Soyvil War 3

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Soyvil War 3
Part of Internet Autism

The 'log at the height of the antizelliger attack
DateFirst conflict: 27 February 2023 - 6 May 2023
(2 months, 1 week and 2 days)
Second conflict: 14 June 2023 - 14 August 2023 (1 month and 3 weeks)
/soy/, /qa/, smaller offsite skirmishes
Result Stalemate

Pro 'zellig chuds


Supported By:



Kolyma Jannies


Studio Massa


Anti 'zellig chuds


1 Frenchman


1 Duke Nukem poster

1 Barney Bunch autist

Negan Posters

Sneed posters

/bant/ - International/Random

1 Russian from sharty's /int/

Supported By:

Baby bot

Formerly Doll, he is neutral

Animan Studios posters

A gore poster

Discord trannies such as NuQafe


Flame war enthusiasts

Supported By:

Zuken discorders

'p spammers

Casualties and losses

1200+ wiped threads, countless others deleted or slid off the catterino (mostly NAS necrobump spam)[1]

A few stolen GETs

Ongezellig temporarly 'nished from /soy/ under Doll's adminship (was un'nished on May 6th), as well as the 'zellig banner removal from all boards except /qa/

'zellig posters largely being forced off /soy/ and restricted to /qa/, with occasional sitewide deletion of such posts

A divide in the soy community
A news flyer made during the height of the conflict

"Soyvil War 3", known more appropriately as The Discord Skirmish, was an elaborate false flag by 'cord trannies to divide the soy community and destroy the sharty. This conflict was the cause of countless 'log wipes and a divide in the soy community.

It ended on August 14th, 2023, when the Soypocalypse saw the sharty collapse.



A post which defines the whole conflict

For several months prior to the outbreak of war, tensions had been growing between anti-zelligers, who consider Ongezellig a forced NAS coal and pro-zelligers who mantain that Ongezellig should be considered Sharty culture. An anti-zellig soyteen jokingly suggested that "Duke is in, Zellig is out", causing immense rage among some.[2]

Invasion of /qa/

On the 27th of February during Euro hours, antizelligers made a thread calling for 'teens to spam IAS on /qa/ in an attempt to 404 the Ongezellig negrobump threads. While at first they had great success with many, 'zellig threads being pushed back to as far as page 30, the 'zeliggers, with the power of nonsensefag necrospam, were able to push back the antizellig IAS[3] wave.

Several hours later, the antizelligers flooded /qa/ with NAS and colorjaks, leading to the board getting locked. Curiously, the antizelligers found an unlikely ally in a confused frogposter who created about 30 threads before the board got restricted.[[He just did, ok?]]


Following their tactical failure in the Battle of /qa/, antizelligers attempted to doxx the Ongezellig voice actresses. At around 9pm EST on the 28th of February, an 'een made a thread calling to doxx the VAs[4]. Antizellig chuds eventually found some pictures of Dutch women with matching names to the VAs, though it is not confirmed that these are the real voice actresses. One chud found several social media accounts with matching names, but the accounts are mostly inactive with no posts or just random people with the same name. Hitherto these threads have not been very productive, but the chuds autistically celebrated finding a bunch of faceless dead accounts as a total antizelligchud victory.


On the 1st of March, an anonymous guy began spamming anti-zellig screenshots and red swatikas in 'zellig threads. This chud was nicknamed[5] "Zee" (Lee goldson + 'zellig)

Second Battle for /qa/

On the 4th of March, Nikocado posters started spamming pictures of the glamorous 'cado including his world famous coinslot in the newly created furry general on the board. This incident brought attention to /qa/ which finally resulted in the jannies doing a catalog wipe due to the rampant amount of necrobumped troonshit, The cado spam resulted in the mods deleting the furry threads off /qa/.

The catalog of /qa/ after being wiped

On the 8th of March, a random spammer started spamming images of various books and vague political cartoons containing the word "Nigger", and ended up killing all of the ongezellig threads. a Nikocado poster started to complain about the threads.

The moderators even framed this achievement.


On the 7th of march a picture of "baby" achieved the GET №2500000 on /soy/, Enraging 'zellig fans, who were trying to steal the same GET (and got 2500001). they proceeded to make baseless accusations against the sharty admins, claiming it was staged. This has been debunked by Snopes.

Kuz saying to get massa in contact with him so that he can fund the show and the studio

Kuz's support of 'Zellig fans

Kuz has countless times shown support for Ongezellig and its fans. Some schizophrenics state he goes as far as to wanting to buy Studio Massa, but this claim is entirely unfounded. There is image proof of kuz wanting to contact massa like this one.


After a few days of relatively little fighting, the war resumed. This time it centered around one anti-fnf poster who would spam troonjaks of Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin in response to every anti-zellig post, claiming his opponents to be "anti-frog newfag pedophiles." His schizoposting created the phrase "kys fnf pedo nigger."

The Bocchi necrobumping question

There was some talk regardin the Bocchi chuds and their necrobumping thread. Some chuds says that they are as bad as the pro 'zellig chuds because of their necrobumping threads in both /soy/ and /qa/ and their love for a girl that is around the same age as the 'zellig girl. However some chuds says that they do not and that they're based because they also hate the pro 'zellig chuds. Either way the talks are still ongoing about if the Bocchi chuds should be considered like the pro 'zellig chuds or not

The Animan Studios poster joins in to mock the pro 'zellig chuds

There were a few Animan Studios posters mocking the 'zellig posters about how their animation mogs them because of how popular they are.

Barney Bunch nonsensefaggotry

The 2777777 get on /soy/, simply saying "HI" with a picture of Coco.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a nonsensecoaler began shitting out random pictures of Drew Pickles, Osama Bin Laden, and other Barney Bunch related content in an attempt to slide 'zellig and Bocchi threads off the 'log (and failing since 'zelligposters tend to necrobump these threads in dilation), usually quoting 'zellig OPs and countless unrelated threads which are artificially kept alive. It's unknown what his exact intentions were, but some claim that he suffers from some rare form of autism and likely unmedicated schizophrenia. He somehow managed to obtain the 74444 GET on /qa/, causing 'zelligposters to dilate and seethe in frustration, with one schizo multiple people declaring it a Drew Pickles victory.[6]

2777777 GET and 'p Spam

After taking forever to deal with the 'p spam, the janny claimed that this was due to being distracted by dinosaur videos on the 'tube.

On April 7th, the 2777777 GET on /soy/ was achieved by a zelligchud. That same day, bunch of pro-Zellig threads were made on /soy/ and almost all of them got spammed with dozens of 'p images. These images stayed up for a while because the janny was supposedly busy watching dinosaur videos.[7] Some 'p was also posted on the catalog. After many reports and posts calling for the 'p to be removed, the janny finally finished gooning and wiped the 'log. Scientists and fact checkers are unsure whether this whole thing was a 'zellig win or loss. 'p spam on 'zellig threads continued the next day, this time with very similar types of threads with all of them having a 'zellig-fnf tranny fight and one anti-zellig avatarfag right before the 'p gets spammed on it.

Intense fighting on /qa/ during a battle on April 16th

The new rules enforced: Kuzist(pro-'zellig) vs Sootist(anti-'zellig) 2: Electric Boogaloo

Following the 'p spam, the admins announced that Ongezellig was temporarily 'nished on /soy/ and that Kuz was set to make an announcement, possibly in relation to the 'zellig question. They later said that this announcement was cancelled.

Frog invasion of /qa/

On April 20th, a frogposter attempted to slide zellig threads on /qa/ off the log by spamming frog posts. This failed as zelligposters necrobumped every 'lig thread, causing the entire /qa/ catalog to be filled with them.

Pizza Time

/qa/ without jannies on the 26th of April

On April 26th, a Russian[8] spammer hating on 'zellig posters and bocchi posters started spamming spiderman 2 gigachad memes, and wiped out most of the 'zellig and bocchi threads, leaving only the draw thread, dub thread and a couple of other small threads. As most of the catalogue was wiped, almost all of the unaffiliated threads were archived too. Notable neutral casualties included 2 fairly large and long-lasting NAS threads, one being an Omori thread and the other being a fox thread. Jannies did not respond, likely spending most of their time on /soy/ and /q/ where spam had been raging for the past day.

The ongezellig 'nishment situation poll

A more accurate poll (even doe 80% of SPVAs viewers don't use the sharty and have no clue what hes talking about)
The 'zellig situation poll (likely very inaccurate due to bot votes and people deleting their cookies)

A poll was made related to the 'nishment situation of 'zellig on the sharty about if it deserved to be permanently 'nished of the sharty, if it deserved to be 'nished from /soy/ like before or if it should be un'nished from /soy/. The results shows that the side that ask a permanent 'nishment of 'zellig on the sharty is winning by a large margin, which has serious implications for the third soyvil war; There where two polls. On the first one (which had botting and all those rigged shit allowed), Pro-'zellig 'teens started seething in the poll thread and at one point used a multiple VPN/wifi bot to spam vote the option to un'nish 'zellig. The second poll, however, turned out to be more accurate, with more restriction to the voting and it showed that many soyteens (almost 70%) wanted 'zellig permanently 'nished from every board on the sharty, including /qa/ and /a/. Data-Soyentists have noted that the low voter turnout may suggest that 'teens are either apathetic about 'zellig posting, want 'zellig posting permanently 'nished from the Party including /qa/ and /a/, or are more worried about other issues within the Sharty's democracy. The validity of the FIRST poll has been called in question mostly because the voter turnout did not correlate with thread activity (there were far more votes than active people in the thread) and because Strawpoll is easily cheated by deleting browser cookies. A more lesser accurate poll regarding the ongezellig situation was created by the Youtube channel SoyjakPartyVideoArchive with 2500 votes in which most people were either pro 'zellig or dont care about it. This poll is innacurate because the channel has many outsider that werent soyteens as subscriber so it didnt represent the sharty opinion very well.

End of the Conflict?

End of the 'zellig 'nishment

Ongezellig was un'nished from /soy/ on May 6th, causing major uproar from the anti-zellig side and a wave of 'zellig posts from the pro-zellig side. Soon after it was un'nished, a 'zellig general was made to contain the large wave of posts and was spammed with 'p.

The 'lig erasure

On the 3rd of June, 2023, a spammer attempted to erase/vandalize pages referencing 'zellig in some way, and someone ALLEGEDLY uploaded the dancing swede.

Franco-Dutch War

The Franco-Dutch War
Part of Soyvil War 3
14 June 2023 - 27 June 2023
Result Costly 'zellig victory



Amerimutt posters
Zellig posters Jannies (neutral)

1 Frenchman

1 amerimutt poster or something like that

Some other Sneed posters
A handful of zellig posters The Janny team
Casualties and losses

Hundreds of threads

French poster's IPs
Dozens of 'zellig threads Wasted cooming time

In the beginning of June, /qa/ started getting wiped by Sneedposters, as well as other factions. Eventually, starting June 14th, these catalog wipes started becoming a near-daily occurrence.

Later, a French poster started spamming Neil Breen posts in an attempt to wipe 'zellig off /qa/. He attempted this almost 7 times but each time it failed due to 'zellig posters bumping their threads.

on June 24th, he spammed all 40 pages of /nate/ with the poster for I AM HERE... NOW and deleted all the discord threads, a Breenian victory.[9]

Another autist from /bant/ started spamming drawings depicting amphibians murdering and executing the Ongezellig whores.

Sneed Posters also created bizzare, gory and nasty OC involving the Ongezellig whores.

On June 27th, a breen and a impish swede poster started spamming /qa/, but no threads were wiped by them because of 'zellig bumpers. The out of nowhere a janny deleted ALL NAS threads, which included all breen and non-IAS 'zellig threads.

Only a few Ongezellig threads survived. Doll deleted every thread that was NAS, leaving only a couple 'zellig threads with soyjaks in the OPs. This resulted in many posters believing Ongezellig posters were defeated, but both 'zellig posters and the Breen autist kept on fighting after /qa/ was purged by a janny. An amerimutt poster also started spamming anti-zellig mutt threads.

Since the wipe, 'zellig threads had returned to /qa/ but not to the same extent that they were at before the wipe. Pro and anti-zellig posting continued on /qa/ with some smaller catty wipe attempts.

BBC Spam

Following the failure of the catty wiping campaign, the French poster adopted a new strategy of spamming /soy/ and /qa/ with BBC edits depicting the Ongezellig girls. He also raided the Ongezellig Fandom wiki with these edits on June 24th[10], and this led to an edit war with multiple people editing the wiki until the vandalism was finally reversed.

The removal of the Ongezellig banner by Doll

On July 22th, 2023, while Doll was adding new banners to the sharty, Doll removed the only Ongezellig banner of the sharty off the banner code, which means that it no longer appears in the random banner picker on the sharty. Seething from the pro-zellig poster quickly ensued, with some calling Doll a tyrant and even threatening to leave the sharty for good, while the anti-zellig poster welcomed that change, saying that Doll finally removed one of the 2 coaliest banner of the sharty and some have even wanted to do a party to celebrate the removal. Doll later commented that the banner was removed due to the drama surrounding it, and was considering readding it as a custom theme on /qa/ exclusively.[11]

Babybot's verdict

The only surviving archive of Babybot's reply.

Zelliggers were dealt a crushing blow on July 28th, 2023, mere days after the removal of the WELKOM IN banner, when a thread utilizing Babybot's random word generator as an improvisatory form of divination was used to decide whether 'zellig was tranny brimstone or sharty culture. The opening post read as follows:

"The baby bot will definitively answer if Zellig is sharty culture or not

If the first word of its response starts with any letter from a-m, zellig is tranny brimstone and not sharty culture . However, if it starts with n-z, zellig will always be Sharty culture"

Babybot responded with the following message in turn:

"cylindrical snarling runny mixed agitated rude rundown winged disguised curiously yearningly plate whale glue thank inject flap decide guard reinforce"

indicating that indeed, 'zellig is brimmy swarthoid trannydust and not sharty culture. Tranny jannies quickly censored babybot's post soon after in a futile effort to cover up Babybot's verdict, but not before a screenshot of the original post was taken and uploaded to the thread.[12]

Pro-zellig Ideas

Common pro-zellig talking points, ideas, and beliefs include (AS SAID BY THEIR CREATORS:)

  • Most of them are/were Kuzist (because of his support for 'zellig)
  • the 'zelligposters are being framed by the CP spammer
  • The CP spammer is a member of the anti-zellig camp/anti-zellig neganposters camp/goth/anti-zellig cord
  • the anti-zellig camp is promoting the CP spam accusations to further anti-zellig hatred and to get 'zellig 'nished completly and permanently across every single board because they weren't able to stop the 'zelligposters
  • the 'zelligposters were on the soyjakking community ever since the /qa/ days. They founded many aspects of the sharty, founded many sharty memes, brought many aspect to soyjakking, and even pioneered early /qa/ soyjak 'toss edits. 'Zellig-based soyjaks are even considered IAS by many veterans of /qa/
  • the 'zelligposters have been the center of dozens of scandals in the past, many of which are false
  • Studio Massa is very popular in the Low Countries, has founded many popular dutch memes (such as the Gekoloniseerd meme), gains thousands, even millions of views on his videos and has a pretty succesful studio. So, no matter the outcome, he and the zelligposters already won.
  • Pictures of pro-LGBTQ+, pro-transgender 'zellig meme are fake and made up by the anti-zellig camp just to make the 'zelligposters look bad.
  • The anti-zellig camp faked dozens of discord accounts and screenshots to make the 'zelligposters look bad.
  • Ongezellig is sharty culture

Anti-Zellig Ideas

Common anti-zellig talking points, ideas, and beliefs include (AS SAID BY THEIR CREATORS:)

  • Most of them are/were Sootist (because of his hatred for 'zellig)
  • the 'zelligposters are the CP spammer
  • the 'zelligposters spams CP in order to report the Party and take it down, since the owner of Ongezellig, Studio Massa, and their closest friends hates the sharty and they sees it as a shitty racist/transphobic board
  • the 'zelligposters are projecting their pedophilia by accusing others of it (especially the FNFposters, the dukeposters, the frogposters and the neganposters)
  • the 'zelligposters have done nothing but contribute trashy spam and necrobumping to the Party and their post are NAS trashy brimstone
  • the 'zelligposters had a history of scandalous activity, there's no reason to believe this one is any different
  • Studio Massa, his moderator friends mik and Foenkie and the voices actress of Ongezellig are all complicit in their evil doings, supports the 'zelligposters's CP spam and are deserving of harm
  • Pictures of pro-LGBTQ+, pro-transgender 'zellig memes are real and are proof that the Ongezellig fanbase is full of fags and trannies.
  • The anti-zellig camp leaked many 'zelligposters's discord account and screenshot which proved they are 'cord trannies and displayed their true intentions
  • Ongezellig is not sharty culture


Fighting for the most part had died down but occasionally popped up, mainly just small skirmishes between the same few posters. While the anti-zellig posters failed in their goal to get it 'nished from the site permanently, 'zellig posting remained on /qa/, being bumped by it's fans and being a constant point of aggression from others.

Conspiracy theory regarding the connection between Massa and anti-zelligers

A soyteen who didn't take his meds

There was a conspiracy theory, which was proposed by a 'teen who didn't take his meds, that Studio Massa and his moderator team were behind the anti-'zellig attacks in order to get it 'nished from, thus removing any connection between the show and the site. By doing so, 'zellig would be more "advertiser-friendly" towards trannies and dutch people and will have "better chances at getting a producer" even doe this would actually make total sense considering all the events.

In the long run

On February 6 2024, Studio Massa decided to cancel Ongezellig for good, leaving 'zelligers on /qa/ in disarray.[13] This is because 'zellig troops were too busy fighting wars on instead of supporting their creator.

The pro-'zellig chuds have been involved in other conflicts as well, such as The Negan War, The Frog War, and The Fourth Soyvil War.

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