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You WILL follow ALL of these rules, and you WILL be happy!

General Rules

  1. Do not post, discuss in graphic detail, upload, request, or link to anything that is illegal in the United States. If you do, you may be reported to law enforcement.
  2. Do not delete, blank or replace the content of a page. If you want to delete a page, just add {{delete}} but keep the page intact.
  3. Advertising is not permitted.
  4. Pages should be at least tangentially related to soyjaks or soy culture. If it has been commonly posted about on /soy/, then it's allowed.

Usernames and Alternate Accounts

  • Do not use alternate accounts (sockpuppets) to break any of the other rules listed.
  • Do not create or use alt accounts to circumvent a ban. Doing so will result in a permanent ban, so wait or appeal your current ban.
  • Do not impersonate staff.

Ban appeals

If you would like to appeal a ban, simply put a message on your own talk page or send an email stating why your ban should be lifted.

Deleting Your Account

Accounts can never be fully deleted, like on Wikipedia. The most you can do is ask an Admin for your account to be vanished.

Templates and examples

  • Here is a list of good pages; they contain images, pertinent info, links, galleries (when necessary), and are well structured.

Personal information

In regards to Raids, personal information (including full names, addresses, passwords, face reveals, phone numbers, etc.) shall only be posted if it meets the following criteria:

  • You absolutely WILL NOT upload personal information about an individual who is under the age of 18 unless it has been proven without a doubt that the individual has been engaging in illegal activities. A good example of this is Goth, who, despite being under 18, has spammed 'p on the sharty numerous times and has scarred thousands of innocent people. Info on such individuals is kept on the site in hopes that the individual will be arrested, thoughever since Goth lives in Northern Cyprus, it's unlikely xhe'll be arrested since turkroaches are pedophiles, but you never know.
  • You WILL NOT make personal army pages about random literal whos that have zero affiliation with the 'party, especially if there are zero active threads on the 'party about that person, or if zero personal information is available. Someone posting one Incomprehensible woahjack on Twitter is not enough to be considered sharty-affiliated. We don't need articles about random nobodies who your offsite community has been harrassing. If you feel so compelled as to make an article about random retards on the internet, go do that on Encyclopedia Dramatica, not the soyboy wojak wiki.