Sojacraft Minecraft Server

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Mynamejeff69s' house (center) and 14nate_higgers88's house (right)
This page is about the unofficial 1.16.5 Minecraft server Sojacraft, for the official 1.17 server by Soot check out Sootcraft
For the current official server, check out Soycraft
"SOOT has been here"
Mynamejeff69s' house

Soyjakparty Minecraft Server was an unofficial Minecraft server that was for Minecraft 1.16.5.

The server IP adress was

The host of the server was the Skynode free plan.

The seed was -3222613580822486281

The world was saved in full here:

Since it's on a free plan, you can renew it here. It makes you watch an ad to add an hour to the server, so you WILL do that. That renewal website doesn't even fucking WORK[1].

THINGS TO NOTE:[edit | edit source]

The server is filled with low-functioning autistic psychopaths and has a semi-competent admin who doesn't take anything seriously and at the same time does. So if you ever feel like joining the server, build your house very far away and make sure that you have claimed half of the map with a golden shovel.

Notable landmarks[edit | edit source]

Great Wall of Soy

Though Sculpure with a thoughjak on it

Though Sculpture[2][edit | edit source]

Though Sculpture was created on the first day of the server

Built by: 16characters

Improved by: Sojackers

Soyjak's home

Cocoa Soy Bottle[edit | edit source]

The Cocoa Soy Bottle is the minecraft building based on the real life Bottle of cocoa soy, it's also home to it's builder, Soyjak and where the schizo room is on

Built by: Soyjak

Inside the bottle
schizo room
Yes, really, faggot.
azuf's shithole, where he gets fucked in the ass non-stop


Sky Bridge

Bedrock Swastika

Soots (Sojackers) House

Swedish Neighborhood

  1. Sometimes it does work, it's bugged.
  2. doesn't have an official name though

Revival[edit | edit source]

On March 30, 2022 a chadcel declared that the 'party needed a new minecraft server. Having gone through multiple failures to create a new server before, the 'jakker declared that it would be different due to it's edgy "natsoc" theme[1]. Almost immediately he began adding completely inappropriate g*n mods. This terrible server can be found at, which also supports cracked clients. Requires forge 1.18.1[2][3]

That previous server then completely failed.

Now the REAL server is here:

VERSION: 1.18.2