Splinter War

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Splinter War
Part of The Splintered Age
Date14 August 2023 - 22 August 2023 (8 days)
Various soysplinter websites

Bunkercel Victory[1]

  • Froot purchases and restores the sharty
  • Angeleno is made an admin
  • Doll, Froot and Angeleno form the Soyumvirate
  • jakparty.soy goes back to 1pph geg
  • A proper 'p detection system btfo's the 'p spammers
  • Most of the other splinter sites besides the jarty closes







Various other soy splinters


'p spammers and 'cord trannies
Commanders and leaders




Several other splinter owners
Pedo Cabal
Casualties and losses

like 6 - 7 dead splinters

Thousands of posts and 'jaks lost forever, including on the booru

Several troons lose their janny privileges

The Splinter War[a] was a brief conflict taking place during the Soypocalypse and temporary closure of soyjak.party over the Mandate of Soy - a concept determining which splinter site would take the sharty's place as the legitimate successor. There were various splinter sites in play, although the two main parties involved were Angeleno's bunker.soyjak.wiki and the original splinter site, jakparty.soy (led by Lute).

It ended with Froot's purchase of the sharty, causing it to re-open for good. However, this also had the side effect of leading into the 4th Soyvil War regarding Froot's administration over the website.


The death of the Sharty

On August 14th, 2023, the Soypocalypse occured, causing the sharty to shutdown. This left soyteens without a home, many fled to the soyjak wiki bunker, or to Jakparty.soy, which was also down due to the huge surge of traffic. On the same day, there was another "splinter" hosted by Max called the Nu-Sharty, but it died within hours. Many teens, unhappy with the idea of using the Jarty, patiently waited for a suitable splinter to be created. This was perhaps the most grim period of the sharty.

Splinter sites take form

In the following days, two new splinter sites (sharty.party, soyjak.in) sprung up to try and replace the sharty, these websites now competing with the already established 'Jarty, and the bunker, which some soyteens hung onto for lack of a better website. (HOLY SHIT SHARTY WARLORD ERA MOMENT LITERALLY TNO BUT IRL HECKIN SABLIN CHUNGUS 100 KISHIPURGE DENG DENG BIG BUILDING IN NEU BERLING FUNNI CLOCK MAN FIND ALEXEI) <mods kill this nigger


On August 19, an unknown group decided to DDOS Angeleno's bunker, as well as the wiki, the 'ru, and even screamer.wiki. The entire attack lasted for around 20 minutes and caused much confusion. Some speculate a soyteen wasn't behind the attack, but rather a 'cordfag (it was actually a pedo from that one matrix).

Sharty briefly returns

On August 20th 2023, the Sharty came back online for a while, pausing the splinter wars temporarily.

'unker gets wiped

On the 21st, a user wiped the 'log of the bunker with repeating posts saying either "MOOOOOODS PURGE THE *FUCKING* BOARD TO STOP THE INSIDIOUS LATVIAN 'P SPAMMER OR HOWEVER TRANNIES SAVE THE SHARTY" or ">MOOOOOOODS LOCK THE 'KI OR HOWEVER A WEBSITE IS PROTECTED'" with a string of random numbers.

Sharty returns for real

On the 22nd, Soyjaks.party reopened. Throughout the day, numerous users crashed the site by deploying mass reply scripts and catalog wiping. On the 23rd, a supposed Jarty user attempted to wipe the 'log using a script similar to the Baby bot.


In 2024, several new splinters formed during Soyvil War 4, such as soygem.party and swedishwin.com. This could lead to Soyvil War 5, or even another Splintered Age.

It is also notable that soyjak.in's owner, Ronald, worked on a 'p detection system during the Splinter War. Although several parties complained about its apparent lack of effectiveness, 'p spam actually subsided greatly, for the first time since Soot, within a month, indicating success. This is a very impressive result, because 'p spam was at its worst during the Splinter War, since 'cordpedos were trying to defile and destroy what was left of the divided shartybase.


  1. At the time, referred to as "Soyvil War 4" but later soystorians have agreed it was too short to count


  1. Froot made Angeleno co-admin, recognizing him as the legitimate holder of the Mandate of Soy at the time.
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