Carter/Kuz, and attempt to 'jak them.[540][541] Froot deletes /incel/.[542][543]
  • December 6 - 5555555 GET is achieved by a moetroon spamming "HWABAG".[544] A janny then deletes the GET post for "ban evasion."
  • December 7 - RacerNeem has another stream where he insults all soyteens raiding him for using an imageboard, believing such communication to be primitive. He also demonstrates that he doesn't know anything about how the internet works (he doesn't know what a ddos is and he doesn't know that everything is hosted on a server somewhere). His Dad allegedly got swatted. The sharty claims GETs 72999999 and 73000000 from /fit/.[545] An 11 year old soyteen makes a thread shilling his coal YouTube video but gets scared by the replies trying to 'ox him and runs away.[546] Popular xitter artist TinaFate1 is doxed.[547]
  • December 8 - The sharty got flooded by a donald trump bot. The sharty may have assisted in the glowies’ taking down a "gay furry hacker group."[548]
  • December 9 - Not much happens but a /caca/poster stole Endchan's 10000 GET on its /genshin/ board.[549]
  • December 10 - A soyteen on /qa/ creates a friend for Soy-tan, named Sproke-tan.[550] Several boards are deleted.[551]
  • December 11 - The main domain temporarily goes out, but stays up.[it just is, ok?] /soy/ raids r/teachers by larping as confused teachers talking about their fictional students using 'oyspeak slang.[552][553] A snitchtroon then tells the moderators and posts start to get deleted.
>Good afternoon, /söy/. Epik has decided to drop the "soyjä" domain, so following this, I have pulled down
  • December 12 - ARE YOU READY FOR ZE NEW VVORLD ORDER Epik domains had a "power change" and the backup domain "" and even "" were dropped at once. This causes Angeleno to pull down the domain and reinstates the wiki's doxing ban, scrapping all info about doxing on this wiki. In response to 'leno's rulecucking, Froot states "Angeleno go take your hrt we're not banning 'oxxing. I’ll look into a better registrar".[554][555][556] A spammer starts posting links to a supposed German 'p site with a login, however, the site is most likely a honeypot to catch actual predators. Thankfully no real 'p was posted, the real CP spammers were probably too busy gooning in their discord in celebration of shutting the backup domain down. Disregard that, after one very curious soyteen logged into the site, it was confirmed that it was in fact not a honeypot but an actual 'p hosting site with videos for pedophiles. The spam lasted nearly an hour until jannies woke up.
  • December 13 - The entire website is excluded from the Wayback Machine, meaning that other 'chives will have to be used from now on.[557][558] A reminder to use multiple 'chives in case one goes down.
  • December 14 - FNAC has been approved for release! A thread on /raid/ targeting the infamous sick pedophile[559] porn-animating Korean faggot "minus8" (who also drew CP of baby Mario, yeah, it was something that tantalized the community.) causes said animator to make a community post on the 'tube announcing that he "thinks he became the target of the soyjak party" and "will live quietly now sorry" causing lots of seethe and confusion among his coomerfag audience.[560] A couple of jartyfags in the thread started suggesting that the pedophile draw soytan art not realizing he's a degenerate coomer pedophile faggot. He ended up reading the wiki page for Cobson and watching the "I Love Cobson" video on stream and makes an awful brimstone female version of cobson that hurts to look at[561]. One of minus8's fans described the situation as "a bunch of children harassing a guy to draw their favorite skibidi toilet". The site gets spammed with nonsense dust yet again and becomes complete unusable brimstone, which was made by the gibberish waller a misspelled variation of "Gaslighting is not going to save your dumb ass, kike. The Goyim fucking know… run". Bravo Troot. A 'jakker announces he has vandalised some communist poster he kept seeing with Cobson stickers.[562] The OP said "Last summer, I moved to Cambridge MA. And every day, as I walk into Harvard Square from the direction I live in, there have been these two annoying pro-Communist posters that've stared me in the face since I got here. I can't avoid walking by the damn things when I'm in that area. And when coupled with all the other hyper-leftie stuff that unfortunately plagues this town, they started to really get on my nerves. So last month, I finally decided to do something about them, and got some cheap cobson stickers off of Redbubble. Thought you guys might enjoy."[563] The creator of, a website we use to dox trannies, puts up his own wiki page[564] proof being he makes a page on the site: ',' which is a gem I guess.
  • December 15 - R.I.P. Squirreljak. He never made it to page 40, OR DID HE?[565] Minus8 claims he would willingly hand himself over to police, albeit this is likely a lie in order to get chuds to stop datamining his shit.[it just is, ok?]
  • December 16 - Froot announces a crackdown on doxing threads.[566]
  • December 17 - Some soyteen is producing a webseries called ''Jakworld'' with impjak being their protagonist. You can see the teaser here.[567] During Euro hours/midnight US hours, Some neutralpliershitterFAGGOT FUCKED A HORSE ON HIS GRANDPAS FARM AND POSTED PICTURES OF IT (probably a scumbag mlp fan, Lee was right). The thread was rightfully deleted, but neutralfags, bronies, and yuropoor posters have hit a new low. This incident happened by the way and I did NOT hallucinate this. (also enjoy your horse aids neutralfaggot). 'teens start investigating the audio of a creepy 5 second edit of the lawnmower man which dated back to April 12th; panic ensues when OP suggests a 'p link is embedded into the audio. This was fact checked and proven false but the thread did start being spammed with a very disturbing scat video.[568][569] The Coffin of Andy & LeyLey Wiki gets bombed with ropejaks once again, and one EDiot replaced all main page images with nonsense, causing the admins to lock down the 'ki for good. Soyteens post their faces in a selfie thread (again).[570]
  • December 18 - /soy/ discovers a fanfiction on AO3, which features Cobson.[571] An adventure thread titled Soystein's Redemption: Retake the Asylum is started.[572]
  • December 20 - /soy/ wipes 1 1/2 pages off /bant/.[573] The last octuplets GET on /b/ for the year, 911111111, are taken as well.[574][575]
  • December 21 - Soyteens steal the 65000000 GET on /vt/ in yet another sharty victory.[576]
  • December 22 - /raid/ers manage to find the longitude and latitude of where minus8 posted a picture on twitter. This is a massive lead to the ongoing raid. /raid/ers also start emailing animation companies around Seoul asking if they recognize the emails, birthday, or animation style of minus8. Some soyteens fuck with /pol/tards using a gemmy bait 'pasta. The entire ordeal was a gem, with /pol/tards still being baited after one of them found out a very obvious "hidden" 'plier.[577][578] Root finally makes a statement on some of the calls to make the 'sharty age restricted and ban underage users on /q/ and officially rejects it, saying that such a restriction would kill the 'sharty, though he claims that it's up to Froot to create a banner warning underage users.[579]
  • December 23 - Froot is considering making his own archive for the site.[580] Annoying Orange creator Dane Boedigheimer is doxed less than 24 hours after he announced his troonout. [581] Some nerd does a letsplay of FNAC and says it's the 'worst FNAF fangame' in the title. Soyteens CIU the comments and he later changes it to 'best' and follows his analytics page to the sharty where he actually compliments the game. The QAfe almost ruined the fun but they were too late.[582]
  • December 24 - Angeleno retires from soyjak wiki.[583] /lgbt/ 34M GET is a /qa/ win[584][585] A real life soyjak streams FNAC.[586] Tripfagging and namefagging is silently added back on all boards except the first three boards on the site header, /q/, /soy/ and /qa/. DOLL returns as site administrator, alongside Froot.[587]
Operation 9/11
  • December 25 - Merry Christmas!Nate Higgers” trends on Xwitter,[588] with the (former) 2024 Republican election candidate, Tim Scott, acknowledging such.[589] Operation 9/11 sets it’s sights on coomer multi-millionaire Twitch streamer Asmongold who defended Nemlei against “Twitter psychos” for doxing xer. He is doxed within 3 hours. (even though it was through finding a readily-available dox post on 4chan even though we still would have found his stuff anyways)[590] A soyteen leaks the info of someone at his school for liking some twitter furry meme. Chuds then get into the account and began to spam several teacher's inboxes, and wipe stuff from the account such as the google drive. Insanity ensues as OP begins to worry that the feds will hunt him down and panics. The thread gets locked and is moved to /raid/. The account's password is changed and soyteens begin to complain to the school about the incident.[591] Soyeens discover an ancient trollface edit, in spirit reminiscent of a ‘jak, depicting the polish faggot who popularized wojak on Krautchan; the thread’s OP christens it the first soyjak.[592]
  • December 27 - A disclaimer is added to the Rules page: "The party may contain posts, threads, and content which is shocking or vulgar in nature. You WILL not use the site if you are considered a minor in your country." A user browses the site from a wii.[593]
  • December 28 - The bulgarian ban-evading schizo starts spamming /soy/ with a 'cord screenshot of Froge[594] with the intent of getting jannies to delete the page off the 'ki. Instead the janny hashbans the image and repeatedly bans the multiple used mobile ISP IPs. The disclaimer from yesterday is removed.[595] /soy/ gems up thousands of pages on WikiFur,[596][597] and the thread later devolved into an argument. A user shares a disturbing bone-chilling slowburn vision they saw regarding the future.[598]
  • December 29 - Angeleno and DOLL do a Q&A.[599] Some soyteen try to raid thefrogpond, mass demoralization in the form of soyquoters, frogposters and 'p spammers occur ITT.[600] 3333333 GET on /vrpg/ is achieved by sharty.[601]Thread on the /q/ board simply asking to add back /ef/ desolves into; A. Some schizo off his meds accusing literally everyone of being a "NewtrOOn polwhiner" leading to some gemmy responses from the 'teens that baited him B. A faggot posting raceporn C. Millions of soyquotes and insults being thrown at eachother.
  • December 30 - Drama on the 'craft, threads are probably still there on /craft/ if you wish to see what retarded shit went on.
  • December 31 - New Year wordfilters are briefly added. The Christmas theme, wordfilter, and /np/ are removed.


January '24

Goodnight sweet prince
  • January 1 - /ohio/ is re-added. A /soy/teen creates The Mutt Filter™, which translates all your posts into muttspeak.[602] (LINK) 'Sharty steals the 7000000 GET on /ic/.[603]. Brimstone Winter 2024 begins.[604] The /q/ board was flooded with bbc porn for 2 hours because only root, doll and froot can remove posts on there.
  • January 2 - The “famous” Willy on wheels bot hits the 'ki. A Xwixtard tranny snitch named Liz, who is best known for harrassing our service provider to get our site taken down, attempted to release xer heckin' super scary A24 uncanny liminal horror l33t epic dark web h4x0r botneterino onto the site with the intent to crash it, which of course failed (which is a massive understatement). Users hardly noticed the bot and just saw xheir posts as standard blogposts which are common anyways. Liz has proven xhemselves to be the most retarded tranny in the history of soylent (btw "liz" the only thing that "botnet" of yours is doing is increasing our PPH rate). A user sets up three posters advertising the site.[605][606][607] /soy/ gets spammed by some bbc tranny, probably spillover from a /pol/ failraid thread... Froot changed his capcode to Chud ## Epstein after a user sarcastically suggested the name during the /q/ spam.[608][609] A user also leaked Froot's discord messages but Doll deleted the screenshots. A thread is made on /soy/ announcing the death of Poog.[610] First thought to be a hoax, ROOT posts in the thread confirming it’s real.
  • January 3 - Doll locks /int/ with the intent of merging it with /pol/ (/interpol/ project), causing gemmy seethe from /int/niggers. This, however, leads to /int/ellectuals culturally enriching /pol/ to a point where /pol/niggers themselves start seething about the merge. In the words of one of the locals: ">im done with this place btw. kike it up as much as you want".[611] This pretend slapfight (as most of the posters were clearly in it just to bait and shitpost) between /int/cels and /pol/cels made the board faster than /soy/ at some points. A new board is added, /qa2/ - Questions and Answers, with the caption "open until I get home", which is later changed to "TRUMPFLARE FIREWALL BYPASSED BY Benjamin "Inter" Net and Yahoo! Inc. Reflorinate your tap water, The Red Wave Has Dried Up. The Deep Purple State is In Control. "President" Trump and Clinton being held in West Wing Secret Office. GCP dot has reached record highs. INVEST IN YOUR COUNTRY: BUY LEGAL TENDER #WWGQA2WGA Find God in Religion Sandy Hook crisis actor SPEAKS OUT, KILLED IN NEW MASS SHOOTING funded BY BIDENOMICS... GO BROWNS".[612][613][614] It gets closed within the next day.
  • January 4 - A FNAC dev asks /soy/ to write mutt voicelines for DOLL to record and it gets stickied.[615] Root quotes a frogposter in a /q/ thread with an image of pepe and an actress that gets reverse searched by the filename on a 4chan archive. It brought up a 2017 post of a UK flag complaining about shills in /pol/ that the frogposter quoted in the thread[616], the post was deleted and then the whole /q/ thread 404'd soon after.[it just is, ok?] /q/ is also flooded by people demanding /int/ to be unlocked, which eventually happens.
  • January 5 - A message appears in the blotter: "The site will be shutting down for tommorrow as a memorial for the victims of january 6th."[617] Some ISISfag starts spamming links to bomb-making instructions, and a thread is made in which chuds discuss bomb-making. Uncle Ted would be proud. /soy/ raids a 4cuck related dating app called Duolicious, which turns out to be so dead that Soyteens quickly become the majority of users on it. One OMGXISA gets rizzed up and discovers the sharty.[618] Some offsite faggot makes a thread saying "If this thread gets 1000 posts in one day Doll must add /fap/". The OP of said thread then proceeded to samefag 1000 replies for the next few hours.
  • January 6 - The site doesn't go down like the blotter message said it would. A counter-thread againts the /fap/faggot is created saying that if it gets 1000 replies in 1 day Doll must not add the board and it not only reaches the 1000 reply goal but also surpasses the /fap/ thread in reply count[619]. (It doesn't really matter though because Doll never added his shitty board anyways). The /fap/tard spergs out and samefags a bunch of threads begging mods to add a porn board to the soy boy woah jack website as if there aren't like 11 4cuck boards you can go to if you want (((porn))).
  • January 8 - Some obssessed sperg (probably just another snitchbitch made a post on a bunch of tranny subreddits "exposing" FNAC as a "nazi supremacist racist video game"[620] The mass of offsite brimstone posters and pedophiles including ponyfags, furtrannies, shitzelligtrannies, and all the other NAS beasts of burden known as /qa/ start advertising the site to 8chan pedophiles, so expect 'p spam and more loli posting soon. Great going, you faggots.[621] Two-dozen or so soyteens raid Woozworld, some online roleplaying game full of e-daters and faggots. The game is inactive, so inactive atleast a quarter of the active players were soyteens. The raid is a success with rooms being flooded and spammed. [622] 6000 GET on /caca/ is reached.[623]
The "Jar"
  • January 10 - The Jarboy Incident: A thread made on January 6 holding a prophecy following the spam of a mysterious user merely referring to himself as "J." J had replied to almost every thread on the 'log with a filled or empty jar, with the text "filled" or "empty." Notably, the text would be the opposite of the jar's content, as if the jar image was full, the post would have the text "empty. -J" The January 6 thread began with the following text: "so you wish to know... fill or empty? haha... you silly jarboy... you know what coming soon." Chuds began asking J what was going on and what the thread meant, but J only had one reply: "he is coming... then we will FEED... us jarfeeders... united... jarboy coming... he will come to us... may 5th 2024... great times ahead... i cannot tell further SORRY". After a few hours, the original J thread was deleted for reasons unknown. After a 'jakker made a complaint over at /q/, Froot answered with a 'cado and deleted his thread soon after. Two new threads were made on January 10.[624][625] Doll commented on the thread as well.[626] Froot announces an archive called is in the works and stickies a thread asking /soy/ for help.[627] During a raid on a groomer subreddit called r/peepeeshart, /soy/ discover's that many of the jannies who moderate that subreddit also moderate r/196, three moderators of r/196 are then doxed by the sharty. Massive VVIN against redditors, and another step towards TTD. A /soy/teen gets a public ban for: (USER WAS BANNED FOR BEING A RETARDED FAGGOT)
  • January 11 - Some schizo begins spamming "Devin says/doesn't say this" under every new thread on /soy/. A certain frogposter (identified by his descriptive filenames which refer to his soyjaks as "soicucks") begins soyquoting every single thread on the catalog, which snowballs into more people doing so until eventually, for the first time in months, the number of green arrows on /soy/ reaches over 1000.[628] Another adventure thread is started.[it just is, ok?]
  • January 12 - LeadPipe Images, (Powerword: Brayden Coleman, the twitter account who posts lots of r/196 grooming-tier MKULTRA-style mind-altering hazards labeled as "memes" in an attempt to groom more and more kids into their fetishes) posts a series of tweets suggesting his followers mass-report the 'party for "harrasing" him (even doe he was literally begging for it by consistently tweeting about the site and saying "I find your efforts hilarious, and I can't wait for the free pizzas! 😊 🍕",[629] . He also advises users to spam /raid/ with a reddit image of a monkey drinking soda, but nothing ever happens. The tweets gain over 30k views and over 1K likes. Aside from that more soyquote spam.
  • January 13 - /soy/ decides what happens to a map of Europe.
Hello Sharty
  • January 14 - A thread is made on /soy/ by a self-proclaimed survivor of the 4th soyvil war who claims to be from the future, warning that Poopson will come out at 11:33pm EST time, and that the sharty is in it's last hours. The thread devolves into arguing, soyduels, discussions about the future of the site, 'jakkers saying their goodbyes, and other stuff.[630] Doll ends up replying in the thread.[631][632] ϪOOT comes back from the future to ban OP and contain the Poopson threat. OP then posts a picture of the ban and accidentally leaks his own IP. OP is probably fine tho since sharty comes to their senses and wonders why they would dox one of their own. At 11:33, /soy/ started being spammed with a bunch of variant:unknowns, NAS, bait, and other brimstone.[633]
  • January 15 - Froot’s thread asking /soy/ for help in building an archive is un-stickied. SPVA makes a post on /craft/ asking for clips of the soycraft server.[634] A user starts editing people's 'jaks and making them look black or chinese, saying "Here's what he'll look like if he was black or Chinese".[635] Someone starts a raid on some literally who altchan centered around the "Old ROBLOX Community", It took less than 13 minutes for the 'MTcord to wake up. About 20 minutes later, some 'cordnigger posts 'p on 7chan's /b/, causing the raid to end prematurely. Froot makes a thread showing off his Pornhub account, stating that "i forgot i had an account, thanks for reminding me to update my playlists". It's unknown if he made the accounts himself or if sharty users started signing his e-mail up for porn sites (Froot's email is on a sticky on /soy/) and Froot just went along with the joke. It's also revealed that his email is signed to two other porn sites, and Froot later states "wait cant i jsut change the passwrod sicne he used my email, i should upload SMVs on pornhub".[636] A new post is added to the stickied thread on /soy/, stating "New guidelines for janitors going out tonight - Reversal of the "coal police" initiative - Relaxing enforcement of rules 5 and 7 - Re-training "FDL" and new janitors on the new standard. Overall goals should be seeing less random deletions and bans (especially permas) and more of janny doing what he should be doing, i.e enforcing rules 1/2/3."[637]
  • January 16 - Both the 5999999 and 6 million GETs on /soy/ were NAS tranime coal, with the 6M GET requesting this wiki be deleted.[638] Users call this “The second truly wasted GET”, just behind the 1M GET (albeit the 2M GET was arguably worse).
  • January 17 - /soy/ gets wiped by random full-body neutralplier spam, which caused the jannies to ban the posters for wiping the catalog before the catty wipe thread was removed. /soy/ raids /po/ together with wrestling fans from /pw/, 5 pages were wiped.[639]
/soy/'s field trip to India
  • January 18 - SoyBooru was taken down[it just is, ok?] and now redirects to a page called "Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page". This is due to server migration, as a message appears in the blotter: "Booru is down because we are migrating servers. the party should never go down when the swtich happens". A soyteen suffers from a severe rash.[640] R00t appears in a "janny only" thread and answers some questions, revealing his favorite animal is "sexy poodle" and that froot doesn't buy xim hot pockets. Froot then appears and wishes a soyteen good night.[it just is, ok?] Indiachan is raided, which leads to a /soy/ board being added on the site.[641]
  • January 19 - The sharty ends up going down for maintenace as the servers are migrated, despite it being said that would not happen. Going to the sharty resulted in a 521 error. The site returns with the blotter message "WERE BACK (probably for like 5 minutes or something) TAKE YOUR MEDS!!!!!!!!!!". The site freezes during that timeframe. Another sticky on /soy/[642] and another on /fnac/.
  • January 20 - Studio Massa's (the creator of ongezellig) full name is leaked on /soy/, and chuds find his deviantart account from 2011 showing that he was a furry artist and brony (SOMEBODY CALL LEE) who drew lots of somewhat suggestive furry art when he was a teen, along with a face reveal.[643][644] A sticky on /soy/ stating "we need some musicGODS for FNAC. yes you will be paid for your work if it is used in the game."[645] /soy/ raids Chris-Chan's stream and blows some money on super chats to get him to say things like "Cobson is a gem" and "I love soy milk", among other things.[it just is, ok?] The Jacksonville Dollar General mass shooter chud from April 2023's manifesto is relased to the public, and it's revealed that it contains TND and chudjak memes, with one chudjak wearing a /soy/ shirt. This leads many to believe that he was a sharty user, or at least knew about the site. This revelation brought back discussion of the Anti-teen theory. A soyteen hosted a "raid" inviting /soy/ to form a corporation on the MMORPG Eve Online to start killing shit for salteralds. A few soyteens join from the thread.[it just is, ok?]
  • January 21 - "Slim Shady" posts in a locked thread discussing the anti-'teen theory.[646] The Ham Ass-Israel conflict spills over onto /soy/. BBC and Blacked images were embedded inside aryanjaks, causing a minor identity issue. Froot posts a thread of an orange Kubota skid loader, in which he admits he's into gambling and had a pill habit.[647][648]
  • January 22 - After a week of pure coal, /soy/ discusses creating a potential splinter site called "" Users argue over which logo to use.[649] Eventualy the site gets made, spammed by 'cord, and locked by the admin for a while. Who could've seen this coming?
  • January 23 - A German soyteen gets in legal trouble for posting a copypasta in a YouTube video comment section.[650] /soy/ starts arguing over whether or not gore/racebait/porn should be allowed on the site. The argument got intense with both sides giving some good points, until the threads were removed. After this, Froot makes a thread asking /soy/ if the DNB shock image should be banned or not. After around 600 replies, Froot decides to proceed with banning the image, mainly because its a forced discord meme and the site is called not The splinter site created yesterday gets mysteriously botted with posts claiming to be a raid from TheFrogPond, despite frogpond users claiming its not. Users start receiving bans for even mentioning the new site. It's probably some FDL psy-op, or something.
    Everything on the sharty is spinning.
    The site then kills itself and goes down, likely due to all of the server hosting budget being spent on figuring out how to spin images. The /soy/ EVE online corp grabbed some rustbucket Thrasher destroyers, went into nullsec, and came back with loot from a retarded hauler found on a gate.[651] Two pods were also destroyed,[652] but sadly no salteralds were mined due to the local nullfags not speaking english. The sharty's home page freezes for a while. A red feraljak balloon appeared on the top left corner of the site for a little while.[it just is, ok?]
Mr. L
  • January 24 - Froot pins a thread on /soy/ announcing a sharty mobile app is in the works, and asks for suggestions. He says the app will be android-only because "im not buying a iSoy and paying $100 to publish on the goy store."[653] Later Froot pins a thread of YouTuber Mr. L (pronouns are soy/soyself you heckin bigot incel chud!) playing FNAC.[654] Froot states Mr. L is "playing an updated full version, as far as he knows the game is completely different. I didnt tell him anything besides "here have a key, no need to make a vid, but if you do just tell the soyim to wishlist it." Nights 2 and onward were made way harder.[655]
Gigachad Day
  • January 25 - The site gets temporarily taken down by Omocat, the creator of OMORI;[656] a blotter is added which reads: "We got booted from the new host because a person (Tiffany C. Liao, AKA OMOCAT, creator of Omori) reported us, she can be reached at 626-378-9957 or [email protected], if you prefer to personally share your thoughts via correspondance,[sic] you are welcome to do so at 748 S Corrida Dr Covina, CA 91724. Sorry for all the downtime :D"[657] A GigaChad style is made default,[658] and /soy/ - Soyjaks gets renamed to /soy/ - Gigachads. Since there is no evidence yet which confirms Omocat xerself was the one who reported, there is the possibility that it was the work of an 'mori obsessed jartytroon false flagging as omocat (or the result of Froot not taking his sproke 'n meds.)
  • January 26 - A message in the blotter reads: If you got banned for ban evasion randomly, clear your cache then send in an appeal and check back in about an hour.[659] The Brazilian Vice-President posts soyjaks on Twitter as a means of political propaganda, with the posts receiving tens of thousands of views.[660][661] The site freeze-drieda round six times throughout the day. Froot releases a "final verdict" on gore and racebait, deciding to restrict such material to /floyd/ only.[662]
The Thunberg hack
  • January 27 - The day begins with more site freezes early in the morning. When the site unfreezes, various new boards were created and deleted throughout the day. Svante Thunberg's (Greta Thunberg's father) Twitter account gets hacked by a 'jakker, who then posts a crying wojak edit of Greta along with the text "stupid bitch aspergers".[663] The hacker also proceeds to make a post featuring Cobson with the text "COBSON FUCKING WON", and changes the account profile picture to a Yao Ming edit of Smugjak.[664] The hacker also leaks the account's DMs, and sends Greta herself three provocative direct messages. The account ends up getting banned.
  • January 28 - The site surpasses 7 million posts. Soyteens raid a notorious Garry's Mod/Second Life griefer's stream and cause massive rage from his fans and from the streamer Daniel himself in game and the DNSL discord. Controversy after the raid spawns due to some of the participants being offsiters shadows over the raid. Doll comments on the thread as well and states his dislike for the streamer. The site has been taken down (Error 522 Connection Timed Out).
  • January 29 - The sharty is back up and running again. /soy/ discovers an ebay listing for an old typewriter called "the gem" with 16 cobs, that was being sold by a user from Kutztown, Pennsylvania- unfortunately it was too much for the average soyteen to purchase (it was $900). [it just is, ok?]
  • January 30 - The sharty attempts to raid newgrounds and almost succeeded but got derailed along the way, with the thread hitting 500 replies before being moved to /raid/. (Nothing Ever Happens)[665]
    Everything on the sharty is spinning, again.
  • January 31 - The booru has had all posts from the past 2 weeks deleted, leading to a lot of seethe (lol 'runiggers lost).[666][667]

February '24

  • February 1 - Cecefem’s ‘cord DMs get leaked on /raid/.[668][669]
  • February 2 - The Dailyjak posts a pro-Kuz message and declares a "dark kuzist uprising."[670] This leads to a wave of pro-Kuz posts which prompts the site administration to wordfilter "kuz" into "pedo" and "kolyma" into "larp group." A twitter account with 114k followers starts posting sharty screenshots.[671]
  • February 3 - Froot got caught lying about the fnac discord, which in reality was likely the mod discord. Threads which talk about his lie get autosaged and deleted. A rogue janny then leaked the noticeboard message page which revealed a bunch of hidden jannies' usernames. Turkey Tom plays Five Nights at Cobson's on stream.[672] Froot also stickies a thread on /soy/ of Mr. L playing FNAC.[673]
  • February 4 - Mr. L announces that he's creating a 'cord server, which distresses many soyteens including Froot who claimed he "already told him that making a discord is a bad idea" and "cant really do much besides just watch." 4 hours after the original announcement, Mr. L changed his mind and made an announcement saying "NEVER MIND NO MORE DISCORD."[674][675][676]
  • February 5 - /soy/ raids Habbo. The raids were initially organized on 4cuck's /b/ but after a ban fiasco were moved to the party. Froot is confirmed to have engaged in this thread as well, but said he wasn't in the raid when this happened.[677] A babybot-style bot starts saging and replying to random posts in threads with "(holy/kill yourself) obsessed [Insert random country] faggot/samefag/samefagging. Lainchan's /q/ has its 12345 GET stolen by a soyjak getting soylent pumped into his head.[678][679]
  • February 6 - Second day of the Habbo raid. A message is added to the blotter saying "1: 40% 2: 18% D: 20%".[680] Studio Massa decided to cancel Ongezellig for good, leaving 'zelligers on /qa/ in disarray. Weirdly, he stated this shortly after a group of soyteens decided to try to dox Studio Massa and successfully got his real name. In fact, he stated this less than a months after that happened.[681]
  • February 7 - Third day of the Habbo raid. Operation Pokem-ACK begins.[682][683] The blotter message changes to "1: 50% 2: 20% D: 80%".
  • February 8 - Fourth day of the Habbo raid. A soyteen reveals that he is friends with DaFuq!?Boom!, the creator of Skibidi Toilet.[684] SQIBIDI PQTRIQTS ARE IN CQNTRQL. TRVST THE PLQN. The Soysylum Wiki is created.[685]
  • February 9 - Fifth day of the Habbo raid. A grainy photo of what appears to be a real life Fingerboy is posted to the website.[686] The message on the site blotter changes to "1: 50% 2: 40% D: 0%". A post is made on the sticky on /soy/ asking if Rules 5, 6, and 7 should be removed from /soy/ in the coming week "as an experiment," along with an attached poll.[687]
  • February 10 - Q&A with Soot is being scheduled.[688] The catalog becomes nutty during early American hours.[689] The message on the site blotter changes to "A new Q/A with Soot is being scheduled now, stay tuned. 1: 50% 2: 40% D: 70%". Rules 5, 6, and 7 are removed from /soy/.[it just is, ok?] (They were re-added shortly after albeit)
  • February 12 - Root posts in a thread and lists off "tranny warning signs."[690] The Sharty turns into The Frog Pond for 30 minutes after an ironically fake admin post gets stickied.[691] Angeleno changed every image on the site to neutralplier since y'all can't behave.
can someone doordash me some food im really hungry
  • February 13 - /soy/ turns into DoorDash.[692] The 'Sharty Fixes' script is integrated into, adding automatic meme arrow buttons above posts, mass reply and mass quote buttons, and a formatting help menu. The site blotter changes to "D: 15%".
  • February 14 - The formatting help from yesterday is removed. Froot allegedly got doxed on by a user purporting to be ROOT himself, saying the reason for the dox is "Private discord group chat where him and his friends, Doll and Angeleno create child porn and goon to it for hours. They also run a 4chan clone together called, where many of the userbase do not like him." The message was signed with "Get fucked Froot Sincerely, ROOT - Manager of". Froot's only response was “DONT SEND PIZZA PLEASE I ALREADY ATE TOO MUCH”, and ROOT later replied with a gif of a surprised soyboy in reaction to the screencap post, before the thread got autosaged.[693] There is much speculation over the event, with many users questioning the legitimacy of the supposed information leak. ROOT has posted on /q/ since then, implying he wasn't fired and was framed for the leak, even though it'd be like the heckin sequel to the soypocalypse!!
  • February 16 - A mysterious image of Mymy with the words "she will always be a gem" printed on what appears to be a russian war shell surfaces on /qa/ marking the first time ever a sharty reference appears in real life warfare, oh my fauci! Disregard that, the image was photoshopped.[694] Angeleno adds doll text, gold text, gemerald text, big gold text, big gemerald text, and rainbow text
  • February 17 - Soot holds his second Q/A since leaving the site. The thread hits 1k replies in 2 hours.
  • February 18 - /soy/ doxes another trans qween pedophile and drives xher off of the internet.[695]
It sure is
  • February 19 - So remember that one garry's mod griefer streamer "DNSL" who had his livestream trolled up by a couple of soyteens last month? Well apparently he's STILL seething about it on all his socials, and even made a "call to arms" to his followers to "infiltrate" the site, which leads Doll himself to join the guy's 'cord server to try and reason with him. Doll was looking into giving Daniel suggestions on how to improve his content, however Daniel didn't want any suggestions from him, as he believes Doll is somehow responsible for the raid on his stream and the alleged doxing of a fan of his, despite the fact that Doll didn't participate in any of these. Daniel demanded Doll give a public apology to him, with orders such as "apologize NOWWWW". Even the members of Daniel's server admitted he was acting rather immature. While Daniel was acting like a selfish little fuck, /soy/ was having a laughing fit watching the conversation between the two via screenshots of the conversation. In the thread, the sharty hacker known as Thrimb declares he has Daniel's IP address and all his passwords, and Doll posted the DMs between him and Daniel. A little while later Daniel's address was posted onto the thread, and as you've probably expected by now /soy/teens unleashed the good old 'za onto Daniel's pizza-craving home address.[696] As a result, Daniel nuked his entire discord server and his twitter account. Doll gave his throughts on the situation.[697]
  • February 20 - A Soyboy Soyteen plays Mariokart with Angeleno.[698]
  • February 21 - /vp/‘s 55444444 GET is stolen by /soy/, and so is the "symmetrical" 55444455 GET.[699] GET claiming thread archive is here.[700] Doll creates a kiwifarms account. Rule 8 was temporarily introduced, and all gapejaks and his derivatives were banned (all because of one lee wannabe).[it just is, ok?] As a result one user recieved a short public ban for posting a gapejak.[701] Yet another example of Frooty Patootie being a silly lil' willy. Another 2017 4chan character was introduced to the sharty, known as "Blepe," who is based on another character from Boys Club, the comic were Pepe is from. They made some gems and raided the frog pond, a janny wiped all of their threads after doe. Soot holds another Q&A on[702] A soyteen posts his inheritance money from his dead grandmother on /soy/.[703]
  • February 22 - Doll provides an interesting statement: "I try not to give attention to bug-human hybrids and the insects that buzz around on the periphery of the party. Last year I received legal advice to not discuss the reports I had to make to the FBI regarding these groups as it would jeopardize their case and also cause me (and any others that spoke) to get charged with interfering in their investigation. The group of individuals ran away from the site, we developed the CSAMBuster which went into effect under Froot's administration, and the cops+NCMEC have what they asked for regarding those individuals. It's out of my hands at this point. As for the former janny, he will type until he is blue in the face. It's not a cause worth pursuing to interact with him. I'm much more interested in the dnsl stuff and interacting with the people here with 0 bug DNA."[704] /soy/ gems up, with both Froot and Doll participating.
  • February 23 - A post reading "Some slight changes to rule enforcement and janny expectations will come this weekend" is posted onto the stickied thread on /soy/. /soy/ continues gemming up
  • February 24 - The changes to rule enforcement are made,[705] which includes a cut-down on neutralplier spam, reduced ban lengths outside of rules 1/2/3, jannies being instructed to delete less NAS threads, most instances of doxing being banned, except if an individual is actively threatening or interfering with the site, /raid/ being locked for the weekend to follow this policy, and the deletion of /floyd/ and moving of its content to /nate/.[706] Many users are upset with the doxing ban,[707] and the janny tries to reassure the users that the ban is not a big deal.[708] During the drama, a frogposter reveals he has a backdoor into the site.[709] In response to the ban, the doxers make a new splinter site in order to continue their operations, which would get raided by der' cord in less than an hour (which was cleaned up fairly quickly). Whoopty fucking doo. Root and Doll comment on the situation.[710]
  • February 25 - An owner of a now-deleted pedophile Roblox group centered around Peter Scully exposed in a Ruben Sim video turned out to be a member of a sharty-related Roblox group.[711] This causes outrage with calls to dox and kill the user and an increase in suspicion of soyjak-related roblox groups.[712]
  • February 26 - The ban on 'plier threads causes the Mario Kart Wii soyteen to start posting Gapejak, which causes the Gapejak-Hating Lee to seethe, where he saged the thread and convinced the 'teen to use impish (even though impish is a gapejak subvariant). A federal agent /soy/bro drops an exposerald on some 'cord pedos or whatever.[713] The sharty raids an oldfaggot altchan website known as "NeoCafe" and wipe its catalog, while failing to raid questden.
  • February 27 - A soyteen who claims to own a small media company wants to buy ongezellig.[714] An edit is made regarding the progress of the rule changes that occured over the weekend.[715] Under Doll's command, soyteens conquer Africa (in territorial).[716]
  • February 28 - Former Soyjak.Party admin Kuz announces a return to business and plans re-activate "KolymaNET"[717] and posts a telegram response to the "Carter" allegations and drama.[718] A secret message was found[by an anonymous soyteen who definitely wasn't kuz himself] hidden within the page announcing this.[719] A large amount of threads were posted and bumped around the same time announcing this news, some of which would proceed to get locked or deleted, including a redtext ban "(now you can post cp on your own sites and not ours )".[720][721] Doll's response to the whole ordeal was "What a delusional freakshow."[722]
Soyjak blog

March '24

  • March 1 - An awful day, some nusoi'cord immigrants began asking for images of dead naked toddlers being hung because "ITS LE GEMMY TND DNB SHARTEE KULCHURE CHILD PORN JUST LIKE MY EPIC 'P MEMES FROM DISCORD!!!". To make things worse some faggot from Toronto, Canada posted pictures of his court documents for owning such material, due to a law passed recently. These are the same fags upset over the literal who dox ban. Just more proof that goreposters are pedophiles. Total discordpedo death when? The 6444444 GET on /soy/ is a FNAF mutt gem, and the thread earns a sticky.[723] A soyteen presents his disgusting invention of "SL0PP" to the public. (>oh my GARLOID this is just like those disgusting tales from the internet videos from pooptube!)[724]
4th Soyvil War
  • March 2 - The details of the art contest are revealed on SoyBooru.[725] A thread on /soy/ was made that was dedicated to if the 4th soyvil war Sharty was in HOI4, and the thread earned a sticky for around 30 minutes.[726]
  • March 3 - The Sharty raids Pixelplanet again, this time targeting boykisser/furfag brimstone. Kuz creates, a site going over all the drama and containing personal letters to Doll.[727]
  • March 4 - One of the Five Nights at Cobson's devs leaked all the assets for the game.[728] All threads discussing Kuz's new site get deleted. Kuz also held a Q&A on,[729] while at the same time Doll responded to Kuz's accusations against him on,[730] along with Froot.[731]
  • March 5 - Endchan gets its 19999 and 20000 GETs on /genshin/ stolen.[732]
  • March 6 - The 'log gets flooded with threads trying to bait /pol/ users. Froot creates a kiwifarms account.[733]
  • March 7 - Discord bots raid the site for several hours straight, despite both Froot and Doll being warned of such attacks several times beforehand. A lone jannyGOD deletes these the entire time until cloudflare is enabled, preventing a cattywipe.[734] Later a message is added to the blotter: "Nu-anti bot system temporarily in place until some server configs can get changed".
  • March 9 - No arrow therefore You look like a bot and you say this. Endchan's 69999 and 70000 GETs on its /dota/ board are stolen.[735] The sharty raids of (a Coomer imageboard) so hard the servers shut down for a time. The site goes into read-only mode "because of the server move relating to the sharty side of things".[736] After the server transfer, a brand new soyjak, pepe, and mutt themed captcha system was implemented on the Sharty. /soy/'s feedback on the new captcha was positive, with many chuds describing it as "kino" and "much better than 4cuck's captcha". Angeleno officially left his position as a developer on, according to the blotter message which read: "Angeleno is having his final q/a on the blog currently, and another developer has taken his place as maintainer of the party. If you are having trouble using Quick Reply, press CTRL + F5 to fix it."
  • March 10 - Angeleno holds his final Q&A on /soy/.[737] The largest 'cord leak in sharty history occurs.[738]
  • March 12 - /soy/ steal's 34999999 GET on /lgbt/ but fail to steal 35000000.[739] For the first time in history, /pol/ overtakes /soy/ in PPH. /jak/ and /caca/ are unhidden and added to the top bar, while /nate/ and /an/ are hidden. A "Trust Factor" system is implemented,[740] (>You WILL earn sharty social credit points!) along with an automatic "quote" feature.[741] Doll considers unbanning doxing. Discordtroons spam /q/ using a fast-paced bot, causing posting to break in all other boards.
Cobson calls Ali Dawah live
  • March 13 - New emojis are added. /soy/ raids Ali Dawah's livestream.[742]
  • March 14 - ZoomerGODS start popping up (even doe the vast majority of the site's user base is comprised of zoomers) and make a thread that reaches 250 replies.[743] A /soy/teen uncovers a child grooming ring on the 'cord of a popular Roblox game.[744] The sharty raids a MySpace clone called SpaceHey, causing seethe and multiple site crashes.[745]
  • March 15 - User IDs were added for a brief moment as a "test." A new type of 'jak called SSTVjaks are banned by Root.[746] Site posting freezes for a few hours.[747]
  • March 16 - Obfuscated code is found on the new captcha along with apple pay info logging.[748]. Upon the unnamed developer being questioned about this he has a soot-style meltdown and starts babbling about "Anomaly detection" and refuses to answer any question with anything more than a vague answer.[749] DOLL holds his last stream, in which he plays Dominion 6 and TF2 against Scar, before announcing his retirement from the Sharty. It is suggested that Ryan Palmeter the jACKsonville shooter may have used the website, because his manifesto contained a twitter meme that included a /soy/-shirted chudjak among a group of 15 characters from popular media and he referenced TND in the manifesto; the site itself was not mentioned. However it was found that he had a steam account where he posted about the site, including posting a link to
Root takes control
  • March 17 - A blotter message is added reading "A short announcement will be made in 10 minutes." and sure enough, Root reveals that he is now an admin alongside Froot.[750] On his first day as admin, the website gets DDOS'd and returns a Cloudflare error for an extended period of time, hinting that Dark Rootists may not yet be in complete control.[751] Ali Dawah makes another video featuring him interviewing a /soy/tard pretending to be a hindu tranny, all while dropping sharty memes throughout the whole ordeal.[752]
  • March 18 - The Sharty is back, however it suffers a low PPH moment. /soy/ steals 2 GETS on /soc/.[753][754]
  • March 19 - /nate/ is reduced to 10 pages, marking the end of "The /nate/ War," a half-week long struggle for control of the catalog between Animal Crossing porn posters (primarily the 'Ankha' character) and posters of AI-generated buff Minions wearing "Never Goon" shirts. The conflict caused /nate/'s PPH to rise above /soy/'s rate for a moment. /QA/ IS UNLOCKED, kind of: The 4chan Happenings Thread currently on /trash/ is swapped with the thread on /bant/. The thread was posted to /r9k/, [s4s], /bant/, and /b/ earlier in the week, with anons saying they should all be moved to /trash/ or shuffled. An anon in one of the moved threads suggests that it be swapped with the thread on /qa/, and it's moved there minutes later. So for the first time in a whole 2 years, 4 months, 16 days, /qa/ was unlocked, kind of. The old thread on /qa/ is left untouched.
  • March 20 - In the midst of late night downtime, the blotter is updated with a mysterious message: "Rejoice! Rejoice, for Chud ## Dev has risen, and He will make this server whole again." Some hours later, the developer makes a sticky on /soy/ stating that server migration has begun.
  • March 21 - The Sharty returns on a new server, allegedly faster according to the experts, with partial downtime on the Booru during the day. Root halves the amount of pages on /qa/ from 40 to 20 and later writes in both a /soy/ Soytan thread and the board sticky that Soytan is being allowed on /soy/ as a trial; even though she was never technically banned, this means Jannies might not delete her on sight anymore.
  • March 22 - Root introduces the new manager, who holds an extensive Q&A.[755]
  • March 23 - A new banner submission contest starts on /r/, this time including banners advertising specific boards.
  • March 24 - Limejak posters and Orangejak posters began dueling, leading to at least 2 confirmed postings of Limefield.[756] [757] The site shut down for over 15+ hours due to the emergency.
  • March 25 - THE SHARTY'S BACK BABY!!!!!! A /news/ board is added, where users can post site updates and whatnot to have a chance of a appearing on a newly added news header on the site blotter. The Shemmy plans to acquire, but /soy/ buys it first and turns it into a redirect for the sharty instead.[758] The discord bot manages to bypass the captcha and raids the site for the first time in weeks again. /soy/ raids the "coomer" imageboard Sturdychan and wipes 40 pages. /caca/ claims the 99666666 GET on /g/. The FNF Pedo schizo posts a vocaroo.
  • March 26 - The sharty and the 'booru are down for maintenance. The 6666666 GET is literally Poopson, as confirmed by John Soytor in a later thread.[759][760][761][762]. As punishment, this (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST); CEASE YOUR INVESTIGATIONS. For the first time by Soyteen request, Root opens up a new board (>>>/yodlyahshga/) "Nonsense Posting", and in a pinned thread said "If this board can reach 1000 posts in under 6 hours, something good will happen".[763] After 3 and a half hours of pure spamming, a new board (>>>/yyyyyyy/) aka "Nonsense", is opened and is utterly confusing to even so much as look at. The board has a weird distorted War of the worlds soyjak edit as a background. To nobody's surprise Spictaco the booru namefag gets outed as a pedotroon coaler uploading Ponies, slopjaks and 'p to a Rule34 website. He then tries to remove this information by vandalising his page and this wiki turns into a Warzone for a few hours.
  • March 27 - Some Bulgarian spams porn of men being dominated by women on the /pol/ board.[it just is, ok?] Jannies are on their way to delete it (and also to goon to it). Huge discoveries are made regarding the origin of the Cryboy soyjak, pushing back the first appearance of it from November 2021 to July 2018.[764] /caca/, babybot’s favorite board, is officially hidden and replaced with /yyyyyyy/ on the top bar. This caused the /caca/ites to retaliate and start a raid, in which they stole the 500 "GET". IDs and image-only threads are temporarily added again as a test.[765]
  • March 28 - A new SMV has been made called Generic Chudcelcore Song. Instead of it being a shitty Powerpoint slideshow like most SMVs, this one is actually animated. Its such a headbanging Sharty-Saving gemerald that even ROOT had to comment on the post because it had a 'oylita in it it was such a music-defining Gem.[766] A /raid/ user requested the death of Chris-Chan, literally. This lead the jannies to panic and delete the thread.[767][768] This pissed off the Chris-Chan hater even more, and then he made another thread asking who got his original thread taken down.[769]
  • March 29 - Soyteens played a game of Gartic Phone and had an absolutely gemmy time!!! Some chud on /raid/ successfully found youtuber illymation's address. Will the 'za be delivered? Soyteens find the creator of soyjak culture, Tom Wojakson. /trump/ is added. Leadpipe images makes a video seething about the site.[770]
  • March 30 - /qa3/ is created after a 'zellig poster "Bumped EVERY Ongezellig Thread on Sharty /qa/ and THIS Happened!"[771][772] Soyteens are still "soying" Illymation and she's now aware of the doxing. The 'za has been delivered. /soy/ raids a pedophile wiki ran by foodists named Nolimitspedia, which encourages the spam of 'p on our site. Practically every page got shat up, user account creations were blocked, every page and file got locked, and the site got DDOSed.[773] In response, the tranny admin replaced the front page of their site with a picture of a tortured cat, and made fake Instagram chat screenshots claiming that Froot is one of their members, as if anyone would ever believe those lmao. Afterwards, they pathetically tried to counter raid this 'ki, only to get absolutely BTFO by jannyGODS. Eventually, we mindbroke them so hard that they completely blocked all users from even viewing pages and wiped the whole site in an act of pure damage control, KEK!
  • March 31 - Soyteens above the age of 30 have been approved for honorable discharge.[774] Endchan's /agatha2/ 60000 GET is stolen by Npestajak. Easter wordfilters are added.

April '24

Frootiger Aerthough
  • April 1 - The Sharty gets a Frutiger Aero style (best era) named Frootiger Aerthough, complete with a background, glossy UI elements, and new banners. New boards have been added (/areo/, /cafe/, /gme/, /img/, /kitty/, /o/, /s/, /spice/, /tan/, /u/ & /w/); /health/ gets deleted for unknown reasons. A new virtual assistant is here to help and he's called Party Pal! He's not as annoying as the Microsoft paper clip but he checks out. A wealth of old meme and web lingo wordfilters were added, the namefield was temporarily added back, and the 2004 hyperpop song "DoLL" by artist TЁЯRA is embedded is the blotter. All in all, homies (soyteens) enjoyed this awesomesauce (gemmy) event on TEH INTERNETZ (Sharty).
  • April 2 - Impish Soyak Ears was accused of engaging in a sexually explicit conversation with a minor via discord, as well as the evidence of Dancing swede.mp4, Kuz promoting him to the site Favicon when he came to power, suggesting a secret mutual bond, and a discovered 'ru image of Impish fondling a minor. It's unknown whether these claims are legitimate or not, but it could just be another ploy by the Norwegians in an attempt to ruin the image and then kill the Swede. /soy/ is locked for like 5 minutes causing widespread panic and fear resulting in the deaths of atleast 3 soyteens. After the April Fools event ends, the board /sude/ is created at Soyteen request.[775]
  • April 3 - Someone supposedly doxed the creator of the infamous game known as Undertale. Hopefully the 'zas will be delicious! A partially published study conducted by Dr. Goldsoy makes the claim that there are no female users of the 'arty, let alone are soyteens.[776]
  • April 4 - Root deletes the Undertale dox threads, claiming that he was "almost certain" the creator actually lives in Japan, from where he's held numerous interviews and posted updates in the past;[777] thoughever it is more likely that Root is a just faggot who keeps infant gore threads up on /nate/ but deletes doxerald threads because ">NOOOOOO, you can't dox my hecking favorite shitty earthbound inspired indie rpg creator because.... YOU JUST CAN'T, OKAY?!". Root also added several wordfilters to prevent users from talking about Undertale or the dox. Some chuds theorize Root is an Undertale fan and maybe even a tranny/woman. Things proceed as you'd expect when some soyteens get down bad and start hornyposting about Root (female).[778] A cautionary tale to all impressionable minds: never goon! Sharty went down for 5 hours because someone fucked up the captchas or something. It goes down again for a while after some time. /calm/ has returned as a board! New captcha is added when opening sharty to verify you are a real person. The previously missing "Social Contract" Feraljak was found.[Where? Source? Source? Source?]
Operation Reality
  • April 5 - An exploit on 4cuck is found, which allows you to make threads immune to deletions while getting constantly bumped, due to a deal strike between Microsoft and the jannies. Captchas are gone, PPH increases dramatically. A thread on /soy/ is posted called "Operation Reality", calling for soyteens World-Wide to spray-paint 'jaks, put stickers and posters of 'jaks and gemeralds, and to take banners with and other sharty culture things and to put them over highways and bridges. And this weekend will be a so called "Weekend of Soy for 'teens world wide."[779]
  • April 6 - Soyteen artists only have 1 more day left until banner submissions in /r/ closes. Soy Weekend begins today and millions of soyteens worldwide are celebrating this truly special occasion. Hundreds of replies are posted in the Operation Reality thread of 'jaks being 'painted into irl things like buildings, restrooms, ETC. TL;DR: Chuds go outside for some fun for the first time in their miserable lives. Both the sharty and the booru go down for 10 minutes and then they go down again, Jesus there's a fire in the server room.
  • April 7 - /qa/'s page count is further reduced to 15, having already been halved from 40 to 20 some weeks before; this is a good thing thoughever because it's kept the board's pervasive necrobump culture on its toes. A massive Squirrel race war happens on /soy/ after a page-forty-surfing incident, which is TOTALLY NUTS, NIGGA! The winner and runner ups of the Italy vs Mexico are announced to be Chud2 in first place, Sectionalism in second place, and Shitoko in 3rd place. With Italy being rangebanned for the month of April.
  • April 8 - An absolute genius finally does what Froot was too much of a retard to accomplish and creates a working archive for the site, SudeArchive, located at[780]
  • April 9 - An uptick in 'zellig posts leads a soyteen to make a thread saying "If this gets 500 replies, root has to pin this thread for three days and perma anyone who posts nas zellig brim in /soy/."[781] The thread gains quite some traction, and the 'zelligsisters made their own thread to counter the original one.[782] Root posts in the anti-'zellig thread, claiming that "Best I can do is 1000 posts and FPE ban".[783] Eventually ratio bots were deployed in both the threads. All these threads lead to the catalog being flooded with "If this thread gets X replies" threads. IDs are added to /raid/, which expose the board's userbase by revealing it's comprised mostly of hyper-obsessed sametrannies necrobumping their threads over and over. For example, one user made 81 posts bumping his own thread hoping people would dox his target.[784] Froot posts in the thread, saying "if thats real, this is incredibly fucking funny. but im willing to bet its a bug or something, I hope its real, because if it is it means ive been right about that shithole since the start", however a janny later posted in the thread saying "All the same guy, this was not a bug." In response to the IDs, a swedishwin user posted "Xhey added an ID system to /raid/ over on the sharty. Meaning you can no longer bump your own threads. I know samefagging is LE BAD, but it has made /raid/ look pathetic."[785] Pyrocynical's dox is dropped on /soy/,[786] leading to the pizza delivery showing up to his house on a livesteam.[787][788]
  • April 10 - /soy/ gets wiped with shitty variant:unknowns.[789] The Sharty endures an entire day of downtime, between hitting a bandwidth cap and waiting for the hosting company to upgrade the service.[790]
Operation Chud Hansen
  • April 12 - The sharty bands together to catfish, bait, and waste the time of pedophiles on a kids' chatroom in "OPERATION: CHUD HANSEN."[791] During the operation, one pedophile which /soy/ nicknamed "brushboy" sent several nude photos and videos to one of the raiders, including a picture of a hair brush up his hairy braphole. /qa/'s page limit is further reduced from 15 to 13--the third in a series of reductions, accompanied by a new MrBeast challenge themed-sticky.[792] Scar, the namefag and Shemmy admin, was supposedly doxed. Fighting between the sharty and the Shemmy took place over whether or not the info was real and if Scar was a discord user or not.[793] A soyteen created a 3D hanging troonjak clay model.[794] Another soyteen gave a soyjak tattoo to a friend.[795]
  • April 13 - A team deathmatch on /soy/! User ID colors seperate posters into teams, and posters who share the same first letter in their IDs are best friends. The brawl spans over 1000 replies and lasts until the next day.[796] The Blotter is updated to say "Today, the domain may direct you to That's the Sharty on our backup domain, do not be alarmed. We're still waiting on the slow af pajeets to upgrade our primary bandwidth." and following this, the site switches to the domain with temporary downtime for some, attributed to "pajeets didn't get to our upgrade ticket, too busy gooning to FPE."[797]
  • April 15 - The Captcha on breaks because the server had issues contacting the HCaptcha API. The main domain finally goes back up. Fights and arguments break out all over /soy/ in regards to Fundamental Paper Education, Soytan, and Ongezellig. Soytan and FPE posters in particular argued excessively in numerous threads, over which meme is better and which one should be banned,[798] to the point of there being a grand total of 37 threads on the 'log related to fpe. During the whole ordeal a soyteen suggested he would make an FPE racebait edit that was an OP of a 100+ reply thread his computer's wallpaper if someone in the thread got dubs, and of course this ended up happening.[799] A thread to dox Nicola Sturgeon is made and instantly has her house found 20 minutes after the operation begins, the original dox thread being deleted.
Reply goal threads
  • April 16 - Site goes back down along with the alt domain. At 13:04 EDT one of the alternate domains comes back to life.[800] The Fundamental Paper Education crisis continues, to the point of there being OVER 1000 2000 FUCKING MENTIONS OF FPE ON THE /SOY/ BOARD CATALOG.[801] In response to the FPE chaos, another reply goal thread is made, this time with the goal of 500 replies. The thread gains over 1000 replies in under 2 hours, however a janny claimed xhe would consider banning FPE only if the thread gained 1111 replies. Eventually the thread gained over 1800 replies, and Root added a message to the post reading "(ROOT Edit: FPE is banned from /soy/ as long as this thread is alive)".[802]
  • April 17 - A /biz/ board is added in response to 4cuck's /biz/ board now requiring email verification in order to post. As you'd expect /soy/teens began shilling the new board on /bant/, where a lot of 4cuck /biz/ immigrants had gone to after the email verification news.[803] Some Chinese imageboard called is raided.[804] KnowYourMeme makes an article about Ace of Spades BBC tattoos and directly mentions the sharty as the "place of origin" and goes into detail about the history of spadebait on the site.[805] Not only that, but they also made a fucking news article namedropping the site about it and slapped it onto the front page of the site.[806][807] Surprisingly only little amounts of seethe were spotted in the comment section of the KYM article, considering kymtroons have had long-standing hatred for the 'arty.[808] The option to divide large threads into pages for less lag is quietly added. A chud posts about a 'blox porn video on Rule34 which contains a reference to the 'party at the start, /soy/teens are unable to dox the tranny behind it but find they made several references to the 'party on their Twitter. After hitting a deadend, soyteens datamine a gooner who had a Soytan pfp acquiring a semi-full dox, leading to Special Agent 'plier threatening and interrogating them. /soy/ is still working on datamining the original gooner.[809]
  • April 18 - Creator of the modern day 'ru and former soot-era sharty mod/admin Lolkek holds an AMA on the shlog.[810] A Spadeson fan went out of their way to purchase a domain, code vichan, and host a Cobson "splinter", that looks convincing until you click on one of the boards and every link is a redirect to, It's called Cobson.Party, you can check it out if you want, although there's not much to do there but watch blacked if that's your thing. Insane. The chuds from the Rule34 datamining threads get into contact with the original gooner, leading to the interrogateen interrogating xer to post censored screenshots, causing discussion in the thread about what might be censored.[811]
The Day the 'log Bled
  • April 19 - The Day the 'log Bled: In response to a huge wave of Spadeson spam after the KnowYourMeme article was made, a group of Red Cobson posters launch a large crusade against Spadeson posters to get the meme banned. A 1000 Reply Goal thread to ban racebait is made.[812] The thread reaches more than 1000 replies in less than 2 hours, with aid from the Red Cobsons' "protest".[813] The Discord Pedophile Bu5t and a lolicon poster find it, and begin to post 'lita, lolicon and 'p on numerous IPs while continuously getting banned in the thread. Since he is a pedophile and is on probation or something, this is illegal or whatever so he gets reported to the cops and is set to be executed by Brazen Bull. At the end, a janny refuses to ban racebait, but tells soyteens to wait until Root's wakes up. A soyteen plans to insert a sharty link in his classmate's USB, but being the retard he is, he posts a picture of her in thread, which he deleted within 30 seconds after everyone in the thread began scolding him for being a retard. The post had a gapejak so naturally gapelee did his thing but forgot IDs were on and also asked for OP to post her picture again. Eventually the thread devolves into a fight between him and gapelee calling each other pedophiles, with some other NAS posts alongside.[814][815] The sharty steals the 100000 GET on Heyuri, a Kolyma-owned imageboard formerly administrated by Kuz (aka: Carter), and succeed,[816] cementing a win for Frootists over kolymaists, along with a sticky.[817] The site surpasses 8 million total posts.
  • April 20 - Lainchan's /hum/'s 80000 GET is stolen on their 10th anniversary, which led the seething jannies to lock the entire board. Endchan's 11111 GET is also stolen. A post is added to the sticky on /soy/ by Root announcing a "small rule adjustment". The post reads:
"Core Rule 4 now says:
You WILL NOT excessively spam threads or boards via means of botting.
- Sending false reports is FORBIDDEN.
- Certain types of manual spam may still be punishable. See 'Grey Areas
and its corresponding Grey Area 2 says:
Spamming in threads that are considered serious or generally acceptable by the userbase/moderation team to make them unusable may cause your posts to be removed and or banned without notice.
What this means in my own words is that we're decriminalizing human spam as a whole (>You WILL NOT spam on the soyjak shitpost site) but bot spam is disallowed, including scripts. Trannies spamming gemmy threads by any means will be slam dunked into a trash can.
At night, some chuds decided to raid streamers playing gartic phone. Resulting in many gems being forged.
Also Roblox raids as a whole are unbanned. I recommend reporting offsite disruptors."[818] Somehow babybot has returned, just like Palpatine in the star wars sequels or something. The 'party raids the GETchan /test/ board, stealing the 600th 666th 700th and 750th GET.
  • April 21 - The new banners are FINALLY added.[819] Nudev, without any warning, forcefully implements infinite scroll to the pages, met with much criticism. A sixteen year old Chud gets drunk and makes a thread about it saying "i kiust wemnt to thje the nrearyby grocery store and stole stome booze tell me funny shit niggers".[820] A troll in the thread suggested he jump off his roof and film it, to which the drunk chud proceeded with doing.[821] The thread blew up with most replies telling him to stop drinking and acting retarded, and some others telling him to do more retarded stuff. The drunk chud later filmed another video of him yelling the hard r outdoors.[822]
  • April 22 - Nudev makes it so you can't post the same image for more than one thread (even DOE it's a shitposting website).[823] Operation Pixel-ACK has some more work done to it, the troon's arm is drawn with razor cuts on it. The domain temporarily redirects to a login page for a random site is owned or at least programmed by someone called "Kaito Saikyo". According to the nudev, "An old server was left in the main load balancing pool. We're waiting for Froot to get on to remove it."[824] He also added "If you guys seriously think we sold out to Indonesians, don't be foolish. We're still in full control." The "Filipino Defense League" temporarily holds the site hostage, to which Froot pays a ransom and the domain reverts to normal (pictured, right).
  • April 23 - Jannies hold a Q&A on /q/.[825] Nudev silently adds namefagging to the sharty without any notice and Root claims that it will only be up for a week.[826] Two soyteens made their own "radio station" on /soy/ called "Soy '24"[827] Nudev silently removes the kuzist flag from /pol/, the kolyma theme, the kuz banners. The main page of Soyjak Wiki reaches 1 million views.[828]
  • April 24 - Nudev mysteriously deletes /pol/ but then reopens it. Later in the day he also adds geo flags to /soy/.
  • April 25 - A thread was made exposing Joot, the creator of Jakworld, of being "Rocky Rakoon", a furry porn animator with millions of subscribers on YouTube.[829] Someone attempts to get in contact with Bernd Schmidt, it goes nowhere, although they find the website of the dentist he went to check if he had the largest gape of 2015, which has an email address and a phone number.[830]
  • April 26 - The Joot expose thread is found out to be a falseflag. Joot made a thread deboonking the theory of him being Rocky Rakoon.[831]
  • April 27 - GET time, you know what that means. Prior to the GET, there were two acceleration threads, one made by Root announcing that if the thread reached 500 replies before the GET, then a /frog/ board would be added, and another trying to counter Root's thread by trying to reach 500 replies before the frog one. Both threads reached 500 replies, thoughever the anti-frog one reached 500 first. Whilst a ton of faggots were spamming the 'log with shitty NAS coal forced memes to try and claim the numbers, the 6999999 GET on /soy/ went to soytan,[832] and the 7000000 GET went to a mass-reply post in Root's pro-frog acceleration thread simply reading "die niggers" without an image.[833] Fighting ensued over whether or not the GET was a nusoicluck win/fail or a frogcaca win/fail, but the fact remains that it was a huge fucking nothingburger, but /frog/ was added after this, with a sticky from nudev reading "Ribbit." and a reply from Root reading "/frog/ is open for the weekend. 5000 posts by the end of the weekend and it becomes permanent". A post is added to the sticky on /soy/ advertising the new board, and nudev decides to remove /soy/ from the top bar and replace it with /frog/ for some reason. Jannies implement tons of joke bans. A large hours long conflict with a 150K+ member subreddit full of retarded trannies called r/ihaveihaveihavereddit takes place. This particular sub has been stealing sharty in-jokes and lingo and merging it with their own unfunny reddit in-jokes for quite some time. Tons of true sharty gems were posted onto the sub and huge amounts of seethe were mined.[834][835] The posting of ACTUAL gems on their shitreddit caused it to go private for a while.[836]
Think before you 'jak
  • April 28 - In a thread discussing r/ihaveihaveihavereddit's ruining of soy culture, a few soyteens decided to raid the subreddit again. One of the raiders hacked into one of the subreddit's janny's accounts and began permabanning users of the sub en-masse with a message reading "TOL TOL TOL TOL TOL TOL TOL TOL".[837] Some breadtuber with 400k+ subscribers named Noah Samsen makes a 1 hour long video essay titled "Think before you dox" discussing the amount of trolling Illymations has faced since xhe got doxed by the sharty (long after it stopped being relevant geg). The video itself contains screenshots from the sharty, and it took /soy/ 20 minutes to find his address and all his personal info.[838] Tons of pizzas (with salads) were ordered, deepfake gay porn of him was made, songs were made about him as well, he was signed up to porn sites, his YouTube wiki page was raided with the deep fake porn, and a chanology-themed LARP copypasta pretending to be le anonymous hackers was made and sent to scare him. Basement-dwelling interwebz troll and convicted fail-terrorist (((Joshua Ryne Goldberg))) conducts an AMA on /soy/ after being released from serving 10 years of rough sodomy in federal prison.[839]
  • April 29 - The report feature is changed so that you can now only report posts by selecting a rule that it violates, meaning you can no longer report posts by saying "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOODS BAN XER NOW!" SudeArchive crashes and shows a KolymaNET error screen, meaning the site is possibly owned by Kuz.[840] (The owner late claimed that "the kolyma page was a (misguided) joke, I am not affiliated with them in any way." and began begging for money again.[841]) The "TOL" (Total Orban (marge?) L) hacker on r/ihavehaveihavereddit from yesterday decides to make a stickied post on the site advertising the sharty.[842] The hacker then proceeded to ban all the moderators of the sub and wipe every last post except the sharty ad, thus declaring a 'party WIN over the sub.[843]
  • April 30 - The domain goes down, and the one comes back online.

May '24

  • May 1 - Doll becomes admin of the booru.[844] SudeArchive goes back online under a new owner, the soyteen who owns The new domain is at Thousands of reddit troons from a multitude of subreddits begin collectively seething at the 'party.[845]
  • May 2 - The sharty exposes a gigantic and extremely well established Indonesian pedophile and animal sex abuse material trading ring hiding in open sight on YouTube.[846][847] /soy/ is shocked at the amount of YouTube money and views the pedophile channels in question are receiving.
  • May 3 - The board banners are finally added. /biz/ is added to the top bar. A search feature is added to the archive.[848]
  • May 5 - Variant:Chudjak surpasses 10000 posts on the booru.[849] Namefagging is finally removed from /soy/. /ptb/ is added for testing. More board banners are added.
  • May 6 - /soy/ tried to steal the 8000000 GET on 4chans /h/ board but failed. A brave and very handsome soyteen managed to steal the 7999999 GET though.[850]
  • May 7 - /soy/ would raid /qa/ with gems and IAS in response to the uptick of NAS coal since Root's inauguration. While highly successful at first, almost wiping the catty, the fandumbs would take a break from their discord shenanigans to necrobump the coal threads. As the /soy/ members went to bed, many 'zellig coals were bumped, though it was not a failraid as several threads were slid off and the fandoms probably got their jimmies rustled.
  • May 9 - /soy/ tried to steal the 6 million GET on 4cuck's /qst/ board, which went to a post reading "Gemmy" along with some tranime pic.
  • May 10 - A video is posted of what appears to be a literal toddler browsing /soy/ on a 'pad and laughing at all the 'jaks, confirming that all sharty users are in preschool.[851] The video in question received 6 million fucking views on Xitter,[852] and gets posted all over 4cuck and reddit causing collective seethe from all three websites.
  • May 11 - The Zelligate controversy occurs, in which a /soy/teen datamined a 'zellig pedophile group related to the Afterparty (Discord server) with goonclown-tier levels of degeneracy and got one of the members to click an IP grabber, revealing that xhe had downloaded six 'p videos within the past week.[853] The thread gained over 1200 replies. Mediator applications open. Mediators are sort-of like junior jannies that get to vote for a post's deletion. A thread is stickied on /soy/ announcing the new feature along with a survey link.[854]
  • May 12 - A Mexican-Guatemalan girl from twitter known as Azul Yellow posts on /soy/ after "some weirdo on twitter sent me a link to here wtf is this website😭😭😭" and the thread gets spammed to hell and back.[855]
  • May 13 - Rapeson is added to the Villains Wiki[856][857] and removed by the jannies a few hours later for being "too trolly".[3]
  • May 14 - A user receives a very goofy ahh ban.[858] A raid on the Villians Wiki occurs, along with the doxing of the janny who deleted the Rapeson page from yesterday, with /soy/teens uncovering that xhe is a pedophile and is into guro.[859]
  • May 15 - /soy/ datamines some pedophile boylover wiki.[860] Unfortunately their 'ki is verified edit-only so vandalism wasn't possible, otherwise it would have been completely bombed. A very gemmy thread about the SS Soytanic evacuation is made.[861] /soy/ raids Sardinia on pixelplanet and is able to get an advertisement for the site on it, as well as an agreement from the 'cord that won the island to get rid of the soyjaks it used to advertise its server.[862]
  • May 16 - A Canadian 'teen makes a thread on /soy/ complaining about his school being super woke and shoving leftist propaganda down all the students' throats. Other soyteens found his school and decided that the next day they'd make phone calls and send emails to admins throughout the day as a gemmy IRL raid.[863] Leadpipe nigger returns to xitter.
  • May 17 - The dev makes a post on /soy/ announcing a temporary five-board plan for the weekend.[864] He plans to lock every board except /q/, /qa/, /raid/, and /soy/, and consolidate the locked boards into /hobby/. In a thread about spamming the North Koreas embassy's email inbox, a meximutt called Jose Maria Osma Garcia doxes zimself while sending the email, this leads to users to find the spic's reddit account which has gay fart porn on it, and how he goons to fnf. Xhe also tried to say "the only thing i trying to wipe is your anus hole" thinking its some epic own o algo.[865]
  • May 19 - The restoration efforts on the 'coalie (a large Sharty advertisement on the site PixelPlanet) come to a temporary halt due to lack of morale from the CRF (coalie restoration force) and a slowburn thread is made for the most dedicated CRF members.[866] /soy/ attempts to steal the 11000000 GET on 4cuck's /toy/ board and fails.[867] Doll acquires from Foot, ending Foot's 4-day stint as admin there. Doll states: "I have acquired the site. Rule 6 (don't annoy the admin) and janny rule 1 (don't avatarfag as janny) were removed. I don't care what is posted if it's not covered by the rules; this was a favor for Svvt, Mutt, Angeleno, and other's hospitality towards me and to allow Svvt some time away from the site. I'll figure out the rest later this week. If you got banned then appeal it."[868] The head moderator of r/trans and r/gay was doxed on /soy/,[869] and the owner of r/boykisser was doxed as well.[870]
  • May 20 - The sharty shills itself on Roblox via paid advertisements, with the help of a Mossad agent.[871]
  • May 21 - The end of an era: Klaus Schwab steps down as emperor of the World Economic Forum,[872] bringing an end to years of gemmy schizoposting.[873] Jannies create a script that autobans anyone who posts using Tuxler VPN, and silence anyone who talks about it by deleting threads mentioning the new script.[874]
  • May 22 - The sharty is replaced by an Indonesian scam site yet again. This is 100% the fault of the asian developers Froot hired.[875][876][877] The booru shut down for a while as well.
  • May 23 - Several random threads are stickied throughout the day, including one blogpost on /soy/ reading "Now it's raining heavily. I feel comfortable".[878]
  • May 24 - The party, the booru, and the wiki all go down for several hours for maintenance.

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