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deranged 'teen

A soyteen is a regular member of the Soy community, they mainly link up at the 'Party.


The term was initially used as an insult poking fun at the perceived age of 'teens (which is only half true since science proves around half of soyteens were under the age of 13), but users adopted it.


The depiction of a soyteen is usually based on Yotshitba, with the pigtails removed and hair turned yellow to resemble Minecraft namefag Nate, and the shirt covered in soot ev&o it resembles the star trek uniform.

Alternative names and derivations

Other names for users of were are


From a strawpoll, circa ~13 September 2023.
From a strawpoll, circa 15th January 2023. Note that the “11” votes are botted, though I remember maybe 2 were legit.

It is well known that around half of soyteens are underage, and posters using “underage” as an insult are often likened to 4cuck oldfags.