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The Dolly, the 'Leno, and the Holy Froot (now outdated, replace this with an edit of that template where the Gapejak and Markiplier Soyjak are looking at each other or something)
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In Soy Politics, a Soyumvirate (Soy Duumvirate, or Soy Triumvirate) is a coalition of two-to-three people who share equal adminship of the Sharty. Since the start of the Froot Era, the site has been ruled by a Soyumvirate three different times

Early History

A previous "Soyumvirate" was a proposed system of managing the Sharty with three head figures: Kuz as the de-facto admin with veto powers, and Doll and Max as advisors who would run the day-to-day activities of the site. However, this idea was never be implemented.

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The First Soyumvirate

The First Soyumvirate were the ruling admins of the Frootist era Sharty from the end of the Soypocalypse, to October 9th, 2023. This Soyumvirate consisted of DOLL (the then owner of the site), Angeleno (de-facto owner of the wiki) and Froot (future owner of the Sharty and wiki). Doll retired on August 31st 2023, following which Froot took his place as owner.. The First Soyumvirate would be officially dissolved on October 9th, 2023, with the announcement of Angeleno's retirement as admin.

Second Soyumvirate

The Second Soyumvirate(also called the Nu-Soyumvirate or Nu-Duumvirate) started on December 24th, 2023, when DOLL has returned to his position as administrator of the Sharty, alongside Froot. It ended on March 16th, 2024, with DOLL's retirement and final stream. It was rather controversial, as the doxxing ban and the captchas were introduced during this time.

Third Soyumvirate

The Third Soyumvirate are the current ruling admins of It consists of Froot (current owner) and Root (his former manager). It began with the latter becoming admin on March 17th, just one day after the end of the previous soyumvirate.