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Splintered Age

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Since 14th of August, 2023 - the Soypocalypse - the Soysphere lapsed into the “Splintered Age”, where numerous sites compete for dominance and primalcy over all ‘jakkers. It lasted until the 22nd of August, when Soyjaks.Party was brought back online. Some soyteens regret the restoration, longing for a longer Splintered Age where admins had to compete for the best site. The most notable event during the Splintered Age was the similarly-named Splinter War.


List of Splinter Sites

There are a FUCK TON of splinters

You WILL browse a 20PPH splinter
  • (the official splinter) - mirror
  • (the official bunker, and probably one of the most legitimate splinters) - inactive, unaccessible
  • - active, temporary opens when the sharty's down
Sharty.Party had plans to implement a cross-site shared catty script.
  • - inactive, unaccessible
  • - inactive, unaccessible
  • (kekmaga screamer ripoff) - inactive, domain sold
  • - inactive, unaccessible

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