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Soylita is a forced meme?
Heccin' downvoted
Soyjak subvariant
Origin/soy/ (December 27th, 2021)[1]
Booru Posts 726 As of July 14th, 2023
Based OnFemjak

Soylita smells like bait.

Soylita is a forced soyjak subvariant that depicts Femjak as a little girl. Her name is derived from soy, the generic prefix-stem in Soyspeak, + lolita, the name of a book where the narrator loves a 12 year old girl, then because of that kidnaps and molests her.[2]

She is exclusively used by trannies on the sharty to self insert as little girls as well as talk about how much they want to fuck children. Contrary to what (((they))) will try to tell you, disliking this variant does not make you a closeted pedophile. She is one of the few soyjaks that has been declared NAS coal by Doll himself.[it just is, ok?] The only time I'm willing to see a 'lita is if it's made in sovlful OC with a bunch of other soyjaks. Out of sight, out of mind.


Soylita is derived from Femjak, which itself is derived from Wholesomejak (who in turn comes from Gapejak).

Relationship with Rapeson

In the Kuz era of the sharty, there was a trend of edits of Rapeson hurting Soylita and Shoyta. Post-Kuz, these edits seem to have lost popularity. In the Doll era, Soylita seems to have taken on a new identity.

Controversy (Kuz Era)

Soylita was always controversial on the sharty. Detractors claim the Soylita’s fans are pedos who should hang, and fans either embrace or deny this accusation. Pornographic edits were a particular source of irritation, and some of it has been confirmed to be actual traced ‘p by closeted pedophiles. Naturally, something had to be done about this, like banning them and removing the posts.


The 'ru portfolio for Soylita includes many images which depict her without clothes/in erotic poses. Obviously they're just MS paint drawings,[a] but a quick skimming of the wikipedia page on the topic suggests this is enough to be classed as 'p in some countries like Australia [actually, that's felony in most countries, lolicon isn't legal even in the US[3]],[4] which has a "zero-tolerance" policy for ALL sexualized depictions of people under the age of 18. That includes even text from the Victorian Era.[5]

Purging of the Booru

On January 28th, a poll was conducted on whether to delete sexualized images of soylita, with the alleged results being 261 votes for deletion and 199 against.[6] The legitimacy of these results have been questioned, as the original results on the Strawpoll were 579 against deletion to 328 for, with 84 voting to delete only the most provocative images.[7] The Kolyma team claim that fraudulent votes were filtered out, but have not produced any peer-reviewed studies on their methodology, which has led to rigging accusations by users wondering how the team were able to get data that would allow such filtering from the non-Kolyma affiliated website the poll was hosted on.

Despite this, the Booru comments under posts including her are filled with pedophiles talking about how much they want to fuck children (i.e. Built for BWC, BBC, etc) therefore making her inherently a pedophile dogwhistle. The same goes for Shoyta.

Controversy (Doll Era)

Shortly after the departure of Kuz, a cult formed around Soylita.

Oppai Soylita

Originating from, an oppai loli edit of Soylita spurred the first major controversy of the Doll era. An obnoxious group of Oppai Soylita cultists swarmed /soy/ until the edit was banned sitewide. (The aged up excuse somehow didn’t work)

Midway through the controversy, a rogue moderator leaked one of the oppai spammer's IP address.

The Self Inserters

Many self inserters have taken a liking to Soylita, reasons for such including:

  • She makes DA CHOOOOOOODZ seethe
  • They have a sexual attraction towards children
  • They like to negatively subvert older drawfag art
  • They have little interest in soyjaks (yes, this really happens)
  • They generally wish they were women

These typically all go hand-in-hand, and very rarely will a Soylita poster not have at least three of these traits.

Soylita posters will often try to manipulate and gaslight you into thinking that in fact YOU are the pedophile for not liking this variant. If this doesn't work, they will instead switch to trying to convince you that pedophilia is actually le hecking good or something.

It is commonly known that Soylita posters cry about "moralfags", /pol/ users, or Jarty, whenever they are called out. As with Neutralplier, certain image macros of Soylita are spammed, and avatarfagging becomes commonplace.

Second Great Purchase Era

On July 18, 2023, Kuz, under the name chud ## Admin, publically banned a Soylita poster,[8] and declared 'lita posters pedophile immigrants from 8chan.[9][10] The word "Soylita" becomes an autoban wordfilter for a few hours.

Controversy (Froot Era)

Soylita and Shoyta were finally banned from /soy/[11], causing coalers to dilate.


Shoyta is Vantablack niggercoal

Soyjak subvariant (July 2022)
Booru Posts 64 As of January 24th, 2023
Based OnSoylita

Shoyta (soy shota; rare example of an infix in variant naming) is a genderswapped subvariant of Soylita, depicting a little boy. He is even less IAS than Soylita, because he lacks glasses. This time, it's not only pedophilia! It's pedophilia AND homosexuality!

Soyjak historians and deep-variant tunneling soyentists believe that the creation of Shoyta marks the first naturally occuring 4th order subvariant chain; or, a subvariant, Shoyta, within a subvariant, Lolita, within a subvariant, Femjak, within a subvariant, Wholesomejak--all of which are under Gapejak. Interestingly enough, every iteration loses at least one IAS trait, if being an adult is one of the criteria.

He is almost exclusively used by gay pedophiles and trannies who wish they were molested as children. Strangely, despite being a male (which makes up the large majority of the sharty userbase), he is rarely used to self insert unlike Soylita.


The Downgrade version of Shoyta with boobs. (J@rtycuck exclusive)

Classification as IAS

Doll himself, in dollstream2, has commented that he considers Soylita NAS.

There have been debates onto whether or not Soylita and Shoyta are considered IAS. Soylita and Shoyta posts got deleted during No NAS Weekend, and is therefore considered NAS by jannies. Special people consider Soylita/Shoyta to be a soyjak.




  1. yes chud they're still ms paint drawings even tho they're all made in gimp/krita/etc, don't interu-ACK!


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