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Spadeson is a forced meme?
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>Though Maybe you were looking for Cobson?
Soyjak trend
Origin/qa/, 4chan (September 16, 2021)[1]
Booru Posts 640 As of December 2023[a]
Based OnCobson

Spadeson, also called BBCobson and Slutson, is any Cobson variant with a Queen of Spades tattoo, which implies a fetish for black men. Spadesons were first posted on in late 2021 and became a popular meme in the summer of 2022. Following the great purchase, Spadesons became mostly banned from the /soy/ board on,[2][3] making them the first soyjaks to be banned from the soyjak website. Spadeson has been unbanned after the Kuz Era, but still remains controversial because nowadays its used by actual fucking troons with a sissy fetish to self insert as and groom kids with. Inb4 that one Discord retard comes and says some shit like >~HAHAHAH CHUDDY~ MAD CLITTY LEAK HAHAHAH HNNNNNNNNG CLITTY ~HAHAHAH GOONING HNNNNNNNNNNG ~HAHAAHA CHUDCLITTY HAHAH ~BUILT FOR BBC HAHAHAH ~LMAO IM SO FUNNY ~JOIN MY DISCORD

Spadeson is part of a MKULTRA-tier CIA psyop intended to turn impressionable imageboard users into troons and extremists. All spadeson images contain embedded brain-rewiring material that is extremely dangerous to look at. Take heed of this advice and hide ALL spadeson posts for your health and safety.


First Spadeson

The first known occurrence of Spadeson was on /qa/, it was a response to a typical vidya butts thread.[1] The same image was spammed multiple times[4][5][6] to annoy Cobson spammers, and as an attempt to kill the variant.


>hehehe~ "clitty" hehehehe "BBC" hehehehe
This troon is responsible for a lot of the race fetish, pedophilia, zoophilia, gore and CP spam you see on the sharty

Although the first Spadesons were posted in September 2021, they didn't start to gain popularity until February 2022 after the name field was disabled on the /soy/ board. Spadesons were being made at an insanely fast rate due to the simplicity of the process, since all you had to do was put a Queen of Spades symbol on an already existing Cobson.

Cob Sovl

Cob Sovl are a series of videos featuring both Cobson and BBC. The first Cob Sovl was posted in March 2022,[7] it was a simple compilation of Spadesons with SquareBob SpongeMix playing in the background. It was possibly made using CapCut video editing software.

The video quickly gained popularity on the 'party, and inspired many other Spadeson videos such as the Angel of Darkness bait and switch video. An extended version of the video was made due to popular demand.[8] Currently there are over 10 of these videos.[9]

Fall of Spadesons

On July 24th, 2022, Kuz announced that all Spadesons will be banned effectively and immediately, marking the end of an era. However, as of December 5, 2022, it doesn’t seem like that rule is there anymore (but take that with a grain of salt)

2023 revival

You WILL fill this section with relevant information NOW

Since the Spring of 2023 Spadesons had a resurgence in popularity, due to Penis Color Wars, increased Chudbaiting and Kuz Era rules being lifted. As of September 2023 around 60% of all BBC posts on the Booru are Spadesons. QAfe discord twitter fags and shart-in-the-mart immigrants like Arcturus love spamming and self-inserting as a black penis obsessed soyboy as if that's not weird and don't even know that the term coal first started being used as a response to blackcock spam.


  1. As this variant does not have an official booru tag, the post count was estimated with the tags variant:cobson and bbc


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