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>The jig is up, faggot[1][2]

This page is a gem.

'ostin' 'ems on /a/.

A Stealth Jak is a 'jakking artform inspired by lee baits, but instead of the target being a singular autist, it's an entire board full of them. The tradition of hiding gems on /a/ did not start with soyjaks however, but rather with Pepe.[3] Early stealthjaks were quite visible, often appearing in the corner of images. As jannies became better at spotting stealthjaks, stealthjakkers adapted and employed newer tactics, such as blurred transparent jaks hiding in the background as if they were being driven by natural soylection.

Hiding in GIFs

You can hide a 'jak in a GIF image, but it's not as trivial as hiding in a static image though. Hence this guide.

Hiding a jak in a GIF is a matter of making a slideshow GIF with at least 2 frames: the original image, and the reveal. You can then set a time delay between frames so that, before you fags start implying, it's a gif, and if you load it and wait long enough it turns into the second frame revealing the jak.

On 4chan, the thumbnail of GIF posts is always the first frame. By setting no delay between the reveal, and disabling looping, you can make an image that looks normal in the thumbnail, but "magically" turns into a soyjak when expanded.



The process (video)
  • Each animation frame is a layer.
  • The delay between frames is specified in the layer name. Write the delay in ms, enclosed in brackets ()
  • Preview the animation: Filters → Animation → Animation Playback
  • Export with a .gif extension. A final dialog with settings, such as toggle looping, will show up.


>DUDE i just LOVE the trial and error of the terminal, it's so EFFICIENT and makes me feel like I'm in one of my LUKE SMITH VIDEOS. You should totally come on down to my pubnix, it's got EXPOSED POSIX C source code and everything, we can crack open a man page or three and get crazy watching some suckless programs compile!

ImageMagick is a command-line image editor. Once comfortable with the tool you can pump out stealth jaks faster than with a graphical program. You can re-use commands by simply changing the input files (highlighted in bold). This command makes a "thumbnail reveal" for 4chan:

magick <filepath of bait image> <filepath of reveal image> -resize '%[fx:u.w]x%[fx:u.h]^' -gravity center -extent '%[fx:u.w]x%[fx:u.h]^' -loop 1 -delay 0 output.gif

Options you may want to change are italicized.

Set to 0 to loop forever, set to 1 to disable looping, that is, simply stop at the last frame.
Set the delay in centiseconds (100ths of a second). -delay 100 would delay 1 second; 2000 would delay 20 seconds, and so on. Set 0 for no delay, obviously.

Industrial jakking

A scriptfag made a set of 3000 "thumbnail reveal" gifs, using randomly-picked images from boorus. Coomer bait images taken from safebooru flick into soyjaks randomly picked from the soyjak booru. "Because the bulk amounted to 1 Gigabyte, I've split it into 3 sets for download"[5]:

Janny Response

There are several ways jannies seem to be handling the stealthjak threads. Their initial response was to straight up delete the thread, which proved to be destructive as it can disrupt a perfectly normal discussion, but there's also the case where the stealthjak is so obvious that everyone talks about it which justifies thread deletion. Another, more hilarious response is to keep the thread up and delete any replies pointing out the stealthjaks, in an attempt to keep the thread on-topic[1]. Ideally a janny wants to either delete a stealthjak thread ASAP or keep it up hoping everyone ignores the stealthjak. The second option would inevitably lead their catalog to always have at least one stealthjak thread floating around. Knowing this, it is crucial for stealthjakers to not make their stealthjak too subtle or obvious, so that /a/nons will ALWAYS eventually point out the 'jak in the thread.

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