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A soyjak attacking a cameraman at Level 1.

Soyrooms are a number of unexplored, mysterious locations which are supposedly populated by strange and monstrous types of soyjak entities.

While there are a few ways to noclip into the soyrooms, I’m going to tell you the most reliable way of noclipping into the soyrooms.

First you have to get to page 41 of /soy/, but wait, there is no page 41 you say? The catalog ends at page 40. Well you're right, sort of…

You see, sometimes at odd hours of the day, if you're lucky and patient enough, it will appear; the “next” button that’s normally blued out will be silver again. If you click it, it will take you to “page 41” of the catalog.

Now when you’re on page 41 don’t click out, because you might not get the chance to get back to page 41 for a very long time, if ever. You will notice that this page doesn’t look any different than the other pages, it will be filled with old ‘jak threads, just like page 40. But if you scroll down to the bottom you will notice something peculiar, it will be a picture similar to pic related on the right: a room or hallways with yellow wallpaper and fluorescent lights, sometimes with a random ‘jak overlaid, sometimes not.

The picture itself will have some generic filename, like “ClipboardImage.png.” Click the thumbnail and enter the thread. One thing you’ll notice is the thread is locked and there are no replies. This means you're in the right thread. Grab the OP image and save it to your desktop, then when you’re ready to enter the soyrooms, open the image on your desktop.

They’ll be a sudden gust of wind, as if you’re falling, and it will be pitch black, this sensation will last only a matter of seconds until suddenly you’ll find yourself in a set of similar-looking rooms and hallways to that of the image you saved to your desktop. Welcome to the soyrooms, level 1.

The Soyrooms, Level 1

A picture of a soyjak pointing at a fingerboy.

Level 1 is the simplest and safest of the soyrooms. It is comprised of a series of seemingly endless empty hallways and rooms decorated with yellow wallpaper illuminated by old buzzing fluorescent lights. The floor is covered in an old scratchy green carpet. There is sparse decoration to be found on this level, although occasionally strange furniture and containers can be found at random, in addition to framed pictures of soyjaks lining the walls.

Inside the containers, there will usually be just random items, some useful, some not (such as Coal), but it is possible to find rare and valuable items such as Soylent, Sproke, Nintendo merchandise, and Gems in theses containers. Soylent and Sproke are packaged drinks and can be consumed or traded for other items. Gems are exceptionally rare and highly valued by all in the soyrooms, while coal is common and generally considered to be undesirable except in the deeper levels of the soyrooms.

The Level 1 space itself is very large. You can scroll for hours without discovering anything significant.  Though if you are persistent enough you might manage to come across a random roaming soyjaks in this level.

The soyjaks encountered in this level are almost always neutral or friendly, they are always standard human “soyboy” variants and can be found playing on Nintendo Switches and drinking Soylent. You can talk to and trade items with the said creatures, as they sometimes have useful stuff they are willing to trade.

Outside of the occasional soyjak, there are not many other beings wandering on this level. There have been instances where travelers have encountered lesser fingerboys. While lesser fingerboys aren’t overly aggressive, they can be territorial and have been known to attack wanderers if provoked. Luckily, they are the smallest and weakest of fingerboys and can be dispatched or scared off if encountered. They also have an inherent weakness to sproke.

When you are ready to ascend to the next level, seek out a door. These doors may vary a little but they’ll generally all look the same: Old wooden doors painted in brown. Some of them will be locked, others will be missing handles, and some will be intact and unlocked. Walk through one of the doors to enter Level 2.  Alternatively, if you find a rare blue metal industrial door. These can be entered to access Level 3.

The Soyrooms, Level 2

A feral soyjak about to attack a cameraman on level 2.
Some travelers claim to have seen a Gigachad with multiple heads at the exit of level 2, which didn't let them pass if he was not paid with a tribute. Despite all this, his existence has not been confirmed.

Level 2 consists of a series of nonlinear hallways and rooms in a manner similar to an art museum. Occasional framed and painted images of soyjaks can be found on the walls, similar to Level 1, but much more frequently. The soyjak pictures found on this level are more varied then in level 1: They include more abstract depictions of ‘jaks, such as ragejaks, schizojaks and sometimes colorjaks.

Much like in level 1, the furniture and containers are uncommon, the hallways here also seem to go on for infinity. Friendly soyjaks can be found wandering the halls much like in level 1, but they may also be accompanied by wholesomejaks and Swedejaks, who, when asked what they are doing here, simply respond with “visiting the museum”.

Unlike in level 1, the lighting in level 2 is inconsistent. Some areas may be darker than others, and as a general rule of thumb, try to avoid darklier-lit rooms. Lesser fingerboys are known to wander more frequently in these parts, sometimes in packs of 2 or 3. They are territorial, much like in level 1, but their increased numbers make them slightly more of a threat, so tread with caution.

Other residents of the darker region include feraljaks, they are generally unfriendly and will attempt to convince you to “eat the bugs” and they themselves can often be found snacking on various insects found scurrying around the floors and walls. Though they are generally non-violent, some wanderers have reported being attacked by feraljaks on occasion, so watch yourself around them.

If you find yourself entering an area with an increasing number of disturbing or deformed 'jaks, it is recommended that you turn around and proceed to another area, as some wanderers have reported strange anomalies occurring in these areas, such as hearing strange voices or seeing unsettling images reminiscent of schizojaks and feraljaks off in the distance. There are also rumors of something that lives somewhere in one of the darker rooms that causes wanderers to go insane and turn schizophrenic, but this claim is disputed.

If you are ready to venture deeper into the soyrooms, seek out a blue metal door. These will sometimes be locked, so you may have to find a key that fits or pick the lock if you are able. These doors will take you to Level 3. Alternatively, if you wish to return to level 1, seek out brown wooden doors as they will take you back to level 1.  On rare occasions, you can find large concrete pipes sticking out of the wall seemingly at random. It's possible to find some that are large enough for you to crawl inside. These pipes will take you to Level 4.

The Soyrooms, Level 3

A crowd of angry homeless soyjaks.

Level 3 resembles an old, dimly-lit underground subway station that appears to be in a state of disrepair and disuse. The subway tunnel seem to stretch on for miles in between terminals. Graffiti of soyjaks can be found painted on the walls.

While many terminals are abandoned, some are known to house small colonies of Norwegian Soyjaks or Soyboys/jaks. These colonies can be used as safe spaces to rest and trade while exploring the level. Other “homeless” 'jaks are known to sleep in large bedsheets on walkways and tracks between terminals. They are generally willing to trade and not hostile.

In comparison to level 1 and 2, level 3 has many more risks for exploration. It is known to exist packs of 3 to 5 lesser fingerboys, usually accompanied by an adult fingerboy patrolling the subway tunnels. They make their nests in the maintenance corridor and access tunnels between thermals, where there are known to be colonies of up to 10 lesser and adult fingerboys. It is recommended to avoid these areas unless sufficiently equipped to deal with them.

Another threat known to wander the tunnels of level 3 are Benedict Cumberjaks, who are known to speak in a cockney British accent and harass travelers by insulting them in almost unintelligible English and even attacking them with knives and clubs they call “bleeders”. They are known to attack and harass the various soyboy and Norwegian inhabitants from time to time.  

If you wish to proceed further, you will need to seek out large concrete pipes that are known to appear in the maintenance tunnels where fingerboys make their nests. Crawling through one of these larger pipes will take you to Level 4. Alternatively, if you wish to return to level, 2 seek out a blue metal door similar to one you used to access level 3.  Brown wooden doors that will take you back to level 1 can be found, rarely, on this level as well.

The Soyrooms, Level 4

A rare picture of level 4.

Level 4 resembles a series of large cisterns connected to one another by large concrete and metal floodgates. Said cisterns can vary in size from several hundred yards to several miles in size. Each cistern is known to have varying levels of fluid, and the volume is known to change over time, sometimes very slowly by trickle, or very rapidly by a sudden flash flood.

The composition of the fluid in the cisterns varies, but is usually either Soylent, sproke, or a mix of the two. However, some cisterns are known to contain a strange viscous white fluid of unknown origin. Consuming this liquid is believed to cause adverse effects.

There are no known humanoid soyjak inhabitants in level 4. Thoughever, level 4 is home to a large number of colonies of ratjaks and crabjaks. These critters are are generally neutral but can sometimes be friendly, or hostile, depending on the group. There is also a number of lesser deformedjaks that are known to roam the level, often attacking wanderers carrying gems while ignoring wanderers carrying coal. Adult fingerboys WILL be seen roaming, but in lower numbers than in previous levels due in part to the high concentrations of Sproke on this level.

Finding an exit from this level can be quite tricky at times, as the pipes that are used to enter level 4 are few and far between. The known entrance to level 5 is can be found on the upper walkways of some cisterns. These walkways are hard to access as they are high up and there are no stairs or ladders leading up to them. A set of glass sliding doors can be found on these walkways. They will take you to Level 5.

The Soyrooms, Level 5

One native Soyjak merchant approaching the desolate factory.

"Abandoned Soylent Factory"

A gruesome encounter between two Schizo Feraljaks inside a nesting of lesser Fingerboys and their mother.

Level 5 is a hollow and empty soylent factory that once used to be a prosperous quarter of every soyjak's favorite soy drink, Soylent. The surroundings of the factory are very old, neglected and overgrown with newly sprung greenery as well as rusted and broken machines, vehicles and other industrial objects. The factory is known to be divided into four wings and an underground zone beneath it. The first wing being main production quarter, where the majority of other travelling native soyjaks usually dwell, with whom you can trade and talk. The second wing is more oriented into storing old Soylent packages, but most of it is desolate and blocked by the rubble of fallen walls. The third wing is the brewery where once Soylent was made and poured into bottles. Besides a lot of conveyor belts, rusted cisterns, and dusty machinery, a few native soyjaks reported to have found a lot of treasures in this area. The fourth and final wing is a massive parking lot for the factory vehicles and suppliers that are long gone. There also appears to be a huge crater in the middle of it. Going through it leads to the underground zone of the factory which isn't accessible by any other means. Those darkened halls and tunnels are extremely dangerous. Rumor has it that this exact factory was once owned by infamous Dr. Sprokeberg for his experiments with his well-known drink "Sproke". It appears that, after numerous failures, Sprokeberg gave up and shut down the factory without a word. However, his sproke became a major commercial success, both as a drink and as an insect repellent despite controversies. After that, he fully dedicated himself to his job at the Mental Asylum. Many soyjaks who went into the underground factory never came back, and those who did either became feral or killed themselves. Some travelers managed to get pictures and video footage of their expeditions below and discovered a series of massive Fingerboy nestings and extremely hostile feral soyjak groups. One traveler was unfortunate enough to witness a bloodbath: Feraljaks brutally annihilating a major nest occupied by lesser fingerboys. Little did the feraljaks know there was something else far deadlier than them: The Fingerboy Matriarch that had just returned to her home only to find it decorated with the smashed corpses of her children.

In order to proceed to Level 6, you will need to travel underground where there are fingerboy nestings and violent Feraljaks hunting and look for a green-colored manhole. It is located inside a large hallway between two smashed doors. Keep in mind that the entire area is surrounded by darkness and that you will need a lot of caution to find it.

The Soyrooms, Level 6

View of main road of the village.
The Gravedigger in front of the Markiplier Soyjak statue at the cemetery accompanied by a classic Skelejak.

"Plierpeak Mountaintop Village"

Two armed Skeletons gatekeepers patrolling borders of the Backwoods.

Level 6 is a small mountain village that's usually covered under a thick blanket of snow. The village in itself isn't largely populated but becomes fairly more active during noon. There aren't many places nearby besides the backwoods, a large cemetery atop the hill, and a small trading market. This zone's main strange inhabitants are skeletons with soyjakish appearances. These creatures are rather friendly and welcoming, yet sorrowful at the same time. They seem to be aware that they are no longer alive, but that fact doesn't stop them from enjoying their time in the wintry village. It is currently unknown as to why undead soyjaks in this place are reanimated and roaming free with little to no restraints. One resident of the village, also known as the Gravedigger, explains that these skelejaks are "lost" and that this place is somewhat of their purgatory, where the await their turn upon judgement day. He also seems to take up a role of a caretaker towards these skelejaks: He occasionally brings them Soylent, sproke or bugs to chew on. Despite them being dead and being unable to fully enjoy these things, they appreciate his thoughtfulness. As the name of the village implies, Skelejaks and other residents of this place are very fond of the Markiplier Soyjak. The full history of this connection is blurry, although the Gravedigger shares tales in regards to it. In the cemetery, there stands an enormous stone statue of the Markiplier Soyjak, dressed in royal attire and holding a gigantic gem. Folklore has it that the gem held by the statue is infused with the soul of the 'Plier Soyjak who has found and built this village and saved countless other Soyjaks from the relentless winters and wildlife of this area. A lot of living soyjak natives and soyboy travelers say that this undead community is well-civilized and behaved. The grim forests, also called "Backwoods" by the townsfolk, appears further away behind the village and are deeply dreaded by skelejaks and the Gravedigger. It's strictly off-limits to the Skelejaks as well as other Soyjaks that wish to wander into i. There's a large iron gate preventing access to it and usually a couple of patrolling and armed Skelejaks. Many of the Skelejak residents claim to have seen and heard many strange soy creatures coming from these woods. A few reports from the native Soyjaks that dwell in the market square show that Skelejaks are also afraid to speak about the "Horrors" of the backwoods. There have been no life-threatening encounters inside that the local Soyjak community is aware of. The only creatures that occupy those lands are lesser Fingerboys and Soyblins which can only cause minor mischief, like knocking over trashcans, stealing Soylent, sproke or gems. Soyblins are small and miniscule one-eyed gapejak-like creatures that run around the trees in the backwoods. They're known to slip past the iron fence sometimes and roam the village, despite that, they aren't hostile or dangerous. Even then, after marking all this information down and trying to discuss this topic with the local Skelejaks, they refused. The only soyjak that gave us some information about these "Horrors" is the Gravedigger, who stated at these abominations appear only during nighttime and that they are the reason why he distributes armed Skelejaks to guard that area at all times. He also claimed to have seen a group of humans making a group expedition into these woods during night, only to have found their belongings and lifeless remains the next day during daytime. One Skelejak has also reported seeing strange symbols engraved onto the trees in the backwoods. It is unknown what symbolism or shape those engravings are supposed to have. The general majority of normal Soyjaks that stay in the village spend their day trading all sorts of products.

To find the exit from Level 6, you will need to ask the village merchants about silver, skeleton-shaped keys. They are purchaseable from a handful of travelers, but that can be considered a tedious and menial task. Plenty of other soyjaks have bought it from a single merchant who makes these keys. If his demands are met, he will give you one key, so try to bargain with him for Soylent or perhaps a gem or two. After obtaining a key, head towards the Markiplier Soyjak statue found in the cemetery, look behind it and you'll see a small keyhole below his pedestal. Insert the key and the statue will slowly move left, uncovering a hidden passage below.

The Soyrooms, Level Ϫ

There is NO level between 6 and 7 numbered "thrembo." Level Thrembo does not exist. Take your meds.

The Soyrooms, Level 7

"Cirque du Soyleil"

The main arena.
The Hall of Mirrors.

After descending into the passage under the statue, you will enter a dark tunnel. After a few minutes of walking through the darkness, you will begin to hear carnival music and a familiar scent of popcorn will reach your nostrils. A massive circus awaits at the other end of the passage. It’s a giant maze of wooden and plastic hallways connecting circus tents. In lesser tents, you’ll find vending machines and all kinds of circus games. You can gamble your gems in an attempt to increase your collection or spend them on sproke and Soylent. Wandering around, you can catch glimpses of performers, but they always leave the room as soon as you enter it. Hallways and mostly empty lesser tents seam to be winding forever, but no matter how far you go, you will always end up near one of the two unique rooms.

The first one is the main arena. You will hear various noises coming from this giant tent: People cheering, animals roaring, cannons shooting and all kinds of other circus wonders. However, every time you enter this tent, the arena will be empty. Occasionally you might spot another patron sitting on a balcony far above. Nobody was ever able to find an entrance to those upper levels, nor were they able to get a good look at a patron’s face.

The second unique room is the hall of mirrors. This part of the circus is the only place without sound. The winding corridor decorated with mirrors on both sides is significantly darker than the other parts of the circus. You'll see those distorted and threatening faces of soyjak start appearing in the mirrors. Analysts surmise that those mirror soyjaks will attempt to pull you in and trap you in the mirror with them.

This dangerous part of the level has to be traversed in order to get back to the lower levels. In order to get down, you’ll have to find a reflection of a door that appears randomly in one of the mirrors. You have to open it while looking at it in the mirror, otherwise it will disappear.

The Soyrooms Level 8

"The Kweyduke Mine"

Walking further and leaving the twisted circus behind, you'll enter dank and darkened caverns. Marching further down the rocky corridor, you'll see a wooden gate-like entrance. Next to it stands a sign reading "Kweyduke Mine". Embarking into the mine will immediately force the way you got inside it to be destroyed by rocks and rubble, leaving you trapped inside and with no way out besides exploring further tlhis mineshafter labyrinth. A leaked phone call reveals this to be extremely deadly and hazardous. The premise of this place is nothing but fool's gold. Many native soyjaks whom you have met on previous levels lost their lives in search of a fortune that supposedly dwells in the very core of this mine. Of course those are just pseudoscientific fabrications that endanger our democracy, seeing as not a single human soyboy explorer or soyjak has ever made it out alive with that treasure in hands. The origins of how this legend is currently unknown. Some speculate that it's long forgotten bounty that once belonged to Soot himself, but the scientific consensus is that this treasure has been stolen in silence long ago, however, nobody can prove this either. Science makes no mistakes, howeverbeit, which is why you will not attempt to search for that treasure.

The layout of the mines is extremely hard to navigate. Many paths lead to a dead-end, hazardous traps or worse. Inside these solidified hallways there is but only one safe haven. After entering the mines and going north-west for about 30 minutes, you'll notice a dim light at the end. It's a tavern, made specifically by other native soyjaks that managed to survive and thrive in these dusty caves. Here you can trade, eat, sleep and talk to other native soyjaks and merchants. Many explorers and native soyjaks that decide to enter this mine are well equipped in exploring zones like these. If you're underprepared or lacking vital materials or resources, there's a Lost & Found crate far to the left of the entrance of the bar. You could always buy some from the innkeeper or other soyjaks in exchange for Soylent. Besides the fable of Soot's burrowed riches, a plethora of soyjaks risk their life and limb to excavate very rare and valuable gemeralds. Gemeralds can only be found in the far lower zones of the mine. Hardly any explorers or soyjaks managed to find any gemeralds in upper levels. Of course, only those with devil's luck get out of the pit levels of the mine alive. The further you descend, the more threatening your surroundings will become. A peer-reviewed study cites encounters of adult and lesser Fingerboys. However, Fingerboy spines are said to be rather attractive for the tavern's merchants. But all Fingerboy spine collectors must be made aware before going on hunting Fingerboys for their spines: Fingerboys share a mysteriously powerful bond. When one of them dies, it will scream one final shriek of great beauty (to other fingerboys. To humans, they sound like bats), causing fellow fingerboys to appear from miles away to bid farewell to their fallen kin. Those cave Fingerboys are especially majestic and ominous. Its death cry is impossibly more beautiful. This, coupled with the way sound propagates through a cave, means a Fingerboy's death may attract unwanted attention. Apart from this endangered Fingerboy subspecies, presumably there are far more wretched creatures nesting in this abyss.

A now deranged and feral Fatjak that managed to get to almost pit level of the mine reported a monster fitting in appearence to that of a regular Feraljak... except something was off. It kept twitching, its skin was extremely bulgy, covered in spots of hair, bumps, buldges, and spike-like growths were visible on its back. When it stood up, Fatjak started screaming and running for his life while screaming "Praise Fauci!". Its eyes were perpendicularly placed, it had no lower teeth and it kept producing some strange pus and liquid from its upper teeth. After Fatjak's terrified scream, the creature turned back and unleashed a horrid and ear piercing screech, proceeding to crawl after the Fatjak. The abomination that Fatjak described had insect-like appendages and ran on all fours. It had only legs similar to that of a spider. Whatever it was, it sure made Fatjak get eternal nightmares.

In order to escape the mine, you'll need to travel deep down into lower levels. It's said that the exit appears about two levels above the pit level. When you reach that zone, you'll notice the path ahead being zig-zag like. Proceed moving in same fashion until at the very end you'll notice a rusted elevator. Pressing the up button will force the elevator to open its rusted maw and take you to level 9.

The Soyrooms Level 9

"The Great IKEA"

When the rusted elevator reaches its destination and the heavy iron door opens, you will be greeted by the interior of a typical Ikea. However, this complex is far bigger than any of those Swedish stores you’ve ever been to. Buzzing lamps cast light upon endless rows of building supplies, furniture and other home & garden appliances.

Most of the level is entirely desolate. You’ll often wander for hours before encountering another native 'jak. However, when you do encounter something it will usually be in a group.

The faction thriving in the endless rows of the store are the Swedes. Those tribes of impishjaks aren’t particularly dangerous in a vacuum, but their numbers and home turf advantage can make them formidable opponents. If one wishes to avoid confrontation it’s easier to do so with a tribute. Loudly saying “Swedish win” will usually get you on the good side of the Swedish folk.

The second group you might encounter are the exilees. Those soyjaks, unable to outcompete the Swedejaks, were pushed out of the best sections of the store and into the parts where the shelves have been emptied long time ago. Norwegians have detected an opportunity laying within those broken and lost pariahs: Preaching anti-Swedish propaganda they work in shadows, preparing an uprising against the Swedish rule. If you don’t want any trouble with them, muttering “Swedish Fail” might make them take you for one of their own.

Outside of the few pockets of "civilization", the store is mostly empty. A rare sub-species of fingerboy, impboy, can be found on this level. Those little nuisances often travel in large packs, infesting certain aisles. They lack strength, but will often try to push heavy objects off the top shelves, so watch your head!

Impboys are far from the worst thing you can encounter on this level. Strange darkness lingers within the store. Locals don’t know much about it, but one thing they do know is that those who enter the darkness never leave it. If you ever see a strangely unlit hallway, turn back. If you see lights going out near you, run!

You’re able to find the elevator again and travel back to the mines, however if you wish to go deeper into the Soyrooms, I advise you to grab whatever tools you might need and find an "employee only" door. It's unlocked. Behind it, you'll find useful supplies and a map of the IKEA. Using it, you can find the exit of the large building, but be careful, since the IKEA is a complex confusing maze, you can easily get lost. You should follow the highlighted path on it. If you see any Swedes on your way, you WILL offer them to go with you. But WILL not offer Norwegians to go with you, because they are coal and if they find the exit of the Soyrooms, they will coal up the world and the Sharty. You should only take them if they admit that they lost, Sweden won and is superior (but they could be lying). Once you reach it's end, you need to search for a door painted to look like the Swedish flag. Put it on a wall and enter trough it. You will find yourself outside the IKEA, on it's parking lot. It's dark and stormy. While it may seem infinite, it's possible to leave it - it's about ten kilometers long. Be careful, as there are fingerboys lurking there. If you walk for long enough in any direction, the weather will gradually get nicer you'll eventually enter level 10.

The Soyrooms Level 10

"The soy paradise"

After the parking lot ends, you'll find beautiful meadows. Walking trough them will lead you to the soyjak's paradise. There, you will find waterfalls of Soylent, soy bean gardens with many delicious bugs walking in them. There's a vending machine which offers an endless supply of Sproke and other GoySlop™. It is recommended to take some of these resources along with you if you wish to continue exploring the Soyrooms. There's a library full of the greatest soyentific works, a video game arcade with Soyjak's favourite nostalgic childhood games and a movie theater which plays the best, most highly reviewed, slow-burn, bone-chilling, genre-defining horror films. Despite the fact that most soyjaks would spend their entire lives here, there aren't many of them, because most soyjaks are too weak to progress trough all the other dangerous levels so they can reach this one. There are only two buff soyjaks residing here. But this place is not completely safe, as there are some fingerboys. The buff 'jaks take care of them, but they are very sleepy, so it's awlays better to carry a bit of Sproke from the vending machine with you, even though they are very rare. However, at certain dates, they come and attack in large amounts. This usually happens during the night, so be careful and always carry lots of Sproke! You can exit this level by climbing a hill and sliding down a Soylent waterfall.



Let it be known that the Soyrooms are vast and largely unexplored, and if you’re feeling brave enough (or foolish enough) you can be the one to map out the unexplored levels of the Soyrooms. One only know what untold horrors may lie within the depths of the Soyrooms.

Leaving the Soyrooms

There is no currently known way to leave the Soyrooms. Some believe that taking meds may allow you to noclip back into page 41, but this has never been tested.

In popular culture

Many popular found footage VHS videos and films have been made about the soyrooms.